Episodes that are named after songs

Bridge Over Troubled Daughter

Milhouse on Fire

Homer on the Range

Keep the Homer Fries Burning

30 Minutes to Mars

Ballad of A Fat Man

Positively Evergreen Terrace

Midnight Train to Springfield

Big Dumb Sax

Wake Up Little Lisa

Boogie With Disco Stu

Birthday Sax

Darlin' Marge

Lisa's Gone

Beers in Heaven

Gays of Candy

Bread and Daughter

Wayland Smithers' Guitar

Sister in the Sun

Black Burning Bart

Springfield to Birmingham

Left My Bart in Tokyo

Evergreen Terrace Heartache

Hit the Road Bart

Lisa Looks Pretty in Pink

Valley of the Donuts

Piece of My Bart

Blood Sugar Sax Magik

All Those Beers Ago

Muddy Daughter

Springfield Train

First Flight Homer

The Fresh Punk of Springfield

I Don't Want Your Monty

Pretty Good Beer

Left My Bart in Memphis

Springfield Breakdown

Get the Monty

Bart Attack

Monty for Nothing

30 Minutes In The Hole

Prison Sax

Bart-Shaped Box

Maggie's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Christmas in Springfield

Monty Honey

A Thousand Beers

Krusty, Are You Doing Okay?

D'oh-Vember Rain

Sax and Candy

Achy Breaky Bart

Lisa in the Sky With Diamonds

Springfield on My Mind

Monty and the Power

My Crappy Ending

D'oh, Lonesome Me

My Bart Will Go On

Bart Out of Hell

Free as a Nerd

Butterfly Milhouse

Dear Lisa

Cold, Cold Bart

Shape of My Bart

20 Beers From Now

Cold Daughter

Don't Leave Homer

Carry Me Homer

A Sundance Kind of Love

City of the Ned

Bart the Rose-Colored Boy

Until the End of Gays


Boy Soldiers

Panama Yellow

Burns One Down

Teardrops on My Saxophone

Blue Burns Orange

Best Seat in the Milhouse

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