Simpsons Fanon

Frinky and the Brain I spruced up an inactive and unfinished Fan episode here. The Simpsons get another trampoline despite having one in canon during the events of Bart’s Inner Child. Simply because Bart and Lisa wanted one, cos their friends have got trampolines. Meanwhile Oscar and Hugo engage in Pinky and the Brain antics and Orson Welles cameos. Also Frink helps Database with some bullies so Database befriends him. However the nerd is seeing less of his own father. Credits go to Electric Mayhem, the original author.


The title gag is Yendor from The Happy Little Elves riding on the curious bear cub as he hops from cloud to cloud making cartoony sounds.

The billboard gag is “Sandwiches. Still good after all these years.” With a promotion from Jared Fogle and Subway...

The chalkboard gag is “This is not the last season.” Of course not Bart. It will go on forever and ever...

The couch gag is the the Titanic one but this time the Simpsons are in early Edwardian clothes and Leonardo Di Caprio and Cate Blanchett are with them as Jack and Rose. The iceberg crashes into the couch sinking it but the Simpsons get in life boats except Homer who flounders in the sea before being eaten by sharks.


The episode opens with a parody of the opening of Pinky and the Brain.

”They’re Pinky and the Brain! Pinky and the Brain! One is a genius, the other insane!” sings the theme tune over a montage of Hugo being the clever but evil scientist planning world domination. And Oscar as Pinky, the stupid insane fool goofing off. Hugo is writing formulae on a huge blackboard while his brother writes lines such as “I will not engage in this parody.” Oscar dances around in a straight jacket with a demented look on his face. 🤪 Like this Emoji. Hugo stops what he is writing to sweat drop at Oscar’s antics.

Then Hugo tests a gravity beam gun while Oscar looks in awe of it with a goofy expression of excitement on his face as if to say “Ooooooooooh! Glowy!” The green gravity beam pulls Saturn out of orbit towards Earth and it crushes the Simpsons house,

Hugo is then observing space with Bart’s telescope from Bart of Darkness. However he sees Oscar really close to the lens. Oscar pulls really silly faces like pulling his mouth open wide and sticking his tongue out etc. Hugo grimaces, exasperated.

Oscar and Hugo pick up a heavy bar of gold. It crushes them in a cartoon manner.

Hugo is working on something when Oscar touches the unfinished device and it blows up, making them both black with soot. Hugo glares at Oscar.

”The Pinky, The Pinky, and the Brain Brain Brain Brain....”

Amusingly for some reason, Homer has redecorated the attic as a giant hamster cage, with newspapers on the floor. Hugo is reading a book while Oscar wearing a big red shiny rubber clown nose is running about in a giant hamster wheel. “Gee Hugey, what are you gonna do tonight? Narf!” said Oscar.

”Same thing I do every night, Oz. Try to take over the world!” said Hugo dressed as a mad scientist as he snapped on some rubber gloves. The Pinky and the Brain leitmotif plays. “Now for Ohms Law, why have you got that ridiculous thing on your nose?!” Hugo asked.

”It’s a red shiny squeaky rubber clown nose. Because Pinky has a big red shiny nose! Boop!” Oscar prods his clown nose making it squeak.

”Uh okay... I suppose that make sense...” said Hugo.

”So... whatcha think your families doing right now? Narf!” Oscar asked Hugo.

”Probably playing Happy families without me, even though I’m part of the family...” said Hugo.

Down in the dining room the Simpsons were literally playing the card game Happy Families with the gaming table out.

”Man these people are ugly...” said Homer saying the art style was ugly. Which it is.

”Yeah, the beekeeper family look so conceited and uppity for beekeepers. And the son wears lipstick...” said Bart. Also he looks exactly like Dudley Dursley...

”Well, I have Mrs Burglar. Snap!” said Lisa completing the Burglar family set.

”Can someone explain to me how burglar can be a legitimate family business? Because I’m lost...” said Marge.

”We all are Mom. Just blame the author...” said Lisa. Yeah really... your family’s joint profession is burglary... you must be so proud Mr and Mrs Burglar...

”Well at least this game champions women’s rights to equal employment.” said Marge.

”Marge you’re an outdated housewife and Mr Tick is an old fashioned mortar board, cane wielding Beano teacher.” said Oscar in the air vents.

”Hmmmmmph! Thanks, Oscar...” Marge grumbled. “I can’t exactly leave Maggie at home alone to work during the day...”

”Sure you can...” said Matt Groening. Now insane post season twenty.

”Look, it’s happy families night Oz, that means no non canon characters...” said Homer.

”I see...” said Oscar. Up in the attic Hugo was nursing baby Eric who was crying in a baby rocker. Because Homer had the audacity to banish a baby to the attic and Marge did nothing to stop him!

And Tiny Tim from Fist of Odin was limping about on crutches in the attic wearing Victorian clothes a poor Victorian person would wear.

“Eureka! My experiment is a success! Are you pondering what I’m pondering Oz?” Hugo asked Oscar.

”I think so Hugey. But isn’t Regis Philbin already married?” said Oscar.

Hugo face palmed. “How does that have anything to do with my mutation ray and my plan to turn Skinner into a lobster hybrid man?!”

Downstairs Homer was renewing the Elephant Insurance. No Horton! You can’t wear a suit and sell me car insurance!

”Marge, how many elephants do we have?” Homer asked.

”One. Stampy.” said Marge.

Stampy trumpeted loudly.

”Yes boy. Phwaaaaaaaaamp!” Bart replied.

”No, what about the elephant I adopted when Bart was a drummer in a Jazz cafe and I was Dr Dolittle?!” said Lisa.

“Oh yeah.... whatever happened with that elephant?” Homer asked.

”We got rid of her and sent her to Stampy’s animal sanctuary and I used my money to turn it into an animal theme park...” said Bart.

”I still love you for that Bart.” Lisa smiled at her older brother. Bart blushed.

“I don’t think animals like noisy roller coasters Lis...” said Oscar in the air vent.

”Get out of the freak’s air vent!” Homer yelled.


Bart and Lisa sat outside on the doorstep as it was sunny today. They were bored so passed the time playing “Punch each other on the arm”.

”Cootie jab.” Bart punched Lisa on the arm.

”Ow!” Lisa whined. “Cootie jab.” she punched him on the arm.

”Ow!” Bart grunted. “Cootie jab.”

”Ow! Cootie jab!”

”Ow! Cootie jab!”

And so on and so forth until Milhouse arrived.

”Hey Bart guess what?” Milhouse asked.

”What? Your parents have divorced again?” Bart asked.

”No...” said Milhouse. “I got a trampoline!”

”Ha! My mom got me a trampoline! Buy only because she was drunk and actually called for a lawnmower, but the people on the phone thought she was mumbling about trampolines...” said Nelson.

”We got one too...” said Sherri and Terri.

”We should get one! I want a trampoline!” said Bart.

”Yes! Let’s ask Mom!” said Lisa.

”Good luck.” said Nelson. He ran off to join Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney in whaling on Database for some reason as they beat him up.

Professor Frink arrives on his flying motorcycle.

”Ga hoy! Hey! Stop that! Stop picking on that boy at once!” said Frink parking his flying motorcycle.

”Or what, poindexter?!” said Jimbo.

”Why don’t you boys pick on someone bigger?” Frink asked.

”Ok! How about you!” said Dolph. The four bullies beat up Professor Frink.

(Pained noises from Frink and Frink gibberish.)


Bart and Lisa ask mom.

”Certainly not!” said Marge.

”Oz...” Bart asked Oscar to telekinetically toss things with his evil powers and set light to people.

”Hell no! You already had a trampoline in Bart's Inner Child! Season five episode seven!” said Oscar. “Or in BlueKraid’s fanon. Homer's Very Bad Day.”

“It’s continuity! Deal with it!” said Comic Book Guy.

”Yes. You already had one. And we all remember the trouble it caused...” said Marge.

They flashback to the Saving Private Ryan reference where all of Bart’s friends are lying injured on the lawn around the trampoline crying.

”Yeah but we really want a trampoline...” said Bart.

“Yeah, don’t make us bug you mom....” said Lisa in a sing song manner.

A montage to the song One Way or another plays as Bart and Lisa pester their mom for a trampoline. While she’s doing the dishes, while she’s watching TV, while she’s showering, while she’s changing Maggie’s diaper, and while she’s trying to sleep...

”Okay! We’ll get a trampoline!” Marge yelled.

”Oh no! We’re not getting another trampoline! Not after last time...” said Homer. “Especially the trouble I had trying to get rid of it...” He has a flashback of him trying to get rid of the trampoline including throwing it down into the canyon from the Roadrunner cartoons.

”Fine! Get ready Lis.” said Bart. Bart and Lisa take a breath.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No.” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No!” said Homer. Getting more agitated.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No!” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”No!!” said Homer.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”Nooooooooo!! Homer screamed.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”Stop it!!” Homer cried.

”Can we have a trampoline?”

”Okay! Okay! Make it stop! Make it stop!” Homer cried and sobbed having a nervous breakdown as he relented because of their pestering.


The next day Homer buys a trampoline from Raphael, ties it to the car roof and takes it home where he sets it up in the backyard.

Bart and Lisa immediately are jumping and playing on it.

Homer has a go but his weight bounces Bart and Lisa very high up into the air. Marge watching from the kitchen is very concerned and worried that this could lead to an accident.

Meanwhile Frink and Database lie injured where Jimbo left them after beating them up.

”Ugh....” Frink groaned.

”Ugh.... ah... Thank you professor for saving me!” said Database.

”Uh?! What?!” Frink asked sitting up, bruised and exhausted.

”You stood up to those bullies and tried to protect me!” said Database.

”I suppose I did. Hey, wanna ride on my flying jet powered motorcycle?” Frink asked.

”Of course!” said Database. He put on a helmet and sat on the back seat of the flying jet powered motorcycle. The two nerds flew off somewhere.

Bart and Lisa are playing on the trampoline while Hugo rolls his eyes while he does science experiments in the attic.

Orson Welles is sat in the attic holding a white mouse.

”Quiet Pinky! You blundering fool!” He scolds the mouse.

Hugo grimaced and continued his experiment.

Plot 2[]

Database is riding his bike alone singing “We are the Superfriends!” When Frink rides his motorcycle up beside him.

”Gahoy! Glavin flavin! It is great to meet you again, chum.” said Professor Frink.

”Ah! Yes it is Professor.” said Database.

”I have made some adjustments to my hover bike. Look.” said Frink. He pressed a button and his hover bike made him a latte.

”That is impressive Professor, but ah, I really must go home now!” said Database.

”It was great meeting you again!” said Frink. Then he was horrified by something. “Oh dear god no!”

”No! Those are every Spring!” yelled Homer.

”No! Those are every Summer!” yelled another Homer.

”No! Those are every Fall!” yelled another.

”No! Those are every Winter!” yelled yet another.

Many Homer clones were wandering around arguing over what season of the year something was in.

Database got home. Electric Mayhem made Mr Database/Kyle’s dad a fat drunken slob.

”Mmmya! Mom, Dad, I’m home!” said Database/Kyle.

”That’s nice Kyle.” said his mom.

Dad muttered and yelled drunk for people to be quiet as he laid hungover on the couch in a sweaty wife beater vest.

”Uh... Author my dad isn’t some fat drunken slob... he is a clever, glasses wearing brainiac such as myself that unfortunately gets picked on and called a nerd too....” said Database.

”Shut up! This is my fanfiction and I’ll write it how I want!” Electric Mayhem ranted.

Database shrugged his shoulders and went up to his probably Star Trek themed bedroom. he sat down getting out a pen and added Professor Frink to a short list of his friends. The original author being mean decided it was a very short list with Frink being his only friend but that’s cruel and unrealistic. Frink was added under the following; “Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson aka ‘Cosmos’, Hugo Simpson, Martin Prince, Ham, Cosine, Bhajeet, URL/Earl, Email and Milhouse. And of course some person called “No one”.

The author seethed in anger at my changes, probably...


At the Simpsons house, in the backyard Bart showed off his trampoline.

”Tah dah! I finally got myself a trampoline! Cool eh?” Bart asked.

”Look! I gotta fist now! Huah!” Nelson punched him in the stomach winding him. “You already had one in Bart's Inner Child! Quit repeating yourself! Quit repeating yourself!”

”Ow!” Bart groaned when Nelson hit him.

”Hey! Knock it off! Season 18 says you are both friends now! As of The Haw-Hawed Couple, so no hitting!” Oscar ranted. “Now apologise and make up! Now!”

”Sorry Bart...” Nelson apologises to Bart and they hug.

”Bart, we don’t care, it’s just not cool anymore.” said Richard.

”Yeah, Bart we’re not impressed... we already got trampolines weeks ago. You’re the last one to get one... that makes you a right loser! Nyahahahaha! (Breathes from his inhaler) Hahahaha!” said Milhouse laughing.

Bart sighed.

”Yeah Bart, you’re not special for having one.” said Lewis.

”Oh this just like being president people think it’s cool, but then when you’re doing it, it just isn’t cool anymore...” Bart sighed.


In the attic Hugo climbs the ladder to find to his horror that Oscar is running around laughing maniacally as he fires the mutation ray at things, turning Hugo’s parrot into an octo-parrot with purple tentacles and his lion in a cage into a flower lion hybrid, or a dandelion or Dandy Lion... hehehehe... Hugo ducks to avoid a bolt from the mutation ray.

”Oscar what the fudge?!” Hugo yelled.

Oscar continued laughing maniacally and shooting mutation beams at things until the curious bear cub from Happy Little Elves as a tentacle mutant lunges at him and wraps its tentacles round his throat and strangles him.

(Oscar wheezing and gasping.)

”Cease this buffoonery!” Orson Welles yells confiscating the mutation ray gun. Hugo pulled the curious bear cub tentacle monster off of Oscar so he could breath.

“Phew! Thanks Hugey.” said Oscar.

”Oz don’t play with my stuff...” said Hugo.

”Gee Orson, what have you got planned for tonight? Narf!” Oscar asked.

”Same thing I do every night Pinky... Try to take over the world!” said Orson Welles.

”The Pinky, the Pinky, and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain... Brain Brain Brain Brain...” sung the theme tune.

Hugo face palmed.


Homer is bouncing on the trampoline.

”Homer be careful! I’d hate for something to happen to you involving that trampoline.” said Marge. “I’d have to therapy with Brad Goodman again!”

”How about therapy with John Goodman?!” Oscar ranted.

We cut to a random man in a therapist office lying on the couch. “Well Doc... The reoccurring nightmares started a few weeks ago...” said the guy but John Goodman was stuffing his face with cakes and food.

”Yeah we get it Oz... he’s fat and you like a John more than Brad...” said Bart sighing.

Homer was bouncing around on the trampoline. “Don’t worry dear! Nothing is gonna happen to me involving this trampoline...” said Homer. The trampoline snapped shut on him like a Venus flytrap. “Ow! I spoke too soon!”

Bart laughed.

Marge gasped horrified.

”That is the largest Venus flytrap gag since scientists discovered the Venus Williams flytrap!” said Oscar.

In a cutaway Venus Williams walked onto a tennis court with a waiting crowd cheering. However we pan out to reveal it is actually a giant Venus flytrap’s jaws. The monster sized Venus flytrap snaps shut, eating Venus Williams and her opponent.

”Oz that cutaway was ridiculous...” said Bart groaning.


”Homer that trampoline has to go...” said Marge prizing the trampoline open so Homer could get out.

”Okay dear, but this time, you can get rid of it and I’ll take the kids out. I was thinking of seeing the Isotopes play the New York Giants game.” said Homer.

”Oh good take Hugo too.” said Marge.

”Hell no!” Homer yelled.

”Take Hugo you selfish bastard!” Oscar swore.

”Fine...” Homer sighed.

Homer took the kids to a baseball game. That synthesiser theme that goes “Duh duh duh.... duh duh... dah dah tah dah!” played as they went in.

Nice of you to take us out to the baseball game Dad.” said Lisa.

”Well I should have got better seats, down in front palm tree head!” Homer’s vision of the game was blocked by a red palm tree of dreadlocks.

”Excuse me?!” Sideshow bob snapped turning around as his theme tune suddenly played.

”Nyaaaaaaaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!” The kids screamed, with Bart screaming the loudest.

”Bart Simpson!” Bob snapped.

”What the Hell are you doing here Bob?!” Bart demanded an answer.

”I was granted bail and I decided to spend my first day of freedom watching my grandfather Willard “Wayne” Terwilliger play baseball for the New York Giants,” said Sideshow Bob. “Oh don’t worry Bartholomew... I’m not going to kill you in front of all these witnesses...”

”Now Bob, we’ve spoke about your misunderstanding with little Bart Simpson... please stop bothering the little scamp...” said Cecil Terwilliger arriving with snacks. “Oh! Is that you Maris?” Once again he mistook Bart for his estranged wife on Frasier.

”No! For the last time I am not Maris! I’m Bart Jojo Simpson!” Bart groaned.

”I want Jojo! I want Jojo!” Oscar ranted quoting Tommy Boy/Caleb from Blood until Bart slapped him for being stupid.

“Well look everyone calm down. I am in a good mood today so I won’t be killing anyone. Unless someone pushes me over the edge.” said Sideshow Bob.

Bart sighed with relief. As long as Bob kept his cool he wouldn’t be trying to kill him this episode.

”Wait you’re supporting New York Giants?!” Homer asked Bob.

”Yes, now let me watch my grandfather play!” said Bob.

”The Giants suck! Go Isotopes!” said Homer.

Sideshow Bob snapped. “Aaaaaaaaaaagh!”

”Oh fiddlesticks...” said Cecil.

”I am positively furious!! I warned you!! Now prepare to die, Bart Simpson!” Sideshow Bob extremely angry pulled out a machete and lunged at Bart.

Bart screamed and dodged the blade the Simpsons and Oscar scattered across the seats in fear, fleeing Bart’s arch nemesis.


Database/Kyle’s dad as a drunken slob lying hungover on the couch swore as he wondered why his boy was spending less and less time with him.

”Damn it! Ass fuck! Where’s my boy?!” yelled the drunk dad throwing a bottle of beer at the wall.

”I keep telling you he is not a drunken slob! He is a taller older version of Database!” said Oscar returning Mr Kyle to a nerd.

”Mmyaaaa, that is much better... Now to finish this crossword.” said the nerdy father.

”Why you interfering no good!” The original author of Frinky and the Brain yelled as they strangled Oscar.

”Ack! Eccccck! I can’t breath!” Oscar wheezed and gasped.

”Okay I’m next.” said Erik Nikolas holding a baseball bat. Behind him was a long line of fanfiction writers Oscar had annoyed somehow. They all had weapons of some kind in an Airplane! Reference.


At the Simpsons house Hugo is watching a weird episode of facts of life where the tomboyish girl is now a hermaphrodite asking Mrs Garrett if her two sets of genitalia, her penis and vagina should be touching each other.

”What?!” said Mrs Garrett.

”Well I sort of got up this morning and they were together. Is that normal?”

”You have both?!” asked Mrs Garrett shocked.

”Yeah doesn’t everyone?” The hermaphrodite asked.

”Nooooooooooooo!” said Mrs Garrett in a funny manner.

Oscar laughed hysterically. “Oh Mrs Garret you’re hilarious...”

Orson was eating raw Mrs Pell’s fish sticks straight out of the box. “Mmmmmm! Yes! Oh yes! They’re even better raw!”

”So Orson. What have you got planned tonight?” Hugo asked.

”Same thing I do every night, Pinky. Eat Mrs Pell’s fish sticks and Rosebud frozen peas!” said Orson Welles.

”You are very sad little man... you need to get laid...” said Hugo.


Marge tried various ways of getting rid of the trampoline. Raphael would not refund her, she tried to toss it into the ravine from the Roadrunner cartoon but it bounced off a pointy rock and slammed her into the ground in a cartoon manner.

”If this was a cartoon the cliff would break and fall by now...” said Marge.

Homer came home to find the trampoline still there. “Tough luck with getting rid of that trampoline eh?” he asked Marge.

”Uh huh...” Marge sighed exhausted.

”Well, thanks to Dad, Sideshow Bob is after us again...” Bart sighed.

”Oooooh....” Marge sighed exasperated with Homer.

”I just told him his baseball team sucked...” said Homer whining.


Homer went to see Database’s dad to help him reunite with his son and have a healthy father and son relationship. However the unnamed author kept making him into a drunken slob and Oscar made him into a taller older version of Database. Then the two started fighting.

”Stop that! Stop fighting!” Homer held the two kids away from each other.

“Hey! You’re what’s his face’s dad!” said Homer being moronic.

“Uuuuurp! He has a name... but I’m too drunk to remember... errrr umm... I think he said he’d rather spend time with errr... so... um Dr Pink. Yeah that’s it...“

”Oh I can get him to like you again!” said Homer.

”Really?!” said Database’s dad.

”Yeah! That’s what I’m good at! Getting father’s and sons back together! After all I got Luke and Darth Vader to rule the galaxy as father and son. I’m also a poor judge of character...” said Homer.

“Kyle’s dad, I think Kyle does love you, it’s just that he is hanging about with Professor Frink right now.” said Oscar. “And author stop it! His sand is not a drunken slob! He’s a geek!”

”But I want to play catch with my son!” Database’s Dad whined.

”That’s the spirit! Let’s go!” said Oscar.

Homer drives Kyle’s dad to Professor Frink’s lab. Database/Kyle is there being shown round all of Frink’s inventions.

”Step away from the boy!” said Homer. “This father wants to spend some quality father and son time with his boy!”

”Mmmyaaaaa, but Dad, can’t I stay a little longer?” Database asked his dad.

”Please son! You hardly ever speak to me!” said Database’s dad.

”Oh okay....” Database sighed going home with his dad.

When his guests have left, Frink reveals he is trying to bring his father John Frink Sr back from the dead, yet again... hasn’t he learnt from the last few times?! Frink Sr is in a life support tank being regrown by nano bots.

Plot 3[]

At the Simpsons in the kitchen.

”Mom, do we have any corn muffins?” Lisa asked Marge.

”Oh, I’m afraid not sweetie. You see, when we released your locusts they caused a wide spread famine!” said Marge. “There’s not maize, wheat or barley right now.”

”This episode is supposed to be before Penny-Wiseguys!” The author ranted.

”Yeah but in my fanon it’s after.” said Oscar eating a sandwich.

”I’m still an insectivore.” said Hugo confirming he was still in Frink’s bug eating club and was eating big shiny black beetles.

”Ugh... suddenly I’m not hungry...” Oscar groaned leaving his food.

”I once ate a beetle. I’m still picking out bits of John Lennon from my teeth.” said Ace.

An audience jeers and throws tomatoes at him.

”Well I ate a beetle once. I’m still picking car parts from a VW beetle out of my teeth.” said Oscar.

”Guys you are not funny...” Bart groaned.


Dan Gillick has lost his job as Mall ear piercing guy because he keeps scaring the customers thinking his ear piercing gun is real. Now he binge watches The Us version of The Office while binge eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, eventually he got very fat and shaved himself bald. Then he decided he was a cartoon supervillain and created loads of yellow minions to do his household chores for him.

”Bananaaaaaa!” The minions cheered.

”Oh god no!” Bart groaned.

”I like the cut of this Gru’s jib, Smithers.” said Mr Burns. Probably because of his hooked nose.


Oscar was at a candy shop. Probably Candy is Dandy.

”Awwwwwww....! Whattya mean you’re out of chocolate robots?!” Oscar yelled.

Killua from Hunter X Hunter looked exasperated and sweat dropped.

”Oh no! It killuaaaaaaah! Kali ma.... Kali ma! Kali maaaaaaa!” Oscar made fun of his preferred method of killing people. Ripping their hearts out.

Killua sweat dropped.


At the Simpsons Bart was bouncing on the trampoline and showing off.

”Hey Lisa! Look at me! Look at me! Look! Look look look look!” Bart was demanding her attention as he somersaults etc.

Lisa sighed and tried to meditate.

”Look! Look! Look! Look! Lo-Gah!” Crunch! Bart landed incorrectly and upon his arm. Snapping it.

Lisa heard Bart crying. He never cried really except when very upset or seriously hurt. She got up and saw he broke his arm. She gasped.

Bart was taken to hospital where Dr Hibbert set his arm in a cast.

”Now Bart, that’s four times you’ve been here over breaking your arm! You must try to be more careful! Think of you parents wallets! A hehehehehe!” Dr Hibbert chuckled.

”That’s almost as many times as I’ve fractured my arm!” said Oscar. “Which is six altogether. The first five were accidents. The last was deliberately cause by my Dad when he attacked me.”

However Marge swiftly changed the topic to talk about how the trampoline must go now. Regardless of how fate and Looney Tunes antics would stop them. Bart’s injury was the last straw.


Homer and Oscar along with Database’s dad found Database hanging around with Professor Frink.

”Son please, I’m reaching out to you!” said Database’s dad.

”He even stopped drinking! said Electric Mayhem. Mmmmmm... Animal the muppet...

”I don’t drink?!” said Database’s dad.

”You do in my canon!” said Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

”No I don’t! I play chess with my son and read large books!” said Database’s dad.

Electric mayhem growled.

”Frink this isn’t normal... you have a son of your own...” said Oscar. John Frink III frowned at his Dad.

”Glavin! Their right Kyle! You need to spend time with your father! And I need to spend time with mine!” said Frink.

”Sonny! I told you! Don’t bring me back! Look! I can’t help myself! I’m harvesting body parts here there and everywhere!” Frink Sr was a Frankenstein monster with Mel’s hair again.

”Gimme back my arm!” Lenny yelled.

Suddenly a black shadowy figure arrived.

”Who the heck are you?!” Homer said rudely.

”I am, No One.” said the shadowy figure in the voice of Tony Todd.

”Dude you can’t be no one, you must have a name.” said Homer.

”No that is his name! Mmmya... that’s No One! Hi No One!” said Database.

”Hi Kyle.” said No one in a Tony Todd voice.

”Well pleased to me- Kali ma shakti de! Kali maaaa!” Oscar yelled like Mola Ram pulling out hearts for Kali because he saw Killua Zoldyck with a lollipop in his mouth.

”Stop doing that! Or I’ll pluck out your heart!” Killua yelled.


At school, Bart’s friends are signing his cast. Milhouse signs it Milpool with a long tail on the L from leaving in a hurry obsessed with swimming. Hugo sighed his name and Oscar put TARDIS again.

”Oz you are obsessed with Doctor Who! We Americans don’t know much about that show!” said Bart.

”I know. It’s a British Sci Fi.” said Oscar.

Orson Welles was there explaining what he was doing tonight.

”Well what are you doing tonight Orson?” Oscar asked.

”Same thing I do every night Pinky. Eat planets as Unicron!” said Orson Welles turning into Unicron from Transformers.

”Okay...” said Oscar. “Look stop calling everyone Pinky. My name is Oscar. Oscar Tamaki.”

Meanwhile at home, Frink tried to bond with his son Johnny but found this difficult because Dan Gillick was being stupid as Gru unleashing his minions.

”Bananaaaaa!” The minions yelled.

Then they made media references by singing famous songs in a Minion language such as I swear by All 4 One and YMCA.

In fact at the Simpsons house, baby Eric Simpson was watching Despicable Me 2 where Gru gets married and the minions sing YMCA.

(In Minion language.) “Young man! There’s no need to look down! I say Young man! Cos you’re in a new town!”

Homer saw this and screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaaghhhh! No! No! No! No singing yellow creatures are turning my baby boy into a fruit!” He switched off the TV triggered by his homophobia.

Baby Eric cried loudly.

”Homer!” Marge yelled.

”Marge you have no idea what those Minions were singing!!” Homer ranted.

”They were just singing Village People’s YMCA... I think it’s cute and funny that they reference famous songs...” said Marge.

Eric cried. He sounds exactly like Bart when he was a baby. Cue Nancy Cartwright doing baby cries.

"Oh, great. I can’t stand to hear the baby cry like this. I will just be right and wrong for the TV." groaned Homer as he walked to the lounge. "Sorry, Eric." he said and switched and turned back on the TV.

Eric stopped crying and started laughing and looked happily and watched to Despicable Me 2 where Gru gets married and the minions sing YMCA.

"Oh, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, Eric." Homer laughed nervously.

Eric was too busy watching Despicable Me 2 to notice.


Homer decides to have words with Dan, who lives close enough that Homer’s frisbee accidentally ends up in his backyard often. Presumably he lives in the brown house.

”Dan! Dan, I want a word with you about your singing yellow weirdos!” Homer yelled.

”I am no longer Dan! I am Gru!” said Dan/Gru.


However this episode isn’t about Homer’s grievances with the minions brainwashing Eric with homosexuality, it’s about the trampoline and Database and his Dad.

Bart was trying to play Asura’s Wrath one handed because of his arm in a sling.

He got a game over.

”D’oh! I died. Your turn Oscar.” said Bart handing over the controller.

Oscar played the level. He did really well.

”Wow you’re good!” said Bart.

”No, you’re just not at your best because you’re playing with one hand.” said Oscar noting Bart’s arm in a sling.

However... “Oh no! The adoring fan...” Oscar groaned.

”By Asura! By Asura! By Asura! It’s the grand champion! Standing here! Next to me!” said the adoring fan.

Bart was thinking how relieved he was that the Mayans were embarrassingly wrong, the world wasn’t ending any time soon.

”You try using a giant stone calendar that stops working after the year 2012 AD and not jumping to conclusions!” said the Mayans.

Eventually Oscar lost his “Life” or “Man” so it was Bart’s turn again.

”Okay, so its up, up, down right, and then finish with a disembowelment. Got it.” said Bart getting up to the mini boss Oscar defeated.

Oscar was eating Trix cereal when the white Trix rabbit arrived.

”Silly rabbit! Twix are for kids!” said Oscar putting on an Asian accent.

”You share!” The Trix rabbit shouted and snapped his neck. The cartoon rabbit took his box of Trix.

Bart was concerned and horrified.

”I think I need therapy, urgently.” said Bart.

”Oh good, I’ll call Brad Goodman!” said Marge.

”No! John Goodman!” Oscar demanded lying there with a snapped neck.

”Oooooooooh!” Marge groaned. “You are obsessed with that man every time I say Brad Goodman!”

”More like Brad Bad Man...” Oscar groaned.

Oscar somehow made a miraculous recovery and took Bart to therapy, with John Goodman. He was sat in a chair in the form of James P Sullivan aka Sully.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

Bart groaned.

However Sully decided Oscar needed to see a psychiatrist even more urgently than Bart.

”What?!” Oscar gasped.

”Oscar when did you first start to lose your grip on reality and fall into full blown dementia?” Sully asked wearing half moon glasses.

”I am not crazy!” Oscar yelled. “Just cos I like to make obscure cameos of other TV shows and memes doesn’t make me no googily moogily!”

”Uh?” Bart asked.

”Stop laughing at me flying avocado! Haaaaaaa! Yaaaaaaah!” Oscar was swiping at something imaginary with a sword.


At home one breakfast, despite Marge’s best efforts they still had the trampoline.

”Oh my goodness!” Homer was reading the newspaper. “Free old soiled mattresses!”

”Homer no! Don’t bring home any more useless crap!” Marge lamented.

Homer brought back some old soiled mattresses and constructed a fort out of them. That Bart fought was a fart.

”Build a fart! Nyahahahaha! Fart...” Bart laughed.

”No! A fort! I’m building a fort!” said Homer.

Then he got out the hose and squirted an area of the lawn until it was very muddy and put up a sign saying “Land of Mud” Mudboy from Jumanji was swimming in the mud.

”Hey! No using your Earth elemental powers to turn the mud into quicksand while kids are playing in it, Mudboy...” said Homer.

”Kallae kistnae...Galahoooooo yeah...” Mudboy ranted in gibberish.

”Oz, don’t teach Mudboy to speak gibberish...” Peter Shepherd groaned.

Plot 4[]

The Simpsons had purple mush for dinner.

”Ugh... Purple mush... that brings back memories.” said Bart with his arm in a sling.

”Oh god no!” Oscar cried.

”What?” Bart asked.

“My royal family suddenly died in a massive terror attack. Wiped em all out!” said Oscar.

”Well now you’ll have to get used to thinking for yourselves.” said Bart.

”Nope, I wish that was so. But diplomats from the states have found a long lost distant cousin to the Queen to take over from! Some guy called Ralph played by John Goodman. It’s a King Ralph reference.” said Oscar.

Bart face palmed.

”Enough of the John Goodman...” he groaned.

”Oh! Can I be king?” Ralph Wiggum asked.

”No Ralph....” said Oscar.


Meanwhile Stewie Griffin kidnapped the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and asked them annoying questions, mispronounced Will Wheaton as Hwill Hwheaton and took them to McDonald’s.

“What is wrong with saying Hwill Hwheaton? That’s his name!” said Stewie.

”Can I please take off this ridiculous visor?” LeVar Burton asked wearing Geordi LaForge’s visor.

”No! You’re blind! That’s how you see!” Stewie snapped.

Michael Dom/Worf wanted a St. Patrick’s Day shake.

”Michael it’s July!!” Stewie yelled.

”Yes but some McDonald’s still do them.” said Michael Dom.

Stewie head-decked the car horn in frustration. Yes a baby is driving a car full of the cast of Star Trek The Next Generation.

”I want a McDLT.” Jonathan Frakes asked.

”Jonathan they don’t do those anymore! And you’re a red shirt! How are you a reoccurring main character?! You should have been killed on the first planet your crew visited!” Stewie yelled.

“Anyway Mom you have to have words with Chief Wiggum so he has words with Ralph over his probably mistaken and innocent transphobia.” said Lisa. “He keeps calling Aunt Patty and Selma Man Ladies....”

Homer laughed hysterically.

”Dad that is not funny!” Lisa snapped.

”Well it’s not Transphobic if he doesn’t understand what he is saying.” said Oscar.

Sideshow Bob was at the window. “Can I be in this episode?”

”No, you’ve got a big story coming up next season Bob.” said Oscar.