Simpsons Fanon

I know there was a covid-19 episode back in 1993, people in Japan were spreading the disease in there mail box factory before spreading in US, UK and everywhere. Then Kent Brockman said that the symptom wasn't called coronavirus it was called Apocalypse of Meow. I wanted to make this script because family guy has the episode of the covid-19. and I wanted to be one of them who has that idea.

Couch gags

So the start of a title is short after the short title Deadpool is in the couch gag. Deadpool sits the Simpsons couch the Simpsons have arrived home Deadpool tries to say hello Deadpool wondered were his sword is but Bart has it he sliced his head and before sitting on the couch Bart tries to throw his head to the tv Deadpool thought that the Simpsons were being generous but they were not.


It started when Homer was sunbathing feeling the breeze. Bart tries to throw a water balloon at him then he wakes up and wonder who it is. Bart was giggling at Homer when he interrupted his nap Homer caught Bart and started to strangle him. Marge tells Homer and Bart to come inside and watch the news, Kent Brockman was warning everyone to stay home with their family and protect themselves from this virus; the only thing you are allowed to go out if it's only necessary things like shopping for food, exercise or taking for your pet to go out for a walk. He also adds that that people over age 6 must wear masks in indoor public spaces, when using a transportation service or when outdoors in gatherings of 10 or more. Hospital, nursing and long-term care facilities must limit visitors except for circumstances such as end-of-life care or supporting someone with a disability. Large gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited. Nonessential businesses are now closed, such as concert venues, theme parks and nightclubs.

After watching the news Marge tells the family that they won't be going out much then the kids started to scream after Marge told the kids, Bart thought his life will turn into a living hell Lisa tries to cheer the family up and always have positive thoughts during the lockdown then Marge agreed with Lisa's advice. Lisa was hanging around Maggie's room they been playing peek a boo and hide and seek then Lisa and Maggie were chilling and full of laughter.

4 weeks later, Lisa felt stressed and she couldn't take it no more; her eyes are blood shot. she wanted to get out of the house and she wanted to express herself. she puts her shades on she found a bike then she wandered off crazy.

her family didn't know she was gone it was the scene that was a sample video like the blinding lights but different. Lisa was day dreaming while she is riding her bike.

she was looking left and right to see if any shops, mall, and restaurants are open when people look at her noticing that she is not wearing a face mask, so she tries to play cool and dancing around in the traffic lights then she is smiling while still riding her bike.

after that, chief Wiggum, who happens to be on patrol at the time, interrupted her day dreaming after Lisa was stopping her bike.

Chief Wiggum tells her she was under arrest for violating the covid-19 restriction by not wearing a face mask and prepares to put handcuffs on Lisa's wrists and then he bring her straight to the car, but Lisa won't go down without a fight. She attacks Chief "Piggum" by punching and kicking him, laughing madly and quickly flees the scene pedaling on her bike in a mad dash.


After 2 hours of interrogation at the station, Chief Wiggum takes Lisa home and knocks on the door. Marge opens the door.

Marge was very angry and worried sick when Lisa wandered off alone in the city without her family while Chief Wiggum is walking to his car and drive off.

"See you in court, Lisa." Wiggum calls as he gives her a court summit.

Marge tells Lisa off for breaking the covid-19 rules. She then sends her daughter to her room and tells her to think about what she did.

Lisa tries to explain to her mother, but Marge, furiously cuts her off and again sends the naughty little girl upstairs.

"Your father will talk to you when he gets home." Marge added.


Meanwhile, Bart is feeling used to the lockdown and felt happy. Bart tries to facetime his best friend Milhouse and they're talking about how there life goes during lockdown.

Oscar also is a bit peeved by the lockdown but sees its perks when even more non essential businesses are shut down like clothes stores and barbers and hair dressers.

His parents Seth in rage while watching the news.

”Idiots! Now our son’s hair will just keep growing and growing! He’ll get lice!”

Oscar smirked as he liked having silly hair like Tai’s from Digimon and wearing goggles and a sweatband as an accessory.

Lisa was walking and sulking at the same time when she heads upstairs to her room.

Bart wondered why she was sulking, so he was putting the facetime on hold and check on her to see if she is ok.

Bart knocks on the Lisa's bedroom door and he entered. Lisa was crying in tears. Bart wonder why she was crying. His sister was telling him a story and explained she did a bad thing.

Bart was giggling at her, thinking it was funny.

Lisa also added her story that she got arrested.

Bart was laughing so loud, he thought her story wasn't sad it was funny to him.

"Why, you little...!!!" Lisa screeched angrily, as she lunged towards her brother. She was getting sick and tired of his teasing, she tries to strangle him.

she was strangling so hard she wanted to give him a lesson but Homer and Marge entered and they gasp in shock.

Marge was not very happy with Lisa for she did today. she felt disappointed for what she was causing.

Marge tries to punish Lisa for what she did but couldn't figure out what.

"Homer, i need you to punish Lisa!" Marge ordered. "She violated the COVID-19 order and was apprehended by Chief Wiggum! I will let you deal with her punishment!" And then, Marge walked off.

Homer then turned to Lisa. "All right, young lady. For your punishment, you can't find a boyfriend until you're 18, you're not spending time with your friends and no more riding your bike because your mother is locking it in the car garage. Until the outbreak is over, you will be eating meat like the rest of us! Oh, and the only thing you are allowed is spending time with us and playing the saxophone."

Bart, Homer, Maggie and Marge were leaving her to think about what she did. Lisa slams her door after they left. Lisa felt so angry and depressed then she started to scream loudly from her room.

"I hate you all!!!! I could just kill you!"

So it has been 5 years later, Lisa is no longer a little girl. she is a teenager. she is trying to get to her class for the history exam before she started going to her class she meets a cute guy who he has long hair he can be a heart breaker and he is a artist he says hi Lisa responded and she giggled he is trying to get to know her and Lisa feels the same way too Lisa was day dreaming while he is having a conversation with Lisa, Lisa is imaging of her and the boy being together in fields with yellow flowers then they were about to be kiss each other they were so close to kiss until Willie interrupted Lisa's day dreaming Willie was telling Lisa and the boy to stay 2 meters apart then after when the boy was about to go to his math class Lisa felt mad and angry that she feels that there's no hope for love. Siknner was asking Lisa to see her in his office Skinner was telling Lisa about her English test she is getting F's because she is distracted by boys and also wanted to hang around with her friends Skinner did say to Lisa she will be getting detention for 2 mouths. Then after that she started walking out of school and started to scream loudly again.

It has been eight years since Lisa has never found a boy of her life but she started to go to university and make the most of her life she is grateful to stay educated she found a guy that she meet when they were in high school she thought she was ready to date that guy after her punishment for breaking the covid-19 rules but he finds a women of his life. Lisa is still single again she felt sad after he told her he was on the date that he meet in university Bart was behind Lisa and he is teasing and pointing fingers at her Lisa starts to punch Bart's face and falls to the ground then Lisa started to evil laugh and then at the end she smiled.

The end