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Get Yourself Back Home


July 9, 2013
Digital download
Pop rap, alternative hip hop, reggae fusion
Low Price, Young Life
Travie McCoy, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo, Eric Roberts, Matt McGinley, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Daniel Omelio, David Silberstein, Jane Mik
Young Prince

Get Yourself Back Home is a song by Caribbean singer Jane Mik and American rapper Young Prince, released on July 9, 2013, as the second single from Mik's debut album Superhero. It received generally positive reviews.

Track listing[]

  • Digital download
  1. ​"Get Yourself Back Home"
  • Digital download – Remix
  1. "Get Yourself Back Home (Remix)" (featuring Rapsta Chik)

Music video[]

The music video for the song was filmed on July 13 to July 14, while Chik's scenes were filmed on August 4, 2013. It was announced by Mik a music video would be released in mid-July, some days after the song was released. Co-directed by Prince and Director X, alongside additional direction by Alan Ferguson for Chik's scenes, "Get Yourself Back Home" was released on September 5 to Jane Mik's VEVO Channel and got 500.000 views in just an hour, that would be later surpassed by 800.000 views in an hour with the release of the Remix video, just some hours later.

The video is a 9-minutes long short story, set in 1839, which begins with Jane Mik driking coffee at a bar with some friends, and talking about what their boyfriends do for them. Mik says she's the luckiest girlfriend of all the world, due to having Prince as her boyfriend. She tells the girl how he's "so sweet, tender and lovely" and that she "wouldn't know what to do without him". A day after the meeting, Jane is resting at her house when she hears a knock at her door. When she opens it, she sees Prince standing there, dressed in a military uniform. Aware of what would he tell her, Mik starts crying and hugs Prince very strongly. Prince then tells her he had been contacted by the militia and that they had told him he had to participate in the Opium War with China, he didn't have a choice. Mik, still crying, says she understands but that she'll miss him, and makes him promise he'll "get [his] ass back home". After that, Mik and Prince share a passionate kiss and Prince leaves.

In the next scene, we learn a year has passed since Mik and Prince saw for the last time, and that Mik hadn't received letters from Prince for 4 months. Resting at her bed while looking at a portrait of a uniformed Prince, Mik begins singing the chorus to "Get Yourself Back Home". During the first verse, sung by Prince, images of Prince at war are shown: the trainings with their strict general (played by Johnny Dub), the arguments between soldiers at the trenches, the battles with Chinese soldiers, and also Prince singing his lines while sitting in bed. During the second chorus, Mik is seen singing her lines while cooking breakfast, while Prince is shown writing letters to Mik, which he later throws to a paper-basket.

During the second verse, which is a new verse written and sung by Mik, more scenes of Prince at the trenches are shown, while Mik is also seen singing her verse in a farm full of flowers. At the end of the verse, a bullet hits Prince in the upper part of his right arm and he is taken to the war's hospital. The doctor (played by Jamie Foxx) says there were very little possibilities for Prince to recover, and the probability was that he would die. The following scene, shows the doctor taking away the bullet from Prince's shoulder, while he screams loudly, imagining Mik was taking his hand. An hour later, the doctor says that a sollution might be amputating Prince's arm, for it to stop bleeding. But feeling so weak, Prince is unable to hear what he had said, and can only see memories of his times with Jane flashing before his eyes. He then faints and the camera fades to black.

2 months later, Mik receives a letter telling her everything that had happened to Prince, and all she can manage to do is cry. She looks once again at Prince's portrait and begins singing the song's bridge. In the Remix Version video, this scene leads to a 2013-styled set, where Chik is seen alone at a British bar, drinking tea. She starts humming the melody of the song's chorus, still at the bar, when suddenly the set changes to a futuristic room, full of laserlights and robotic machines. Chik raps her verse and then looks at a mirror, where a crying Mik is reflected. In the official edition of the video, this scenes are excluded. Back at Jane's room, she is seen singing the last chorus of the song, when suddenly someone taps her shoulder. When she turns around, she sees Prince standing there, and her face lights up. They make out in their bed and end up kissing each other. In the Remix Version, the final scene is combined with images of Bart Simpson surprising Rapsta, appearing magically in the futuristic room.

Release history[]

Region Date Format
United States July 9, 2013 Digital download
United Kingdom July 12, 2013
United States July 20, 2013 Remix