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Harry Potter and the Unexpected Sequel Wizard Bart, Witch Lisa continuing on from the end of the Prism of Jazzcablam having witnessed Sideshow Bob get arrested again and the end of Prisioner of Azkaban must find the Prism of Jazzcablam before Montymort destroys it to make Jazz never exist!


The chalkboard gag is JK Rowling writing “I should not have wrote The Cursed Child.

The episode starts at the end of the Prism of Jazzcablam. Bart, Lisa and Oscar watched as Sideshow Bob was arrested and was ranting typical villain dialogue. “You haven’t seen the last of me Bart Simpson! I will kill you! Yes some day you will die by my hand!”

“How about I die by your smelly feet! Ha! Take him away Chief!” Bart laughed.

Meanwhile Harry ended his third adventure with a cool fight against loads of dementors, thought he saw his dead father save him with a Patronus spell in corporal form. But I was actually himself using the time turner to be at two places at once. And they all saved Buckbeak and Sirius Black and they lived happily ever after.

At Springwarts Oscar was looking at the lake and pondering where the the Prism of Jazzcablam was. “I bet you my bottom dollar it’s underneath the lake.” said Oscar.

“Okay... got any bright ideas how to get to it...?” Bart asked.

“Yeah. We get Moses to part the waters like he did in the bible!” said Oscar.

“No!” Bart snapped annoyed.

“Fine I get Young Link to play Serenade of water...” said Oscar pulling Young Link from somewhere.

Young Link played Serenade of Water. Suddenly but taking its time for dramatics, a tremendous shrine/temple emerged from the lake.

“Why did that specifically need Young Link to make a nonsensical cameo?!” Bart ranted.

“I like Young Link!” Oscar replied yelling maniacally.

Bart face palmed and they went across the bridge to the Water Temple’s entrance.


Meanwhile Harry went from mistaking Sirius for being a dangerous maniac and traitor to a beloved and loyal friend of his father’s. However sadly the Ministry hadn’t cleared his name yet and would probably just capture him again. So Sirius had to go into hiding with Buckbeak. They all agreed to call him over floo powder or magic mirror by false names such as Padfoot or Snuffles to avoid alerting anyone eavesdropping. And Buckbeak would have get used to being called Witherwings.

Oscar remembered how funny it was while rescuing Buckbeak he would bite at the dead stoats Hermione was carrying which annoyed her.

“Stop it!” Hermione said sharply to Buckbeak.

In the present they all tearfully said goodbye to Sirius and Buckbeak as they flew away to live in hiding for a while.

A week later in the summer holidays Ron was moping lying on his bed decorated with his favourite Quidditch team Chudley Cannons.

Suddenly an old fat rat with grey disheveled fur scuttled in and crawled onto his bed.

“Scabbers!” He was happy to see his pet rat again, even though it was actually a homicidal maniac in disguise.

However Peter as Scabbers decided to have fun that night such as lying in bed for his master in the form of Peter Pettigrew.

“Scabbers, if I won’t let the ghoul sleep with me what chance have you got?” said Ron.

“The Ghoul?” Peter asked.

There was a groaning from the attic and the banging of pipes as the Weasley’s pet ghoul felt the house was too quiet and wanted to let everyone know he was still there.

“Yeah, that ghoul...” said Ron pointing up to the attic.


Meanwhile in the graveyard keeper’s house, Voldermort in a rudimentary body was furious Wormtail had not returned to him. He made use of Peter’s marauder name because it suited him. He was nothing but a worm to Voldermort. The dark lord not only was stuck with his soul barely clinging onto this world in a gruesome looking rudimentary body that was small and resembled a skinless house elf or a baby. But he was lumbered with Barty Crouch Jr as the Tinelord Death Eater kept going off to his TARDIS for things.

“Crouch! Crouch! I need you!” Voldermort rasped.

“I am here master.” said Barty Crouch Jr with some sort of gadget.

They were discussing that they may have to do the resurrection potion without Wormtail.

“In the meantime. Find him, and kill him...” said Voldermort.

Meanwhile the Graveyard Keeper could have sworn he saw people moving about in the old graveyard keeper house but dismissed it. Plus he had more important things to deal with like a young pointy eared boy wearing green and resembling an elf constantly disturbing the graves and calling him Dampé.


Bart reluctantly followed Oscar and Lisa into the Jazzcablam temple aka the water temple. The music sounded like wind chimes and Oscar was frustrated to no end by the puzzles and raising and lowering the water level.

Link put on his iron boots and sunk down to the lowest floor of the temple.

Oscar then relieved his own frustration by annoying everyone else by singing under the sea while swimming about as a merboy.

“Under the seeeeeaaa! Under the sea! Where there’s no accusations, just friendly crustaceans.... under the seaaaaaa!”

Link from Oracle of Ages and Seasons as a merboy was playing with clams as kettle drums.

“Under the sea! Under the sea! Down here it’s better! Down where it’s wetter! Under the seeeeeeaaaa!

Bart sighed and opened a gate letting a grindylowl into the main chamber of the temple. The grindylowl swam straight for Oscar and wrapped him in its slithering green tentacles.


At Hogwarts grounds Seamus McSeamus arrived in September at Hogwarts to start his first year there. And what a year it was!

The day after the new term feast and getting sorted into his house, Seamus already encountered trouble. He witnessed some students killing first years in the weird RPG he found himself in. Despite that player killing was against the rules.

Outside in the courtyard it was anarchy as he witnessed students and teachers fighting and casting spells at each other. And Dumbledore to Seamus’s amusement slapped a student into the stratosphere.

Then going down the wrong corridor he encountered Ron Weasley cannibalising a Hufflepuff. Ron eating people is a common theme in fan fiction.

A prefect luckily found Seamus and after sharply telling him to get to class he realised the young student was lost and guided him to class.

“Yeah I’m just strolling along here with Andrew Garfield. He’s been out of work since the Twilight films ended.” said Seamus.

“That was Robert Pattinson! You twit!” Oscar yelled. Why is Oscar there I don’t know. He’s the author avatar. He gets everywhere. “Andrew Garfield was in the Amazing Spider-Man!”

Seamus went to class. In Astronomy class was the Flat Earther teacher again politely and warmly asking for everyone to be quiet. “The Earth is flat and we live in a dome decorated with stars.”

Seamus found her stupidity amusing.

Next he made a friend. A creepy old guy called Odin who kept sniffing him and inhaling the microphone while recording.

“Dude that is just so wrong!” said Oscar.

“Hey aren’t you the kid with the living teddy bear who lets his teddy bear sniff his crotch?” Seamus replied.

“Never mind.” Oscar quickly shuts up.

Next was History of Magic. The teacher was obviously supposed to be Delores Umbridge but was clearly voiced by Daniel Radcliffe and had a five o clock Shadow.

“Seamus sit forward, facing the front of the class!” said the teacher.

“I’m sorry sir!” said Seamus.

“It’s ma’am! I’m a woman! Are you blind?!” the teacher yelled.

“I’m so sorry sir!”

“It’s ma’am!”

Seamus was sent to the headmaster for misgendering a teacher. And knowing all the weird stuff Seamus is making happen, chances are something weird will happen in Dumbledore’s office.

Odin despite being an elderly men with a beard who was probably supposed to be role playing as a teacher, decided to be a student and sit in the History of Magic class.

He made the mistake of speaking out loud in class.

“Uh oh...” he said as the transgender teacher looked down upon him menacingly.

“You maybe old but I can still kick your ass.” said the teacher who everyone thought was a man.


Meanwhile after being violated by a grindylowl and its luscious hentai tentacles. Oscar continued navigating the infuriating water temple. The trio of Springwarts students and Young Link encountered Dark Link who’s exploitable AI means you can just smack him with the Megaton Hammer.

Then more annoying puzzles and a like like tried to eat Link’s shield.

Eventually they came to the chamber of Jazzcablam. Messages on plaques warned them if those with evil intentions destroyed the prism of Jazzcablam. Jazz music would never exist.

“Oh no!” said Lisa lamenting.

If someone with good intentions protected it. It would refract light into a lovely rainbow making the saxophone of Jazzcablam.

“Who would be so mean spirited to erase a style of music from existence?” Young Link asked.

“Um... Thaddeus Vent?” Oscar was being stupid again.

Bart sighed and zapped him with his wand. Oscar was turned into Oscar the blue piano from Oscar’s Orchestra.

“Narrator stop mentioning that lame oh cartoon...” Bart whined.

“That cartoon is not lame! It’s hilarious!” Oscar replied.

Bart sighed.

“Okay I’m only late because Slithers had to get the Hell Hounds back in their cages and JK Rowling decided Harry’s third adventure wouldn’t have him encountering Voldermort at the end of it because something big is happening in the fourth book.” said Montymort arriving in a plume of darkness.

“I haven’t even read the first page of Sorcerer’s Stone!” Bart whined.

“It’s Philospher’s you hack! Stop changing the title!” Oscar, now human again yelled.

“Oh a fitting epitaph...” Montymort sighed to Bart.

“Eh?” Bart asked.

“It’s what you have written on your grave...” said Montymort.

“Don’t educate me!” Bart brandished his wand in a threatening manner.

“Montymort why do you want the prism of Jazzcablam?” Oscar asked.

“Why to destroy it of course! And erase jazz from existence because I know Little Lisa Simpson likes it,..” said Montymort. “I like ruining everyone else’s joy.”

“So you’re a prat basically.” said Oscar brandishing his wand.

“Don’t let him get that prism!” said Lisa.

“We won’t!” said Bart.

Sat on a grand pedestal was a prism, a glass triangular object that was refracting light in the room into colourful rainbows that gave the room I lovely charm to it.


Ron Weasley found Peter Pettigrew aka Scabbers annoying him again by implying creepy situations ie him being in bed with him as a human.

“Scabbers why...” Ron asked.

“Oh this is for trying to turn me yellow once.” said Peter.

“Is there a spell to turn rats yellow?” Ron asked.

“There is, but it won’t work on an animagus anyway.” said Peter Pettigrew.

Later Harry arrived to stay over before the next school year started. But he was understandably cross with Ron and his Scabbers obsession that involved letting Peter live him.

“You’re a right git, you know that!?” Harry snapped at him.

Also all the actors were growing up. Harry was no longer cute. Ron has longer hair now and Emma Watson Hermione started to look gorgeous. Mmmmm... crush on literature characters...

Book Hermione probably ended up looking like Gretchen Grundler from Disney’s Recess, because of the buck teeth...

“Anyway on that er topic Narrator... please don’t have creepy crushes!” Hermione squeaked. “For some odd reason Professor Flitwick had extreme cosmetic surgery. Or he regenerated. Because he’s played by Warrick Davis now.” Wait that much older Flitwick is Warrick Davis?! Oh my goodness!

“I want me gold! Gahahahaha!” said Professor Flitwick channeling the evil leprechaun from Leprechaun.

While Hermione explained things and Harry stared daggers at Ron for keeping Peter Pettigrew.

Scabbers in rat form had his head deep inside a box of Bertie Botts every flavour beans.

Harry out of spite turned him into human with a spell Professor Lupin taught him over floo powder that was the one Sirius used to force an animagus out of their animal form.

Peter Pettigrew sat there with a Bertie Bott every flavour beans box on his head.

“Master! I can’t breath!” Peter whined.

“Shut up Wormtail...” Harry snapped.

“Anyway if Scabbers I mean Peter is such a dangerous lunatic. Why doesn’t he harm me?!” Ron asked.

“Because you’re my master, sir!” said Peter Pettigrew.

“Just call me Ron.” Ron said to Peter Pettigrew.

“I thought Voldermort was your master... you better get back to him. Before he finds out where you’re hiding...” said Harry.

Peter Pettigrew realised the boy his master so desperately wanted dead was right. The Dark Lord would surely have ordered his death by now!

“Oh! I’m sorry master!” Peter Pettigrew transformed back into a rat and scuttled away.

“He was making meal times really awkward...” said Ron imagining a hilarious scenario where human Pettigrew was sat at the dinner table with the Weasleys. Imagine how worried or freaked out they were! Hehehe!

Plot 2[]

“Kazam!” Bart casted a spell at Montymort.

“Prank be undone! Destroy the evil one!” Oscar used Bart’s unseen cool spell that always backfired on him

Bart scowled but there was no time to speak except shout out spells.

“Stupefy!” Lisa used the stunner spell. Why she knows that I don’t know. There’s reading ahead and there’s...

Montymort took a step back not expecting the spell barrage but blasted the children off their feet with a forceful gust of some of his dark powers.

“You brats are just infuriating!” he snapped. “Now you face a grisly end!”

However before he could inflict a nasty spell upon them he was pummelled with stunner spells. He apparated away as Aurors bursted in lead by Skinner.

“Simpsons! You have an eye for getting into danger! Oh well. At least the prism of Jazzcablam is safe.” said Principal Skinner.

The prism shone bright rainbows across the chamber as a golden and bejewelled saxophone appeared. It was even more beautiful than Lisa’s that her father bought her.

“The saxophone of Jazzcablam! It is said to play pleasant evil defeating jazz music and make rainbows when played! You’d be wise to keep it upon you at all times!” Skinner explained.

Lisa took the saxophone, examined it and played a short solo. Rainbows poured out of the end along with sound.

“A rainbow creating saxophone... that is so corny Narrator...” said Bart.


After the misgendered teacher told Odin off, she asked a question about the name of one of the founders of Hogwarts.

“Miss Granger put your hand down and shut up!” she said rudely to Hermione. Hermione glared sharply.

The teacher asked a boy to answer. “Okay please go ahead, Mr Bread. Or Mrs Bread.”

He’s not on the trans freak train with you Mr Umbridge!” Oscar shouted out.

“Enough! I will have order!” the teacher snapped

“Um Michael Jackson?” The boy thought Michael Jackson was one of the founders of Hogwarts.

After class Odin sniffed Seamus inappropriately again and deep throated the microphone while doing so. However some boys lured Seamus into following him by promising to take him to see the minister. I assume they meant Cornelius fudge.

“No Seamus, they’re just trying to take you to the chamber of secrets!” Odin warned. “There’s a basilisk and er shit down there.”

“It’s okay I want to see the basilisk anyway. Your secret is safe with me.” said Seamus to the boys trying to go to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

“What an idiot...’ said Hermione.

Harry imagined dipping her in chilli sauce or Nando’s or something. Mmmmm... weird cannibal Harry in Portrait of a large pile of ash.


Fortunately someone managed to retrieve the silly Seamus and get him to class.

“Oh for god’s sake...” the teacher sighed at his excuse for being late.

“I’m not supposed to be here! I’m supposed to be in Disney World but ended up in Universal Studios!” said Seamus.

Harry grimaced. No wonder the Simpsons like parodying our universe! We live next to each other in Universal Studios!

Oscar was leaving the Simpsons land area of Universal Studios to go to Harry Potter land.

Then after class. “Come on Seamus, this is legit, I am taking you to see the minister of magic.” said Odin dancing as he walked.


It was then time to think up a subplot time.

“What if Scabbers had times where he could be human while living with Ron?” said Oscar.

“You just did that. And it was weird.” said Ron.

“Baby Ron!” Oscar suggested.

“No! Absolutely no!” said Ron.

“Baby Harry?”

“Oz...” Harry whined.

“Well I’m doing Baby Ron and naughty young Harry.”

In a crack fiction universe with baby Ron Weasley and human Scabbers...

Baby Ron Weasley was having his very stinky nappy changed by Peter Pettigrew one morning.

Baby Ron was then crawling about in the attic heading towards the ghoul. Peter picked him up and turned him around so he headed away from the dangerous ghoul. Is it dangerous? Well probably.

Baby Ron Weasley was cuddling his teddy bear when Fred and George playing a cruel prank, used their father’s wand to turn Ron’s teddy bear into a spider teddy bear. A teddy bear sprouting spider legs out of it.

Ron was horrified as his teddy bear suddenly grew long thick furry black spider legs. It spewed webbing out of its mouth at Baby Ron webbing him up in a cocoon. The teddy bear creature with spider legs dragged Ron in a web cocoon behind it. The cocoon attached to a web bungee that emerged from spinnerets on on the teddy’s butt.

Ron was traumatised as he was dragged off somewhere in a web cocoon.


Meanwhile Harry was cheeky and naughty when young. One day when the Dursleys went swimming. Harry decided to dive bomb into the pool. Vernon did not know where he got this uncouth rebellious streak. But he assumed it was his freakish parents.

Harry of course got punished for this. Another day between Dudley and his friends bullying Harry, Harry found a big mud puddle. He figured if Dudley saw it he would give Harry a mud bath just to get him in trouble. Harry decided to save him the bother.

“Hawwy what?!” said Dudley gasping as young Harry was rolling in the mud.

Harry got punished for that too. But he felt it was worth it to play in the mud.

At school he turned the teacher’s hair blue once. For no reason. Then a play time he teleported himself onto the school roof to escape Dudley and his friends who were planning to bully him.

The teacher was not happy with Harry being on the roof somehow.


Oscar at Springwarts applied for travel classes across the world again. But this time, through time too! As a foreign exchange student he went here there and everywhere.

He went to dark ages Scotland in the tenth century to meet Hengist of Woodcroft. Think Willie the groundskeeper but fat and more of a fighty fisticuffs drinking Scotsman.

“Ach! I’ll tear of ya head and spit dooooon ya neck! Laddie!” said Hengist and other such angry Scotsman speech. “I have a claymore here for ya, Jimmy!”

However Hengist was not a true Scotsman. He was from Gloucestershire, England. And he came over as a Saxon.

But he looks like a fighting, drinker Scotsman that picks fights in the pub though...

And a fat angry drinking Scotsman as a wizard would be cool!

Then Oscar went forward to the medieval times somewhere in Europe where he encountered Ethelred the ever ready. The world’s first ever SJW or social justice warrior as he was famous for being offended for no reason.

“That’s racist!” He yelled at a darkly funny joke that was a bit near the mark but rib ticklingly funny.

“Oh shut up and go to your safe space!” Oscar yelled.

Ethelred was also famous for cursing people. Both with magic and cursing at them. Swearing.

Oscar then went about tangling with dark wizards and witches throughout the medieval times. Such as Merwyn the malicious, Circe, Morgana Le Fey, Herpo the foul, Emeric the Evil, Salazar Slytherin etc.

Luckily he had good wizards and witches on his side such as Andros the invincible, Merlin etc.


At Hogwarts during Care of Magic creatures. Harry was holding a puffskein when he unfortunately learned quickly that they had a habit of sticking their long tongues up noses to slurp up boogers.

“Eeeeeugh!” Harry groaned in disgust.

Meanwhile at Springwarts.

“We’re learning about hedgehogs?!” Bart said in disbelief.

“Not hedgehogs Bart. Knarls.” said the teacher explaining what the hedgehog like creatures were. Some had curled up into spiky balls.

Oscar decided they needed flamingos so they could play Wonderland croquet with them.

“Oz, no.” Bart groaned.

Meanwhile Seamus was skipping class in the chaos wrecked version of Hogwarts with the fighting etc to speak with a southern old Mississippi man who asked about the troubles and seemed to quite like the Queen of England.

However Seamus hit a raw nerve and provoked Oscar when he blamed England for the troubles.

“We just wanted our freedom basically.” said Seamus.

“No! You wanted to just murder people in terrorist attacks! This isn’t even about Irish independence anymore! It’s just the Irish killing each other and the English!” Oscar ranted.

Seamus then went with Odin who was dancing while Seamus spoke with the old southern guy. They found some students willing to teach Seamus how to dance.

Then Harry and Os managed to get him to go to class while dealing with a cannibalistic Ron Weasley. However a bully kept calling everyone nerds.

“I am not a nerd! I’m a jock that’s too cool for sports!” Oscar whined.

“No you’re a lame oh nerd!” said the bully.

During the class with the foreign sounding teacher who probably had to get a green card to stay in England. Odin and several boys kidnapped Seamus and used a love potion on him.

“What you must understand Seamus, is that Love Potions. Do not equal consent.” said a student.

Then Odin got stuck in a toilet cubicle with Seamus.

“It’s not what you think! I’ll just shut this door.” Seamus shuts the cubicle door.

“Don’t close the door!” said a prefect in a ridiculous voice.


Meanwhile Harry, Ron and Hermione used floo powder to speak to Sirius through a fireplace.

Oscar wanted to use floo powder to speak to Father Christmas.

Harry face palmed.

They then after determining Sirius was safe, went off to their own activities. Oscar disappointed Hengist was not a true Scotsman went through time to find a post Jacobite Bonnie, highlander esque Scotsman wizard. Most caber tossing highlanders would choose to be a warrior or fighter in an RPG...

Oscar took the time to annoy Lisa and Scottish people by wearing a kilt and referring to it as a skirt. “Looooook! I’m a boy wearing a skirt! Isn’t that so weird?!”

The Scots got annoyed with him.

Then he started lifting up his kilt and exposing himself to everyone.

Meanwhile Harry had more lessons with Professor Lupin. However he must have hit a raw nerve because in canon Lupin used the knock back jinx Flipendo on him and sent him flying into a wall.

“Oof! Was it something I said?” Harry groaned.


At Springwarts, dolphins invaded again.

“Dolpha! Dolpha!” Oscar squealed chasing the dolphins madly.

The dolphins squeaked and fled.

At the weird alternate Hogwarts Seamus was at. They were in class with the foreign sounding teacher when a cat came in meowing.

“Get out, get out of my class.” said the teacher to the cat.

“I’ve actually riled many foreign, nay African teachers into yelling at me to get out of their class. It’s very easy.” said Oscar.

Then someone wanted to learn stupidfy because the teacher asked the students what spell they’d like to learn today.

“I want to learn how to cast Avada Kedavra!” said Oscar wanting to do the killing curse.

Then outside the classroom was a cerebus, a three headed dog like Fluffy.

Oscar deciding to ad to madness by turning himself into a baby cooed at the giant three headed shiny nosed doggy.

“Sir there appears to be a giant three headed dog in the hall.” said Seamus.

“That’s a student. That’s a student.” said Odin.

“Oh hi Craig!” said Seamus to Craig the cerebus.

Oscar cooed and toddled dangerously close to the cerebus. Craig the cerebus sniffed him with his big wet shiny black nose of his middle head. Oscar winced as he stared sniffing his diaper.

Then all hell broke loose when students started killing each other, with the leader warning everyone to run for their lives.

Plot 3[]

Anyway nothing spectacular happened his year to Harry as Voldermort was still unable to return in any shape or form. Maybe he should have down what Xehanort did and created a Nobody of himself.

“That wouldn’t work. I tried parsing his name through nobody name generator online. You just get Aztec/Cthulhu sounding gibberish.” said Ron.

“Needs more Ths to be Cthulhu sounding...” said Oscar.

Anyway Voldemort’s Nobody did not have ambitions of accepting darkness alongside light, harvesting hearts for a giant heart shaped moon, dressing up in a zebra coat, wielding light sabres or tossing buildings at people.

“Accursed foooools!” Xemnas roared. “Xemnasmon digivolve toooooo...”

Harry winced.

“What? Paul St Peter was a voice actor in Digimon!” said Oscar.

And of course Peter Pettigrew was found out and was on the run.

Anyway Oscar ran out of things to write so he wrote deranged diaper stories with baby versions of the characters again. Particularly baby Ron.

Baby Ron Weasley laud confused on his changing table as Peter Pettigrew changed his nappy.

Peter Pettigrew was queasy for someone who regularly lived as a rat. It didn’t help him that Ron was very messy. Ron could only imagine how slimy and sludgy his butt was, plus he was cold without his nappy on.

Ron Weasley as a baby was then in the attic with the ghoul. The ghoul was sort of like an ogre but cold and slimy and green and it preferred just unnerving and bothering the Weasleys by being noisy than causing any actual harm. It held Ron upside down by his short stubby baby legs.

Then after the ghoul released him he was playing with his teddy bear until it grew big hairy black spider legs again and webbed him up in a cocoon.

Meanwhile Baby Harry rolled about in the mud wearing only a nappy. Very soon he was filthy and muddy.

Baby Oscar was lying about letting his living teddy bear sniff his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Then he honked his nose. So Teddy sniffed him some more. So he honked his big wet shiny black again. So Teddy sniffed him again and smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into his little nose. Oscar winced because it felt slimy. Then Teddy sniffed his diaper again before shrinking him. He picked Oscar up. Oscar gurgled and stuffed his hands up Teddy’s nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy. His snot!

He tugged at the green goo. Teddy groaned in disgust as he watched Oscar tug at his boogers.

Oscar pulled himself free and landed on his padded butt. His diaper cushioning his fall.

Teddy then sneezed a snotty sneeze covering Oscar in snot.

Bart sweat dropped.

Elsewhere because Voldemort’s rudimentary body/last chance to stay alive sort of looked a skinless alien baby foetus thing. Barty Crouch Jr took to dressing him in nappies. Plus it’s hilarious in the Lego games with the baby Voldemort jokes.

Voldemort probably found this undignified but he was barely clinging on to life via his rudimentary body and horcruxes.

Baby Ron Weasley was in a cocoon in a big spider web with his teddy bear.


In Seamus’s storyline the Slytherin bully called him a nerd because he admitted to playing Dungeons and Dragons.

”You’re such a nerd!”

”Actually Dungeons and Dragons is mainstream now, everyone is playing it,” said Seamus McSeamus.

”No you’re a nerd...” said the Slytherin girl.

Then Ron cannibalised a Hufflepuff.

Oscar was unnerved at the sight of Ron eating someone.

Then Odin started a riot/brawl.

”Run Seamus! This is a pumped up kicks moment!” said Odin.

”Don’t make references to the Columbine shooting! That is not funny!” Oscar yelled.

Then kids kept RPing as Dumbledore. So he had a terribly mismatched high pitched voice.

RTGamer kept trying to get out of the RP by committing suicide by leaping off the wooden bridge from the clock tower that’s only in the third movie onwards.

”No! Don’t kill yourself! There’s so much to live for!” The boy RPing as Dumbledore whined.