Simpsons Fanon
Chet Simpson
Relatives 'Father: Orville Simpson

Mother: Yuma Hickman
Brothers: Bill, Cyrus, Abe, Tyrone & Hubert Simpson
Sister: Hortense Simpson
Grandfathers: "Old Tut" Simpson and Willard Hickman
Grandmothers: "Happy" Dinsdale and Theodora Hutshing
Sisters-in-Law: Mona Simpson, Rita LaFleur and Cyrus's 15 wives
Uncles: Boris Simpson and Zeke Hickman
Nephews: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell and Frank Simpson
Nieces: Abbie Simpson and Valerie Simpson
Nephew-in-Law: Dave Rothman
Niece-in-Law: Marge Bouvier
Grandnephew: Bart Simpson
Grandnieces: Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Co-Uncle: Karl Olsen
Son: Omar Simpson
Daughter-in-Law: Marnie Simpson
Granddaughters: Lily Simpson and Magpie Simpson
Grandson: Brit Simpson