Dangers in a Train featuring Baby Bart. Seth McFarlane as Ben. Michael Jackson’s Ben and Strangers on a Train references.


The title gag is Otto sliding down a rainbow and cheering.

The couch gag is giant dandelions growing. One is blue for Marge. They then close their flowers and convert to their dandelion clocks or seed heads. Someone then sneezes violently blowing dandelion seeds everywhere. The Simpsons can be seen as the seeds.


“Our first anniversary. And we're more in love than ever.“ Marge sighed to Homer at a boardwalk of malls nine years ago in Bart’s short life. Youn Marge and Homer are pushing a buggy with Baby Bart inside wearing just a diaper. D’wwwwww!

“In your face, people who said it wouldn't last a year!” Homer yelled.

”I stand by my wedding toast.” said Young Abe. He was with Patty and Selma, oh and Helen Lovejoy for some reason, probably wedding guests that didn’t think Homer’s wedding to Marge would last.

“Let's just enjoy our happiness, Homie.” said Marge. “Accidental motherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to a woman. And I think Bart's finally outgrown his misbehavior.”

(Homer shrieks) because the buggy is empty. Bart has gone missing somehow.

(shrieks) Homer screamed because Bart was suckling on a shop mannequin’s boobs.

”Oh for goodness sake Bart...” Marge sighed. “I don’t get this stubbornness over bottle feeding from Hugo!”

(Grunt) Baby Hugo sat in the double buggy huffed annoyed.

(grunting) Homer grunts as he grabs Bart and pulls him away from the mannequin but he won’t stop sucking her teats. (pop) Homer eventually prised Bart off but there was dribble on the mannequin’s boob.

“Oops, better clean that off.” said Homer cleaning her boob. (humming) “You have a great day, ma'am.”

(sighs) “Wish I could get a little of that attention.” Marge sighed.

”Okay sweetie! Mmmmmmm” Homer snogged his beautiful wife. She lovingly accepted the kiss. However as they kissed passionately Baby Bart climbed Homer and Marge in such away he was covering Marge’s face so Homer kissed his diaper covered butt. XD!

”D'oh!” Homer groaned.

”Hey, Simpsons. Don't mean to be a pesto, (Mmmmmmmm! Pesto...) but I'll be happy to watch your scampi shrimp. (Bart’s allergic you fool!)” said young Ned.

“Aw, thanks, Flanders. Got to warn you, he doesn't talk much.” said Homer handing Bart over to Ned. Bart smirked and hugged Ned. D’Awwwww!

“Daddy.” said Baby Bart addressing Ned as his daddy. XD.

(groans) “He's not your daddy.” Homer grunted annoyed at Baby Bart.

“Nice daddy.” said Bart.

Homer growled.

”Moustache daddy.“ said Bart.

Homer growled some more.

“Good daddy no yell.” Bart frowned at Homer.

(grunts) Homer became frustrated at Bart. He kissed him on the head annoyed.

“Fat daddy smell like beer.” Bart yelled.

“I'll teach you to speak in complete sentences.” Homer said annoyed but I would not let him hurt poor Baby Bart. Homer sighed and left Ned to babysit Bart. Homer left with Marge and Baby Hugo.

“Be good for Nr Flanders Sweetie! We’ll pick you up later!” said Marge lovingly to her baby.

”Okay Lady! I love you! Bye bye!” said Baby Bart.

(“Oz don’t! I do not talk like Mindy from Animaniacs!” Bart groaned in narration)

“But first, m'lady, let me escort you to Heaven.” said Homer. A golden staircase up to Heaven appeared with heavenly music and choir. Oh and something involving Led Zeppelin.

”The fancy Swiss chocolate store on level three.“ Homer explained taking Marge up an escalator. Mmmmmmm! Swiss chocolate...

”Oh...“ God groaned.

“Oh, Homer, you're the anchor store of my heart.” Marge sighed romantically as he hugged her.

“Just call me Borders Books, 'cause I'll always be here.” said Homer.

(theme from Love Story playing)

The young couple on their first anniversary had massages, Homer bathed in the fountain.

They kissed in the glass elevator and people laughed at them.

“Haw haw!” Baby Nelson laughed as his mom pushed him in a buggy.

“His first word.” Mrs Muntz said proudly. She popped a bottle of champagne and poured some into Nelson’s sipping cup to drink! WTF?!

Homer and Marge then rode on a train made of candy called Lil Lisa. When they came out of the tunnel Homer’s hair was messy. He had clearly been making out with his wife.

”Oh, Homie, what a wonderful anniversary.” Marge sighed.

“Yep, we've got something money can't buy. Love on a train.” said Homer.

A time travelling Oscar played Love Train non his boom box radio.

♪ People all over the world (everybody) ♪
♪ Join hands (join) ♪
♪ Start a love train, love train ♪
♪ People all over the world (all the world, now) ♪
♪ Join hands (love ride) ♪
♪ Start a love train (love ride), love train ♪

Homer sighed exasperated, “And I promise each anniversary will be better and better.” In the background Ned was trying to rescue Bart from a fountain of water shooting up from a water feature. XD!

“Oh.” Marge snogged Homer.

“They have to get off and get back on.” Squeaky Voiced Teen said to a female co worker.

”Sometimes you have to say to hell with rules.” said the blonde student. She snogged Squeaky Voiced Teen.(grunting)


The present.

Homer in the present took Bart and Lisa through the now ruined mall/arcade of shops. Some were closed down or letters had fallen off their signs.

“But somehow our anniversaries didn't get better than that first one on the train.” Homer sighed. There was a shopkeeper in the background offering a 100% off sale. XD!

“Wait, you named me after a train?” asked Lisa.

“Yeah, just like we did with Bart.” said Homer.

”Could be worse. You could be named Thomas, James, Edward or Percy or...” said Oscar referenced Thomas the Tank Engine of all things...

Bart groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, this year, I'm gonna re-create our magical first anniversary, ending with a romantic ride on that... (gasps) Why are you taking away the train?” said Homer as they headed to the candy train called Lil Lisa but it was being dismantled.

“I'm afraid no one rides it anymore So we're replacing it with something that makes money and sends people to the food court.” said a Raphael clone.

”Step right up. Medical marijuana. You got nausea, my friend? Everyone's got nausea.” A man with a stoner accent was selling marijuana... This attracted the attention of Otto, Cool/Hipster Homer and Oscar’s uncle Buck Tamaki. “And what is your malady, my son?” He asked Otto.

“Uh, I had one, but I forgot it.” said Otto.

“Memory loss! Could be a brain tumor. Take this and go see Fantasia.” said the weed shopkeeper selling him medical marijuana.

”And you sir?” He asked Hipster Homer from The Day the Earth Stood Cool.

”Um.... I have a pain in the neck. A hahahahaha!” Hipster Homer laughed.

”You go Homer!” Nedward high fived him.

Ned scowled.

”Here you go. And you pops?” The shopkeeper gave Hipster Homer and Nedward weed. He asked Buck.

“Um....” said Buck.

”Memory loss? Here you go!” said the stall keeper.

”Right that’s it! Screw being a model Stepford wives plastic fantastic father! Gimme some marijuana!” Homer bought weed.

”Dad no!” Bart and Lisa yelled.

Homer grunted annoyed at them. Ho take your weed Homer! Ignore them!

”Smoke weed everyday!” Snoop Dogg sang.

Bart and Lisa sighed exasperated as Dad bought weed.

Homer smoking a joint frowned at the candy train being dismantled.

“Kids, I've only had three great ideas-- marrying your mother, using a hot dog as a straw and this romantic train ride anniversary.” said Homer. “Oooooooh! Now I have a billion more! Hohoho!” The weed unlocked his imagination.

“Sir, I need this train.” Homer asked Raphael.

”Eh, take it home. It's yours.” said Raphael.

”Are you sure Mom is really gonna want a rusted-out kiddie train?” Lisa asked.

“She won't see it like this. I'll make this train look as beautiful as it did when this mall was young.” said Homer.

”Aw, Dad, I just got a little twinge in my heart.“ Lisa was touched.

“Try this.“ Otto tried to offer her weed...

”You stay away from my kids unless you're driving them to school!“ Homer yelled at Otto as he pulled Lisa away from him. Damnit you need more weed Homer! “No! My responsibility!” Homer cried.

“So, I'm not babysitting tomorrow night?” Otto asked.

“Oh, we're still on for tomorrow night.” said Homer. XD!

Homer drove home drinking a drink using a hotdog for a straw... Bart and Lisa were in the candy train that was being dragged along behind the car.

“Dad, do we have to ride like this?” Lisa whined as she rode in the candy train.

“Hey, what could be cooler than a choo-choo with lollipops on it?” Homer replied.

“Hey, babies-- where you going in your baby train? Babytown?” Jimbo and his friends taunted Bart and Lisa.

“Sure! Why not?” Oscar replied sat in the candy train wearing only a diaper holding a rattle.

Bart face palmed as the bullies laughed.


“Shake it off, kids-- they're just jealous.” said Homer. The bullies then turned on him.

“Hey, lardo, where you going in your lardo car? Lardville?” Jimbo taunted him.

“There's no such place!” said Homer.

(laughing) The bullies laughed.

Marge was at home in the kitchen on a laptop buying something online. “Okay. I've entered my billing address, expiration date... and charged.”

Patty and Selma came in with Maggie and Ling Ling.

”We're back from "Baby Beethovens.“" said Selma.

Ling Ling plays Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. (playing Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik")

“That's Mozart, dummy.” said Patty rudely to Ling Ling.

Ling Ling cried.

“Patty!” Marge said sharply. “I held my tongue last time I visited asking for guardianship, but I did not travel to China with my family and Selma to help her collect her adopted daughter for you to talk to poor Ling Ling like that!”

”Marge baby, we’re tiger moms.” said Patty.

”I don’t know what that is but you don’t snap at a baby like that! I’m disappointed in you!” Marge was cross.

Patty sighed.

“Well, thanks for watching Maggie.” Marge tried to be grateful for them babysitting Maggie. “I just ordered Homer's anniversary gift.”

“Must be tough.” said Selma.

”Yeah, what size cuff links do you get an elephant?“ said Patty laughing.

Stampy trumpeted loudly. (Blew from his trunk.)

”We were mocking Homer, Stampy...” said Patty.

“Well, in the first place, the elephant's cuff links would be the same size. It's the cuffs that would be bigger.” said Marge. “As for Homer, I'm getting him a case of his favorite snack cakes, Dolly Madison.” said Marge.

Patty looked concerned as she looked at the website Marge was on. “Marge, this isn't Dolly Madison. It's Sassy Madison.“

“Trust me, Homer doesn't care where the cupcakes come from.” said Marge.

”Marge, Sassy Madison is a website for wives to cheat on their husbands online with an anonymous person...” said Selma.

Marge gasped dramatically. XD!

Dun dun dun!

Plot 2

“Check out their webvertisement.” said Patty clicking something.

♪ Kelly was at the end of her wits ♪
♪ Her husband was truly the pits ♪
♪ Her relationship spousal ♪
♪ Had zero arousal ♪
♪ Then she watched this commercial ♪
♪ And found herself Herschel ♪
♪ Thanks to Sassy ♪

There was a silly animation of a beautiful pink lady living with a grey drunken slob who made her life miserable being a loveless, drunk slob totally not interested in her and even borderline abusive as he zapped her with a taser because she was bothering him.

“Sassy It's not cheating if you don't know the person well.” said an announcement.

”I just put all my personal information on their Web site.” Marge gasped.

“So now you're gonna get hit on by every loser in town.” said Patty.

“And this town's got losers like Mexico has headless corpses.” said Selma.

”Headless Mexicans!!” Oscar screamed.


Meanwhile Homer drove the train home with Bart and Lisa in the back.

”Well the one great thing about your idea Homer is there’s more space in the back for Hugo and myself.” said Oscar sat in the back with Hugo.

”Eh...” Homer sighed.

At Home in the kitchen.

“So many unhappy men. How sad.” Marge sighed at the bachelors on Sassy Madison.

“You've got a lot of fish wriggling in that net.” said Patty.

”Maybe I should get married so I can date these guys.” said Selma.

Marge gasped. “Selma, cheating is a sin.” said Marge.

“Thou shall not-“ Oscar showed a bible to them but Marge hand gagged him. Cupped her hand over his mouth.

“As much a sin as not replying to an instant message.” I highly doubt instant messaging is in the bible... “So, if you'll excuse me, I've got a lot of sleazy gentlemen to let down gently.” said Marge.

(Sassy Madison commercial jingle playing)

“Are you watching the commercial again?” Patty sighed.

”I'm a fan of animation.” said Marge.

”Wooooooo! Fist bump!” Oscar fist bumped her joyfully over her liking animation.


In a garage.

“Oh, Lord, may thy couplings stay forever locked, and may thy dead man switch never be used.” Lovejoy prayed. He was helping Homer rebuild the train because he likes trains.

“Amen.” said everyone. That’s Lovejoy, Homer, Moe, Lenny, Carl etc.

“All right, guys, let's get this train fixed up for Homer's anniversary. But first, start your power tools.” said Moe.

(laughs) The men laughed as they turned on their tools.

Marge sighed. “One more to go, and I'm done. "Dear Horny in Haverbrook: (Presumably he survived the monorail crash.) Sorry. I'm not interested in cheating on my wonderful husband, who is described in the attached PDF. Say hello to my trash folder. Marge Simpson."” said Marge writing a letter.

Homer came in.

“Hi, Homie! A crazy thing happened when I was ordering your anniversary gift.“

“Don't blow the surprise. Pretend you forgot.” said Homer’s brain.

”Uh, anniversary? That coming up?“ asked Homer.

“Yes, and it's a big one. Remember?” Marge asked.

“Marge, I am focused on this like a laser.” said Homer. (laughs) “"Laser." That's a funny word. It's just "loser" with an "A." And speaking of losers, I lost my train of thought. Oh, and speaking of trains, wait till you see...” said Homer. You dummy! (shrieks) He ran out to the garage.

“The surprise is safe. The expression on her face will be priceless.” Homer said to his friends, and Lovejoy.

(groans) “He forgot our anniversary again? He remembers the exact number of pork chops in the freezer.” Marge sighed.

“Currently-- zero.” said Oscar cooking a pork chop. (humming happily)

“Oscar! I didn’t give you permission to cook using my groceries!” Marge frowned.

(computer chimes) (groans) “One of those cyber smoochers wrote back to me.” Marge sighed. She got a web chat video.

“Thanks for your note. You seem way too nice for this site. Why are you here?“ said a handsome man.

“Good question. "I thought I was buying snack cakes."” said Marge.

“That's so cute. Really, really cute. You... you are over 18, right?“ asked the man.

”No, she’s only 14 you sick paedo!” Oscar yelled into the web cam. Marge pushed him out of view and laughed nervously.

The man hastily shut off his web cam.

”Oz I was trying to let him down politely!” said Marge.


Meanwhile Web cam Guy is called Ben. And they hired Seth McFarlane to voice him!

”Eh hehehehehe!” He laughed like Peter Griffin.

”You’re supposed to be a handsome loner Marge befriends for his suave intellectualness and polite charm...” said Oscar.

”What the deuce!” He yelled in voice of Stewie.

”Still not charming...” said Oscar.

”And I’m a gay alien!” He said like Roger the alien.

”In your dreams...” said Oscar.

”How’s this?” The man asked in the voice of Brian Griffin.

”There that’s it.” Oscar winked.

And so Marge and Ben had a um friendship that was totally not cheating. Honest.

At the Simpsons house Homer got up one morning during the week leading up to his anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Marge. It had been clear she spent all night online again as she was very tired.

“Don't worry, Moe. When Marge is asleep, I'll sneak back.” said Homer clearly sneaking about in the early hours.

“Oh, good, the strippers are here.” said Moe.

What the?! Marge thought frowning.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! That is all coming off.“ Homer yelled aroused.

Marge took this overheard conversation out of context and seethed with anger.

"Tell me more." said a female voice.

Homer arrived as if he had not been with strippers.

“Homie, I bet you're wondering why I stayed on the computer until 4:00 a.m.” Marge asked.

“Hey, those Yelp reviews don't write themselves.” said Homer.

”Homer I was getting your anniversary gift. But I went on the wrong website that was for unappreciated wives looking to cheat on their husbands.” Marge explained.

Homer screamed.

”Honestly. What possesses some women to break their vows?! If you didn’t love the man, why marry him in the first place?” Marge sighed.

”Marge are you saying you don’t love me right now?” Homer whimpered.

”Don’t be silly dear! Of course I love you! I just went on the wrong website and rather than close it down I continued on it for some perfectly platonic friendship reason. I have no interest in the single men on here. This guy messaging me is just acting as one of my lady friends except as a dude. Ie someone to talk to.” said Marge.

”Marge, you should be able to talk to me.” said Homer.

”And I do! Just not about housewife things. You really don’t want to hear about what I found caught in the vacuum cleaner or the laundry do you?” said Marge.

”No I suppose not.”

”Plus you were asleep.” said Marge. “To be honest it gets very lonely and quiet in the early hours. Apart from when at 4 am as I was shutting down my laptop Oscar decided to get up and make chocolate pudding...”

“Mom enough of the chocolate pudding at 4 Am jokes!” Bart groaned from his bedroom.


Marge when she had some time alone she was back on Sassy Madisons.

“He's writing me again. Better put a stop to this.’ she said to herself.

Ben was looking at his phone.

“Is that him getting the text? He's in the market. We might have squeezed the same tomatoes.“

Mmmmmm! Lewd comment on fruit...

“Are you Marge?“ Ben texted.

“Ooh, I'm going to hell.” Marge gasped.

”Bwahahahaha!” Satan laughed.

”Oz stop referencing Satan!” Marge nagged.

Oscar sighed and banished Satan back to Hell.


Then there was a Stangers on a train reference. Where two stangers want someone in their lives dead so they kill each other’s problems. Ie the tennis player killed the other guy’s hated father in return for Bruno killing his wife so he can move on with another Woman. Of course the Tennis player fucks up his end of the bargain because he has a conscience.

”Basically we already made this reference in Treehouse of Horror XX, author...” said Lisa.

”You only had to kill Mrs K...” Bart in old grey film ranted.

”Aaaaaaagh! Evil Bart!” Oscar screamed.

Marge and Homer’s first anniversary. Which should be nine years ago given Bart is ten, but... Floating timelines... ugh!

At the mall Homer as promised took Marge to the Swiss chocolate store while Ned looked after Bart. They hoped like in canon they’d have the time in the store to themselves and a peaceful romantic time. But they forgot Hugo is canon in my fan series! Mwuhahahaha!

As such they had a chaotic time in the chocolate store as Baby Hugo helped himself to the chocolates. Eating them obviously... Marge sighed and Homer growled as Baby Hugo ran about in a diaper eating all the chocolate. He had chocolate smooshed around his mouth and cheeks and his hands were sticky with chocolate.

”Hey Frink!” Homer yelled.

”Gahoy?” Young Professor Frink replied.

”Babysit our son Hugo for us! He’s ruining our romance!” Homer gave Hugo to Professor Frink. Cue possible origin story for why Hugo turned out smart and a mad scientist.


At the coffeehouse or a bistro.

“Now, let me at least buy you a coffee, or dare I say a Danish?” Ben asked Marge “Nyehehehehehe heh!” He laughed like Peter Griffin.

“No Danishes!” Uncle Norbert Van Houten snapped.

”Mmmmmmm! Danish...” said Krusty eating a danish.

”You son of a!” Norbert punched him.

”Ow! My Schemmuggus!” Krusty groaned using funny Yiddish for imaginary body parts.

”Yeah... imaginary body parts...” said Oscar smirking. Nelson punched him in the stomach. “Ow! My Squeedlyspooch!”

Then Marge and Ben talked about what was clearly a parody of Downton Abbey.

”So Upton Villa...” said Ben sounding like Brian the dog.

“Such great characters, like Buxton, the scheming larder-keep. Why can't Lady Cavendish see he's pilfering the aspic?“ said Marge.

”I’m more invested in the grandmother/Dowager who strongly resembles my Transfigurations teacher At Springwarts. Oh wait we lumped that job on Mrs Krabappel!” said Oscar.

”We get it! Professor McGonagall is in Downton Abbey....” Hugo groaned.

Harry Potter grimaced exasperated.


In the garage Homer is singing Railroad while working on Marge’s train.

♪ I've been working on the railroad... Allllll the live long day! ♪

“Why are you singing that?” Bart asked.

“Because it's in the public domain.” said Homer.

Blue Haired Lawyer seethed with rage.

Homer’s mobile rang.

“Hello!” Homer asked. “It's Moe from Moe's Tavern.“ he said to Bart.

”Oooooooh! Gimme!” said Bart.

Homer chuckled and let Bart annoy Moe with prank phone calls.

”Yeah is there a Monsieur Strap? First name Jacque?”

”Jacque Strap? Jacque Strap... Hey everybody? Have any of you got a Jacque Strap? (Jock strap)”

(Barney and the others laughing.)

”Why you little! It’s you again! When I find out who’s you are I’ll (Violent threats of bodily harm like um disembowelling or decapitation...)”

Bart laughed as the phone cut out.

Plot 3

Meanwhile someone wrote in their fan-fiction that Ixis Naugus was a cameo.

”Naugus would have been awesome as the main antagonist of SATAM Sonic Season 3, if a Ken Panders hadn’t been an ass!” Oscar ranted at school on Canada Day.

He got detention for swearing and did lines.

Ay Home the Simpsons did a couch gag yes another because this episode has alternate couch gags for Hulu dot com!

The Simpsons found the flag of Canada hung above their couch. Sat upon it were; A loon, those Canadian waterfowl with that scary “Jungle sounds” call they use for jungles at night! A beaver, hopefully not at the horizon... John McDonald and a hockey player.

The Simpsons sat down startling the loon and the beaver. The beaver climbed down and sat on the floor, the Loon rested on Marge’s beehive. John and the hockey player made room for the Simpsons to sit down.

The Loon made its eerie cry.

Maggie took a hockey puck from the hockey player and sucked on the hockey puck.


No this is not the start of a Canadian episode. I mean there’s not much material you can write with about Canada apart from, John A McDonald, their first prime minister. Beavers, Loons, Maple trees, Maple Syrup, hockey, curling, some of them are French, the place names, flappy headed Canadians from South Park... Oh my god! That’s a lot of things!

“Mom, Lisa made me break a lamp.” Bart whined as a lamp was broken. Damn those Simpson house lamps.

“Mom, Bart's twisting facts in an Orwellian fashion.” Lisa whined.

”2 plus 2 equals 5!” said Oscar.

”Nicely recalled Oz!” Hugo grinned.

Bart screamed frustrated at Oscar.

“Can I have one hour of grown-up time where you two aren't tattling on each other?!“ Marge ranted. “Or using obscure references?”

Lisa gasped offended. “Orwell, obscure? The author of Animal Farm?”

“And 1984!” said Hugo.

“Grampa says he was a Commie.” said Bart.

”Stop referencing things!” Marge yelled.

”I want to reference things!!” Oscar yelled. “Beam me up, Scotty!”

Marge sighed.


Homer was working on Marge’s train when Moe called.


“Hey Homer,” said Lenny. “You see, Moe's been depressed and needs to hear a friendly voice.”

Moe was crying and sobbing over the phone.

“Why the hell are you calling me at home, you moron?!” Homer snapped.

“Lovejoy went to get a hamburger, and the whole thing fell apart!“ said Lenny going off tangent about Lovejoy buying a burger.

“I'm getting cooked like a cabbage.” Moe sobbed.

“Then keep quiet like a cabbage!” Homer snapped putting the phone down.

”Obviously you’ve never watched Veggietales Homer. Cabbages can be very talkative...” said Oscar.

Homer rolled his eyes exasperated.


Marge was Skyping Ben.

Upton Rectory is made possible by a sizeable endowment from Hooters Restaurants, and a generous grant from a man named Generous Grant. said the announcement. Generous Grant.... XD!

“Are you watching it?“ Marge asked Ben.

“No, I can't.“ said Ben. “My wife's watching a reality show about a man who repossesses zoo animals.”

“Come on, Taser that flamingo!“ said Ben’s wife.

A zapping sound of a taser.

”Coooool!” said Oscar watching the same programme Ben’s wife was watching.

Anyway this episode needs more Bens.

Oscar went to brush his teeth after eating a blueberry muffin. He screamed because Young Link’s Elegy of Emptiness statue was in Bart’s room.

”Aaaaaaaaaaagh! BEN!” Oscar screamed.

”Oz no! No creepy pastas!” Bart groaned.

Then he needed to get some shopping but he was too lazy and he wanted it now, not in twenty minutes from Deliveroo.

”Ben go XLR8 and get these on my shopping list for me.” He asked Ben Tennyson.

”Um Oz that would be a gross misuse of my powers...” said Ben.

”And I’m about to gross misuse my fist into your face! Now get my shopping!” Oscar yelled.

Ben sighed and fiddled with the Omnitrix and turned into XLR8. He has the master control setting unlocked in my fanon. XLR8 took Oscar’s shopping and returned soo afterwards with his shopping.

”You could have asked any other more popular characters with super sonic speed as a power, like Sonic, the Flash, Quicksilver, Dash from the Incredibles...” Hugo sighed.

”I wanted to ask Ben...” Oscar replied.

Oscar put his shopping away, including replacing the last pork chop he ate.

Then he went upstairs to sing Michael Jackson’s Ben.

Ben, the two of us need look no more

We both found what we were looking for

With a friend to call my own

I'll never be alone

And you my friend will see

You've got a friend in me

(You've got a friend in me)

Ben, you're always running here and there

(Here and there)

You feel you're not wanted anywhere


If you ever look behind

And don't like what you find

There's something you should know

You've got a place to go

(You've got a place to go)

Lisa heard him from her room and cried and sobbed because he sounded so beautiful when he sang.


Then the rest of the episode sucked so more Bens!

Oscar stopped for a snack of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream.

Hugo recited the Information Core’s Fish shaped Chocolate fish shapes etc cake recipe.

”Fish-shaped crackers. Fish-shaped candies. Fish-shaped solid waste. Fish-shaped dirt. Fish-shaped ethylbenzene. Fish-shaped chocolate fish pieces.”

Oscar winced.

Then Oscar time travelled to visit Ben Franklin. Ben was trying to fly a kite in a lightning storm and got struck by lightning.

Then Oscar went shopping again for Uncle Ben’s rice and gave some to Spider-Man. Spider-Man cried.

”With great rice comes great recipes...” said Oscar.

Bart face palmed.

Then Oscar got caught in a Benny Hill chase with Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller.

”Enough of the Bens!” Bart yelled.


”Homer, Matt says I have to be in one of my unappreciated moods that I think you’re ignoring me again.” said Marge.

”Sweetie I’m not ignoring you. I’m working on your anniversary gift but I want it to be a surprise.” said Homer.

”Oh well that makes sense.” Marge kissed him and left him to work on her gift.

Meanwhile in Treehouse Of Horror XX’s Dial M for Murder of press hash to return to the main menu.

Bart was trying to get Lisa to keep up her end of the criss cross and kill Mrs Krabappel.

”No! You’re positively evil!” Lisa gasped.

”Oh my god! I’m on old timey film!” Oscar screamed.

Bruno and a tennis player were having the same problem.

“I killed your wife now kill my father!”

Elsewhere in the past.

”Ned, hows Bart doing?” Marge asked Ned.

”Well...” said Ned with messy hair and his glasses askew. He was holding Bart who was crying and wearing a full and very stinky diaper.

”Neddy what about our son...” said Maude.

”Oh fine!” Homer sighed collecting Bart. “Marge we need to find another babysitter for tomorrow when I take you to the most romantic Italian restaurant... in this mall. It’s still pretty romantic.”

”Oooooooh Homie!” Marge snogged Homer.

”Did someone ask for a babysitter?” The curious bear cub from Happy Little Elves asked them.

”Oh sure. Here you go. He needs changing.” said Homer giving Baby Bart to the cartoon green bear cub with a big wet shiny green nose. The bear cub smirked as he went off with Bart to annoy him by sniffing his diaper etc.

(“No thot that freaky bear cub!” Bart groaned.)


Marge continued her odd friendship with Ben over the Downton Abbey parody Upton Villa. Personally they should have called it Downtown Abbey with added Petula Clarke...

”Avifors!” Professor McGonagall casted the bird statue to bird spell.

Then the tough no nonsense head butler fell in love with that blonde scullery maid! Why?!

Then there were way too many scenes with the ginger haired lady cook... Look I don’t care about her...

And Miss Moneypenny, the Samantha Bond one, was Earl Grantham’s sister!

“Look at me Moneypenny! I want to undo that bow and get to know ya!” said James Bond.

Anyway Ben’s wife finds out about Marge and crashes her anniversary but Marge explains things and they all make up and live happily ever after...

”While I ride the Wonka train! Oscar said while riding the candy themed train.

”Oz it’s not the Wonka train...” Bart groaned.

“I'll be thinking of you. Always.” Homer told Marge as they hugged.

“When does it get better?” Marge sighed kissing him.

“When he's 800 pounds and has to be cut out of the house to go to a movie?” said Patty spitefully.

“I lost my cleaning stick in my belly fat.” said Morbidly obese Homer in a dream sequence. “But I found a kitten.” He pulled out a kitten. It mewed.

“That is so sweet.” said Marge in the dream.

Patty sighed exasperated.

“Do you two have anything nice to say about my husband?!” Marge said annoyed.

”No not really.” said Selma.

Marge sighed annoyed.

”Mom, were we supposed to get you anniversary gifts?” Bart asked.

”Yes!” Marge said a bit annoyed. “But I suppose as long as my kids are here I’m happy.”

”I bought you a new lamp!” Oscar bought a table lamp.

Bart winced.

”Hugo stop chewing the train! It’s not real candy!” Homer groaned.

”Nothing is ever real candy...” Hugo groaned.

”And that’s the end of Season 24! Of the Simpsons!” said Lisa.

”But here’s to many more years!” said Marge.

The end!

Epilogue and stuff

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