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Fiona Burns is the granddaughter of Charles Montgomery Burns.

Early life[]

Fiona is the daughter of Larry Burns and an unamed mother. She was born in 1981, she has many siblings.


Fiona is very much like her grandfather, but lacking the big nose, eyebrows and moles on face. Fiona is way more evil and greedier than Burns. She even tries to kill her grandfather, Smithers and the Simpson family.

Fiona Burns
Gender Female
Other status(es) Seeking a millionaire's fortune
Status Alive
Alias(es) Finny
Hair Blonde
Age 32
Occupation Gold Digger
Location Hollywood, USA
Relatives Larry Burns (Father)

Unnamed mother (Mother) Mr. Burns (Parental Grandfather) Lily Burns (Parental Grandmother) Several Siblings

First Appearance Burn's Granddaughter
Voiced By Angelina Jolie