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Cave Bart Bart and Milhouse go Spelunking, Lisa builds a grammar correcting robot called Linguo and Oscar annoys everyone after a day over at the Flanders watching Christian kid's cartoons like Veggitales.


The garbage truck arrives at Ned's but takes his mailbox instead.

"Son of a diddly!" Ned swears in Ned gibberish.

Then the delivery boy threw a newspaper onto The Simpson's doorstep. The head was "First Day Of Spring"


Bart is sleeping in bed one morning when his Krusty the clown alarm clock goes off. However he sets it to snooze and goes back to sleep. "A lazy one huh? Go get im boys!" said Krusty's recorded voice on the alarm clock. Its face opened and Itchy and Scratchy on a telescopic arm popped out and hit Bart with tiny hammers.

"Okay I'm up!" Bart groaned as he got up and pushed Itchy and Scratchy back into the alarm clock.

At breakfast someone rang the doorbell with an obnoxious ring that Bart recognized.

"It's Milhouse! (Milhouse rings some more) And he has news!" said Bart heading off to answer the door.

"Bart I've found something really awesome in Springfield Forest!" said Milhouse.

"We'll take our bikes. That'll get us there faster!" said Bart. "Uh... you'll have to borrow Lisa's..."

Bart got out a keychain of keys. "The school... Dad’s car... Skinner's house... Ah! Lisa's bike!" said Bart unlocking Lisa's bike.

Bart and Milhouse were riding their bikes.

"How does it feel to ride a girl's bike?" Bart asked.

"Disturbingly comfortable." said Milhouse.

Eventually they arrived at a small cave in the forest. They ditched their bikes and went inside but not before turning on their torches.

"So what's so awesome in here Milhouse?" Bart asked.

"You're gonna like it Bart..." said Milhouse.

They crawled into a tunnel that required them to crawl. With the torches taped to their heads somehow.

“I sometimes come here to cry.” said Milhouse.

“Uh... okay...” said Bart not interested.

Inside the main chamber were lots of burlap sacks.

"Sacks! Burlap sacks!" said Bart excited.

"Look inside them!" said Milhouse grinning.

Bart opened one. Inside were fireworks. "Woe! M80s! Roman candles! Whizzpoppers! (Mmmm! Roald Dahl...)" said Bart excitedly.

They decided to play with them. On Bart's street, Evergreen Terrace, they attached fireworks to the front wheel of Lisa's bike and lit them. Milhouse tried to ride the super charged bike but the wheel flew off and went off somewhere.

"Okay that didn't work and now Lisa's gonna kill me..." said Bart.


Lisa's story!

After Bart left the breakfast table to answer the door to Milhouse he didn't come back. This was concerning to Lisa because... it was a school day! (Seriously Trilogy of Error is a school day episode but Bart truants!)

"Err... Mom, Dad... Bart's just gone out! And it's a school day!" said Lisa.

"Oh my!" Marge gasped.

"Eh whattya gonna do..." Homer read his newspaper.

"Homer! This is important!" Marge yelled. "I'm going off to find Bart!" Marge took her car keys.

"But, Mom! It's the school science fair! If I don't have something to show up Martin he'll never let me live it down!" Lisa whined.

"I'm sorry Sweetie, ask your dad for help." said Marge leaving to find Bart.

Lisa sighed and got out her science project, Linguo, a robot that corrects bad grammar.

She showed it to her Dad.

"Meet Linguo, a language robot that corrects bad grammar!" said Lisa showing Homer her robot. "Say something to it."

"Me love beer." said Homer drinking beer early in the morning on a work day... yeah this episode is weird...

"I love beer." Linguo corrected his bad grammar.

"Wow! A party robot!" said Homer. "Okay here you go little fella!" He fed Linguo some beer.

"Dad no!" Lisa yelled. Linguo malfunctioned and sparks flew out of him.

"Oops! Sorry dear!" Homer said sheepishly.

"Dad what made you think Robots can drink beer?! Grrrr! Now I'm gonna have to fix him! (Angry mumbling.)" Lisa stormed off to repair Linguo.

Bender walked in drinking a beer. He then sat next to Homer and burped fire.


Marge was driving about trying to find Bart and Milhouse but crashed into Krusty's limo.

"Oh no! Mr Teeny, swallow these pills!" said Krusty holding a bag of illegal pills. Mr Teeny screeched and ran away.

"No! Bad monkey!" Krusty yelled. Mr Teeny leapt into a Marge's car.

"Ah! A filthy monkey!" yelled Marge as she didn't like monkeys...


Lisa finished draining the beer out of Linguo and got him working again.

"Just lay still." said Lisa as she finished fixing Linguo.

"Just lie still." Linguo corrected her.

"I knew that just testing!" said Lisa annoyed.

"Sentence fragment!" said Linguo.

"Sentence fragment is also a sentence fragment." Lisa corrected Linguo.

Linguo looked around shifty. "Must conserve power. Powering down..." He switched himself off.

The school bus pulled up outside.

"Oh no! The bus!" Lisa cried. She ran out but it was too late. Otto wouldn't wait and left with out her or Bart or Hugo... "oh no!"

Martin was at the back emergency door window holding a glowing plasma globe toy and laughing evilly as his hair stuck up from static electricity.

"Kiss first place goodbye, Lisa!!! Mwuhahahahaha!"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "He really needs to stop doing that..."

Lisa decided to ride her bike to school as she often rode it back home in the title sequence with all her books. However she gasped when she found it had been taken. She knew who the culprit was.

"Grrrrrr! Baaaaart!" Lisa yelled.


Oscar's story!

The Simpsons were having breakfast.

"Cereal?! Marge you know I only like my breakfast fried or chicken fried..." said Homer.

"It's a healthy cereal from Scandinavia called Muclix!" said Marge. The family found to their disgust it was a sticky goop. "Eeeeeeeew!" They groaned.

"Looks like that goop that Tito from Disney's Weekenders has for dinner." Oscar comments watching the goop ooze off his spoon.

The scene cuts to Tito.

"I do not have goop for dinner!" Tito yelled. Yes you do. Your mom made you that disgusting goop once.

The doorbell rings with an obnoxious ringing.

"It's Milhouse! And he has news!" said Bart listening for a second ring that meant he had some important news.

Bart ran off. When he didn't come back Lisa was concerned.

"Mom... Dad... Bart just went out! And it's a school day!" said Lisa.

Marge gasped but Homer didn't care and read his newspaper.

"Homer! This is important!" Marge told him off. She took her car keys. "I'm off to find Bart."

Lisa was whining because Marge promised to see her science fair project before she went to school.

"I'm sorry Sweetie, I have to go and get Bart. Why don't you show it to your Dad?" said Marge before leaving.

Lisa sighed.

"Ugh! I'm done! Time to watch cartoons until Marge gets back..." said Oscar heading for the back lounge.


Oscar was watching cartoons when he heard Lisa talking with Homer about her science fair project. Oscar was trying to make a genetically modified puke creature that chittered like a squirrel.

Hugo had spent the last week of February going on about the same project he submitted every year. His pet pigeon rat Freckles and Flaps to apply for a science grant to reattach Siamese twins that had been separated...

Lisa yelled at Homer and stormed off somewhere.

"What's her problem?" Asked Hugo wearing his mad scientist outfit.

"Beats me..." Oscar replied.


The aftermath!

Marge came home disappointed she couldn't find Bart or Milhouse.

"I don't know where that boy went but he is in so much trouble when he gets Home!" said Marge angrily. "And Mr Teeny attacked me! I need to get another tetanus shot!"

"Well Dad nearly wrecked my science fair project, I missed the school bus and Bart stole my bike!" Lisa ranted.

Suddenly outside there was an explosion. The Simpsons ran out to find Bart covered in soot and Milhouse also covered in soot riding Lisa's bike, or what was left of it as the front wheel flew off somewhere sparkling with fireworks attached.

"Well, that didn't work as I hoped and now Lisa's gonna kill me..." said Bart.

"Bart!" Lisa yelled.

"Oh shazbot!" Bart gasped as his Angry family marched up to him.

"My bike! Bart you are so dead!" Lisa yelled before strangling him.

"Lisa no! Your hands are too small and weak!" said Homer before strangling Bart as well.

"No one is strangling anyone! Let him go!" Marge told Homer and Lisa off. They released Bart.

"Bartholomew Jojo Simpson, you are in so much trouble young man! And I suppose your mom won't be happy either Milhouse!" Marge scolded Bart. "Now all of you kids get in the car!"

She drove them all to school.

"What about my story?" Homer asked.

"What story?" Hugo asked.

"Someone losing a digit in an episode involving fireworks? Didn't Family Guy do that episode?" Oscar replied.

"No this is nothing like that. Marge accidentally cuts off my thumb while cutting up brownies. Peter got all his fingers blown off by M80s because of his own stupidity." said Homer.

"Fine..." said Oscar.


After all the kids were sent to school Marge decided to relax by baking some brownies. Mmmmm... brownies....

Homer comes in smelling the delicious freshly baked brownies.

"Ooooh! Brownies!" said Homer. "Can I have one?"

"No not until after dinner." said Marge cutting the brownies.

"Can I have Dinner now?" Homer asked.

"No Homer..." Marge sighed.

Homer pondered a way to annoy Bart as a punishment as he couldn't strangle him and Oscar constantly undermined him when he grounded Bart or banned him from things.

"Can I scare Bart during the night by running into his room screaming and brandishing a knife asking if he wants a brownie?" Homer asked.

"Certainly not!" Marge replied.

"Well I'm gonna get a brownie." said Homer.

"Homer no!" Marge replied as he was being playful while she was holding a very sharp knife! Suddenly she accidentally sliced off his thumb! He screamed.

"Oh my god! We have to get you and your thumb to a hospital immediately!" said Marge.

"You sliced off my thumb!!" Homer screamed clutching his bloody hand.

"Mmmmm...blood." said Hugo.

“Mmmmmm...” said Ace the vampire as his fangs elongated to feed and his sclera went green for vampire hunger taking over.

"It was an accident!" said Marge.

"Okay, okay... relax... here's what we tell the doctor. You caught me in bed with four beautiful women..." said Homer.

"HmmmmmmM how about we say Bart did it..." said Marge.

"Fine..." said Homer.

Plot 2[]

Marge and Homer drove off to the hospital. After they were long gone Bart and Milhouse snuck in. They found Oscar watching cartoons.

"Hey Oz, it's too nice to be watching cartoons all day. Milhouse and I found a secret stash of fireworks and are pranking with them!" said Bart coaxing Oscar into going out with them.

"Aren't you two supposed to be in school?" said Oscar.

"Aren't you?" Bart retorted.

"Ah touché. I guess we're both truanting. Besides it's a geeky science fair today." said Oscar.

"Yeah I know, and Martin is acting really weird laughing evilly and stroking his plasma globe...." said Bart. They went of somewhere with the fireworks.

"So... what else is new..." asked Oscar.

"Ralph accidentally got on the wrong bus to East Springfield Elementary..." said Bart.

"There's an East Springfield school?!" Oscar asked confused.

"Why sure! They teach French there!" said Bart.

They stopped at Skinner's house and rigged his lawn gnomes with with M80 fire crackers. They all exploded one by one. Bart and his friends laughed.

A gnome landed at Fort Fragg and blew up. It frightened the sappy recruits who ran around gayly. "We're not ready!" One of them whined.

At Skinners.

Bart, Oscar and Milhouse finished laughing at destroying Skinner's gnomes.

"Gnome Theft is a serious problem in England that they started inventing video doorbells so you can catch gnome thieves in the act." said Oscar.

"What kind of sap would steal garden gnomes...." Bart sighed.

There was a police siren.

"We better hide!" said Milhouse.

"I know a place!" Bart took Milhouse, Oscar and the fireworks into a building called "123. Fake Street." Bart laughed as he used the obviously made up name of the street to prank phone call deliveries. Once he knew the street was real he would laugh even more at the thought of some poor sap driving around trying to deliver a pizza among other things.

"Well, you did keep giving abnormally large addresss numbers like 555, Fake Street ends in the three hundreds." said Oscar.

"I know! But the delivery boys at Luigi's don't!" Bart said while laughing hysterically as they hid the fireworks where they wouldn't be found.

They relaxed and waited for the cops to go elsewhere. Then Bart got an angry mobile call from Lisa. She was cross with him for truanting again.


Elsewhere Marge and Homer went on a wild goose chase around Springfield trying to find a doctor who would reattach Homer's thumb without charging extortionate hospital fees. They even tried Dr Hibbert but he had gone insane from losing his job over Hugo and suggested removing Homer's other thumb for symmetry.

"I think the ol doc has lost it! Going on about symmetry..." Homer whispered to Marge.

"A Hehehehe! No but my cousin Drill Sergeant Hibbert was obsessed with symmetry!" said Dr Hibbert.

Elsewhere in Third grade, they had Drill Sergeant Hibbert as a substitute teacher. He was yelling at the kids and addressing them as maggots while lording over the classroom. Suddenly a boy deliberately dropped his pencil.

"What is your major malfunction maggot?! That was a calculated decision!" yelled Drill Sergeant Hibbert.

“What is your name Maggot?” Hibbert yelled.

“Curly.” said the kid with Three Stooges Tourette’s syndrome who deliberately dropped his pencil. Ie he kept going whoop whoop and gnaaaaar!

“Your hairs not curly! It’s straight! What’s your real name?!” Drill Sergeant Hibbert yelled.

“Thaddeus...” said the kid.

Everyone laughed.

“Quiet! I will not tolerate this insubordination!” Drill Sergeant Hibbert yelled. “Go and sit in the corner Curly.”

The boy sat in the corner.

Another student got told off for laughing at another kid's name and got put in a corner. Then two more kids...

"Why us?!" The kids asked.

"Symmetry!" said Drill Sergeant Hibbert forcefully.


At school Lisa defeated Fourth grade's highest achieving pupil Martin. However Linguo picked up misused language from other students. Two Italian kids were arguing.

"Whatsa matter with you?!"

"What is the matter with you?" Linguo corrected the kid.

"Yousa disrespecting me?" a kid yelled at Linguo.

"Are you disrespecting me?" Linguo corrected him.

"Shut up-a yer face!" The kid yelled.

"Shut up, your face." said Linguo.

"Me and him are gonna hit you in the lambunza!" The kid and his friends yelled.

"Overload! Bad Grammar overload!" Linguo malfunctioned and violently exploded!

"Oh no!" Lisa cried.

"Ha ha!" Martin did a Nelson Muntz laugh. Nelson punched him.

"Hey don't make fun!" Nelson told him off for not being a graceful loser.

Homer was trying to find Marge when Linguo's head fell from the sky.

"Oh no! Linguo!" Homer cried. He caressed the robot's head. "Linguo dead?" Homer asked.

"I am dead..." said Linguo before shutting down completely. Forever...

"Nooooooooooooo!" Homer screamed before crying and sobbing.


Bart and Milhouse later that afternoon despite being in trouble for truanting were at their cave again going through the fireworks when the actual owners of the fireworks came to collect them.

That person was... Fat Tony! Dun dun dun.

"Ah! Fat Tony!" Bart screamed.

"Bart! How is my little Corleone?" Fat Tony asked Warmly.

"Fine. Getting up to hijinks..." Bart smirked.

Fat Tony laughed warmly and scruffled Bart's hair.

"So are these your fireworks?" Bart asked.

"Yes but, Wiggum, he is not playing so nice..." said Fat Tony,

"They're illegal..." said Bart. Milhouse was about to say something but Bart cupped his hand over his mouth to silence him.

"Well... remember what I told you about the poor family stealing bread..." Fat Tony explained.

"I know... I know... Don't worry, your secret is ace with me and Milhouse. We won't tell anybody. Will we?!" Bart asked Milhouse in a serious manner. Milhouse shook his head.

"Hey but someone's been at thee!" said the high pitched voiced curly haired mobster.

"Uh that was us, we were playing with some..." said Bart. "But we hid the rest of the sack in a safe house on 123 Fake Street!"

"As long as they're safe. Do not disappoint me Bart..." Fat Tony warned him. Bart gulped.

Bart and Milhouse went home.

"I can't believe you're a made man in the mafia! That's wicked awesome!" said Milhouse. "But uh how can you knowingly turn your back on the law when you're a junior police officer? Well once you're old enough to join the academy..."

Bart stopped him and held him forcefully. "Milhouse listen. This is conflicting to me,I know how bad it looks having to question my loyalty to Wiggum over Fat Tony but this is some deep stuff man! You don't betray the mafia!"

"I know! Now get out of my personal space your breath stinks like cheesy puffs!" said Milhouse.

"It does not!" Bart argued. "Now pipe down and listen! Nobody can know about this! No one!! Understood?!"

"Yes sir..." said Milhouse.


At home Homer was crying over Linguo while holding his head.

"I know how you feel Dad. I miss him too." said Lisa sniffling.

Oscar rolled his eyes as he watched cartoons.

"Oscar you've been watching cartoons all day. I want you to go out and play." said Marge.

"Fine, I'll go over to Flanders and watch cartoons over there! Bleh!" said Oscar petulantly while sticking his tongue out at her. He stormed off to Flanders.

"Hi diddly ho neighborino!" Ned greeted him when he rang the door bell.

"Marge is interfering with my eight hours of cartoons time so vamoose the lounge I wanna watch cartoons." said Oscar going into the lounge.

"Now hold your horses diddly kiddly." said Ned. "We don't allow the sort of devil shows the Simpsons watch."

"I know. I'm quite happy watching Veggitales." said Oscar. He sniggered. "Hehehehe! Religious vegetables!"

"Okilly Dokilly! Just park your keester between Rod and Todd and don't sit too close or you'll get square eyes!" said Ned.

Oscar sat between Rod and Todd as they watched Veggitales.

"We're learning!" said Todd.

One of the characters was talking. Probably something bible related. Oscar laughed hysterically. "They're talking vegetables! (Screaming with laughter) Look! A talking tomato!"

Rod and Todd sighed and rolled their eyes.

Eventually Bart came over to pick Oscar up.

"Mom said you were geeking it up over at the Flanders. Oh for crying out loud Oz! You're watching Veggitales!?" Bart explained before yelling because Oscar was watching Veggitales with Rod and Todd.

Oscar was in a trance singing about Larry the cucumber.

"We need to get you home and some Itchy and Scratchy into your brain before you geek out and become a Flanders zombie!" said Bart taking Oscar home as Veggitales finished. However...

"And now for another exciting and mother approved episode of The Adventures in Booga Booga Land!" said the TV.

Upon hearing the title Oscar's pupils grew smaller and he went completely insane! He ran and jumped around the lounge laughing hysterically and screaming "Booga Booga Land!" repeatedly.

"Oscar! Shhhh!" Bart tried to stop him but he was too obsessed with screaming "Booga Booga Land!"

"Oz! Calm down right now!" Bart shouted. Oscar froze and complied. "Geez! That cartoon must be hysterical to you..."

"They said booger!" Oscar laughed.

"Oscar the word booger isn't that funny...." said Bart sighing.

However Ned came in and gasped at what show had came on. "Earwigs! Eyelids! I'm sorry kids but I don't allow my boys to watch that show!" said Ned switching the TV over.

"What? Booga Booga Land? Why?!" Oscar asked.

Ned gasped and fainted at him saying Booger.

"Come on Oscar, let's go home..." said Bart taking him home.


At dinner in the dining room Oscar kept screaming Booga Booga Land!

"He's got into lame Christian cartoons and there was a cartoon after Veggitales called that..." Bart explained.

"Oh dear..." Marge sighed.

"I'll sort this!" said Homer. He shoved an entire bottle of Focusyn down Oscar's throat.

"Dad no! That stuff causes paranoia!" said Bart.

Later Oscar’s paranoia and newfound love for wearing tinfoil because of WiFi radiation annoyed Lisa so she took a bus to West Springfield a weird alternative Springfield with its own school.

“Wow! Instead of a Miss Hoover, their school has a french class!” said Lisa.

The french class had a stereotypical French guy teaching french. A stereotypical French onion seller. Also the Triforce from Zelda was used to teach a healthy diet of foods from courage, wisdom and power...

“Now en francais...” said the teacher. His pupils laughed the French way.

“Ohonhonhon!” They laughed.

“Bonjour!” said French Ralph.

“Even the Ralph is French!” Lisa sighed.

“Au rivoir!” French Ralph said and went into a locker and shut himself in. Lisa grimaced at his stupidity.

Then Frankie Muniz, aka Malcolm in the Middle made a cameo as a boy at the school who had a crush on Lisa but realized it could ever be.