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Ghastillian Ke.$.ha Simpson
The Ghostie Simpson.png
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Hair Plain white
Age 21
Occupation Possessor/School Student/Actor/Sings in a band
Relatives Father: Homer Simpson

Mother: Marge Simpson
Brothers: Bart Simpson
Hugo Simpson
Sisters: Sarah Muntz (twin sister)
Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Husband (future): Zongo the Zombie
Kid(s) (future: Ghombie Kid
Nephew (future): Ryan Simpson
Niece (future): Delia Simpson

Voiced By Elizabeth Gilles

Ghastillian "Ghostie" Kesha Simpson is the second oldest child in the Simpson family, next to her sister Sarah Muntz, who is literally the oldest human family member.

Ghostie is a Ghostie is a Ghoster is a Ghost song is a Ghost. The reason why she was a ghostie as a ghost because When Marge was pregnant in December 31, 1998, Marge had an abortion. Luckily she didn't die however the baby did, but then came back alive 1 hour later. 1 hour later, the baby was born a ghost but then became a zombie because she probably resurrected. Her and Sarah Muntz are twins.


Possesing a body part: Ghostie can take over numerous people's buttholes, so she constantly gets flushed down the toilet because of it, where she meets her twin sister Sarah Muntz, singer of the hit song My Period Panties swimming in the sewage pool while getting gangbanged by Mrs Pommelwhore, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph.

Intelligent: She is incredibly stupid, more stupid than Ralph Wiggum and was beaten up by Stephen Hawking in a simple math test therefore she is one of the so-called "smartest" people in the world.

Fighting: When people fight, It is known that she turns into a "fart breathing, Chick-Fil-A stuff-mixed with Hugh Jackingoffman"

Guitar Player: Ghostie is really bad at playing guitar as she plays along with Rapastafarian-Fried Chicken Drumstick and Sarah Muntz in a band called The Trisexual-Trailer Trash Bitchezzz. She is also featured in Sarah's hit song My Period Panties and Your My Slave. They use autotunes (same ones used by Taylor Swift), but Ghostie also needs it for her terrible guitar playing.

Fly: Ghostie can fly up to space, but her head explodes every single time. She has to smell her own butthole to grow another head.

Mind Reader: Ghostie can read people's mind...and it's always been bad things about her, and no one else.

Puking: She is a leader of the P.I.B (Puking In Buttholes) along with Sarah Muntz, (the Butthole Deputy) Jimbo, Kearney Dolph Nelson and Milhouse Van Houten