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Halloween of Horror Based on the main chapter of the Simpsons Game. Kang and Kodos terrorise Springfield and bring back a few old Treehouse of Horror enemies. The Simpsons fight back using their powers like in a video game with Oscar directing them with his magic games console.


Homer is sleeping. He dreams once again of the Land of Chocolate. However after dancing with the chocolate bunnies, eating chocolate rain and biting lamp posts and dogs and stopping at the chocolate store he encounters the white chocolate bunny.

“Excuse me sir. Do you mind not eating our world.” said the white chocolate bunny.

“White chocolate?! That’s not even real chocolate!” said Homer.

“Then you probably won’t want to eat me then.” said the white chocolate bunny teasing him by wiggling his butt.

“I hate talkative chocolate!” said Homer.

He then went on a rampage video game style smashing things up and Comic Book Guy listed the video game cliches such as tutorial level, double jump, Can’t Swim. (In the Simpsons game you drown in liquids such as the chocolate river) and Infinity enemy spawner. (The pink wafer Marge carnival floats. Some video games to add artificial difficulty have enemy spawns that pump out infinite numbers of enemies until conditions are met or the spawner is destroyed. Homer must destroy them.

“Hey where are all these stupid chocolate bunnies coming from?! Oh looks like those Marge parade floats. Sorry honey but!” Homer broke the pink carnival floats. No more bunnies could spawn so he broke the last ones up into chocolate.

Then he ate the chocolate.

Homer discovered he could inflate himself into a big ball and roll about. His adventures in the land of chocolate took him to a big fancy pink cake where he fell inside the cake and smashed up all the chocolate bunnies and their spawners. Then he smashed up the white chocolate bunny.

“Dad... Dad wake up! You were dreaming again!” said Bart.

“Uh?” Homer woke up in the lounge.

“Dad you’re taking in a round the world in eat until you puke competition!” said Bart.

“Woohoo! Where’s my ticket?” Homer asked.

“Uh that’s the thing. mom is being rather annoying today and confiscated it!” said Bart. In a thinking cloud Marge nagged “No eating competitions!”

Homer screamed.

“Don’t worry. We can sneak in via the science Museum and the sewers.” said Bart.

“Eeeew! The sewers!” said Homer.

“Yeah how’s our chance! Oscar’s gone after her because she’s trying to destroy all the available copies of Bonestorm 2...” said Bart.

Oscar in a huge Mad Max style car was trying to ram Marge off the road.

“D’oh... I hate it when he has one of his crusades...” Marge whined.

“And I hate it when you’re having one of your crusades Marge! Leave the video games alone...”

“I don’t want Bart playing such a violent game!” Marge ranted.

”I don’t care. Bart wants that game. I only care about making him happy...” said Oscar ramming her off the road.


Bart and Homer explore the sewers. There was a sewer clown.

”Gahahahaha!” The sewer clown with a big red shiny rubber clown nose laughed maniacally.

Bart winced.

Bart and Homer were eventually in a cave leading to the secret entrance to the science museum. Bart as Bart Man flew over to a switch and held it down. It opened a door. However when he stepped off the door swung shut again.

“Weight pressure pads... figures...” Bart sighed. He asked Homer to carry a heavy statue to put on the pressure pad. Homer did so and they passed through to the museum doors. Robot Bart lasered the doors open with his laser eyes.

However there were strangely lots of Sideshow Mels as security guards running around. Bartman and Homer beat them all up.

Meanwhile Marge was arrested for dangerous driving. She was annoyed vowing to stop Bart playing Bonestorm 2. Oscar smugly went to the video game store to buy Bart a copy.

Bart and Homer wrecked the museum and fought with Jimbo and his gang in the planetarium. Then they got into the eating competition.

Homer quickly signed himself up and joined the other competitors Willie, Sea Captain, Duffman, Bumblebee Man and Krusty.

Kent started the race.

Homer ran around the different sectors dedicated to different cuisines around the world eating. Right now he was in Mexico eating Mexican food.

Bart’s phone rang. It was Oscar. He had good news. Marge got arrested putting a stop to her annoying crusade.

“I’m in the video game store right now buying Bonestorm 2.” said Oscar.

“Oh shoot! I forgot it was out today! Homeboy hurry up!” Bart called out to his dad.

“I keep telling you! Call me dad!” Homer yelled.

“Don’t worry Bart, I’ll get two copies.” said Oscar.

“No. Save your money. Store doesn’t close till five. I’ll be there soon anyway.” said Bart.

Comic book guy was listing video game cliches such as floor power ups. (Your character will think nothing of eating food off the floor... gross!)

Homer eventually won but destroyed the props by rolling about as a giant ball and got kicked out.

“Well, see you later Boy. I have to bail your mother out of jail.” said Homer.


Bart headed to the video game store. Oscar had just bought Bonestorm 2.

“Hurry! You’re lucky lots of kids were off sick with the mumps today!” said Oscar.

“Yeah yeah. One copy of Bonestorm 2 please.” said Bart buying Bonestorm 2.

“Hey look! Grand Theft Auto with Itchy and Scratchy!” said Oscar.

“OMG! That’s the new Grand Theft Scratchy game! Mom won’t let me play!” said Bart.

“Well she is behind bars right now...” said Oscar.

Bart giggled evilly and bought it.

“Just be on the look out for Mom’s little helper... My sister Lisa...” said Bart.

Lisa was walking about town on the look out for Bart and Oscar.

“Looks like we need an escape route.” said Oscar. He saw a sewer lid slightly ajar. Bingo! They went in.

They wandered the sewer with Lisa confused she couldn’t find them at the video game store. “I wanna see a sewer clown...” said Oscar.

“Oz don’t be silly...” Bart sighed.

They got home. They had the place to themselves except Hugo. Perfect. Bart went straight to his room to play his new video games.

Meanwhile Baby Oscar wearing just a diaper was hanging around with a sewer clown. A clown in brightly coloured clothes with a neck ruff and a big red Shiny nose was trying to scare him but Oscar wasn’t scared.

“Hehehehe! Clown!” said Baby Oscar standing on a sewer’s curb nonchalantly as a river of sewer water rushed past.


Lisa came home on the war path.

“Bart! Do you have any idea about what happened at the museum?!” Lisa yelled.

“No. Why...” Bart asked.

“Because someone smashed up all the exhibits and broke the tyrannosaur skeleton!” Lisa yelled.

“Oh... Wasn’t me...” said Bart.

Lisa growled but had an idea to get Bart out and a way from his video games. “Oh Bart... Mr Burns is cutting down the forest... I need a partner to help sabotage his machines...”

“Hugo go with her...” said Bart.

Hugo sighed and complied.

Lisa went “D’oh!”


That evening.

Marge was in a mood. “What is the point in me saying no if you boys are going to do it anyway...”

“Marge it was an eating competition! That’s my hobby! Don’t interfere!” Homer argued.

“I don’t like games like Bonestorm! They said the new one is twice as violent and gory!” said Marge.

“Eh... I’ve seen worse in God of War...” said Bart. “The fatalities are awesome though!”

Marge sighed.

Suddenly the news was interrupted by Kang and Kodos. “Earthlings! We’re conquering your planet! Again! And this time to make sure nothing can stop us we have used our new life giving ray to bring your advertising mascots to life! Tremble in fear as Lard Lad smashes up your town and eats your family!” said Kang laughing evilly.

“Oh and your Earth dolphins are revolting again! But that wasn’t us. End communication.” said Kodos.

The Simpsons screamed.

Lard Lad was outside smashing up the street.

“Oh great... Chubsy wubsy’s back...” Bart sighed.

“Kodos said something about the dolphins too, we need to split up. Bart and Homer you deal with the advertising mascots. The rest of us will go down to the pier.” said Oscar.


Bart and Homer found Lard Lad smashing up the town with his giant donut and other mascots like the neon sign cowboy. The giant headed Mexican guys. The peanut mascot and the devil mascot smashing up town. There were others too like a giant Kent Brockman, a Scottish hat chewing a skyscraper and a guy on a magic carpet. However something new was helping them. Evil living Krusty dolls from The Clown Without Pity story.

The Krusty Dolls laughed Krusty’s laugh and went after Bart.

“Agghhhhh! Evil clown dolls!” Bart cried as he ran from the evil Krusty dolls.

Homer rolled his eyes.


Meanwhile Oscar lead the rest of the family of the piers.

To his surprise and Joy, King Snorky and his dolphins were attacking people.

“Oh great... dolphins...” Lisa sighed.

Oscar got crazy from his Aspergers again. “Dolpha! Dolpha! Dolpha!” He squealed running around the dolphins.

The dolphins squeaked and hopped away on their tails in fear. “Oh fish paste! It’s that crazy kid again!”

Marge sighed. “Oscar come back here... I have your dolpha toy...”

Oscar squealed Dolpha! repeatedly and dashed like a cartoon character back to Marge and grabbed his Dolpha plushie and ran back to tormenting the dolphins. He was now riding on one and clobbering it with his Dolpha plushie while squealing Dolpha! repeatedly.

Lisa and Marge face palmed.


Bart was screaming while being chased by evil Krusty dolls and Homer used his ability to inflate himself like a balloon by inhaling helium he floated towards Lard Lad. If he went down, so would the other mascots.

Bart got a respite from the evil Krusty Dolls to prank Homer.

“Hey Dad sing Capetown races!” said Bart fighting off the evil Krusty Dolls.

“Okay.” Homer said in a squeaky voice from the helium. “Everybody sing this song! Doo dah! Doo dah! Everybody sing this song...“

Bart laughed hysterically. “Oh Oz! You don’t know what you’re missing!” He said crying tears of laughter.

“I’ll kill you boy!” Homer yelled in a high pitched voice.

Elsewhere Oscar was still riding on the dolphins squealing Dolpha! at them and clobbering them with his dolphin plush.

“I think they’re surrendering!” said Lisa. Even King Snorky had enough of Baby Oscar’s antics. Yes Oscar was now wearing just a diaper again during his Aspergers fuelled antics.

King Snorky was gagging in disgust while holding Baby Oscar because he had soiled his diaper. Oscar was gurgling and cooing.


The family reunited and regaled tales of what they encountered.

“Piece of cake. All though Dad ended doing all the work...” said Bart blushing.

“He was being a pansy because of some Krusty dolls...” said Homer...

“Well you guys are lucky... We had to watch Oscar go nuts because he saw some dolphins...” said Lisa.

“Oh crud! Not the dolphins...” Bart cringed.

“I’m afraid so...” said Lisa. Baby Oscar was squealing Dolpha again while running about in a messy diaper.

The next level was the cemetery. They had to fight zombies.

”Cooooool!” said Oscar and Hugo.

Then Oscar played Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The zombies danced to it.

”That ain’t cool...” Hugo sighed.

Then Lisa cried for some reason because Alvin put this in the Lisa cries episodes category.

Lisa sobbing.

”Probably because she saw Bleeding Gums Murphy’s grave. She’s still cut up about that.” said Bart.

Yeah that was the episode you weren’t a complete prat to her.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons headed to Kang and Kodos’s mothership. They fought off Rigel VII aliens until they reached the control room. Who was helping the aliens was....

“Nyaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!” The Simpsons screamed.

”Aaaaaaagh! Red hair with that outfit?! It clashes so horribly!” Oscar screamed.

“Yes! It seems my slimy space cephalopod friends have hired my help once again!” Bob explained. “And now after I’ve destroyed all of you nothing will stop my plan to destroy every garden rake in the world!!”

Hugo winced exasperated.

Bart snickered. “Garden rakes... You can’t make it up...” He even giggled slightly.

“Look. Gino has a cute little astronaut suit on!” said Oscar.

Gino rolled his eyes at Oscar’s comment. “Vendetta! Vendetta! Vendetta for my papa!”

The Simpsons fought with Sideshow Bob, Gino and the aliens. Oscar helped by giving them their powers so Bart and Lisa did most of the work as Stretchdude and Clobbergirl.

”Vendetta! Vendetta!” yelled Gino brandishing a ray gun.

”Oh I’m gonna give you such a diaper rash!” Bart threatened him.

Eventually the control room went into self destruct mode and everyone had to evacuate the ship.

“This isn’t the last you’ll hear of us! We’ll be back!” Sideshow Bob yelled.

“Of course it’s not you walking palm tree! To the attack ship!” said Kang.

The Simpsons wondered what that was.

At home they were about to go inside when a giant ufo attacked. But ever so often it opened vents that were obviously weak points.

“I got it! Those open vents are weak points! Shoot them!” said Lisa to Oscar.

“I think not! We shall close the vents so we have no weak points! Now you can’t defeat us! Bwahahahahaha!” the aliens laughed.

“Oh thanks loud mouth...” Oscar sighed. “There’s only one option now. Go into the game engine and rewrite their code...”

“Like a cheat device!” said Bart.

”Yup.” said Oscar.

”You cheat at video games...” Hugo sighed.

“Yup!” said Oscar taking out his magic games console and the radioactive remote control and sending them all in...


The Game engine.

They were in a strange mechanical world with green warp pipes and rivers of pivels pouring out of taps into the pool far below them.

Oscar could see a bootleg Somic and a bootleg Mario on treadmills. They were tired and exhausted.

“That shadow version of me is the nicest guy ever...” said Bootleg Sonic.

“Mamma Mia...” said Mario.

“Oh! I hope I get to meet Zelda! Zelda!” said Bart calling out to Princess Zelda.

“Quiet boy...” said Homer.

Oscar laughed hysterically. “He’s funny when he says that...”

They went through the blood room! Mwuhahahaha!

“Yes! The blood room!” said Bart.

”Oh! It’s so cruel and unnecessary!” Lisa whined.

However along the way they encountered Ken and Ryu clones from Street Fighter and football players from the spawn points. They also had to save a Professor Frink from Donkey Kong...

”Damn dirty video game ape!” Oscar yelled.

The Simpsons winced.

Which they did. After explaining he was marrying a Koopa Troopa.

”Eeeeeeew!” The Simpsons groaned.

He gave them a disk. However Will Wright took it.

“I’m Will Wright Bitch!” said Will Wright. They had to chase after him in the game engine and get the disk back. But they also had to stop him destroying the original Simpson video game carts and save their pixelated selves. Which they did.

Homer kept pondering the idea of Sim Sandwich...

“No Dad...” Bart sighed.

”Save us!” The retro sprites of the Simpsons from older Simpson games cried.

”You can’t do this!” Homer cried.

“Of course I can! I'm Will Wright, bitch, and pretty soon when there's a new better Simpsons game than the one you're from, I'll destroy you too!” said Will Wright.

”You monster!” Oscar snapped.

After defeating Will Wright, they found themselves in the Hall of the Creator.

Frink gave them some new powers and told them to seek out four key cards in each of the four worlds. Medal of Homer, Neverquest, Grand Theft Scratchy and Peekimon/Sparklemon for the Funtendo’s Lameboy.

“OMG! Pokemon parody! Awesome!!” said Oscar.

Bart tried to go in, thinking he might as well be Blast again. But he was zapped and thrown back by the gate.

“Hey, this portal only allows me and Dad in!” said Lisa.

“Aw no fair! I wanna be Blast Ketchup again...” Bart sighed.

In The Pokemon world because that was the coolest level!!

Lisa changed into an anime version of herself. This time she was a Sparklemon/Pokegoblin trainer like Blast. She had wild spiked anime hair. A baseball cap on and pink girls clothes but looked cool.

“Wow! Anime is kinda cool.” said Lisa.

“Just don’t expect me to eat any sushi... I still remember almost dying from fugu poisoning...“ said Anime Homer. He had a tuft of blue hair.

”Dad the floor food pick ups that heal you are sushi.” said Lisa. There was sushi dotted about the place.

Suddenly Milhouse as the king from Katamari appeared. He was the boss of the game. Then Mr Sparkle appeared and explained Giant Milhouse with buckets on his ears was spreading filth and sewage everywhere.

”Stop copying me!” said Crud the slime monster from Winnie the Pooh.

Milhouse as the king from Katamari Damacy appeared. He was gigantic and ridiculous looking with a clown neck ruff and buckets on his ears.

”Tremble before me! Oh and I’ll spare this world if you’ll be my girlfriend Lisa.” said giant Katamari Milhouse.

”Eeeeeew! No!” Lisa groaned.

”Then prepare to suffer my wrath! And dirt and sewage....” said giant Milhouse.

Mr Sparkle asked them to catch three Sparklemon to free him from the giant toilet in the centre of town.

“Uh... what a weird plot...” said Lisa.

”I will spread dirt everywhere!” said Katamari Milhouse.

”That’s my evil plot...” said Crud from Winnie the Pooh.

They encountered Anime Jimbo with Ratachullax (Rotatah’s evolved form) Paste boy Ralph with a snail Squirtle parody and Sherri and Terri with a pink pony unicorn Sparklemon!

“Ugh! Maybe I’ll give anime Land a miss this round...” Bart gagged.

“Thunder attack! I choose you!” Lisa meditated and called down lightning.

“Punch attack activate!” Homer punched the sparklemons.

“This game is so cool!” said Oscar.

“Sure... Anime boy...” said Bart.

“Ha! That used to be my name!” Oscar laughed.

“Okay... I prefer Oscar...” Bart winced.

“Me too!” said Oscar.

“No use Ice attacks on that one!” Hugo warned him as they were fighting a fire type.

“What’s in the other rooms Oz...” said Bart.

“Well... Grandpa and the flying Hellfish, Mr Burns... Caesar and Ugolin...”


“A fantasy MMORPG... Ha! Your Dad’s dressed as Link!” Oscar laughed.

“That’s not funny, that’s embarrassing...” Bart sighed.

“Flander Hobbits!” Oscar laughed.

“And the other one...”

“Grand Theft Scratchy. Hey! Marge! Stop censoring the game or I’ll eject you out of that game...” Oscar yelled.

Marge stomped her feet and walked off to get the game key.

“I wanna see if it’s as explicit as they say it is...” said Bart going inside. He came out disappointed. “I don’t know what Mom is nagging about. It’s no worse than the cartoon...”

“You should see Billy’s Mom’s opinion on Exploding Penguins three...” said Oscar.

“I’m not even gonna ask...” Bart sighed.


In Anime Land if you have the XBox version of The Simpsons Game. Lisa can be Clobbergirl. That’s stupid and unfair! There shouldn’t be any exclusives!

”It’s clobberin’ time!” Clobbergirl yelled.

”Um I think that’s the Thing’s catchphrase...” said Homer.

”Yes it is!” said a Comic Book Guy sumo.

Eventually they got all the keys.

“I hope the creator is a giant Bloodzilla with huge boobs and fire snot!” said Bart.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

“Bart...” Marge sighed.

“Fire snot! Hehehehe!” Oscar laughed.

Unfortunately they were Matt Groening. He summoned an army of Benders and Zoidbergs.

”Bite my shiny metal ass!”

”Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!”

“And Season Rot and South Park style trending episodes on politics, memes, entertainment etc instead just fun adventures and world building...” Said Oscar.

“And Dead Bart story arcs!” said Hugo.

“Hey you can’t kill me off!” said Bart.

“I’m not. I Uh don’t know what I’m doing with Season thirty...” said Mart.

“How about you let us go into Haitus like Futurama and pick it back up when you have ideas...” said Lisa.

“Never!” yelled Matt.


Then they went to heaven and played Dance, Dance Revolution against God.

“I can’t believe Simpsons God out ranks Matt Groening...” said Oscar...

”If you think that’s unbelievable Oz, Steve Jobs or Mobs out ranks God!” said Hugo.

”Make me a coffee!” Steve Mobs barked at God.

God sighed and made him coffee.

And then the game had a crap ending. They just pressed the reset button of reality.

”Boooooo!” Oscar jeered.

”Oh boo yourself...” said Matt.


The Simpsons house.

The UFO was zapping everyone.

The Simpsons arrived.

”Now to give this a shot.” Oscar hacked the AI of the UFO boss. Its vents opened up again.

”Oh no! Kodos! The vents are open! Close them!” Kang cried.

”I can’t!” Kodos lamented.

”Now to find a sufficiently beefy gun upon my person... Ah!” Oscar pulled out a huge bazooka cannon. He fired rockets at the UFO. Aiming into the vents.

The UFO soon began exploding in repetitive explosions then blew up.

”Cooooool!” said Bart.

”Noooooo!” The aliens screamed.