Simpsons Fanon

Dancin’ Homer Homer Dances, Bart pranks Skinner and Oscar reunites his friends from other cartoons etc. Then Bart gets transported inside a board game.


The chalkboard gag is Oscar writing “I will not pledge allegiance to Bart.

”All hail Bart! all hail Bart!” Oscar chants while prostrating before Bart.

”That’s it Oz. Pray to your new god....” Bart said smirking.

The couch gag is the Monty Python foot stomping on the Simpsons and the couch.

The kids are playing at recess.

“Tag! You’re it!”

”Hello operator! Gimme number nine.” Like I said, there are kids playing. Ie tag, jump rope songs etc.

Bart is planning a prank on Skinner with Milhouse, Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph. In my fanon they like Bart more and see him less of a dweeb because of Oscar making everyone let Bart have his own way in the first few seasons. Ie his tattoo, jumping Springfield gorge and seeing Itchy and Scratchy the movie.

“I'm gonna get Skinner good. I need a giant inflatable dragon. I think Comic Book Guy sells ‘em the comic store. And we’re gonna put it outside Skinner's window while he's sleeping. One of us needs to climb up the tree and scratch Skinner's window with a stick. I'll be on the ground, playing Godzilla sounds on the boom box, and Nelson, I need you to get a flamethrower so he thinks the dragon is breathing fire. It's gonna be the best prank ever. *laughs evilly* Okay, who's climbing the tree?

“I’ll take the tree.“ said Jimbo.

”Okay, Milhouse, you're gonna help with a dragon.” said Bart

“Alright,” said Milhouse.

“You're gonna get in so much trouble, Bart? Have you spent half as much time trying to learn and better yourself as you do pulling pranks and causing trouble? You would get a lot further...“ Lisa nagged and went on and on...

“Whatever, Lisa.” said Bart doing a “Yap yap yap...” hand gesture with his hand like he was working an invisible sock puppet. “Dolph, you’re on-“

“Dolpha! Dolpha!” Oscar squealed.


”Uh?” Oscar asked.

”Go away...” said Bart.

”Shan’t. I’m playing with my ultimate crossover of crossovers gang, and I need you to play. Everyone’s here, Quiffy, Tai from Digimon, Genki, Monkey from Monkey Hero, Tomba and Flint the time detective.” said Oscar. “So don’t leave me hanging...”

Bart winced when he saw Tai Kamiya, Genki, Monkey Hero, Tomba and Flint Hammerhead.

”Uh I’m really busy right now Oz...” Bart winced.

Oscar sighed and went off with his um friends.

Bart sighed. “Anyway as I was saying....”

“No Oscar! No no no!” came a high pitched Indian voice like Sanjay from Fairly Odd Parents then an explosion rocked the school grounds.

Bart winced. “As I was saying...”


Moe’s tavern.

“I’m sure am glad work's over.“ Homer sighed.

”You said it, Homer.” said Lenny.

“Yeah, it was a rough one.” said Carl.

Moe sets free beers down in front of them. “Moe will make it all better.“ said Moe smiling. This was before he got suicidal and depressed.

Barney: walks in with a box under his arm. “Hey guys!” He sits down.

Mor puts a beer in front of him. “Hey Barney, whatcha got there?”

“A beer. You just gave it to me.” said Barney.

“I was talking about the box, Barney.“ said Moe resting his hands on his hips.

“Oh, it's this game I found at a garage sale.“ said Barney. “It says on the cover it’s called Jumanji...”

”Oh hell no! Barney give that here!” Judy Shepherd ran in and took the game.

”Hey no minors in my bar!” said Moe.

Homer winced. “Um... Okay...”

”How about we play with these Hellraiser puzzle boxes?” Lenny asked as they suddenly had Hellraiser puzzle boxes.

”No!” said the main characters of the first Hellraiser movie, they took the Hellraiser puzzle boxes.

”Um okay... how about Hungry, Hungry Hippos?” said Homer.

Homer, Moe, Lenny, Carl and Barney murmured and agreed to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos.


Meanwhile A giant Homer rampaged through Springfield wearing only his underwear.

”Okay, I did not want to see that today...” said Arnie Pye riding the weather helicopter.

Springfield Elementary. Skinner’s Office.

Skinner is sitting at his desk, talking to himself. Probably having memories about the Vietnam war or ‘Nam.

Skinner checked his pocket watch. It was fifteen hours and thirty minutes. The children had all long since gone home. Even Bart had just been recently released from detention as he watched the spike haired boy skateboard home.

”I think I’ll get home and relax for the evening. Plus Mother will be sharp with me again wondering where I am.” said Skinner. On cue his phone rang. He answered. “Hello Mother. Yes Mother, I’m leaving work now. No Mother! That sailor suit doesn’t fit me anymore! Oh Mother....” Skinner whined as his mother nagged him.


The next day was Saturday, the Simpsons hosted a lemonade party.

“One at a time, kids. There’s plenty of lemonade for everyone!” said Marge as she made the lemonade.

”Lemonade party?! Awwww! I wanted a lemon party!” Oscar whined holding an A3 Landscape photograph of the Lemon Party shock image (Three old men in bed performing sex acts!) in a picture frame.

Marge gasped and dropped the ladle. “Oscar Tamaki! Get rid of that disgusting image immediately!”

”But it’s a photograph of my Grampa... and his boyfriends...” said Oscar.

“Wha? You mean I stood in line all this time for lemonade?” Barney explained.

“Yes Barney...” said Marge. The lemonade was made fresh from the Springfield Lemon Tree’s lemons.

“Where’s Lisa today, Mrs Simpson?” Ralph asked.

“She said she’s not feeling well. Maybe she’ll join us later if she’s feeling better.” said Marge.

Lisa is unwell this episode.

“I have a headlight on my bike.” said Ralph as he was handed a glass of the lemonade.

“I have stabilisers on mine.” said Oscar.

“I’m telling you, my friends. The end days are upon us...” said Lovejoy.

Oscar screamed. “We’re all gonna die!! It’s the apocalypse!”

Marge hushed him. “Ssssshhh! Now really Reverend...” She glared at Lovejoy for starting Oscar’s screaming fits.

“How do you mean, Reverend?” Ned asked.

“Why, the signs are everywhere! Just turn on your TV or radio and you’ll be subjected to a constant barrage of the most vile forms of entertainment imaginable.” said Lovejoy. “I can only imagine the effect all of this is having on your children!”

“Hear, hear!” Ned cheered.

”Repent! Repent!” Oscar screamed ringing a bell.

“That is why I along with some of our more concerned parishioners… Have formed our new pressure group, ‘Families for tamer television’, in an attempt to clean up the airwaves.” said Lovejoy. “Glub! Who dares soak the Reverend?!” Someone hosed down Tim Lovejoy, soaking his vestments.

“Aaah, you’re all wet!” Grampa screamed with laughter.

“What? I beg your pardon?” Lovejoy asked.

“Now see here...” said Ned.

“I said you’re all wet, you and your entire band of holy rollers!” Grampa shouted and held the can of Duff beer and a recently used garden hose still dripping.

“Homer! I told you not to let your father get drunk!” Marge nagged Homer.

Homer whined.

“Let me tell you something things have never been better than they are right now in the good Ol’ USA!” Grampa hiccupped. “Fifty-seven channels I’m getting on my TV right now, and soon there’ll be fifty-seven more! Tell me, who could ask for more than that?” He hiccupped.

“Pay him no never mind, reverend. He’s just rambling.” said Wiggum.

Grampa continued to drunkenly berate the Reverend.

Oscar continued ringing a bell and screaming for everyone to repent because it was the apocalypse.

”Now see here Abe!” Lovejoy snapped.

”Homer take your dad inside and sober him up! Bart and uh Tai... uh help!” said Marge pointing to Oscar wearing a placard saying “The end is nigh!”

”Repent! Repent!” Oscar cried.

”Right on it dear...” said Homer manhandling his drunk father and bringing him inside.

”Oh let go you buffoon!” Abe ranted.

”Come on Dad... your making a scene...” Homer groaned.

”We better find something for Oz to do...” said Bart to Tai Kamiya from Digimon.

Tai nodded as they got ahold of Oscar by his sweater and dragged him off somewhere.

”Come on Oscar, we’re going out to play....” said Bart.

”Awwwww! But I’m having fun here...” Oscar whined.


Up in Lisa’s room. She lies in bed sick, apparently.

”I’m not sick.... You just didn’t want me nagging Bart in the opening scene not to cause trouble like he usually does!” Lisa ranted.


Last night at Moe’s.

Anyway this episode is called Dancin’ Homer so Homer was dancing drunk for nickels because his friends dared him to.

”Nuh nuh nuh, nuh uh uh uh, uh...” Homer sang to stock Egyptian music while flailing his arms about.

His friends cheer. “Go on Homer!”

”Yeah you’re drunk you pickled jack ass! Gahahahaha!” Carl laughed mocking him.

”Okay guys that’s enough! Homer stop embarrassing yourself...” said Moe.

Homer sat down.

”Well characters from other shows won’t let us play Jumanji or with the Hellraiser puzzle boxes. Hey what’s this Barney. Wyverns and Wizards.” Moe was holding a box for a copyright skirting parody of Dungeons and Dragons despite that you’re allowed to reference media...

“What game is it?“ Homer asked drunk.

“It's Wyverns and Wizards.” said Barney.

“What's a wyvern?“ Homer asked.

Homer's Brain: *pictures Ernest P. Worrell* XD!

“Why Vern?“ Ernest from Ernest Scared Stupid, asked.

“Who's Vern?“ Homer asked.

“Huh?“ Barney asked.

“What?“ Lenny asked.

Bart in a split screen gag from his bedroom: “He’s doing a dumb pop culture reference... Just ignore him and answer his question about What a wyvern is....” Bart face palmed.

“A wyvern is a dragon. Well a kind of dragon.” said Carl.

Homer's Brain: *pictures a dragon*

“I knew that. I was just teasing you.” said Homer.


After dragging Oscar away from the lemonade party at the Simpsons house.

”Repent! Repent!” Oscar cried.

”Oz enough! Snap out of it!” Bart yelled shaking him.

Oscar calmed down. “Where are we going?”

“To Android’s Dungeon to buy the big inflatable dragon in the window to prank Skinner.” said Bart.

They go into Android’s Dungeon, the comic book store.

”Ugh... customers...” Comic Book Guy groaned.

”How much for the giant inflatable dragon in the window?” Bart asked him.

”Are you brain damaged or something?! That is a window display for the new Wyverns and Wizards comic! You can’t buy that!” said Comic Book Guy.

”Awwww! But I need it for a prank...” Bart groaned.

”Well tough. I am not selling it...” said Comic Book Guy.

”But-“ Bart asked.

”Bart, your local comic book retailer is not gonna sell his inflatable mascot to you...” Monkey Hero sighed.

We iris out to black with the Vortex Force logo. Why did I think that was a great name for my Simpsons, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Monkey Hero, Tomba and Flint the Time Detective crossover....

Plot 2[]

Anyway Cyborg’s episode that I’ve taken material from shamelessly is called Boardgames and cellars.

During the lemonade party at the Simpsons, their neighbours the Winfields were having lunch but felt the reasonable party at the Simpsons was disturbing them.

”Oh those loathsome Simpsons are making such a racket!” said Sylvia at her family’s lunch in the Brown house. The family consisting of herself, he husband, their nephew Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction and their deformed, neglected son who lives in the cellar/basement.

”Yes they are my dear Sylvia.” said Mr Winfield. “Pipe down you damn hippies!” He yelled out the window yo the Simpsons.

Marge frowned at the brown house. It’s just a simple day time party with lemonade... get over yourselves...

”What does Marcellus Wallace look like?!” Jules yelled thumping the table.

”Oh Jules! Please calm down. I know this is stressful for you!” said Sylvia.

”Sorry Aunt Sylvia.” said Jules. “Yes they deserved to die! And I hope they burn in Hell!”

The deformed son growled and garbled while wearing a filthy sock on his hand as a sock puppet and eating from a bucket of fish heads.

At the Simpsons Hugo had been let out to go to the bathroom. He saw the Winfields eating. The neglected basement dwelling kid of the Winfields pulled faces at him.

Hugo stuck his tongue out at the neglected, filthy boy.

The boy pulled a silly face back.

Hugo returned with a silly face of his own where he was biting his upper lip with his lower teeth sticking out.

”Hey! Are you finished going to the bathroom yet Monster Boy?” Homer yelled.

”No... I’m still going....” said Hugo peeing on the lawn round the side of the house, near the the Rumpus room.


Bart searched high and low for a big inflatable dragon. And the crossover gang had to deal with Dark Oscar.

”Oscar.... Oscar...” said the spooky voice in Oscar’s head.

”Who are you?” Oscar asked.

”Your fairy godmother....” said Dark Oscar sarcastically.

”I don’t have a fairy godmother...” said Oscar.

”Just stand aside and let me take over. Then you’ll be happily ever after...” said Dark Oscar.

”Happily ever after?” Oscar asked.

”Happily ever after...” said Dark Oscar.

The theme tune from Halloween kicked in as Oscar became Dark Oscar.

”Gahahahaha! Yes! The power! The absolute power!!” said Dark Oscar gloating as his voice echoed.

”Oh shoot! No!” Bart groaned as Dark Oscar was back.

”Hey baby, I’m back!” said Dark Oscar.

”I can see that! Now go away and get out of my friend!” Bart snapped. Tai and the others took martial arts stunts.

”How about... no.” said Dark Oscar zapping Bart with red lightning.

”Looks like we have a fight on our hands Agumon!” said Tai.

”But Tai, I can’t attack Oscar!” said Agumon.

”It’s not Oscar anymore. Some force has taken over him.” said Tau.

“Okay. Pepper breath!” Agumon breathed fire at Dark Oscar.

Dark Oscar teleported out of the way and laughed maniacally.

”Mochi, let’s help too!” said Genki. Putting on his orange rollerblades.

”Mochi!” Mochi cried.

”Is your universe just non speaking monsters saying their names like Pokemon?!” Ash winced.

”No.... Monsters do talk in my universe... it’s just that Mochi is a baby still...” said Genki.

Mochi fired a pink laser out of his mouth at Dark Oscar hitting him.

”Gah! It’s so pink! Gross!” Dark Oscar groaned. Wounded from the attack.

”Hit him again Mochi!” said Genki.

”We need to get in on the action.” said Monkey Hero. He got out his staff and spun it around over his head like a helicopter’s blades and hovered.

Tomba nodded and got out his ball on chain weapon he called Jack.

Flint got out his dad as a stone hammer. Some Timeshifters would be helpful here, Father Time... he sighed in his head. Well your crazy Pokemon ripoffs are busy throughout time helping famous historical figures.

”Come on sport! Let’s knock some sense into Oscar!” said Rocky Hammerhead as Flint’s hammer.

”You said it, Daddy!” said Flint hugging his hammer that was also his dad.


Sector 7G break room.

Homer is taking a coffee break with Lenny and Carl.

“I've already worked hard enough.” said Homer. “I'm taking a coffee break.” He pours some coffee and drinks it. “Aaaaaaagh! It burns! It burnsssss!”

”Homer blow on your coffee and sip it slowly... you yutz....” Carl sighed.

Anyway this is season two so Homers apparently not that stupid yet and goes on long poetic diatribes. I like silly antics more.


Skinner’s house at night.

Bart is wearing his ninja costume and he's hiding in near the bushes with the others, getting ready over the plan.

“Okay, does everybody remember what they're doing?“ Bart asked.

“I'm gonna climb the tree and get into position.“ said Jimbo.

“I've got the flamethrower ready.” said Nelson.

“I'll follow your lead, Bart.“ said Milhouse.

“Dolph and I will be lookout.” said Kearney.

”Yes. I’ll be looking out with Kearn.” said Dolph. “Why do you always want to do things with me... Kearn...”

“Hey Jimbo, I found this stick for you. You should be able to reach the window with it.” said Bart. He hands him the stick. “Now all we gotta do is wait for Skinner to go to bed. That should be about 15 minutes. Kearney and Dolph, get into position.”

They do so.

A few minutes later, the downstairs lights go off, and the upstairs light goes on, Skinner can be seen in the window, preparing for bed. Jimbo climbs up the tree, holding a stick in his mouth. Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson start blowing up the dragon. The black dragon is blowing up, spreading its wings and bearing its giant inflatable teeth. Jimbo winces and grimaces in disgust as Mrs Skinner, Skinrash’s mother, got in the same bed as Skinner. Skinner's bedroom light turns off. Jimbo inches across a branch towards Skinner's window. He reaches out with a stick and looks to Bart for direction.

(whispers) “On the count of three. 1... 2... 3.“ Bart whispered.

Jimbo scratches the window.

Bart plays the Godzilla sounds.

The real Godzilla stomping about scratches his head and looks confused.

Nelson blows a flame with a flamethrower.

”Seymour! What is that racket outside?!” Agnes yelled.

Skinner's bedroom light comes on, he comes to the window, looks out, screams, and faints. All the boys laugh.

Next Morning

Skinner wakes up, confused, crawls the window and looks out. There was no dragon.

“Oh, there must been a night terror.“

At the Simpsons house, Bart’s treehouse.

Bart and his friends were laughing.

”We got Skinner real good! Gahahahaha!” Dolph laughed.

”There’s just one question. If you couldn’t get an inflatable dragon from Comic Book Guy. Where did you get one?” Oscar asked Bart.

”Half inched one from Ol’ Gil’s used car lot.” said Bart. He stole an inflatable mascot from Ol Gil.

”Boys can I have that Er, that um dragon back please! My boss will be so sore!” said Gil stuttering. He was in the backyard for some reason.

”Fine...” said Bart.

”Anyway dweeb, what were you doing all evening yesterday?” Jimbo asked.

”Hanging about with my group of friends from other franchises. Why’d ya think I brought Tai from Digimon and Genki and Monkey Hero etc to Springfield...” said Oscar.

”Okay you’re nuts...” said Jimbo.

Oscar frowned and went down the ladder.

That evening at the Simpsons.

Homer walks in the door, carrying Wyverns and Wizards. Bart and Lisa are watching TV.

”They fight! They bite! They fight they bite, they fight! Fight fight fight! Bite bite bite! The itchy and Scratchy shoooooow!” The kids were watching Itchy and Scratchy.

“Whatcha got there, Homer?” Bart asked

“Some game Barney brought to Moe's.” said Homer. It was a tabletop RPG.

“Wyverns and Wizards. I never heard of that before.“ said Lisa. Later on in season 11 and 12 she’s a D & D fanatic. (Dungeons and Dragons)

“Sounds dumb.“ said Bart. Being close minded as usual.

“You should keep an open mind, Bart. It might be fun.“ said Lisa.

“We don't have time for games, Homer. We have to get ready for Lisa's concert.” said Marge.

”Oh yeah.” said Lisa heading off to get her saxophone. She soon returned with it,

“Aw, but I just got home. I wanna relax on a couch with a beer.” Homer groaned.

Marge sniffed him. She smelt booze. “You smell like you already relaxed with a beer.”

“D'oh!” Homer groaned.

“We need to go. We'll stop at Krusty Burger while on the way. Abe is gonna watch Bart but we're taking Maggie with us.” said Marge. To Bart she said. “Because Bart, you were insistent you didn’t want to go so you’ll have to stay at home with Grampa and have a ready meal/Microwave meal.”

”Yes, because music concerts are boring....” said Bart.

Homer growled. “You’re coming with us to the next one boy....”

”Oh look at the time! We better get going! Bart be good for Grampa and look after him! And I’m sure you have homework to do...” said Marge as the Simpsons left Bart alone with Grampa.

Bart sighed. He turned to Grampa. “Hey Grampa, so...”

Grampa Abe was fast asleep snoring.

Bart sighed.


Downtown Springfield

Oscar was out and about obviously up to no good with his friends Tai Kamiya from Digimon. Genki from Monster Rancher, Monkey Hero, Tomba and Flint Hammerhead from Flint the time detective.

They were there because of a cartoon slime monster causing trouble. Namely eating everything and smooshing slime on walls and sliming people. The cartoon slime monster growled and oozed about.

The boys from across different Animes and two really cool PlayStation One games winced.

Oscar winced and wet himself.

”Oz are you gonna pee your pants every time you see a slime monster...” Tai sighed.

”I’m not wearing pants, I wear a diaper for this exact reason...” said Oscar.

”Ugh! Bart’s friends are right. You are screwy!” Tai groaned.

Oscar pouted and frowned.

Simpson house

Bart was watching cartoons in his room. Out in the landing, the attic flap creaked open. Bart heard this and his ears pricked up. Then he heard a boy breathing heavily and groaning in a creepy manner. Bart shivered and shut himself in his room. He peaked out to see a boy resembling him but slightly taller and thinner, the kid must have been starved. The kid’s orange shirt and shorts were torn and grubby. And his spikes were tangled and greasy.

The boy hopped off the last few rugs of the attic ladder and planted his bare feet on the green carpet. He sniffed and smiled a toothy grin from his two square teeth sticking out like Goofy’s or Dale’s from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. He grinned because he sensed Bart, his twin was nearby.

Bart shivered in extreme fright, hoping the boy wouldn’t notice him.

”I know you’re here Bart...” said the boy. “Come on... no need to fear your own brother...”

Brother?! I have a brother?! Bart thought.

The boy, who said he was Bart’s brother was sniffing about. “Come on! Don’t make me come and find you...” He got annoyed as he looked in the bedrooms for Bart.

Bart shivered in fear. Why did Mom and Dad hide his brother?!

Hugo fought with Bart’s bedroom door to open it.

”Ah! Someone doesn’t want me in here! Fine... I’ll find some way to flush you out...” said the boy.

Bart shivered as he heard someone going downstairs. Once they were obviously down in the kitchen Bart sneaked down holding a baseball bat and his slingshot in his pocket. Bart planned a route that meant he had to pass Grampa. He hoped if the boy threatened him his cries would wake up Grampa.

I wish... Bart groaned to himself as he watched Grampa snore.

In the kitchen Hugo looked in the fridge and helped himself to a plate of fish heads and a glass of milk. He was absentmindedly humming to the tune of Fish Heads.

”Fish heads! Fish heads! Roly poly fish heads! Fish heads! Fish heads! Eat them up! Yum!”

Bart covertly watching cringed in disgust. Eeeeugh! Fish heads?! Gross!

Plot 3[]

Springfield Elementary

Skinner is walking down the hall and sees a dragon walking to the boys bathroom, when he goes in there, there's nobody in the bathroom and then the scene shows Bart and Milhouse outside the school with Bart wearing the dragon costume with the mask. He and Milhouse are laughing. Later in the day, Skinner is outside, he hears Godzilla sounds, but doesn't figure what is coming from. He goes inside, missing the sight of Godzilla scaring Bart and eating him. It’s a gag so he’ll turn up alive later on... In his office, Skinner keeps hearing a scratching sound in the window. When he goes to check it out, no one is there and Jimbo is on the roof, lowering a tree branch down to scratch the window. Skinner starts to think he's going crazy.

“I must be losing my mind.“ said Skinner. He went to the school infirmary.


Skinner goes in the infirmary. Wendell is there, unwell as usual.

Lunchlady Doris checks Skinner's temperature. “You don't have a fever, but maybe you should go home and lay down.”

“I think I should.” said Skinner.

“SKINNERRRRRR!” Chalmers screamed.

“Superintendent Chalmers!“ Skinner stammered.

“What is going on here?!?“ Chalmers yelled.

“I've kept seeing dragons everywhere.“ said Skinner.

Chalmers batted an eyelid. “Are you on drugs?”

“No! I swear! I thought I had a night terror last night about a dragon scratching on my window. I've been seeing and hearing dragons all day. Maybe I'm going crazy.” said Skinner.

“That ship sailed a long time ago, Skinner.” said Chalmers. Oooooh! That’s a good line Cyborg!


Third grade class

The lady teacher who clearly dislikes Mrs Krabappel for being a drinker was pacing about the classroom while her pupils studied and did sums.

Oscar was doing his work when Dark Oscar spoke to him.

Oscar.... Oscar....

What?! Oscar communicated via telepathy.

Watch it short stuff... said Dark Oscar within his head. Displeased with Oscar’s snappy response.

Who are you anyway? And don’t say my fairy godmother... Oscar thought.

I am a part of you, little mortal. I am a shadow in your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don't know it. said Dark Oscar in his head.

More riddles... can’t you speak clearly?!


Meanwhile Homer went to a gay nightclub and danced because this episode is called Dancin’ Homer.

However he disgusted some lesbians.

”Ugh, some how he makes me more of a lesbian...” said a lesbian to her girlfriend.

”Lesbians? This isn’t my army reunion!” Hans Moleman whined.


At Home, Bart was left home alone again.

”Be good for Grampa Bart.” said Marge.

Bart mumbles to himself.

Marge, Homer, Lisa and Maggie get in the car and drive away.

“Hey Grampa, what's shaking?” Bart asked Grampa.

Abe was snoring. He was fast asleep.

“Well, that takes care of that.” said Bart smirking evilly. He calls Milhouse. “Hey Milhouse, my folks are gone. You wanna come over and hang out?”

“They left you home alone?“ Milhouse asked.

“Nah, they left the old man here with me.” said Bart referring to his Grampa who was snoring away in the green armchair.

“Sure, I'll be right over.” said Milhouse. He put the phone down.

Bart sighed because Oscar decided because BlueKraid was two during Season two of the Simpsons he had to be as well. He still wore diapers...

Baby Oscar in a diaper was letting his living teddy bear creature sniff his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose.

Bart winced exasperated.

Couple minutes later, Milhouse arrives with Martin.

“Aw, why’d you bring him for?” Bart whined.

“I didn't. He just followed me.” said Milhouse.

“Please, Bart, I formally request sanctuary.“ said Martin.

Oscar had a stupid idea in his head.

“From what?” Bart asked Martin.

“There he is! Come on, Guys, let's go beat up the nerd.” said Nelson heading onto Bart’s drive. Jimbo and his friends were not far behind.

Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph: run up to Bart's front door.

Martin hides behind Bart. “Sanctuary!“ He squeaked.

”Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” Quasimodo yelled.

”No Oz!” Bart yelled.

Oscar laughed.

“Get out of my house! I'm not harboring any nerds.” Bart snapped pushing Martin outside.

Martin: *gasps* “Bart Simpson, is that really Wizards and Wyverns.?” He asked looking at the board game Homer brought home.

“What are you talking about?” Bart asked.

“This game.” Martin takes Wizards and Wyverns and holds it up.

“Some lame game my dad brought home.“ said Bart.

“It is not lame. It's legendary. I didn't think it actually existed.” said Martin frowning.

“I've never heard of it.“ said Milhouse.

“Looks like something nerds would play.“ said Nelson.

”Exactly Nelson. So I have no idea why my dad brought it home.” said Bart.

“Oh no, I've heard of this. It's supposed to be cursed or something.” said Kearney being moronic for some reason.

“Get real.“ Nelson sighed.

“Let's play.“ Dolph wanted to play it for some odd reason.

“Do you think it's wise to play a cursed game.” Milhouse asked.

“What's the matter, baby? Are you scared?“ Nelson taunted.

”As the actual baby here, one don’t de age him to my level and accuse him of cowardice. I’m two! I can’t help finding odd things like the boiler scary!” said Oscar.

Nelson winced. “Bart that baby you’re looking after needs a diaper change...”

Bart sighed.

”And further more, we shouldn’t play a cursed board game. You might summon Robin Williams on us!” Oscar gulped.

Bart winced exasperated.

“We're not scared. Let's play it.” said Bart.

They walk into Bart's house and start to set up the game.

“Doesn't tell you much.” said Bart.

“From what I understand is the directions will make them known at the right time. I'm gonna be the wizard!” said Martin. “Or a transgendered bard!” Later in season 11’s Dumb Dumbs and Dragons he plays a female bard called Martina.

“Nerd. I'm gonna be a barbarian, because they're awesome.“ said Nelson.

“I always wanted to learn about archery, so I'll guess I take this one.” Milhouse chose to be the Elf/Ranger.

“I'm gonna be the knight.” said Bart. “Oz what are you gonna be?”

”A baby. Since I am right now...” said Oscar wearing a wet diaper.

”No! That is not a character class! Pick one!” Bart groaned.

”Baby.” Oscar insisted.

Bart groaned.

”Well, it's my house, my game, I go first.” said Bart. He rolls the dice. They land on three.

Suddenly, thunder rumbles.

“See, it is cursed!“ Milhouse screamed.

“Please, that was just a coincidence.” said Bart groaning. He moves his knight.

Milhouse rolls the dice.

Thunder rumbles again.

“That's twice! That can't be a coincidence.“ Milhouse was scared.

“Oh yeah, 'cause everyone knows thunder only happens once.” Nelson sighed with sarcasm and rolls his eyes.

Milhouse moves his archer.

They hear a door closed upstairs and then footsteps. Then they heard a boy with a deep throaty tone growling and moaning.

“Bart, I thought you said your Grampa was the only one here. And Oscar.” said Milhouse shivering.

Bart had the shivers too, I bet it’s that freaky boy from the attic again!

The kids turn to look at Abe asleep and snoring in the chair.

“Okay, I have to admit that it was a little creepy.“ said Kearney.

Nelson rolls the dice and moves his barbarian.

They hear a big thud upstairs. All the kids begin to looking at each other. The throaty toned kid with a lower pitched voice than Bart’s slightly, moaned and cursed as if he hurt himself.

“Maybe you guys check that while I go home.” said Martin frightened.

“Oh please, something just fell. You're overreacting.” Bart groaned. What am I saying?! I say we all high tail it outta here and call Mom and Dad!

“I don't intend to believe in coincidences, but even I have to admit is a little strange that everytime someone rolls the dice, something strange happpens.” said Martin frowning.

“Are you really too afraid to roll the dice?” Bart sighed.

Martin gulps, rolls the dice and moves his wizard.

All the lights go out and there's a flash of bluish light, a puff of smoke, and then the lights come back on. The kids scream and huddled together.

“I don't wanna play this anymore.” Dolph shivered.

“I'm not scared.” said Nelson.

“Me neither. Let's play.” said Bart.

They sit around the board.

Oscar rolls and gets a set of numbers on the dice telling how far to move.

”One... Um... triangle... Zee...” He can’t count yet.

”That’s three you moron! You move three spaces...” Bart moved the baby figure for him.

Oscar cried.

The boys groaned.

The lights flickered.

Milhouse shivered holding onto Martin who held him in a frightened embrace. Their teeth chattered.

Bart rolls the dice and moves his knight.

The ground trembles, the board shakes, the room starts spinning. One by one, the kids get sucked into the board. They are falling through the vortex. They fall and fall and fall, finally, they begin to slow their descent and land with a soft thud.

Cyborg did you just flipping reference Jumanji?! That’s so cooool!

“Well, that was an unusual experience.” Martin dressed as a wizard sat up and looked about.

“Shut up, nerd.” said Nelson as a huge, hulk of a barbarian.

“I wanna go home.“ Milhouse as an archer wearing green, because they just do... whined.

“First, we gotta find out where we are.” Bart as a knight in shining armour with a pointy sword stated.

They look around to check their surroundings.

“Well, cleary we're in a forest.” said Bart.

“But where? I think we fell into another dimension.” said Martin.

“What does that mean?“ Nelson asked annoyed.

“It means we're not in Springfield anymore.” said Milhouse.

”Oh Milhouse that is such a cliched thing to say! Quoting Wizard of Oz....” Bart groaned.

“Well, I think we should explore this place and find out where we are. We're not gotta find our way home just standing around.” said Bart.

So they explored the Medieval world of Wizards and Wyverns and flipping referenced Jumanji!

Oh and there’s a medieval Alan Parrish played by Robin Williams!

Plot 4[]

In the medieval world of Wizards and Wyverns.

The kids look around, suddenly, they appear to be in a medieval fantasy world.

“We appear to be in some medieval fantasy world.“ said Martin. Ie the currency is Groats and everyone has scurvy.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious.” said Nelson sarcastically.

Captain Obvious was advertising the hotel booking website Hotels dot com.

Bart winced.

Milhouse reads the road sign, “Paegadian.”

“This place looks pretty awesome.” said Bart strangely out of character.

“We don't even know how we got here, so how are we gonna find our way home?” Milhouse asked.

Baby Oscar gurgled and stood there wearing a diaper.

“The only way to leave Paegadian and return home is to defeat the Dragon.“ said some guy called Loppoc. He appeared out of nowhere startling the boys.

”Aaaaaaagh!” Martin screamed.

”Don’t jump out at us like that!” Nelson yelled.

”Sorry.” said Loppoc. Also he is played by Robin Williams because we’re referencing Jumanji because of them getting sucked into a game.

“I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?“ said Bart.

“I am Loppoc.” said Loppoc.

“Please to meet you, Mr. Loppoc. I don't know about defeating a dragon, we're just kids.” said Martin.

“Well then I guess you'll be stuck here.“ said Loppoc.

“We can totally defeat a dragon.“ said Bart.

”Only if they’re evil. Because the dragon people have a right to exist. Yes they’re people despite roaring and breathing fire...” said Oscar ranting.

”Just ignore him...” Bart sighed.

“You can, you have to, or you'll never be able to leave.” said Loppoc.

“Well, so what we need to do? Where do we get our weapons?“ asked Bart.

“You came without weapons? In that case, maybe I'll help you out.” said Loppoc. He created weapons for them appropriate for their character class.

“Cool! I can totally kick some dragon butt with this!” Bart cooed with a big pointy sword. Although I swear they came with weapons...

“I've always wanted a bow and arrow!“ Milhouse got a bow and a quiver of arrows.

“Rock on!“ Nelson had a huge heavy club.

“Martin the Wizard at your service!” Martin had a magic staff and a book of spells.

“So where do we find this dragon?“ Bart asked.

“You'll have to travel through town, go through the woods, and across the meadow until you find the mountain.“ said Loppoc.

“Well, let's get going.“ said Nelson.

Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin and Oscar headed off on their adventure.

Springfield - Krusty Burger

Homer was eating burgers. “These Krusty burgers are delicious!”

”This fast food is delicious!” said M Bison delighted.

“Homie, don't make a mess! I don't want you to go to Lisa's concert with Krusty burger all over your shirt.” said Marge.

“Whatever. I don't understand why I have to go to that concert anyway.” Homer sighed.

“Hrmmm....” Marge grumbled.

“Why am I always having to clean up after slobs?” Squeaky Voiced Teen sighed.

“Hey, I'm not a slob!” Homer yelled.

“Sir, I don't mean to be rude, but you've gotten more food around you then you got in you.” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

“Stupid kid doesn't even know what's talking about.” Homer muttered.


Springfield Town - Outside Android’s Dungeon

”Uh where’s Oz?” Tai Kamiya asked.

”I think he ditched us for a better story arc....” Genki sighed.

”That is so not cool!” said Monkey from Monkey Hero.

Tomba jabbered and growled.

Flint was too busy having a heart warming moment with his father who was also his magic hammer for fossilising Timeshifters.



Inside the world of Wizards and Wyverns.

Bart, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney along with Baby Oscar, start walking through the town towards the woods.

“You lead the way, Martin.“ said Bart.

“Because I have a compass and a excellent sense of direction?“ Martin asked dryly.

“That, and, if there's any wild animals, the rest of us have a shot at running away while they're busy eating you.“ said Bart showing his dislike of Martin.

“Well, that's not very nice.“ Martin said sharply in his girly voice.

“It is what it is.“ said Bart.

Oscar glared at Bart for ostracising Martin for being highly intelligent academically.

“Ha ha!” Nelson laughed.

“We need to get going.” said Milhouse.

“You heard the man, nerd.” Nelson berated Martin to hurry up.

“Very well then.“ said Martin leading the way.

They get to the edge of the woods and the leaves are rustling.

“Stop! I hear something.“ said Bart,

“What is it, Bart?“ Milhouse asked.

“I thought I heard something moving in the woods.” said Bart.

“Don't tell me you're a scaredy cat.“ said Nelson snarking.

“No! I’m not a scaredy cat! I’m a big brave dog! (Hehehehe! Chuckle...) I'm not afraid of anything. I just wanna be prepared.“ said Bart.

“I hear it too.“ said Martin.

“Send the nerd in. If he gets eaten, then we know not to go that way.“ said Nelson.

“Oh, that's real nice. Need I remind you that I'm the only one that has a compass.” Marin snapped in a shrill voice.

”Yeah. What is your problem with Martin?!” Oscar ranted. But only Bart understood him. All the other boys just heard baby gibberish.

”Bart that kid you’re babysitting is getting antsy. I think he has a diaper rash...” said Jimbo.

“What good is your crappy compass going to do in a alternate universe?“ Bart argued with Martin.

Martin: *looks at his compass*

The needle is just spinning around. It was confused about being in another dimension. Apparently Earth compasses don’t work in Jumanji either.

“I should've known that.” said Martin.

The thing drew closer as the rustling continued.

”What do you think it is?” Milhouse asked.

”Dunno a monster.” said Bart shivering.

”I hope it’s a cute cuddly green bear cub with a big wet shiny green nose!” said Oscar being silly.

Bart winced exasperated with him.

They creep quietly into the woods and hear more rustling sounds. Suddenly, three figures emerge from the foliage.

Martin: *gasps* Goblins!

”Mr Welles!” Orson Welles’s agent sighed.

”Okay, fine... no goblins...” said Orson Welles.

”Goblins are part of the story...” said Oscar,

Goblin 1: PEOPLE!

Bart: Why did you just yell "people"?

Goblin 2: Why did you just yell goblins?

Milhouse: 'Cause you're goblins.

Goblin 3: You're people.

Martin: But we're not scary.

Goblins: That's what you think.

Nelson: Why would you think people are scary?

Goblin 1: Because they're always chasing after us with torches and sharp pointy things.

Bart: That's not cool, man. You guys seem alright.

Goblin 2: You seem alright too.

Bart: We're trying to get home and some dude told us we have to go through the woods and defeat a dragon. Did you know how to find a dragon?

Goblin 3: We only know the dragon lives beyond the woods. We don't leave the woods very often. Sorry we can't be more helpful.

”That’s okay. You guys are cool.” said Bart.

”Thanks. Stay safe.” said the strangely friendly goblins.

Bart and his friends continued their journey through the woods.