Simpsons Fanon

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble Bart misbehaves at Lenny’s party and meets another doppelgänger in the bathroom. However he soon learns that this switch won’t be as smooth as the last one.


The chalkboard gag is “There is no such month as Rocktober!”

“There is on my Calendar!” said Oscar in detention with Bart.

The couch gag is a tornado scooping up the Simpsons and their couch and depositing it on a farm with grey scale film.

Homer is at the Kwik-E-Mart with Bart. But he keeps being naughty and climbing on the shelves.

“Stupid shopping list turning food into a chore...” Homer grumbled.

“Look at me! I’m doing something! Lalalala!” said Bart climbing along the shelves.

“Boy you settle down or I’ll drag you into the blind spot of that camera and beat you with one of those thick woman’s magazines! The ones with ads in them!” Homer warned him.

“Calm down Mr Homer and buy a lottery ticket. You might win!” said Apu.

“Oh okay...” said Homer. He scratched the lottery ticket.

“Look at me Dad! Look at me! Look at me!” Bart danced about dangerously on the shelves.

“Grrr.... just ignore the boy. Nothing’s gonna happen... he’s just trying to fool you...” Homer told him self. “Oh two liberty bells! I hope I get another and not that stupid purple fruit thing...” said Homer.

However Bart stumbled and landed with a horrid crunch.

Homer won the lottery. “Yes! Woohoo! I won! Now let’s go home boy and tell your mother the great news! Boy...?” He found Bart groaning and is leg in a bad twist. “Aaaaaagh! Not again!” Homer screamed.

On the ride home from the hospital Bart was angry with Homer.

“I could have died!” Bart ranted.

“Well you didn’t. Maybe next time you’ll think about it before climbing on the supermarket shelves!” said Homer.

Bart grabbed the loaf of bread and angrily screwed it up.

Marge was at home basting a chicken.

“Marge I have some good news and some bad news.” said Homer.

“Oh tell me the good news first.” said Marge.

“Well the good news is that we won five hundred thousand dollars on a lottery ticket!” said Homer.

“Yippee!” Marge cheered hugging him. He lifted her in the air and twirled her around before putting her down. “Oh and the bad news?”

“Bart broke his leg, again...” said Homer wheeling in Bart in a wheelchair. His leg was bandaged up.

Marge was horrified. “How could this happen?! Weren’t you watching him?!” Marge asked.

“It’s his fault Marge! He was being stupid again climbing on the shelves expecting me to catch him if he fell.” said Homer.

“Oh.” said Marge.

“And he did this to the bread.” said Homer handing her a screwed up loaf of bread.

“Grrrrrr!” Marge growled and screwed up the chicken into a ball. Then sheepishly fed the ball to Santa’s Little Helper. He ate it but the chicken unfolded in his stomach so he had a chicken shape contorting his body shape so he was a head, tail and legs attached to a whole chicken shape.

“Errr... I’m off to Moe’s.” said Homer.


Homer went to Moe’s. They all celebrated him for winning the lottery.

“Three cheers for our old friend Homer! For winning the lottery but sadly losing his kid!” said Moe.

“I didn’t lose Bart! He just broke his leg acting like an idiot.” said Homer. “Now how about all drinks on me tonight?”

“Yaaaaay!” His friends cheered.

At Home Bart sat in his wheelchair sulking. “Stupid Dad! I could have died!”

“Bart you only have yourself to blame!” said Lisa. “If you hadn’t acted like a clown none of this would have happened now would it?”

“Ah Little miss know it all... just the person I need!” said Bart. “To listen to my badly written plays!”

“No! Not that! Anything but that!” Lisa begged.

“Ahem! Kippers for breakfast? ‘‘Tis it saint Swiven’s day already? ‘Tis! Replied Aunt Helga!” Bart recited.

Lisa screamed and ran off out of his room. Bart smirked.

Downstairs Marge lamented Bart’s condition. “Oh my poor little boy! I hope he gets better before a Lenny’s big party.”

“Lenny’s having a party?” Lisa asked.

“Yes to celebrate being our friend! Isn’t he nice?” said Marge.

“I’m sure Bart will be back to his old mischievous self by then...” said Lisa.

And he was...

Very soon Bart was out of his leg cast and back on his feet causing trouble again. He had filled his water pistol with something and spied Rod and Todd.

“Where’s Bart? We’re gonna be late for Lenny’s party!” said Marge as the rest of the family besides him were dressed up nicely in their dorky clothes.

“Uh he’s here Marge.” said Homer pointing to Hugo who looks identical to Bart with his spikes combed down.

“Homer that’s Hugo...” said Marge.

“Okay Bart you only have one shot of cat pee. Don’t waste it. (Sees Rod and Todd skipping gayly.) Ah! Two dorks ready for a squirt of cat pee...” Bart smirked. He aimed at them and fired but Marge got in his shot and squirted her. He was mortified.

“Bart! Did you just squirt water at me?!” Marge told him off. And what was worse was that she was dressed up in her finest evening dress for Lenny’s stupid party.

“Uh it was water this morning...” Bart said sheepishly.

Marge grumbled and went inside to get changed.


They were eventually driving to Lenny’s party.

“Ooooh! Dang that Bart!” said Marge. “Now I have to wear my back up dress! Which makes my arms look big!” said Marge.

“Marge you look beautiful!” said Homer.

“Haw haw! You’re self conscious!” Nelson laughed as he rides past on his bike.

“Why does our son always misbehave?” Marge sighed.

“Hey I’m reading!” Hugo whined from behind a big dorky science book.

“I meant Bart!” said Marge.

“Well you did have that drop of alcohol when you were pregnant with him. Before we found out he was Siamese twins.” said Homer.

There was a flashback of mayor Quimby naming a boat by smashing a whine bottle against it.

A tiny drop of wine went flying into Marge’s mouth and down her throat inside her. It flew into a tiny foetus and ominous chants of Ay carumba! played out along with lightning flashes as the foetus grew spikes on his head and looked around deviously.

“Wait hold up! Where is Hugo?” Oscar said over the cutaway of Marge’s insides.

“Oscar we’re not-“ Marge sighed but a foetus grew out of foetus Bart’s back. The foetus had messy spikes like Hugo’s greasy hair and buck teeth. Bart Foetus was scared. He would be stuck with his conjoined brother until they were born.

Marge sighed.

“That’s much better...” said Oscar.

“Hmmmmm... I suppose that was unforgivable... but I’m beginning to think this is not just a phase...” said Marge.

“After twenty years Marge? Really?!” Oscar added.

“Moooom! Bart’s flicking boogers at me!” Lisa yelled as Bart flicked boogers. Eeeeew!

“They’re not boogers! They’re pieces of rubber cement. Which I stored up my nose.” said Bart.

“Trying to read here...” said Hugo reading his book.

Bart got a rubber cement booger on Lisa’s dress. She gasped and strangled Bart so he started fighting with her.

“Hey no fighting or I’ll drive straight into this tree!” said Homer.

Bart and Lisa’s fight jogged Hugo making him drop his book. “Why you obnoxious!” He throttled Bart.

Homer growled and drove towards a tree.

Bart in mid choke from Hugo frowned at Homer and slowly brought his finger up to his nose, closer and closer. And Homer drove closer and closer to the tree.

“No flicking boogers! And no driving into trees!” Marge scolded Bart and Homer.

“Yes Mom...” they replied. Homer drove back onto the road.


They arrived at a fancy hall where Lenny had booked his party.

“Wow! Lenny went all out on this shindig!” said Homer as they took their seats at a table. The dining room went dark as a performance started.

“First there was darkness. So God created man. But man was lonely. So he created animals. He created the birds and the bees... but man was still lonely. So he created friends!” said a deep voiced narrator as silhouettes of Lenny and then animals making noises appeared on the projector. Then the projector lifted up and Lenny was underneath as he started badly singing Thank you for being a friend! As the word Friend appeared on a screen above him in different languages.

Lenny finished his song by telling all his friends thanks for being his friend.

They went “Awwwwww!” and cried.

“Oh Lenny! You wonderful man!” said Homer crying. “Now I know my lottery winnings party will suck in comparison!”

“There there Honer. Everyone gets a gift bag with presents to take home with them! Because you’re all my bestest friends!”

“Awwwwww!” everyone went again.

“I thought you only get goody bags at kid’s parties?” said Oscar.

“Um grownups can as well sweetie.” said Marge.

“Wow! What do you get in them? A tiny bottle of wine?” said Oscar.

“Uh. Sure! Why not?” said Marge.

“Oz! Stop asking questions! You’re getting into my scene!” said Bart near the door to the gift bag room.

“Bart sit down!” Homer yelled.

“Bart it’s not even the end of the first act yet! Yeesh!” said Oscar.

Bart sat down and sulked.


At dinner Bart had to swap his appetiser for one he wasn’t allergic to because it was prawns.

Hugo used his spoon to catapult shrimps at Bart.

“Ow!” Bart whined as hives broke out from his allergic reaction to shellfish.

“Hugo!” Marge told Hugo off.

Bart eventually managed to sneak away to the gift bag room. He went inside. In there were gift bags with the letter L on them. Bart looked in one. There was a robot vacuum cleaner inside. “A little robot vacuum cleaner! Cool!” said Bart. He put it down and turned it on. He laughed evilly.

At the end of the party.

“Now I know how you all hate vacuuming but love robots so...” Lenny opened the room where the goody bags are. But the robots rushed out.

“Ooooh!” The guests were fascinated in them.

“Those aren’t supposed to be on!” said Lenny.

The robots attacked everyone! They ate Hans Moleman! They knocked a table over and the wine fountain splashed over Disco Stu’s nice clean clothes.

They tipped over a Lenny ice sculpture and the head landed on Krusty’s table. Krusty yelled in shock. “Gah!”

A robot ate Marge’s hair. Hehehe! Carl cornered himself in a room only to be ambushed by the robots.


The party ended with Wiggum and his officers putting the robots in a big cage and shooting some.

“These robots could not have attacked on their own! Someone must have turned them all on and gave them malevolent sentience!” said Wiggum holding one. “Ah Ha! See!” He showed the dial under the off and on switch was set to malevolent sentience.

“But where could the culprit be chief?” Lou asked.

“I don’t know boys. He could be millions of miles away by now...” said Wiggum.

But Bart was in the gift bag room still setting off robots. What a dumbo...

“Die! Die! Die!” Bart set the robots on people.

“Bart do you you know who set all these robots on everyone?” Wiggum asked. Gee Sherlock! Um maybe it was Bart?!

“Yes! Bart did this! Bart did this!” said a robot vacuum cleaner.

“D’oh! I should have instructed them not to be such blabber mouths!” Bart whined.

Plot 2[]

Wiggum and his men brought out Bart.

“We’ve found the culprit people! One Bart Jojo Simpson!” said Wiggum.

“Kill the boy!” said Krusty.

“Yipes!” Bart gulped at Krusty threatening him.

Marge’s dress tore as she bent down to scold Bart. Hehehe! He’s so small! It’s cute! “Ooooh! Bart! I’m so disappointed in you tonight! I’m taking away your TV privileges!”

“Already did that.” said Bart.

“Then I’m taking away your video games!” said Marge.

“Oscar gets them back for me...” said Bart.

“Ooooooh! Oscar! Why do you continue to undermine me...” Marge sighed.

“Because it’s funny! And I’ll stop when Bart stops asking me to!” said Oscar. “I’m like his fairy godmother! I mean Godfather!”

Bart laughed. “You insinuated you were a girl!” He continued laughing obnoxiously.

“Hmmmmm! Bart get out of my sight so I can calm down before I really lose it with you!” Marge yelled.

“Eep!” said Bart running off.

“I don’t know what has got into him...” Marge was embarrassed as everyone glared at her.


Bart was in the bathroom washing his hands and grumbling about being told off.

“Grrrr! Stupid grown ups! No one understands me! I don’t know why I do bad things!” said Bart. He took out a bag of sweets and ate a handful and then took a big gulp from a bottle of fizzy drink. He gasped then made goofy sounds and made faces.

“Really now?! You’re playing the Aspie card?! That’s really offensive! Especially since I have Aspergers and Autism!” said Oscar. “And I don’t use it as an excuse to do bad things!”

“Eat my shorts Oz...” said Bart.

“I just ate a buffet. But okay!” said Oscar ripping off his shorts and eating them.

“That wasn’t a literal request!!” Bart yelled. He marched out the bathroom and came back in with a fresh pair of blue shorts on. “Now where was I... Ah. No o e understands me! I wish I had a different family!” Bart resumed his grumbling before Oscar interrupted and ate his shorts.

“I feel exactly the same way!” said a posh voice. Bart turned to find a boy identical to him except he was wearing dorky clothes and Harry Potter glasses and his spikes combed down.

“Oh my god! You’re a dorky version of me!” Bart gasped.

“And you’re an uncouth and dimwitted version of me!” The boy gasped.

“And I’m a rockstar version of you!” said Biff Westwood.

“Oh hi Biff...” said Bart.

”And I’m a neglected, beastly monster version of you! Grrrrrrr! We must be sewn back together brother....” said Hugo carrying a needle and a ball of thread.

Bart sweat dropped.

”This is my evil twin brother...” he sighed.

”Uh as if! The twist at the end of my introduction story was that you turned out to be the bad twin and I was the good one after all...” said Hugo.

”Hugh... Good kids don’t tie up their siblings and try to perform surgery on them...” Bart sighed. “Or sew themselves to them.”

“And I’m! Ahehehe! I dunno!” Oscar quoted GIR from Invader Zim.

Then a man that looked like Bart as an adult came in to wash his hands.

“And you are ten year old versions of me!” said the man. “Together we could cause a lot of mischief but I have to catch a flight back to Japan! That’s where my wife and I live!” He showed a picture of his wife. A Milhouse like lady! Eeeeew! “Want to see our kids?”

Bart looked away in disgust and groaned absolutely grossed out. “Eeeeeeugh!”

The man and Biff soon left.

“I am Simon Woosterfield.” said Simon.

Oscar grinned having something stupid to say. “Oooooh! Where’s your brothers Alvin and Theodore?” He asked cracking up.

“Oz! Go wait outside you nut job!” Bart scolded him for asking stupid questions.

“They died in a house fire...” said Simon.

“Oh really? I’m sure Dave the human has something else to say about that...” said Oscar.

“Oz stop with the references!” Bart yelled as he left. “Ahem. Sorry about that... He’s a real fruit loop.” said Bart to Simon. Mmmmm... possible chipmunk... “now where was I? Oh my! You’re a Woosterfield?! Your folks own this place! And Woosterfield arena! Bonnie Raitt plays there! You must be loaded!”

“Um yes quite so.“ said Simon. “But the thing is with being rich is that sometimes you wake up feeling-“

Bart interrupted him. “Terrific? Incredible? Happy as a clown?” Bart asked.

“Do I look happy to you?!” Krusty yelled washing his hands.

“Private conversation!” Bart whined.

“(Clownja’s demented laugh)” Clownja laughed like Ripper Roo.

Bart face palmed. “This is is a private scene! Get out!” Clownja and Krusty left.

“Yeah sure... I’m living the dream...” Simon rolled his eyes.

“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we switched places?” Bart giggled.

“Sure. But don’t you you feel attached to your family?” Simon asked.

“Get out of there boy! So I can punish you before I get drunk and merciful!” Homer shouted.

“No...” said Bart rolling his eyes. “Do you?”

“No. My older step brother and Step sister, Devan and Quenley keep trying to kill me because I inherit everything and they don’t.” said Simon.

“Ouch! Okay I‘m in big trouble right now with my parents and you need to get away from your psycho half siblings. Let’s switch!”


Bart and Simon were in cubicles next to each other swapping clothes.

“My dad’s name is Homer. That’s how I address him... my mother’s name is mom...” Bart explained. “My sister is called Lisa but everyone calls her loser... and I hate her so don’t be nice to her she’ll get suspicious!”

“You could have told me that...” said Biff.

“Biff are you eavesdropping on a private conversation?!” Bart whined. He sighed and continued instructing Simon.

”Oh and don’t do nice things for my family like chores or the cooking. I don’t do that...” He squinted at Biff to include him in the private conversation that yes he shouldn’t have tried to make everyone breakfast.

”I don’t do any chores either. I have my butler and maids do that...” said Simon.

“You also have a baby sister now called Maggie, and a psychotic twin brother called Hugo. Watch out! He wants to surgically reattach us! We’re Uh Siamese twins... yeah it’s freaky I know...” said Bart.

“Well, my half siblings are Devan and Quenley as you already know. I am a triplet with my identical brothers Alvin and Theodore...” Simon explained swapping clothes.

“...... You’re serious right now aren’t you...” said Bart.

“Dead serious...” said Simon.

“Ay carumba...” Bart groaned annoyed at me. Hehehe!

“My Butler’s name is Chester. My horse is called Shadowfax. I love Lord of the Rings, I know...” said Simon. “You can’t miss him. He’s the only horse I currently own.”

“Shadowfax. Got it.” said Bart.


Bart as Simon left the club and went to a chauffeur driven limo.

“Ah Master Simon. Your carriage awaits.” said the chauffeur.

“Thanks... Lippizaner...” said Bart.

“If you say so Master...” said the chauffeur helping him into the limo. “Watch your head Master.”

“Ow!” Bart clonked his head on the frame of the door. The chauffeur shut the door behind him.

Bart admired the inside of the limo even though he had been in one when he switched with Biff. He unrolled the window to see how Simon was doing. Homer was strangling him. Uh oops...

“Why you little! You ruin everything!” Homer scolded Simon whom he thought was Bart.

“Driver laugh at those people!” said Bart.

“Certainly Master.” The chauffeur laughed a posh dry laugh.


Eventually Bart was taken to Springfield Heights. An upper class area of Springfield full of mansions.

Bart looked at the mansions. “Mc Mansion. Mc Mansion... mc Mansion. McDonalds?! Mc Dreamy, Mc Steamy... Mc Mansion, Fleetwood Mac, and... Macaulay Caukin...” Macaulay Caukin was doing the Kevin scream! Hehehe!

“And here is your home Master. But of course you knew that already!” said the driver as he pulled up at a large mansion and let Bart out.

“Wooooow!” said Bart.

He went inside. There were staff such as butlers and maids lined up formally. “Awesome!” Bart cooed.

Then there was a swimming pool with pirate ships in it shooting at each other. “Awesome!” said Bart.

Then he was in a library. “Meh....” he wasn’t interested.

Then he came to a huge bedroom. “This is my bedroom?!” He was in awe of the bedroom. “A candy corn dispenser! A pop rocks volcano! (A volcano had popping candy blasting out of it.) A chocolate river! (Yes a chocolate river...) A ceiling from Saddam’s palace?! (Why would Simon want that?!) A racing car bed?! (Bart got in the bed only to find it could actually drive about.) That actually races!” said Bart.

“Cool Joe Montana poster!” said Bart.

“It’s not a poster.” said Joe Montana coming out of the poster.

Bart screamed frightened.

“I’m the real deal!” said Joe Montana. He explained the Woosterfields pay millions for him to live with them in a poster, actually a hole in Simon’s bedroom wall. “Your folks donate millions to Notre Dame every year.” said Joe Montana.

“Notre Dame Eh...” Bart pondered.

We cut to Quasimodo playing in a mountain of gold coins.

“Yay! I’m rich!” He cheered throwing money everywhere.

“Quasimodo you idiot! That is for the church funds!” Frollo told him off.

“Even though that made sense, that cutaway was still silly...” Bart sighed.

Joe was boring him with sports and stuff.

“Get back in the poster Joe...” said Bart.


Bart was on the phone to Milhouse in a red phone box Simon had in his bedroom. “Milhouse check my caller ID!” said Bart.

“Blocked number?! Those cost three hundred and sixty five dollars to call! Did you switch lives with a millionaire kid again...?”

“Yes. Milhouse... I switched lives again...” said Bart.

Suddenly he heard a man angrily yelling “ALVIIIIIIIN!”

“Gotta go. I’ll talk tomorrow Milhouse.” said Bart putting down the phone and heading off to see who was yelling.

Bart as Simon Woosterfield ran into a beautiful large drawing room where a tall man with black hair was frustrated with a young boy that resembled Bart except that he was wearing a red sweater that was long enough that only his feet jus peaked out from underneath. The red sweater was embroidered with a big yellow capital A. He also had a red baseball cap on back to front. As for why the man was cross with him it came apparent to Bart that the boy had broken a priceless vase.

“What’s going on here?” Bart as Simon asked.

“Oh nothing much Simon, Alvin just broke a vase playing football inside.” said Dave.

“Sorry Dad.” said Alvin.”

“I Uh bumped my noggin on the limo door earlier and might have a touch of amnesia.” said Bart. “So you’re our father.” He said to Dave. “And you’re Alvin and...” a Nervous and shy looking Bart wearing green clothes came in shaking like a leaf. “And he must be Theodore.”

“Correctimundo!” said Alvin.

“Hmmmm, Simon maybe you should get some rest. See if you feel any better tomorrow.” said Dave with sympathy.

“Yes um father. I suppose I should.” said Bart as Simon.

“D-d-daddy I h—h-heard raised voices.” Theodore stuttered.

“It’s okay Theodore. I was just telling Alvin off for breaking a vase.”

Bart rolled his eyes. The narrator has lost it, he must be obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks or something.

“I’m going to get some sleep it’s getting late. Goodnight.” said Bart as Simon.

“Goodnight Simon.” said Dave and the other two chipmunks. Hehehe!

Plot 3[]

Meanwhile at the Simpsons Simon was eating dinner with the Simpsons but didn’t seem to want his dinner as he stared at it awkwardly.

“why Is this spaghetti bright orange?” Simon as Bart asked.

“It’s mixed with Cheetos how you like it.” said Marge strangely no longer furious with Bart.

“They’re dangerously cheesy...” said Oscar making a stupid reference to the commercials.

Homer slapped his head for being stupid.

“Ow!” Oscar whined.

“Homer! Don’t hit other people’s kids!” said Marge. She returned to talking to Bart. “Sweetie if the sauce is too thick I can always add more root beer.” said Marge.

“Eeeeew!” Oscar groaned.

”Oscar, Bart likes Cheoto dust spaghetti soaked in root beer.” said Marge.

”Well Bart has a weird taste in food...” said Oscar grossed out by his food.

“Maybe I’m just not hungry tonight...” said Simon as Bart.

“Human garbage truck to the rescue!” said Homer rudely taking Simon’s food and eating it rudely and talking with his mouth full so he spat food everywhere. “So we got this memo at work about new chairs...” said Homer spitting food at Simon.

“Dad can you not...” said Simon.

“Talk louder? Sure I can!” said Homer talking louder. “Anyway so I threw out my old chair...

“Homer don’t talk with your mouthful!” Marge told him off but he wasn’t listening and continued his conversation about chairs.

“Then Lenny says.” said Homer spitting food still.

“Dad! Stop spitting food over me!” Simon yelled.

“Huh?” Homer asked.

“Keep your meal in your mouth you semiliterate spew monkey!” Simon shouted.

“Right that’s it! You’re going to bed without supper!” Homer shouted at Bart.

“I warned you about using that as a punishment!” Oscar yelled and zapped Homer with a taser.

“Aaaaagh! Ow! Make him stop!” Homer screamed as he was zapped.

“Homer you have no right to punish Bart! He was right to tell you off for talking with your mouthful!” Marge scolded him.

“Fine! I’ll eat my dinner in the lounge and hold a conversation with myself then!” Homer yelled and stormed out with his dinner.

“Hi Homer, how was your day?” Homer asked himself.

“None of your business! Now leave me alone!” Homer replied to himself.

Marge hmmmmed and rolled her eyes.

“Bart’s never said something like that before...” said Lisa.

“Actually he started saying it since the movie.” said Oscar.

”What did you do to him during the movie?!” Lisa demanded.

”Well some point during that time I made the trees grab us and put us in diapers and those shiny black noses squirrels sniffed us...” said Oscar.


Bart as Simon invited Milhouse round to Simon’s Mansion. They had a banquet.

“Master. You are not eating your lobster?” said Chester the butler.

“Uh, I don’t fancy it tonight Chester.” Bart lied. He couldn’t exactly say he was allergic to it because Simon probably wasn’t given he was served lobster.

“If you say so Master.” said Chester.

Bart and a Milhouse spoke until Simon’s wicked step brother and step sister arrived.

“They’re beautiful said Milhouse. Bart looked at him like he was weird. “I mean the girl. I didn’t see the beautiful boy.”

“Ha! Gaaaaaay!” said Señor Chang.

Devan took Bart’s spoon heated it on the flame of a candle then shoved it in his mouth.

“Ow!” Bart cried as it burnt his tongue. “The hot spoon! But why?”

“Because as our half brother you are blocking our full inheritance!” said Quenley.

“Oh...” said Bart.

“Shame we can’t make him do all the housework like a male cinderella...” said Devan as they left talking about range rovers and land rovers...

”I’m Simon’s Fairy God mother!” said a fairy god mother.

”Uh no....” said Bart.

Devan and Quenly continued talking about range rovers and land rovers.

Bart did the he’s crazy! finger gesture at Milhouse.


Simon as Bart was in the kitchen at the table when Marge gave him pizza with no crusts.

“Sweetie I’m sorry about dinner. Here’s some pizza with the crusts cut off.” said Marge.

“Thanks Mom.” said Simon as Bart as he ate the pizza.

Homer frowned and went off to the lounge in a huff. “I’ll undermine her!” He muttered.

Eventually it was bedtime. Simon rang Bart at his mansion.

“Your family is nuts! Dad tried to send me to dinner without supper and why is this kid living with you got a taser?!” Simon asked Bart. Suddenly Homer was screaming and there was a zapping sound of cartoon electricity.

“Uh yeah that’s Oscar for ya...” said Bart. “Anyway what is up with your half brother and Sister?”

“Oh they’re just mad because their father left their mother to be with mine and I was born. It’s complicated...” said Simon.

“Sweetie finish up you phone call to your friend! It’s getting late!” said Marge.

“Okay I fave to go now Simon. Goodbye.” Simon said to Bart who was posing as him.

Marge lovingly tucked Bart in. “And I’ll tuck you in, fluff your pillow and tickle your feet! Tickle tickle tickle!” said Marge tickling his feet.

Simon giggled.

“And here’s some magical fairy dust to keep the monsters away.” Marge sprinkled something. “It’s cinnamon...” well duh! “Good night sweetie.”

“Night mom!” said Simon. (I could get used to this!) he told himself.


The following day Devan and Quenley tricked Bart into the Woosterfield mausoleum.

“This is the Woosterfield family mausoleum. Did you know when corpses decompose enough they turn into red liquorice?” Quenley asked Simon.

“They do?!” Bart as Simon gasped and ran in the mausoleum. “Let me at it!”

Quenley shut him in. “What an idiot...” she sighed and went off with Devan.

“I’m starting to think there’s no red liquorice in here! I’d like to get out now! Guys?” Bart whined.

Eventually Mr Burns was uh, alive again somehow and opened the mausoleum door and Bart fell on him.

“Oof! Oh Mr Burns! I’m so sorry!” Bart gasped. Still sucking up to him after last episode?!

“Oh no Master Woosterfield it is I who owe you an apology! For you are far more richer than I!” said Mr Burns grovelling before him.

“Hmmmmm...!” Bart had a devious idea to teach Mr Burns a lesson.

Smithers was alive again too.

“Smithers get Master Woosterfield some pink lemonade!” Mr Burns ordered Smithers.

“Uh actually you should get Monty.” said Simon. (Actually Bart.) “Smithers needs a break.”

“Uh yes sir! Right away sir!” Mr Burns went off to get the pink Lemonade.

“Thank you Master Woosterfield. I am forever grateful!” said Smithers.

“I jut don’t like bossy people or people being mean.” said Bart as Simon.

Mr Burns returned with the lemonade.

“Unfortunately I could only find premix! A thousand apologies Master Woosterfield!” Mr Burns grovelled.

“Unacceptable! Pour that lemonade down your pants and squish it all about and rewet yourself every half an hour!” Bart as Simon scolded Mr Burns.

“As you wish Master Woosterfield.” said Mr Burns following his instructions. Bart laughed.


Mr Burns the explained to ‘Simon’ How he too was the youngest in a wealthy family once.

“You were the youngest of something?” Bart asked.

“Why yes Master Woosterfield. My eldest brother was trampled by a horse. My sister ate a poisonous potato. My twin was shot. He ate another poisonous potato. Stabbed. Spontaneous combustion. Fell down a well. Potato. Potato. Potato. Impaled on the Chrysler Building. While eating a poisonous potato.” said Mr Burns.

“So now the fortune now belongs to you?” said Bart as Simon.

“Yes. A warning Master Woosterfield. Beware of those closet to you!” said Mr Burns.

“My half brother and sister want to kill me?!” Bart as Simon gasped.

“It could could be a boating accident? A skiing trip! A poisonous potato!” said Mr Burns.

“Can you stop talking about potatoes...” Bart rolled his eyes.

“Shall we while away the hours on the teeter totter?” Mr Burns asked. They went on a see saw.

“Why won’t you come down?!” Bart as Simon yelled as the see saw got stuck with Mr Burns being too light!

“I keep telling you Master Woosterfield I weigh nothing except for my clothes and keys!” said Mr Burns.


Meanwhile at the Simpsons Simon was found out because he did something uncharacteristic of Bart. Listen eagerly to Grandpas stories.

“Bart what are you doing?” Lisa asked.

“Listening to our Grampa.” said Bart. Grampa was going on about the Pepsi and cola war.

Lisa grabbed Bart and pinned him against a wall.

“Listen here you! I don’t know what you’ve done with my brother but dear god I can’t believe I am saying this! I want the old Bart back!”

“Uh?” Bart feigned ignorance. Lisa slapped his face.

“The real Bart would have thrown me out of the window for that!” Lisa yelled feeling a sense of deja vu.

“He’d defenestrate you?!” Bart gasped.

“Don’t play dumb! Has Bart switched lives with a wealthy kid again?!”

“No... it’s me sis...” said Simon as Bart.

“Grrrrr!” Lisa dragged Simon off to Mom and Dad.


At the Woosterfields Devan and Quenley are trying to drag Bart off to a skiing trip at Aspen.

“No! You’re trying to kill me!” Bart as Simon screamed as he played the human limpet and would not let go of his bedpost.

Devan and Quenley released him.

“You catch n pretty quick little half brother...” said Devan.

“For someone who thinks corpses turn into red liquorice...” Quenley rolled her eyes.

“Yes we are trying to kill you. But since you’ve foiled our plan to bump you off and make it look like a skiing accident you leave us no choice but to do things the old fashioned way...” said Devan. The pulled out knives!

“Nyaaaaaaagh! Dad! Chester! Alvin?! Devan and Quenley are trying to kill me!” said Bart running off.

“The little squirt will work up an appetite chasing him all day.” said Devan.

“How about a baked potato brother...” Quenley offered him a potato...


At the Simpsons Simon eventually loosened his tongue and spilled the beans about who he really was. “And now if I’m correct my half brother and Sister have taken Bart on a skiing trip to Aspen to kill him!” said Simon.

His phone rang. “Bart is that you? Where are you?” Simon asked Bart.

“I’m not at the skiing trip! Like I’d fall for that! Mr Burns is alive and warned me about it! I’m in a cupboard at your mansion right now and your crazy half siblings are trying to kill me!” said Bart.

“Oh my!” Marge gasped.

“D’oh! Stupid Mr Burns! Why won’t he die!?” Oscar ranted.

“Thank you Bart from the future for warning us about this.” said Homer.

Simon face palmed.

“I’m not Bart from the future! I’m not his glasses wearing son Kirk! I am not Bart dressed. Up! I’m Simon Woosterfield of the Woosterfields! Now let’s go and save Bart.” Simon ranted.

”No you’re totally Bart from the Harry Potter spoof episodes! Whom I have dumbed Barry Trotter...” said Oscar.

”No! I am Simon Woosterfield of the Woosterfield Enterprise!” Simon yelled.

”Oh my goodness! You guys are rich! You own everything!” Homer gasped.

Then there was something involving skiing but I saved that for another episode because I want Simon to be a reoccurring character.

Plot 4[]

Devan and Quenley found Bart’s hiding place. “Simon we know you’re in there! Don’t make us break the door down!” said Quenley.

“Actually that would be cool! We could Shining style kill him!” said Devan. “Now where’s the Woosterfield medieval axe collection...” Devan wandered off.

Meanwhile the Simpsons and Simon headed towards his mansion via his directions.

“Just down this road of mansions and up the hill to the light coloured one at the top.” said Simon.

In the mansion Bart got out of his hiding spot being chased by Devan and Quenley brandishing Medieval weapons such as axes and maces.

“Dad! Chester!” Bart ran into the dining room where Dave was shouting at Alvin again for some reason.


“Dad! Devan and Quenley are trying to kill me!” said Bart as Simon.

“Simon we’ve talked about this and- Good Lord! Devan! Quenley what are you doing?!” Dave Woosterfield gasped.

“Uh oh...” said Devan.

“Chester call the police immediately! And security! Have my murderous son Devan and his sister confined to their chambers until the authorities arrive!” said Dave.

“Yes sir. There appears to be a ghastly pink automobile up front and a woman with insanely tall blue hair at the gates! Shall I let them in Master?” Chester asked.

“Yes please! They’re friends of mine!” said Bart as Simon.

“Very well. But then call the police Chester! That’s an order!” said Dave.

“Certainly Master.” said Chester.


Chester we,comes the Simpsons into the Woosterfield mansion. “Master Simon is anxious to see you. I can’t think why...” said Chester as he guided them in.

“Less talking more butlering Jeeves!” said Homer as they got in.

Bart and Simon explained everything to Dave.

“Earwigs! Eyelids! You really have pulled the wool over my eyes with this trick boys! But how do I know I have Simon back?” said Dave.

“Father don’t you recognise my upper class speech and mannerisms?” said Simon.

“I guess I did a better job blending in than you did Simon.” said Bart.

“I knew you had switched places Bart right from the start...” said Lisa.

“Well I guess we must be going now...” Homer sighed.

“Oh not at all! You’re just in time for the Alvin and the Chipmunks title sequence!” said Simon grinning.

“Aggggghhh! No! Stop encouraging Oscar! Stupid TV chipmunks that don’t look anything like chipmunks!” Bart screamed running away.

The end!