Fay Middlestone
Fay in 2016
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Alias(es) FayFay (stage name)
Hair Red
Age 51
Occupation Actress, Singer (former)
Location Springfield
Relatives Sister: Kari Campbell (deceased)

Husband: Michael Middlestone

Ex-husband: Noel Phylson

Daughter: Amanda Simpson

Son: Zachary Phylson

Adopted daughter: Amy Middlestone (deceased)

Granddaughters: Delia Simpson, Lisa Ziff (deceased)

Grandsons: Ryan Simpson, Abraham Simpson III

Fay Marissa Middlestone (nee Campbell, formerly Phylson) (born April 1, 1969, died September 20, 2020) was an American actress and former singer, known in the early 1980's as "FayFay" and known for her hit debut single "Love at School". She was the mother of rapper Rapsta Chik and songwriter Zachary Phylson.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Fay Campbell was born to two supportive parents, they lived in Shelbyville at first, but moved to Springfield. Fay had one older sister named Kari Campbell, but Kari sadly passed away at the age of seven due to an illness. Fay became famous at the age of 14, due to her hit single "Love at School", but her second single and album flopped. At the age of 15, Fay became pregnant by her high school boyfriend Michael Middlestone, and was forced to marry him. Fay and Michael had a baby daughter named Amanda, one week after they got married. Fay did love Michael, but didn't want to marry him.

Career and Marriage[edit | edit source]

Fay met actress Cecelia Fasesha in 1987, and starred alongside her in the second, third, and fourth movies in the "Bullies" movie franchise. Fay and Michael ran into some marriage problems when Amanda was 10 years old (when Amanda would sneak out to rap concerts to see Tupac Shakur to escape the fighting, fuelling Amanda's love of rap). Fay and Michael tried to have a second child to make their marriage stronger, but Michael had become sterile. Eventually Fay and Michael adopted a second daughter, and named her Amelia, Amy for short. A few years later, in the late 1990's, Fay divorced Michael and left behind her daughters.

Later Life[edit | edit source]

Fay ran off to Shelbyville so she could marry a single father of two named Noel Phylson, and Fay and Noel had one son in 2000 named Zachary (who grew up to be a songwriter for Livin' Life Records, his half-sister Amanda's record label). Fay became bored of Noel, Zachary, and Judy and Lloyd (Noel's daughter and son from his ex-wife), and missed Michael, Amanda, and Amy. Fay divorced Noel and ran back to Springfield to be with her daughters, losing custody of Zachary in the process but still retaining visitation rights. Fay remarried Michael in 2003.

Fay's daughter Amanda married billionare Artie Ziff in 2004, a marriage Fay did not approve of due to the age gap (Amanda being 19, Artie being 33), but nonetheless she was happy that Amanda was happy. In 2007 Amanda pursued a rap career, but it failed, she miscarried her daughter, and lost her marriage. Around the same time, Fay, Amanda, and Amy lost touch with Zachary. In 2012 Amanda's career took off, and Fay was very supportive when Amanda began dating (and later married) fellow rapper Bart Simpson. In early 2013, new years eve, Amy died of a heart attack brought on by Amy's heart condition, devastating the family. Amy's tragic death brought Zachary back in touch with the family, and Zachary began to bond with Fay, Michael, and Amanda. Not long after Amy's death, the family was overjoyed again when Amanda had twin babies Delia and Ryan, making Fay a proud grandmother at 43 years old. Fay became a grandmother again in December 2014 when Amanda had her third child Abraham. Fay appeared in Amanda's movies "Heart2Heart" and "Soul2Soul".

Career Revival[edit | edit source]

Fay later joined the cast of television drama Hopeful as drug addicted bereaved mother Eliza Hope, a role she played from September to December 2016, Fay will release her final single "Gone" featuring her Hopeful co-star Wilde in December 2016, she has confirmed she will continue to act and write songs for other artists and has joined Livin' Life as a songwriter and background vocalist, but will not continue recording her own songs.

Death[edit | edit source]

Fay passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 20, 2020, with her family by her side. In a statement following her death, her daughter Amanda revealed Fay was diagnosed in 2016, just after she filmed her final scenes in Hopeful, and kept her diagnosis a secret from the public so she could continue working. Tributes flooded in after news of her death broke out, from co-stars to music industry connections to fellow family members. Her second studio album Essentially Fay was released posthumously, recorded after her diagnosis and was initially due to be released before her passing, but before she died she gave permission to her children to release the album when she'd gone.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

Born to be Me (1983)

Essentially Fay (2020) (posthumously released)

Singles[edit | edit source]

"Love at School" (1983) from Born to be Me

"Heartbeats" (featuring Flavor Flav) (1983) from Born to be Me

"Gone" (featuring Wilde) (2016) from Hopeful: Music from the First Season (Part One)

"Breathe Me" (2020) from Essentially Fay

"I'm Still Breathing" (featuring DJ TRAKZ) (2020) from Essentially Fay

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Film[edit | edit source]

Bullies II: Justice as Judy (1989)

Bullies III: I'm Telling as Judy (1997)

Bullies IV: This Ends Now as Judy (archive footage) (2010)

Heart2Heart as Maria (2014)

Soul2Soul as Maria (2015)

Target Acquired as Holly Whitman (2017)

Television[edit | edit source]

Hopeful as Eliza Hope (2016)

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