Simpsons Fanon

Dumbbell Indemnity Bart and Lisa are having a snowball fight in doors with Ice cream. Homer is strangely easy going about this anarchy, only concerned as to why they haven’t had a bath. But Early seasons Homer is furious they wasted perfectly good ice cream and strangles them.

The kids explain, despite season one Homer’s bullying that they can’t have a bath because the water heater is not working. Homer floods the house and takes the kids to the movies to escape from Marge when she comes home to a flooded house.


The chalkboard gag is “Silly String is not nasal spray.” Oscar sprays silly string up his nose but is leaks out of his ears and tear ducts and he faints.

The couch gag is the Simpsons sitting on the couch but being crushed by a car compactor into a cube.

The episode starts with Bart holding a tub of chocolate ice cream and an ice cream scooper. “Ice cream snowball fight!” He yells and throws ice cream at Lisa. It misses and splats on a wall.

Lisa giggles and is holding a tub of vanilla and using that as ammo to throw scoops of at Bart.

As ice cream balls fly across the lounge Oscar leaps trying to catch them in his mouth. He succeeded with some ice cream balls as he has chocolate ice cream around his mouth.

“Oscar don’t eat the ammo...” said Bart.

Oscar squirted chocolate sauce at him. It squirted all over his t shirt.

Bart and Lisa, with Hugo joining in with him throwing scoops of fish flavoured ice cream with fish tails poking out of the scoops all continued throwing ice cream at each other.

“Ow! Bart! That had nuts in it!” Lisa whined as she got a scoop spattering her in the face but it hurt as it had nuts in it.

Bart laughed.

Lisa squirted butterscotch at him. He got a mouthful and suddenly he broke out in hives. “Butterscotch?! Oh very funny Lisa! I’m allergic remember!”

“Oops!” said Lisa.

They continued tossing ice cream at each other when season one Homer came in. “What’s going on in here?” He growled like he did when angry. Then he gasped when he saw ice cream everywhere. And Oscar licking it off the walls. “My ice cream! You wasted my perfectly good delicious ice cream!” He lamented. “Why you little!” He strangled Bart and Lisa.

“Dad!” Lisa wheezed as he choked the life out of her in anger.

“Hey hey hey! Leave them alone!” said present Homer. Why there is two Homer’s I don’t know. It’s just funny to see how they both react. Retro Homer released Bart and Lisa who rubbed their sore necks and tried to catch their breaths. “What kind of monster are you?! I only strangle the boy! And only in the most extreme cases if he really annoys me!”

Season one Homer growls and storms off.

“Didn’t your mother tell you both to have a bath ages ago?” Homer asked them.

“She says lots of things. I’m not really a bath kid.” said Bart.

“I know Son. I’m not really a shower guy. I’m more of a cologne guy.” said Homer.

Season one Homer growled and grabbed Bart by his shirt collar and Lisa by her necklace and dragged them upstairs. “Bath now!”

Present Homer sweat dropped.


Season one Homer had somehow ran a bath and stripped Bart and Lisa naked. He threw them in the bath. “There! That wasn’t so bad was it?!” He snarled. They are blue and shivering because the water is cold. “Make sure to scrub behind your ears!” He leaves them to wash.

“Hey I was in mid conversation! What are you even doing here?!” Present Homer yelled at season One Homer.

Season one Homer strangles him and he strangles him back in retaliation.

“We’re evenly matched!” said present Homer with Season one Homer still strangling him.

“Uh huh.” said Season One Homer. He agreed to leave if in return Homer punished Bart and Lisa for wasting ice cream and had their baths.

Once Season one Homer left Bart and Lisa got out of the tub and got dried and dressed.

“That was weird.” said Bart.

“Yeah sorry about that kids. Where were we?” Homer asked.

“You asked us why we were not taking our baths when mom told us to an hour ago. I said She’s says a lot of things’ and that I’m not really a bath kid. You said it’s okay I’m not a shower kind of guy. I’m more of a cologne kind of guy then your grumpy season one counterpart dragged us upstairs and made us have a bath.” Bart explained.

“Oh.” said Homer.

“I was about to explain that we can’t have a bath yet. The water heater isn’t working!” said Lisa.

“Piece of cake!” said Homer. “By the way, why were you throwing ice cream at each other?!”

“Uh....” Bart and Lisa squirmed trying to find an excuse why.

In the basement Homer put on a welding mask and then attacked the water heater with a baseball bat and an axe. Suddenly it leaked and rumbled and shook violently.

“She’s gonna blow! Run!” Homer yelled.

They ran up and out of the basement screaming. The water heater exploded and flooded the basement.

Marge came home to find water pouring out of the house. Including its windows.

“What the?!” Marge gasped.

“Taking the kids to the movies! See you later Marge!” said Homer hastily leaving with the kids as they got in the pink car and drove off.

Marge was stunned by the house flooded for some reason.


In the car Homer and the kids cheered and high fived.

“Woohoo! Movie time!” they cheered.

“To your mother and all the blissful years she’s had to put up with my antics!” said Homer. “Now what movie do you kids want to see?” They pulled up at the Aztec theatre and looked at the posters. There were ones for frankly weird kids films like Alvin and the chipmunks get rabies. And Toy Story: Yet another sequel.

But Bart found a movie they both liked. One of the cartoons they both liked to watch got a movie adaptation.

“Munch-o-monsters!” said Bart and Lisa.

“Dad can we see this one?” said Bart.

“No. It’s a stupid movie...” Homer didn’t feel like sitting through a dumb kids film.

“Please Dad!” Bart begged.

“No.” said Homer.

“Please Dad!” said Lisa.

“No!” Homer was getting increasingly frustrated.

“Please Dad!” said Bart.

“NO!” Homer yelled.

“Please Dad!” asked Lisa.

“NO!” Homer screamed. They continued asking causing him to get more and more frustrated until he broke down crying. “Okay! We’ll go an see your monster thing! Just stop it please!” Homer cried.

“Yaaaaaay!” Bart and Lisa cheered.

Homer went to the ticket booth, manned by Raphael.

“Three tickets for Munch-o-monsters please.” said Homer.

“Kids tickets are three dollars each pally and an adult is five dollars. That’s eleven altogether! Cough up!” said Raphael.

“Ooooh...” said Homer and he paid for the tickets. “Here you go...”

“And here’s your tickets! Enjoy!” said Raphael.

Homer took the tickets and they went inside to watch the movie.

They went inside the room where their movie was playing and sat down with their snacks. Homer as usual bought himself far too much.

The trailers started.


Later the movie ended.

“Meh... it was okay... but a bit of a let down for a movie adaptation...” said Bart.

“Yeah but it wasn’t our favourite cartoon so I wasn’t that hooked anyway.” said Lisa.

They got Hone a flooded house still and Marge angry.

“Here are the kids. I’m off to Moe’s! I love you bye bye!” said Homer in a hurry as he dropped the kids off at home and drove of to Moe’s.

Marge grumbled angrily.

Homer was at Moe’s. It was quite full that night.

“To Marge and the many blissful years... I’ve spent hiding from her in this bar!” said Homer drinking a glass of beer.

“Hear! Hear!” Everyone mumbles.

“Big deal! You have a wife. I have a rash! Big deal!” said Moe. “Sorry Homer. It’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve been with a whatchamacallit... a woman.”

“Whatever happened to that mail order bride you had?” Homer asked.

“She saw my face and left me!” Moe cried as his mail order bride found him ugly and left him.


Bart and Oscar went to the arcade.

“I smell a free arcade booth for a few rounds of Drederick Tatum’s boxing!” said Oscar noticing a free arcade booth.

“I smell Garlic and Fish...” said Bart.

Hugo has made himself a plate of garlic butter fish and rubbed his hands and licked his lips as he put on a napkin to eat. Ace smelt garlic and gagged as Because he was a vampire he was allergic to garlic.

Bart face palmed. He went to play Escape from Grandma’s house.

At home Marge called in a mechanic who turned off the water.

“Well ya see ma’am. It seems someone took a fire axe to your water heater. It has been severely damaged. It will have to be replace.” said the mechanic.

Marge grumbled annoyed.

“And it’s gonna cost you.” said the man.

Marge grumbled even more annoyed.

“And your son is swimming in the basement.” said the repair man.

“Hmmmmmm! Hugo...” Marge sighed as Hugo swam around the flooded basement.


Marge did not see the funny side of Bart and Lisa’s ice cream fight and punished them by making them clean up their mess.

“Stupid (Incoherent mumbling)! Waste of food in my lounge...” Lisa Grumbled as she cleaned up. “Bart how long does it take to change the water? Bart?”

Bart was outside skating to the arcade and shops with Oscar.

In Moe’s tavern Homer set Moe up with a woman. However she looked like the same woman he went out with when Abe’s ghost inhabited the love machine.

“Homer that’s the same bird your old man set me up with.” said Moe.

Hello sweet cheeks!’ said Abe possessing the love machine again.

“Dad get out of Moe’s love machine...” Homer groaned.

“You’re no fun!” Abe whined as he floated as a ghost back to his body.

“I’m drinking here!” Homer replied, annoyed.

Then there was something about Homer stealing Moe’s hippy car and driving it into a lake.

Homer sobbed when he saw the hippy decorated car because it reminded him of his mother.

Then Moe went to the men’s bathroom covered in escargots again....

“Mmmmmmm... snails...” Grandma Jacqueline groaned with pleasure while babysitting Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

“Eeeeeew! Bart groaned.