Simpsons Fanon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Black
Age 7
Relatives Spouse: Michael D'Amico, Milhouse Van Houten

Children: Zia Simpson
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Brother: Bart Simpson
Sister: Maggie Simpson, Lizzy Simpson
Father-in-Law: Fat Tony D'Amico
Mother-in-Law: Anna Maria D'Amico
Uncle: Herbert Powell
Paternal grandparents: Abraham Simpson and Mona Simpson
Maternal grandparents: Clancy Bouvier and Jacqueline Bouvier

Voiced By Nancy Cartwright

Dash is the main host of the PBS Kids channel. He is the primary host of PBS Kids, which means, he was at PBS Kids before Dot was He is Dot's older brother and an intelligent, friendly, nice, pleasant, cool-looking spiky haired boy who loves to dance. He is 11 years old and in 6th grade. His hairstyle is similar to Bart from the Simpsons and Diego from Go Diego Go. Dash has short hair with spiky pieces, a white T shirt, and blue pants and white shoes. Mason Therrel is the voice of Dash, since the change in his voice, he was replaced by various Female actresses and some young male actresses, such as Nancy Cartwright. He even got his own logo in 1999, along with Dot. He also got his own VHS and DVD logo in that same year, basically the same as TV, but with Kidsvideo at the bottom.