Simpsons Fanon

Early Retirement Llewellyn Sinclair loses his job as Springfield’s acting and drama school teacher when a new stylish teacher comes along and has to go back to his old job as a maitre de. (Head Waiter). Meanwhile Hugo’s latest evil plan is to attack the school with giant robot ants.


Chalkboard gag: My sister's pearl necklace is not anal beads

couch gag is the Simpsons running to the sofa only to stop as a fat man is sitting on it. Oscar laughs hysterically at the fat guy.

The Simpsons are eating TV dinner and watching TV.

“And then the kitty played with ball of string all through the night...” said Kent Brockman in a serious tone. “In lighter news, Springfield’s own Llewellyn Sinclair is to lose his job today as the Springfield Arts Committee has found a Young go getter to replace him.” said Kent. There was picture of the new drama teacher. A tall thin man wearing black with a grey moustache and grey hair holding a Michael Jackson hat.

“Oh no! That’s horrible news! I think Kent got the mood of his stories the wrong way round! The cute kitten playing with the string was supposed to be the light hearted one!” said Lisa.

“I think Kent knows how to read the news...” said Homer.

Meanwhile at Drama school.

“Wait?! You’re dismissing me? The finest and harshest Drama teacher to ever live?! I turned a group of talentless hacks into a Musical about a Streetcar Named Desire that would make Andrew Lloyd Webber green with Envy!” said Llewellyn Sinclair.

“Well, that’s the thing. There’s being Simon Cowell harsh, then there’s just being plain mean...” said a member of the arts committee.

“And you’re getting kinda old... you had three heart attacks...” said another committee member.

“This is the guy who will be replacing you.” said the first committee member.

A tall thin man wearing black trousers and a black hat danced sideways on stage doing jazz hands. He had a grey moustache and grey hair.

“Oh this script for Les Miserables! It’s like if William Shakespeare and Arthur Miller had a baby!” said the new Drama teacher. “And this man looks like Falstaff after too many pies!”

Llewellyn was furious. “Well I never! I shall bid you all good day! I said Good day sirs!” He hmmmphed. “I shall return to my job as a maitre de!” He put a napkin over his arm and walked off like a fancy waiter.


Bart was smooshing mustard packets under the piano again. While singing Jingle bells.

“Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!” Bart sang.

“Bart! What are you doing?!” Homer yelled.

“Nothing...” said Bart.

“Your mother and I are going out so Grampa is babysitting. If you’re good we’ll get you pizza. If you’re bad... you get poison...”

“Homer...” Marge sighed.

“What if one of us is good and one of us is bad...” Lisa asked.

“Then we get poison pizza!” said Bart.

“Oh no! I’m not cooking two meals tonight!” said Homer.

“Hmmmmm! Unfortunately Oscar and Social services won’t allow us to punish you kids by sending you to bed with out dinner so I don’t know what. Probably f you’re bad you’ll get a spanking...” said Marge.

They left.

Oscar and Hugo were in the attic. Hugo’s latest evil plan was to unleash giant robot ants on the school.

“That millions of dollars we raised and my lack of conscience and sheer will to do what my brother can only daydream about doing, I shall destroy the school with my army of giant robotic ants! Mwahahahaha!” Hugo laughed evilly.

“And build a costume made of kitchen foil and give yourself a corny name like Professor Chaos...” said Oscar.

“No...” Hugo rolled his eyes.

“Why do you even want to destroy the school? I thought you liked studying science! You’re a dork like Lisa...” said Oscar.

“Correction. I may be a genius but I’m an evil genius! Mwahahahaha!” said Hugo laughing evilly.

“Have you even considered the consequences? Uh you might get expelled... Arrested and sent to juvie for a very long time...” said Oscar.

“With how incompetent our chief of police is unlikely...” said Hugo.


Meanwhile Downstairs in the lounge, Grampa was sleeping. He was sucking on his teeth as the moved about in his mouth.

“Over the lips and past the gums, look out dentures here I come!” said Bart taking out Grampa’s dentures.

He put them in his mouth... Eeeew...

“Eeeeew!” Lisa groaned.

“Grrrrrrrr!” Bart growled.

Lisa laughed at how ugly he looked.

He growled at Maggie. She just sucked her pacifier.


Meanwhile Marge and Homer went to the Pimento Olive. To their surprise Llewellyn Sinclair was their waiter.

“Before you ask, I lost my job as a drama teacher today. Now would you like a complimentary basket of bread?” Llewellyn Sinclair explained.

“Yes sir! Mmmmmm! Free bread...” said Homer before going Mmmmmm and gargling.

Marge sighed and drank her water.

“I now know he could be rather blunt, but I feel Bad for Llewellyn. Teaching Drama was his whole life...” Marge sighed.

“Stupid hard to spread restaurant butter! Ahhhh! My poor little loaf! You’re with God now...” Homer was angrily trying to spread the annoying hard restaurant butter. He then screamed because he ripped up his bread roll trying to spread butter on it. He mourned the bread roll and cried before eating it.

Marge sighed.


At home Lisa put on the record player. It played the Sabre Dance music.

Bart was latched onto the ceiling fan by Grampa’s teeth in his mouth. He was being spun around and around.

However eventually he lost his grip on Grampa’s teeth and went flying! “Oof!”

Meanwhile up in the attic Hugo could hear the Sabre dance playing.

“Who is playing silly music...?” Hugo asked.

“Probably Bart up to his usual silly tricks again...” Oscar sighed.

Back down stairs Bart had the dentures back in his mouth and was biting the vinyl records and spitting them out. Suddenly a car pulled up. Probably Mom or Dads. Bart quickly spat out Grampa’s teeth but they smashed against the hearth.

Bart gasped and taped them up hastily and stuffed them in Grampa’s mouth. He woke with a start.

Bart pretended he was being good by reading a book.

“Boy time sure flies when your reading- The bible?! Eeeeew! Protestant bible!” Bart threw the bible away.

“Bart broke my teeth!” Grampa yelled.

“Oh Dad... You and your stories... Bart broke my teeth... There’s a crocodile stuck in the toilet... and- Agggghhhhh! My records! My beautiful expensive records!” Homer screamed. “Sabre Dance! That funny Nutcracker song! Camp Granada!” Homer cried over his broken records.

“Why you little!” He suddenly strangled Bart.

“Homer no!” Marge stopped him.

“Very well. Bart you’re going to bed without dinne! Go to your room!” Homer yelled.

“Homer no! That’s child cruelty!” Oscar yelled. “Don’t think I won’t report your ass again to social services!”

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

“Oscar don’t curse!” Marge told Oscar off for swearing.

“Fine. Since you broke Grampa’s teeth, he gets to break yours!” said Homer.

“Hot diggity! I’m gonna enjoy this!” said Grampa.

“Abe no!” Marge stopped him. “Bart, for your misbehaviour tonight you will get a spanking! And your grounded!” said Marge.

“Oh I want to spank him!” said Homer.

“Sure go ahead dear.” said Marge.

Bart gulped.

“Get over here boy...” Homer sat down and called Bart over in cold fury.

Bart laid across his lap with his shorts and pants down showing his butt.

Oscar giggled. “I can see Bart’s hiney!”

“Shut up Oz...” Bart mumbled.

Homer smacked him hard with his palm several times.

“Ow! Yeoooowch! Sonnuva! Ow! Agh! What was that one for?!” Bart yelped as he was spanked.

“For telling Oscar to shut up.” said Homer. He spanked Bart one last time before letting him go.

Bart tearfully pulled up his pants and shorts up and over his very sore butt.

That night Abe went to steal someone’s teeth. But they pointed a gun at him!

“Well if it isn’t the tooth fairy...” said Jasper annoyed.


Now it was Hugo’s turn to misbehave.

One school morning everyone was entering and leaving the school. Skinner wondered where one of his students was.

“Confound it! Where’s Hugo?” Skinner asked.

Hugo laughed as he played with a joystick remote and suddenly giant robot ants attacked the school.

Everyone screamed and panicked.

“Cooooool! My life long dream!” said Bart.

“Bart! Did you do this?! You are in so much-“ Lisa ranted.

Suddenly they could hear over the giant robot ants destroying the school Hugo’s evil laugh.

“Mwuhahahaha! No sis! It was me!” said Hugo.

“Hugo!” Lisa scolded him.

“Hugh... That was my life long dream...” Bart whined.

“Oh like you’d have the resources and brain power to raise three million dollars for materials and the lack of morals to actually want to achieve your dreams...” said Hugo.

“Hugo nothing’s holding me back from sicking giant robot ants on the school...” said Bart.

“Where did you get three million dollars?!” Lisa asked.

“From ticket sales to my Jurassic Park... except since all the dinosaurs there are from the Cretaceous era only it should be more accurately called Cretaceous park...” said Hugo.

Bart coughed. “I said, nothing apart from the money, would stop me sicking giant robot ants on the school!” Bart whined petulantly.

“Oh yeah?” Hugo asked.

“Yeah!” Bart replied.

“Well I have Skinner up here.” said Hugo as a giant robot ant carried Skinner out in its jaws.

“Please Hugo! I’ll give you anything you want! Just call off your giant robot ants!” Skinner begged.

“Now what was it you dreamt of next Bart... Let me guess... I think Skinner needs to be chopped in half!” Hugo smirked evilly with his hand hovering over the joystick.

No Hugo!” Bart yelled.

“Why not?” Hugo asked.

“Because you’ll kill him! That’s murder!” said Bart.

“And...” said Hugo.

“Hugh... just because you have the brain power, the money and the materials to make my cruel imagination a reality doesn’t mean you should!” Bart yelled.

“I’m not doing everything in your frankly odd imagination... I can’t physically bring back Marie and Pierre Currie as giant atomic mutants with deadly Gamma vision! That’s stupid!” said Hugo.

“Hugh call off your giant robot ants!” Lisa yelled.

“No!” Hugo yelled.

Bart tackled him and fought with him over the remote.

Oscar used his eye lasers to blast Skinner free. This also broke the ant robot.

Lisa turned into Clobbergirl and flew up and grabbed the broken giant robot ant and flew away with it.

Plot 2[]

After the broken giant robot ants were cleared away Hugo was in big trouble with Skinner.

“Your giant robot ants have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to the school! It will take ages to rebuild! What do you have to say for yourself Hugo?” Skinner yelled.

“I’m really sorry... I’ll pay to have it rebuilt and I’ll even throw in a few virtual reality helmets...” said Hugo.

“No Hugo! No more science stuff today please!” Lisa yelled.

Suddenly. “Hugo Victor Simpson!” Marge somewhere yelled angrily.

“Uh oh! Full name!” Hugo gulped.

Oscar laughed. “Victor?! That’s your middle name?!” He laughed hysterically.

“Mom Named me after Victor Hugo. The author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame...” said Hugo as his angry parents arrived.

“I have a ‘Hunch’ you’re in big trouble Hugh-gee...” said Oscar with a smirk.

“Don’t make stupid puns... you’re not funny Oz...” Bart sighed.

Hugo was given a month’s suspension from school. And when he got home a spanking probably.

Bart shrugged his shoulders. “Those giant robot ants were pretty cool though...”

”Shaddup...” Lisa sighed as she went inside.


Meanwhile the family went out. It was during one of Oscar’s act like a baby sessions so he had to be babysat by Flanders.

Baby Oscar found himself at Ned’s being looked after. As Ned checked up on him and talked playfully to him his teddy bear creature Teddy took Ned’s glasses and wore them the wrong way so his eyes were magnified. Teddy was making silly faces such as sticking his tongue out and making a rude noise.

Oscar giggled hysterically.

“Awwww! And me without my camera...” said Ned.

After getting his diaper changed Oscar found some tapes of Ned’s previous baby sitting sessions. He had them on display of how good a father and babysitter he was.

Oscar grimaced as one tape was of Ned babysitting the gremlin from Treehouse of Horror IV Terror at 59 ft. He was trying to put a diaper on the gremlin but it tried to claw him.

“Awwwww! It wants to claw my eyes out...” Ned cooed.

Suddenly we hear horrible screams from the tape as the gremlin kills him and rips off his head.

Oscar winced.


Elsewhere at a restaurant.

“I’m not taken with this new drama teacher.” said Marge.

“Yeah, whatever happened to the Status Quo? I think Matt is deliberately wrecking his universe.” said Baet.

“Bart shows need to evolve to stay fresh! That means with new characters sometimes! Can you imagine if we were still living next to the Winfields, how long that would be before things got stale and repetitive...” said Lisa.

“Yeah he’s a tired character from the old seasons. That’s like asking where that evil blond Barney is or Ms Botz the babysitter bandit is?” said Homer.

“Dad, there’s such thing as character development...” said Bart.

“Next you’ll be asking for Black Smithers to return...” said Homer.

“But I like Black Smithers! He’s Smithers but black!” said Bart with a smirk.

”How about... Ms Botz, the babysitter bandit?” Oscar asked.

”She had so much potential to be a reoccurring villain... I’m somewhat glad she’s not.” said Bart. “Oh wait! She is in BlueKraid’s canon!” For those exact reasons Bart,,,

A water tripped over and dropped things.

”You idiot!” Llewelyn Sinclair yelled.


After dinner the Simpsons paid the bill and went home. No I have no idea how they afforded to eat at one of the posh restaurants. They um did.

At home Lisa and Bart had their conversations or scenes that leads to Bart moronically insulting her and Lisa being annoyed by him. Or being annoyed by his ignorance towards things.

”Lisa is a nut! She has a rubber butt! And when she turns around, it goes putt! Putt!” Bart sung.

”Bart!” Lisa yelled. “Why must you vex me so?!”

”Because you are uglyyyyyy!” Bart replied. That’s how juvenile his arguments are.

”Grrrr! Right that’s it! You are so annoying I will not interact with you! I’d rather interact with Hugo! I hear he is far more intellectual! Being the smart twin after all.” Lisa ranted.

Lisa pushed Bart out of her room and he got the hint to leave her to this odd interaction with the attic monster aka his creepy twin brother.

”Fine interact with the freak... I’m sure he has some fascinating things to talk about...”

“Bart! Don’t be so rude about poor Hugo! You’ll anger Oscar!” Lisa snapped. “Plus it’s mean.”

”Oooooh I’m so scared! I insulted Oscar’s freaky attic buddy...” said Bart.

”Why you not so little! I’ll teach you to rile me and bully your poor twin brother!” Oscar lunged at Bart and throttled him.

Lisa sighed and went up to the attic.

Hugo was there reading and performing a science experiment.

”What’s the experiment Hugo?” Lisa asked fascinated.

Hugo could tell from past interactions Lisa would understand because she was his intellectual rival. He explained the experiment. But unfortunately it was a rather cruel inhumane one. probably stitching animals together or vivisection.

”Hugo that’s cruel!” Lisa cried.

”So?” Hugo asked.

”Hugo you’re a smart kid, even more than me sometimes, at maths for example... And you’re using your brain power to stitch random animals together into a monster?!” Lisa ranted, disappointed this was what he was putting his brain power and studying into.

”Yes because you’re the moral, let’s solve world hunger scientist and I’m the maaaaad scientist!” said Hugo.

”You aspire to be a Hollywood Mad scientist...” Lisa sighed.

”Yep. And weapons development and research...” said Hugo.

”I guess we’re not gonna get along either...” Lisa sighed.

”Yeah I suppose so. But don’t bring up that troglodyte that is my dumber twin brother... At least I’m not throwing juvenile insults at you.”

”That’s true.” said Lisa. “I’m still annoyed by you wanting to be a mad scientist...”