This is the ''Dial D For Death'' reality.Here,a zombie virus transformed almost every springfield resident into zombies,but Maggie and her friends (Gerald,Radioactive Man and over 200000 humans) escaped,even after the zombified Bart & Lisa atacked them,after that going to a planet named Ee'rath


.Meanwhile,the zombies mutated into zombies-vampires-wendigos-werewolves and,transformed into bats,they go to Ee'rath cause trouble,but Maggie,Gerald,Radioactive Man and Maggie Junior's baby brother sacrifice their lifes to destroy the zombies.As she is last remaining human/super-human left,she creates robots that can reproduce like humans,and that are doppelgangers of the springfieldians she knew.Later,a Mecha-zombie-vampire-wendigo-werewolf contagion wipes out everyone,and Maggie Junior sacrifices her life-force to kill the Mecha-zombies just like her mother.But her mind is programmed to be in an underground supercomputer that creates a few,green-skinned antenned beings that look like the springfieldians,and that lay eggs.She even creates two robots,one with her brain and looks and another,made to look like an ramdom person with super-powers,wich she names "Android 1" that activate because every life force that dies in their world powers them up and eventually they gain enouth strenght to activate.Later,in this world,they marry,and are king and queen of New Springfield.In this world,green,8-eyed Blinky whales are common pets. Maggie Junior also creates Wizards,Mutants,Atlanteans and Androids as extra creations because she wants to see who adjusts to life better,and wants to see their evolution.


Andros,Maggie Junior's son,rules New Springfield when sudenly,a tsunami covers their entire planet and teleports then to Earth-1!Andros and a recently revived Maggie discover that they are now in Earth-1,and that the Z-Virus (the zombie virus) never came to earth there.Soon,they upgrade Dr.Frink's time machine to make their world normal again,ridding it from the Z-Virus.They soon discover that God created an reality named ''Earth-10'' that is the same as theirs,except that the Z-Virus DID make it to earth.So they create a magic crystal ball to watch that earth,out of curiosity.They see the robotic Godzilla Andros created fighting against Mecha-Grand Kaiser Desghidorah (a mix of Grand King Ghidorah,Mecha-King Ghidorah and Desghidorah) there.Now the story moves to Earth-10.


Arno,the great-great-great-grandson of marge,makes experiments to create life out of nothing.He ends up giving life to Ee'rath,making the planet become a being named "Pangaia" meaning ''all earth''.Mechagodzilla Junior goes to the center of Pangaia,facing Mecha-Grand Kaiser Desghidorah Junior there.Soon,he discovers that pangaia has a guardian which,if killed,will turn Pangaia back into Ee'rath:None other than Obsidious.They battle,and Mechagodzilla Junior,transforming into his Super Burning Form,manages to win,but he is near-death,but then,miraculously,the lava revives him,and he goes back to the surface of Ee'rath,roaring in triumph.