Simpsons Fanon

Grift of the Magi Bart and Milhouse clone themselves to take part in the fragmented plots that somehow made this an entire episode in canon. Seriously I made it wo completely different episodes easily... Then there’s Pokemon and Bill Cosby.


The chalkboard is “I will not sell one of my kidneys on EBay.”

The couch gag is the Simpsons sliding down a fireman pole but Homer gets stuck at the top because the hole isn’t wide enough.

”Get me down!” He cries.


One afternoon Bart and Lisa are watching the news.

”Kallae kistnae...” Oscar rasped at Bart talking gibberish again.

”Shhhh!” Bart hushed him.

“Our top story: The ozone hole... that devastated Brazil last summer... is apparently wintering in Springfield.” said Kent Brockman.

“Whoo! Springfield rocks!” Bart cheered.

“Ugh! I warned people polluting the environment with CFCs would have devastating consequences....” Lisa groaned.

”Residents are advised to stay inside... unless you wear sunscreen or are very, very hairy.“ said Kent. There was a picture of a very hairy man with that syndrome that causes hair to grow all over your face.

“Experts recommend a class nine... or Robin Williams level of hair coverage.” said Kent.

“Oh Al! Did you hear that! They said my name!” said Genie as Robin Williams.

Bart winced.

”What year is it? Jumanjiiiii!” said Genie as Alan Parrish Robin.

”Robin please...” Bart groaned.

Suddenly they hear Milhouse screaming.

“Help! Somebody!” Milhouse cried as he was being chased by a huge sun beam. Coooool!

“Let me in, for the love of-“ Milhouse slammed and kicked at their front door desperately.

“That doesn’t look like an ozone hole.” said Oscar as Milhouse kicked at the door desperately. “That just looks like Gustav Graves from James Bond Die Another Day is pissed off for some reason and has set Icarus to redirect deadly sun beams...”

”I think we better let Milhouse in.” said Bart as he opened the door. Milhouse tumbled in just in time as the sun beam headed towards the house. Oscar used his powers to make a solar flare shield across the house. The sun beam refracted harmlessly off of it,

“Are you okay?” Lisa asked.

“I've been better.“ said Milhouse with burnt eyes from looking at the sun.

In the lounge Bart and Milhouse are bored.

“Oh, I am so bored.” Bart whined as he was upside down draped on the couch.

“I can't wait till we're teenagers. Then we'll be happy.” said Milhouse.

Lisa looked through the board game cupboard.

“Well, we could play Clam Traffic Jam.“

”Claaaaaaaaaams!” Oscar yelled demented.

”Oz no!” Bart whined.

“Or The Game of County Seats. Aw, the zoning disk is warped.” Lisa groaned because the zoning disk was warped and bent.

“All right! Silly String!” Bart cheered. He sprayed Lisa with it and laughed because he gave her glasses. “Look. You're Milhouse!”

“Who wets their bed now, Milhouse?” Milhouse laughed.

”I'll be in my room.“ Lisa sighed and went to her room.

”Okay I didn’t know you wet the bed. Now I feel bad for calling Oscar a big baby and berating him...” Bart felt crummy. “Let’s bother my twin brother.”


The attic.

Hugo was tinkering with an invention. He frowned as Bart, Milhouse and Oscar came up. “What do you dweebs want...”

”We’re bored...” said Bart.

”Then play outside...” Hugo groaned.

”We can’t! The ozone hole!” said Milhouse.

”Which I insist is just Gustav Graves from Die Another Day siccing Icarus on us...” said Oscar.

Hugo rolled his eyes. “Oz... stop referencing James Bond movies... That sun beam is not the kill satellite from Die Another Day... That’s my latest invention...” He pulled a cloth off of a machine. Part of it, a thick white pole went through the roof. “The Frymanator 2000.”

“Cooooool!” said Oscar interested. “What does it do?”

”It’s a giant magnifying glass sticking out of the roof. It focuses the sun’s energy into a deadly super heated beam. Basically like kids torturing ants with magnifying glasses but on a much larger scale...” said Hugo.

“Still seems exactly like Icarus from Die Another Day...” said Oscar.

”Look enough nerd mumbo jumbo! Hugo find us something to entertain ourselves!” Bart groaned.

”Bart, I’m sure you can find something to do inside...” Hugo sighed. “Go and muck about with my cloning device or something.”

”Okay!” Bart and Milhouse went over to the cloning machine and cloned themselves.

”Do you think that’s wise...” Oscar asked.

”Hey I’m a mad scientist. Not a responsible scientist...” Hugo chuckled.


In the lounge. Bart and Milhouse with several clones were bored.

”We’re still bored...” Bart groaned.

”I can’t wait until we’re teenagers... then we’ll be happy...” said Milhouse.

”Oh I know! We’ll play in your parent’s closet!” said a Milhouse clone.

”Okay but if it leads to Narnia we’re outta there. Stupid Mr Tumnus...” A Bart clone groaned.


They headed upstairs into the point this fragment is part of a Homer’s Phobia part 2. After the events of Homer’s a Phobia Marge is seriously pissed off at Homer because of his homophobia and strict stubbornness to force Bart and Hugo to be straight or in his own words, be regular Burt Reynolds.

”Homer J Simpson! That’s it! Your bout of bigoted homophobia has gone too far! I have half the mind to leave you!” Marge snapped.

”Marge I just can’t stand to see the boys grow up to be fruits...” Homer replied.

Bart sighed. “Let’s play Bonestorm until they stop arguing....”

”Don’t you spit sunflower seeds at me!” Marge yelled.

”I’ll spit sunflower seeds where I want!” Homer snapped.


Eventually Hugo stopped trying incinerate people with sun beams to practice his fencing with Oscar. During the fencing duel Hugo swore because Oscar hit his hand hard with his rapier. The match stopped so Hugo could suck his sore bleeding hand.

”Do you want to continue?” Oscar asked.

Of course I bloody want to continue!” Hugo snapped. “But since we upped the wager. Let’s up the weapons shall we? We’ll do it the old fashioned way! First blood drawn from the torso!” Hugo fetched two cutlasses from his namesake’s (Hugo I) sword collection.

They have a lethal sword fight.


Because the deadly sun beams stopped, Bart and Milhouse could go outside and trigger the second storyline this mess of an episode was... Because of Bart’s injuries getting the school bankrupted because Fat Tony cutting corners building fragile ramps out of breadsticks... an evil toy corporation called Kids First Industries. They asked the kids to develop new toys.

This resulted in fire breathing a Baby Burps a lot dolls.

”Come along Baby Burps a lot! Burp for Mommy!” Wanda the girl with braces was patting a doll to get it to burp. It breathed fire!

And Oscar selling axes to other kids.

”Come on Billy! Throw the silly ball!” The fat kid from Fast Animals, Slow Children was playing as a batsman at baseball. Someone threw an axe at him and it lodged in his bat.

And Bart made lawn darts...

”It’s hopeless. These kids just have no idea that their idea of fun could hurt someone...” said a Kids First Industrialist woman.

”Ms Hazel, this is my latest idea for a toy! Meet Mr Zucchini head!” Oscar had a parody of Mr Potato head called Mr Zucchini head. “He’s got stupid cool hip hop style!” Oscar said being sassy.

”With his hat and Doc Martins.” He put a hat and shoes on the character that made the courgette mascot look like a penis with a condom on the head...

”Um I think we’ve seen enough...” said the industrialist man who was Bart’s new teacher.

”Hold on! This is the best part! He dances!” Oscar turned on the toy, it vibrated...

”That’s sick!”

”I’ve seen enough!”

”So inappropriate...”

”I haven’t had sex in four years...” were the board’s comments.

”Apologies people. This is why I think continuing to let the students make toys is a bad idea...” said Bart’s substitute teacher.

”I also have a pirate teddy bear.” said Oscar holding a teddy bear.

”Oz, that’s just a teddy bear with one of its eyes missing....” said the industrialist man who substituted as Bart’s teacher.


Eventually Marge and Homer stopped arguing and went downstairs because John the gay shopkeeper at the quirky things store was coming over for tea.

Once the coast was clear, Bart and Milhouse went in Marge and Homer’s bedroom.

”Okay let’s see what secrets Mom and Dad are hiding in their closet. Probably my Christmas presents.” said Bart. He opened up the closet but a gay man popped out. “Helloooooo sailor! Oooooh who’s the bear?”

Bart winced and shut the closet. He tried again and decided to explore the closet. It went impossibly deeper and deeper...

Bart winced as he took Milhouse past a gay couple snogging, a skeleton, a furry closet monster that resembled Sully...

Then to his horror they arrived in a snowy world with old British lamp posts and fir trees.

”Hello! I’m Mr Tumnus! Welcome to Narnia!” said Mr Tumnus the fawn.

Bart rolled his eyes.

Bart and Milhouse returned from Narnia to the bedroom and decided to play dress up.

”Um... wouldn’t that make us kinda fruity...” Bart asked.

”What’s a matter Bart? Scared you might like it?” Milhouse asked.

”I’ll show you!” Bart put on Marge’s green dress. “Oooooooh! Well this does cover my thighs! (Seductive purring)”

”Ha! Gaaaaaaay!” said Señor Chang.

They then jump on the bed wearing wigs while singing Sisters are doing it for themselves.

”Sisters! Are doing it for themselves!!” They sang.

Anyway Homer barged in and Bart fell on his bowling ball and cracked his coccyx.

”What the hell is going on?! And there better be a non gay explanation!” Homer said sharply.

”Um we’re drunk... Really, really drunk!” said Milhouse wearing a Hairspray Wig and a bra.

”Oh okay.” said Homer.

Bart groaned in pain.


Elsewhere in another fragment it was Christmas and the Funzos were the latest toy.

”Hocus Pocus, mucus puke us. I guess..l this present is a sweater. Yellow.” said Bart in his pyjamas.

”Moooooom!” Lisa yelled.

”Part stop guessing the presents! Now put the sweater back under the tree and go to bed!”

Bart drank too much water so he had a nightmare involving water and ended up setting the bed.

Lisa being cruel just for the sake of empty vengeance laughed at him. But Marge was sympathetic.

”Well now I hope you understand what I go through...” said Milhouse in his pyjamas.

”and me. Except my accidents are so frequent I wear protection at night.” said Oscar.

”Goodnights?” Milhouse asked.

”Diapers...” Oscar explained.


Later for Christmas they each got a Funzo for one of their gifts. Bart was jealous because Milhouse got twice as much presents because his parents were fighting over him. And he even got gifts from Pyro. Mom’s new boyfriend.

The Funzo’s were evil toys that broke other toys. Bart in anguish witnessed his Funzo rip off the heads of his Krusty dolls. “Krustyyyyy!” he cried and sobbed. And then it ripped off the head of Mr Homeybunny. “Mr Honeybunny!” Bart cried.

Milhouse cracked up laughing. “Mr Honeybunny...”

Lisa was also horrified as her Funzo pulled off the heads of her Malibu Stacy dolls and put them on pencils and danced about.

They went out to plea to Kids First Industries. But the security guard was Gary Coleman!

”What you talkin bout Willis?!” said Gary.

And Oscar constantly made reference to the violent video game Postal and Postal 2 where you can pee on Gary Coleman.

Plot 2[]

In the Homer’s Phobia II fragment Bart was taken to hospital, diagnosed by Dr Payne as having a damaged coccyx and had to spend the episode in a wheelchair. Like Grift of Magi the school had ramps built to cater for his disability as he was confined to a wheelchair but Fat Tony made the ramps out of breadsticks and his construction bill bankrupted the school. Instead of an evil toy corporation opening the school. Mr Burns had an appointment with his physician Dr Stupid.

”Mr Burns, Dr Stupid will see you now.” said the receptionist.

”Oh I hate that Dr Stupid...” Mr Burns sighed.

And Instead of a toy corporation buying the school and teaching the kids about toys and building them. Lindsey Naegle bought the school and employs criminals from Springfield Penitentiary. So Bart, to his anguish, got Sideshow Bob as a substitute teacher.

”Hello class. Hello Bart...” said Bob, greeting Bart with a malevolent tone. His theme tune played.

”Nyaaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!” Bart screamed.

However Bob spent the time just teaching as he felt disgusted by the idea of taking advantage of Bart’s vulnerable and crippled state.

In second Grade, Lisa, Ralph etc were taught by Ice Pick. He was stabbing the chalkboard with a knife.

”Um Mr Ice Pixk? What are we learning today?” Ralph asked.

”Um I don’t know... I’m a violent criminal! Let’s learn how to make Meth!” said Ice Pick.

Oscar’s class got Snake.

”Whooooo! Like totally little dudes! I’ll be your new teacher!” said Snake.

And Fifth Grade got Decapitating Harry. Let’s just say heads will roll...

I’ll get my coat...


In the Christmas themed fragment Gary Coleman complains about his galaxy of prawns take away.

”Three prawns is hardly a galaxy...”

And he helps Bart and Lisa defeat the Funzos.

And there were Terminator Endoskeletons and Gremlins because I thought that was funny.

The next Christmas Oscar insisted the episode was the Grief of Maggie.

Maggie sucked her pacifier.

”No the Grift of Magi. The Magi is another term for the three wise men...” Lisa sighed.

This year Oscar danced about the Christmas tree wearing just a diaper singing “Rocking around the Christmas tree. Have a nappy holiday!” He twirked his diapered butt.

“Oz! That song does not improvised lyrics!” Homer snapped.

”Homer! Don’t be so sharp with him!” Marge nagged. “His silly song is cute. Unlike Bart’s...”

”Stinko the zombie.... Was a soul without a nose...” Bart sung a Christmas song about a zombie....”

Oscar winced as Teddy sniffed his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Oscar peed his diaper.


In another fragment Oscar dragged Bart to Narnia.

”No Oz! I hate reading!” Bart groaned.

”Then we can be rebellious like Edmund then and ally with the Snow Queen for Turkish delight!” said Oscar.

”Oz I don’t care if there is a sultry domineering ice sorceress with Turkish delight... I’m going home...” said Bart.

Oscar and Lisa sighed.

”Well I’m having tea with Mr Tumnus. You want to listen to Edmund and ask for candy from a stranger then fine....” Lisa sighed.

”Mmmmmmmm! Turkish delight...” Oscar drooled as he went off with Edmund.

Bart left the closet to hear his Mom calling him.


”Yes Mom?” Bart asked.

”Your poor principal needs your support to put on a play to open Mr Burns’s heart, and wallet.” said Marge. “So your school can reopen.

”Mom, I hate school. I’m glad I have no school anymore...” said Bart, “Why would I want to help it reopen...”

“Oh fine you little! Get out of my sight Bartholomew!” Marge snapped. Bart left refusing to help open the school in Skinner’s play. Because like he’d care... “Hugo how would you like to play the role of a cardboard ambulance driver for your school?”

“Did Bart rudely and stubbornly refuse so he can take advantage of loitering at home with no education... I’ll be happy to help!” said Hugo.

Bart pulled a face at him.


In the Christmas fragment. After Oscar danced around the tree singing rocking around the Christmas tree. Have a nappy holiday. While wearing a diaper. The Simpsons opened their presents.

The kids all got Mogwais (Gizmo) from the Evil store Chinese man.

”Beware for those creatures are cursed.... do not get them wet or feed them after midnight...”

”Oh that’s bad...” said Homer.

”But you get some free frozen yogurt! That I call frogurt!” said the Chinese man.

”That’s good!” said Homer.

”The Frogurt is also cursed.” said the Chinese man.

”That’s bad....” Homer whimpered.

”But you get to choose your toppings!” said the Chinese man.

”That’s good!” said Homer.

”The toppings contain Potassium Benzoate.” said the Chinese man. Homer looked confused. “That’s bad.”

”Look can you leave us with our cursed Mogwais please....” Homer groaned.


Im another flip of the coin, Bart and Milhouse decided to play with their Pokemon cards. It’s a trend. Of course they don’t realise they can make references to real world tings so they call it Peekimon.

Bart and Milhouse then have a nap. They dream about a parody of Pokemon.

”It’s time for another adventure Santachoo!” said Bart as Blast Ketchup.

”Santa! Santachoo!” Santachoo said parts of its name like a Pokemon. The little yellow dog was clearly a parody of Pikachu.

Blast encounters Team Sprocket again. Nelson and Jessica.

”Cat Scratch-eth! Fever scratch!”

”Santachoo! Use super slobber attack!”

”Choo Choo!” Santachoo dribbled and slobbered.

Cat Scratcheth the Meowth parody fled up a tree not wanting to be drooled on again.

Bart as Blast went off on his journey encountering Lisa as an annoying Japanese school girl who wanted to join his adventure.

”No! Girls can’t go on adventures! Shoo!” Blast was being hostile towards her.

Blast then encountered a bald fat guy and his samurai baby who kept cutting off his clothes.

Team Sprocket explained the local Queen was in trouble because Burns the evil emperor kidnapped her.

Homer got aroused by the thought of the Queen and agreed to go with Bart.

Lisa as the Japanese school girl annoyed Bart again so he pushed her off screen.

They arrived at the fortress where Marge as the Queen is being kept. They broke in by Santachoo using his stinky dog breath attack.

Inside they fight of Mr Burn’s guards but Smithers turns into a sailor moon magic girl and uses deadly attacks. But just as things seem dire. Lisa the Japanese school girl comes to the rescue and turns into a super Sentai warrior by combining with her bike and annihilates Mr Smithers and Mr Burns.


In the Christmas fragment Bart doesn’t listen and feeds his Mogwai after midnight.

”Bart don’t! Remember what he Chinese man said!” Lisa warned him.

“But he’s so cute! And hungry!” Bart fed his Mogwai some chicken. It spawned Gremlins.

The Bus Gremlin hissed.

”It’s a movie franchise Twilight Zone Gremlin...” said Oscar. “Anyway for the sake of causing anarchy...” he fed his Mogwai some food. However it didn’t turn into Gremlins. It turned into Fran Drescher.

”Hi I’m Fran Drescher! Ha ha hahahaha!” She does her terrible laugh. It burns!

”Aaaaaaaagh! Kill it! Kill it!” Bart and Lisa screamed.

They punched Fran Drescher and shoved her head in the microwave oven and turned it on. Her head exploded into a bloody mess.

”Kids what are you doing up at this- Aaaaaagh! Gremlins!” Homer screamed.

”Oh my! Homer these creatures are causing a mess!” Marge explained exasperated as the Gremlins being chaotically evil smashed the place up and made a mess.

Eeeeeew! They go all slimy when they burst open like pus sacs and make more gremlins...” Bart groaned as the Gremlins poured water on a Gremlin and he bursted open and slimy little baby Gremlins emerged.

”Who we gonna call?” Lisa asked.

”Ghostbusters!” Oscar cheered.

”No... Mr Flanders. That was just stupid, Ox...” Lisa sighed.


In the Fragment that was a sequel to Homer’s Phobia. There was a gay pride parade that triggered Homer’s homophobia and John had cactus candy. Mmmmmm! Prickly....

”It’s made from the little plums or pears that grow on top of the prickly pear’s pads...” said Hugo.

Marge tried to explain to Homer she knew lots of gay people. Ie her hairdresser Julio and his husband Brady.

Homer just screamed and fled the hair salon.

Meanwhile Bart pranked Sideshow Bob at school at home room gym class (PE) by putting rakes down across the gym floor. Sideshow Bob inspecting students of their star jumps stepped on the rakes and the rakes slapped him in the face.

Sideshow Bob groaning angrily.

Bart laughed hysterically.

”Simpsoooooon!” Sideshow Bob screamed.

”Eep! Oz wheel me away!” Bart yelled asking Oscar to help him skedaddle by pushing him about in his wheelchair.


In Anime Land.

Blast was training his Santachoo to learn Quick Attack and other dog related things like drooling and stinky breath...

”Hi!” said Lisa the Japanese school girl. Bart as Blast was also dealing with her.

”Flowerbulb Frog! Use Razor leaf!” said Oscar as a Pokegoblin trainer.

”Ah a worthy opponent.

”I dislike these Pokegoblin fights that are just legalised dog and cock fights...” Lisa groaned. “And stop smirking Oz. I meant a game cock bred for fighting.”

”Go away...” Blast told her rudely.

”I think you are very rude! I just want to be part of your adventures!” Lisa snapped.

”Girls don’t go on adventures!” Blast insisted.

”But they do get molested by hentai tentacles...” said Oscar.

Purple rubbery tentacles suddenly seized Lisa as the Japanese school girl and um... did unspeakable things to her...

”Heeeeeelp!” Lisa screamed.

”Oz no! It’s not that kind of anime!” Blast yelled.

”How about giant transforming robots that fire seizure inducing lasers from their eyes...” said Oscar as Lisa was suspended in midair completely wrapped up by the purple hentai tentacles wincing and struggling.

“Giant robots are cool. Now get rid of those tentacles!” Blast nagged.

Oscar snapped his fingers and the tentacles vanished.

Lisa dusted herself off and shivered in disgust because of what the tentacles did to her.

”What about... Rice balls and sushi but 4kids censors it into burgers and fries and sandwiches because they’re xenophobic to other cultures...” asked Oscar.

”Screw you 4kids!” Blast snapped. “I’m a foodie!” He had some sushi.

”Noooooo! Other cultures!” 4Kids screamed.


They then had to pass through a forest of bug Pokegoblins and bug collecting Pokegoblin trainers. Lisa the Japanese school girl was reluctant to go. Because she’s one of those girly girls that thinks Bugs are icky...

”No one asked you to follow. Go away...” said Blast.

Lisa growled at his rudeness and followed bugs or no bugs.

Pretty much soon she was like Willie Scott from Temple of Doom and running about screaming. She screamed because she saw a Spinarak. The green smiley face spider Pokemon.

”Stop screaming!” Blast groaned. “You are distracting my Pokegoblin...”

“Santa! Santachoo!”

Then there was an annoying narrator.

”Next time on Pikkanose and the Porky Men...”

Blast, Lisa/Listy and Oscar frowned at the camera.

Plot 3[]

“Oz why did you include In Marge we Trust which you also made into two episodes...” said Bart.

”I dunno. I like Pokemon...” said Oscar as I made Homer’s story about japan and Pokemon...

”Well I like Pokemon too...” Bart smiled and tousled Oscar’s hair boisterously. Then tiny black lice ran up his arm and he withdrew it in disgust.

Meanwhile during Bart’s anime episode Homer discovered a dishwasher detergent mascot called Mr Sparkle resembled him. He was disturbed for a while and asked Japan why they would use his likeness but accepted his new fame in Japan.

”Shimatta baka ni!” Homer yelled in Japanese.

The Simpsons winced and sweat dropped.

At the same time Marge opted to stay behind at church Saturday or Sunday mornings. She was helping out the reverend who seemed stressed and losing faith. Mostly because Ned was pestering him annoying calls about daft things like swallowing a toothpick.

Meanwhile Ned did not wimp out at Jimbo and get picked on. He instead turned into Satan and scared the pants off of the bullies.

Bart winced as he pictured Ned turning into Devil Ned in the mall.

”Oz, Halloween characters are supposed to non canon...” Bart groaned.

”No! I love Hugey!” Oscar snapped petulantly. Hugo smiled and tousled his hair.


Elsewhere in the Christmas timeline the Gremlin problem was sorted out when the Simpsons found electrocuting the Gremlins killed them.

”UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAAAH!” Oscar yelled as he pinched a gremlin with car battery jump cables attached to the fuse box and electrocuted it.

Bart grimaced exasperated in him.

Eventually all the Gremlins died.

”Except the Treehouse of Horror IV Gremlin...” said Lisa as the Bus gremlin hissed.

Oscar zapped it to death.


In Pokegoblin land Blast, Lisa/Listy and Oscar we’re in the bug Pokegoblin forest when Bill Cosby appeared.

”Pokemon?! With the guy coming out of the thing and the (Incoherent ranting) and the.... And he makes a fire on the sidewalk.... Ah Ah ah!” said Bill Cosby.

Blast winced. “I never understood why Dad found this guy hilarious...”

”Zip zop boopity bop!” said Bill Cosby. “Jazz is like Kodak film. No actually it’s like puddin’ pops...”

”Mr Cosby we need to get past...” Lisa sighed.

”None shall pass. Until you get me some yummy jello puddin’” said Bill Cosby.

”Okay...” Blast winced. “And if we don’t?”

Bill Cosby took out a saxophone and used his magic jazz powers to turn Blast Ketchup into a Japanese school girl and ate her whole.

”Um... crikey!” Lisa gasped.

”We better do as he says...” said Oscar.

They left. Bill’s aka Dr Cliff Huxtable’s son Theo arrived. “There you are Dad.”

”Zip zop Zippity doo dah! Gahahaha!” Bill said in gibberish.

”Pops no one can understand you...” Theo sighed.

”Why the Hell am I wearing a dress?!” Vegeta in a pretty pink dress yelled.

Minerva Mink from Animaniacs was um there. And Mewthree and Missingno. And of course that creepy Luigi from Mario is Missing! Aka Weegee. (Not to be confused with the camera guy.)

Weegee Luigi stared and the trees around them turned into Weegees from the Weegee virus.


Meanwhile Blast was miraculously alive and well again and leading his random group about town trying to buy jello pudding.

Elsewhere during the canon version of this episode Lisa was annoyed the school was having them make toys instead of learning.

“Instead of giving us an education, they used us to design a toy! Aren't you outraged?” Lisa asked Bart and Hugo.

”No. it’s cool! It’s like working in Santa’s work shop as one of his elves!” said Oscar being childish.

Then Bart said this...

“Not really, but if you're gonna throw a spaz, I'll come with.“ said Bart.

”Why you insensitive little!“ Oscar growled and strangled him. “I’ll teach you to make fun of those with disabilities!”

(Bart choking) “Point taken!”