Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Mechanic at Burnsco Antarctic Base
Relatives Natalie (ex-girlfriend)
First Appearance Raising The Past
Voiced By Chris Pratt

Dan is much like a boy version of Lisa He loves jazz, Plays the trumpet, and is very smart.

Fiction Edit

Raising The Past Edit


When the Simpsons arrived.

Bart introduced Lisa to Dan, who was dismissive of the mechanic. In order to impress them, he took them down to Room 13, where all the secret projects ("all the stuff that could") were kept. In Room 13, they found the Aeros Communicator, which Bart accidentally activated, playing Artuke's message.

Trivia Edit

  • Dan was originally voiced by Steve Zahn and was a much goofier character than the laid-back, cool character who appears in the finished film. The character was rewritten in order to service the idea that Dan and Natalie were older sibling figures to Bart and Lisa. Zahn left due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Chris Pratt. Zahn would later receive a role in Dragonhunters.