Delia Simpson
Delia wearing a wig in "Cute Kids Magazine Issue #24"
Gender Female.png
Status Non-canon
Age 3
Relatives Father: Bart Simpson
Mother: Amanda Simpson
Brothers: Ryan Simpson, Abraham Simpson III
Half-sister: Lisa Ziff (deceased)
Paternal grandfather: Homer Simpson
Paternal grandmother: Marge Simpson
Maternal grandfather: Michael Middlestone
Maternal grandmother: Fay Middlestone
Maternal aunt (adoptive): Amelia "Amy" Middlestone
Paternal aunts: Lisa and Maggie Simpson

Delia Simpson (age 3, born January 29, 2013) (also known as Delia Middlestone) is the daughter of Rapsta Chik and Bart Simpson.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Delia was born with a surprise twin brother Ryan. Ryan was an unexpected birth and only Delia was thought to be born. Years before her birth, her mother miscarried a baby girl that was six months along. Delia became a big sister when her parents had another child, baby Abraham III.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Amanda Simpson

Father: Bart Simpson

Brother: Ryan Simpson (twin), Abraham Simpson III

Half-sister: Lisa Ziff (deceased)

Paternal Grandfather: Homer Simpson

Paternal Grandmother: Marge Simpson

Maternal Grandmother: Fay Middlestone

Maternal Grandfather: Micheal Middlestone

Maternal Aunt (adoptive): Amelia "Amy" Middlestone

Paternal Aunts: Maggie Simpson, Lisa Simpson

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