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Emelia Anna-Maria Simpson-D'Amico
Status Alive.png
Age 3
Relatives Father: Michael D'Amico
Mother: Lisa Simpson
Brothers: Anthony Simpson-D'Amico
Jonathan Simpson-D'Amico
Voiced By Abigail Breslin


Emelia is the youngest daughter of Michael D'Amico and Lisa Simpson, after her older brothers Anthony, Jr. and Johnny. She was born in Sicily after Michael and Lisa eloped from Springfield. Having inherited her father's tough attitude and her mother's intelligence, Emelia has already established a notorious reputation of her own at school. She is multilingual, being able to read, write, and speak fluently in Italian, French, Korean, Russian, and Swedish besides English. Her favorite hobbies include playing poker with her dad, riding horses with her mom, and playing videogames with her brothers.