Simpsons Fanon

Campers Pampers Ned sets up his Boy Scouts again and during a scouting trip to Springfield forest the killer who murdered some of the scouts last time reveals his identity and Oscar instigates a new uniform addition, no one accepts it as its a diaper. And Bart and a few scouts led by Oscar in a diaper get lost in the tree of lost objects.

Meanwhile Lisa encounters a Druid who teaches her the ways of nature.

The Jason Voorhees attacks and Baby Oscar gets captured by a slime monster cartoon puppy.


Oscar was in detention. His punishment was to help deliver supplies to the art classes. He passed the art classrooms. In them were the hippy art teacher who always praised her students and Bart will get her pregnant in a future episode. In the next a male art teacher was smoking cannabis. And in another was Ned Flanders as Scout Master Flanders.

“Hi diddly ho kiddo rino!” said Ned as he came in.

“Mr Flanders?! Are you setting up your Boy Scouts troupe again?” Oscar asked.

“Yessiree! I got my Scoutmaster rank back! After that incident on the last trip.” said Ned.

“Oh yeah.” said Oscar having flashbacks to Boy-Scoutz n the Hood

At School the next morning Bart wasn’t interested.

“Sorry but I’m not gonna rejoin Campers Pampers this semester.” said Bart. “It’s not like I have any class tests I want to avoid.

“That reminds me I instigated a new addition to the scouts uniform...” said Oscar.

“Like I said I do not care I’m not rejoining!” said Bart.

“Woo! Last minute Science exam!” said Hugo,

“What was that about a new uniform item?” Bart asked suddenly dressed in his scouts uniform pulling up his shorts.


Bart was horrified to find it was a diaper instead of underwear.

“No Oz! None of the scouts are wearing diapers!” said Bart. “That’s just weird!”

“You think that’s weird check out the new assistant scoutmasters!” said Oscar standing in the scout club classroom in a diaper.

Bart looked round to find Ernest Borgnine dressed as Mermaid Man and Paul Lynde as a scoutmaster.

“Don’t be afraid to use your nails boys! Ahahahaha!” said Paul Lynde.

Bart rolled his eyes.

Ned called everyone to sit down for activities.

“Boys we’re going on a field trip to Springfield forest. Now I know last field trip before we disbanded resulted in several scouts being murdered but I have a good feeling this year.” said Ned.

Bart put up his hand.

“Yes Bart?” said Ned.

“Is this a bring your dad trip?” Bart asked.

“No but it would be nice to see ol Homer.” said Ned.

“Because he’s in one of his moods again...” said Bart.


At home Homer kept singing “Bookhead has his booky wook! Do dah! Do dah!”

“Homer! Stop teasing him!” Marge yelled.

Bart went upstairs to get packed.

Meanwhile Oscar was stuffing his hand up Teddy’s nose.

“How do you get a dollar note up there?!” said Oscar.

“I was snorting flour...” said Teddy.

Oscar dug around in his nostril until there was a squelch. He grimaced and found his hand was stuck in gooey snot. He struggled until he pulled free of it. His hand was oozing with slime... “Eeeeeeeew!” Oscar groaned.

After washing his hands Oscar found he had pulled out a twenty dollar note along with all that snot. “Woohoo!” He cheered. “Going to Apu’s! See ya later!”

“Just be back by dinner.” said Marge.

Oscar skateboarded to Apu’s.

Apu politely greeted him and asked him what he wanted.

“One squishee made entirely of syrup.” Oscar asked paying him.

Everyone gasped.

Apu served him a green coloured squishee. However the machine shook violently as it tried to dispense the all syrup squishee.

“She won’t hold! She’s breaking up!” yelled Apu.

Other customers screamed and ran out.

However the machine eventually stopped and calmed down and Apu finished dispensing the squishee.

“Here you go! Thank you and come again!” said Apu.

Oscar took his all syrup squishee and change.


Oscar tried to drink the all syrup squishee with the straw it came with but it was too thick. So he took off the clear plastic lid and took a big sip. It made him feel weird.

“That’s some good squishee.” said Oscar.

“How’s it feel Oscar? Oscar? Oscar?” asked three Milhouses.

“Glllkujhgfddedewfdeffbly!” Oscar spoke in gibberish.

“Gimme that!” Milhouse took the all syrup squishee and tried some. He made an odd noise while his eyes went to Wall eyes and back again. Milhouse gave him back his all syrup squishee. “We should-“

“If you say put on a musical I will personally pour this squishee all over you!” said Oscar. “I just want to get back to the Simpsons house.”

Milhouse sulked. “Can I at least use the laundrette?”

“No! Get your own money!” said Oscar.

“How about naked basketball?” said Milhouse wagging his eyebrows.

“Okay!” Oscar smirked. “And Bart’s not around to stop us!”

“Yes I am!” said Bart. “Milhouse and I are never far apart!” He hurried towards them. “Now stop with the naked basketball thing...”

“Don’t worry Milhouse we’ll do naked basketball while he’s away at scouts...” whispered Oscar.

“No you won’t!” said Bart annoyed at their strange obsessions.


It was the big day. Bart had spent the time prior practicing his scout skills such as tying knots, setting traps for Homer and having to deal with his annoying “Bookhead has his booky wook!” songs.

On the day Ned hires out a school bus to take them to the camp.

“Why can’t I drive?” Otto asked.

“Because you’re clearly under the influence of marijuana...” said Skinner.

“Oh yeah...” Otto chuckled.

The scouts arrived at camp. Ned called them to gather round to listen to his instructions. However someone was watching them. The eerie Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma soundtrack played.

The campers were assigned to pick up litter. As Bart helped out he got some picture text messages. Oscar was playing basketball with Milhouse naked. At the down town basketball court.

Bart growled annoyed and put his phone away. It was no use. He was too far from his local neighbourhood to run there.

“Hey I found a frisbee! Catch!” said the fat kid who gave Bart mouth to mouth resuscitation. He threw a frisbee. But it landed in a big tree with lots of objects stuck in its branches.

“Oh nice throwing dude! It’s stuck in the tree of lost objects!” Bart said sarcastically and disappointed.

“Eh?” asked the fat scout.

“The tree of lost objects... it’s an urban legend. Or at least it was until we found it right now to be real. It’s a tree that snags any objects in its branches. Once something gets stuck in its branches you won’t get it back.” Bart explained.

“Why not?” a scout asked.

“I don’t know! Nobody has ever tried climbing up there! There’s lots of mysteries about Springfield forest that are inexplicable...” said Bart.

“Maybe we should climb up there.” said the fat scout.

“Okay we will during free time.” said Bart.


At home Homer was watching Dr Marvin Monroe’s the shut up family again.

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

“Why don’t you both shut uuuuuup!” said the son screaming at his parents.

“Hehehehe! They are so dysfunctional!” said Homer giggling.

Lisa came in wearing her summer clothes for going out on her own bird watching and stuff.

“Why are you dressed up in your hiking/outdoor activity gear?” Homer asked her.

“Because I am going out to the Springfield forest to meditate and look at all the cute creatures.” said Lisa. “I have a notebook and pen for noting down any creatures I find. My mobile phone. Some water to drink. Book on poisonous plants and funghi..”

“Yeah I don’t want to hear what groceries you have now move you’re blocking the TV...” said Homer.

Lisa sighed and went.


Meanwhile Bart and a few scouts climbed up the tree of lost objects. Up along the way they encountered Baby Oscar caught in some branches. They rescued him and continued climbing.

Elsewhere Lisa arrived in Springfield forest. In another section from where Ned and Bart were with the other scouts. She immediately found a reticulated chipmunk.

“Aaaawwww! What an adorable little reticulated chipmunk! You are so reticulated! Yes you are!” Lisa was cooking over the cute chipmunk and gently tapped its nose as she spoke to it.

“Hi Mrs owl! You’re up early!” said Lisa to an owl. She skipped of happily humming unaware as the owl snatched up the reticulated chipmunk.

However she encountered a crazy or at least eccentric old Druid.

He seemed to know her even though she hadn’t introduced herself. He spoke of the ways of the forest and nature. Lisa read up on paganism but never really took it seriously. However this Druid convinced her to at least go through some rituals or trials at least.

However the first one was to find some food in a polluted swamp. But there didn’t seem to be anything remotely edible.

“Well except that decomposing pig but I’m a vegetarian now, I’m not eating that.

Billy stuck his face into some slimy mud at the bank of the swamp and got a mouthful of mud and worms and other crawling things.

“I like the squiggly ones the best.” said the Druid.

Lisa gagged in disgust.

Billy swallowed the mud and bugs. Suddenly he swelled up with pustules and spots.


Elsewhere Bart, Baby Oscar and the scouts left a giant knothole and walked a long a branch.

“Stupid compass! We’re lost!” said a scout.

“You’re not looking at the bigger picture guys...” said Oscar riding a vine down somewhere. The scouts followed him along with Bart.

Oscar just clad in a diaper landed near a small little door in the trunk of the tree. He rang the doorbell. A cartoon grey squirrel with a big black shiny wet nose answered and squeaked and chittered at him annoyed.

Oscar gurgled a message to tell him to take a hike but more squirrels appeared and surrounded him as he backed away.

“Aaaaaawwww! Look at the cute little squirrels!” said the fat scout. The squirrels attacked Bart and the scouts.

Oscar shrugged as he watched them get bitten and scratched by the cartoon squirrels.

Plot 2[]

The Druid then explained how to use one’s inner thoughts to change into an animal. Billy turned into a cooked chicken. Grim turned into a penguin.

The Druid turned into a cartoon bear with a big wet shiny black nose. He scared Lisa, Billy and Grim as he chased them before tearing Grim apart before putting him together again sheepishly. He explained that in animal form you think like that animal so you sometimes forget yourself.


Oscar watched as the squirrels finished fighting with his friends and turned their attention to him. They sniffed his diaper. Oscar gurgled and backed away as they sniffed him. They kept sniffing his diaper. He gurgled and squeezed their noses. Or the nose of one of the squirrels.

The squirrel’s nose squeaked like a toy. Oscar gurgled and squeezed his nose again. The squirrels frowned and grabbed Baby Oscar and took him inside their den behind the little door and shut themselves inside.

Bart and the scouts bruised, bitten and scratched groaned as they got up and dusted themselves off. Bart realised the squirrels took Oscar but shrugged his shoulders and took the scouts down to the lower branches to safety.


Earlier that day.

After playing basketball naked while high on syrup squishee Oscar and Milhouse went about town naked. They tripped badly.

“Dude you gotta help me! I’m naked and I don’t feel so good...” said Oscar high from the all syrup squishee to Ned.

“Well ding dong diddly habba hooey habba hooey gabba gabba hey...” said Ned but he warped about like a lava lamp and mouths and moustaches appeared in the air in front of him as he spoke distorted.

Oscar screamed and ran off. He stumbled and fell in front of Jasper, Nelson, Mrs krabappel and Barney.

Jasper as a walrus asked him “Goo goo g’joob?”

Nelson laughed his laugh but it was distorted in tone and rhythm.

Mrs krabappel had lots of eyes and a chimp muzzle. She made the trumpet sound that grownups make in the Peanuts cartoon.

Barney burped but triangles ran along this stomach and other MC Esther imagery.

Oscar screamed in terror and ran away while tripping hard on all syrup squishee.

His trip ended with him in a diaper stuck in the tree of lost objects where Bart found him. He was suffering the after effects of tripping. A headache and the taste of purple in his mouth.


Elsewhere Milhouse ended up in a dark area of the Springfield forest.

He woke up with a sore head. Then it hit him. He was stark naked!

“Agh! I’m naked!

He jumped in a bush and he listened to the sounds of animals before coming up with an idea for makeshift clothes.

He was in a bush making wet splats as he slapped mud on himself. “And some moss here... and hey presto!” he walked out of the bushes wearing a leaf skirt like Bart and Homer’s from The Call of The Simpsons.

He went off into dark forest.

Lisa meanwhile was entering another dark part of the forest as part of her Druid trials.

“Gee it’s getting dark in here...” she shivered scared. “I hope I don’t encounter a wolf or something!” said Lisa.

However the evil wolf from Disney’s Sword in the Stone was following her.

However amusingly he would get a branch smacked in his face or a broken branch in his mouth at every opportunity . Eventually he lost her when she crawled into some brambles.


Baby Oscar was in the squirrel den having his diaper sniffed by the cartoon squirrels with big wet shiny black noses. Their noses quivered and twitched as they sniffed him.

Oscar gurgled and squeezed a squirrel’s nose. It squeaked like a toy. He giggled. The squirrels decided to play with him in their own way. This involved sniffing him until he retaliated by honking their noses. Then pinning him down and a squirrel smooshing its big wet slimy shiny nose into his face. Oscar gurgled and grimaced as the squirrel’s nose felt slimy. The squirrel rubbed their noses together spreading nose moisture across Oscar’s nose.

The squirrels sniffed his diaper before attempting to take off his diaper for some reason.

The squirrel that was smooshing its nose against his stopped to pick its nose. Oscar wet himself watching the squirrel dig his claw deep into his shiny nose.

The squirrels trying to remove his diaper backed away as he soaked his diaper. Oscar gurgled and grinned and shrunk himself.

He toddled up to the nose picking squirrel and cooed. The squirrel picked him up. Big mistake as Oscar shoved his hands up its nose. There was a wet splat as Oscar’s hands sunk into something slimy. Boogers...

The squirrel yelped when he did that. Oscar pulled his hand out but it was stuck in some green gooey gunk. He tugged at the stretchy gooey muck frantically.

“Eeeeeew!” the squirrel groaned. “Nnnnnngh! Leggo!” He tried with some difficulty to pull Oscar free from the snot he was stuck in. Eventually the gooey strands snapped like elastic bands.

Baby Oscar looked at his hands to find they were covered in thick oozing slime. He gurgled in disgust and and splattered them together with a big clap. With a splat they stuck together. He tugged at the goo grunting as he tugged at it.

The squirrel rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile Homer as one of of the scout dads, did I not mention Bart dragged him along again? Well he did. Anyway Homer was annoying Bart as he read a book.

“Well if it isn’t the leader of the wiener patrol boning up on his nerd lessons.

“Homer stop that!” Marge told him off as she made refreshments at camp.

“Egghead likes his booky wook! Doo dah! Doo dah!” Homer sung.

“Homer!” Marge yelled.

“Just playing with the boy!” said Homer.

“Dad go and annoy Egghead from Chill Manor...” Bart sighed as he read a book on making a simple camp fire.

Meanwhile Mandy was watching the squirrels’ TV.

“Wow they have cable.” said Mandy from Grim Adventures fascinated as she watched cable.

Meanwhile Oscar was stuffing his hands up a grey squirrel’s big wet shiny black nose and pulling his boogers.

“Eeeeeew! Oz stop that...” Mandy groaned.

Back at camp Bart and the fat scout who tried to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation we’re making a fire. Bart was rubbing the stick in the middle to generate friction and the fat scout blew to get the fire started.

“This is stupid. Time to do things my way.” said Bart. He got out a magnifying glass and pointed it slouch a way that the sun light was magnified into a laser that set fire to his sticks and kindling for a campfire. Bart soon had a burning campfire.

Meanwhile Marge wondered where Lisa and Milhouse were.

Lisa was wandering an area of forest where Skinner in a muddy dressing gown was yelling about Thaddeus or something. “That stupid rumour about a teacher going mad and hiding in the wilderness as a monster.” said Lisa’s brain.

Lisa wondered how Skinner ended up so muddy. Not looking where she was going she stumbled into a patch of deep mud that went up to her waist.

“Yuck! Is this quicksand?! Heeeeelp!” Lisa cried.

There was a nasally cry of a boy nerd trying to do a Tarzan yell as Milhouse wearing a leaf skirt swung down on a vine and pulled Lisa out of the mud.

“Milhouse you saved me!” said Lisa.

“Yeah, isn’t it romantic...” said Milhouse making bedroom eyes.

“Uh no... let’s get out of here.” Lisa was disgusted by his constant attempts to woo her.

Meanwhile baby Oscar in a diaper and some grey cartoon squirrels with big shiny noses were trying to use a battering ram to get in somewhere.

Eventually Mandy let them in only because there was nothing decent to watch.

The squirrels went in their house and kicked Oscar out for being annoying.


It was soon night. Lisa, Milhouse and baby Oscar in a diaper arrived at camp.

Marge was so worried about them as she embarrassed Lisa by hugging and kissing her.

“We’re fine mom, just a little muddy.” said Lisa.

Kirk was happy Milhouse was in one piece. “But where are your clothes?”

Milhouse blushed and stammered. He had left them behind while playing naked basketball.

“I spent hours in a stupid tree annoying some cartoon squirrels by honking their big wet shiny black noses and pulling their boogers.” said Oscar.

“Eeeeew!” Bart groaned.

Ned then gathered the scouts around the campfire and they all had s’mores and sung Lane campfire songs like polly wally doodle and Bingo.

Oscar has his fingers in his ears trying to blot out the annoying chorus of B I N G O! When he heard an eerie chattering of Ki Ki Ma Ma and heavy breathing. Something was watching them all in the bushes. Eventually the scouts stopped singing as Jason Voorhees bursted out of the bushes holding a machete.

“Aaaaaaagh! Jason Voorhees!” everyone screamed.

Ernst Borgnine was catatonic.

“Mermaid man? Was this what you saw the night the scouts were attacked?” Bart asked Ernst as Jason murdered scouts.

“I am Ernst nine of the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” said Ernst Borgnine.

“Bart run! Jason Voorhees is attacking!” Homer yelled.

They all fled into the dark forest to escape Jason.

Ned and Mermaid man encountered an angry bear. Mermaid man looked for something to draw an anti sea bear circle.

“No narrator! No flippin Spongebob!” Bart groaned.

Jason stabbed two scouts who he caught up with and then stalked the others. They would not escape him. (Except if you glitch onto the roof in that Friday the thirteenth video game that’s trending now. No not it’s ancestor the NES game with dancing purple Jason. The new game where you can play as Jason or a victim.)

Bart, Homer, Paul Lynde and a handful of scouts found an old cabin lodge to hide in from Jason.

“Oh the irony! A log cabin!” said Homer.

“Dad get in and get a fire going. Mr Lynde, secure the lodge after we all get in so Jason can’t get in.

“But he can Bart! Just like in that new Friday the thirteenth game! The only way to survive is be very lucky or glitch onto the roof.” said Milhouse.

“Yes we know how you like cheating by glitching onto the roof Milhouse...” Bart glared at him.

We cut to live footage of the new PC/PS4 Friday the thirteenth game. Some players have glitched onto the roof of the cabin while Jason is down below hunting players.

“Milhouse that’s cheating! Get off of the roof before I kick you from the game!” Bart whined and sort of yelled over microphone.

Milhouse laughed. “You can’t get me!”

“No I can’t. That’s why it’s cheating.” said Bart with his online gaming microphone.

Nelson laughed. “Haw haw!”


Meanwhile Ned and Mermaid man escaped the bear and were wandering the woods while shadows of scary, deliverance style rednecks watched them.

One of them had the silhouette of a young kid wearing a baseball cap.

Elsewhere Oscar kept up spirits by singing route one from Pokemon, Magnadoodle commercial theme.

“(Singing Polly Wally Doodle) So I went down south to see my Sal singing Polly Wolly Doodle all the way... and la la la la la! Polly wolly doodle!” sung a Oscar.

“Oz we’re on the run from a psychotic killer, we’re really not in the mood for singing!” Lisa whined.

All of a sudden, their adventure to survive became a choose your own adventure book!

“Nooooooo!” Oscar screamed.

Plot 3[]

Oscar’s group encounters a bear. A grizzly bear is roaring at them. They are scared. What happens?

The bear kills them. Turn to page 23.

Oscar draws an anti sea bear circle. Turn to page 133.

Oscar turns the bear into a friendly cartoon bear. Turn to page 75.

Oscar picked using his magic to turn the angry bear into a friendly cartoon bear like Teddy, his living teddy bear.

“Ah, Ursus Cartoonus, we’re safe now.” said Oscar standing proudly in his diaper.

The cartoon bear picked him up to cuddle him. Then sniffed his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Oscar grimaced as the bear sniffed him.

“Okay I suppose I have to pick a page to decide whether this overgrown teddy bear leaves me alone or not?” Oscar asked the fourth wall.

Meanwhile Jason was breaking into the hunting lodge Bart’s group was in. They were sleeping but the sounds of Jason breaking in woke them.

“Oh no! We’re doomed!” Homer cried.

“Maybe if we call his mom he’ll get told off and leave us?” The scout who’s dad was in prison asked.

“No! Didn’t you ever see the first Friday the thirteenth? His mother Pamala started it all!” said Bart.

“Uh no. Because it’s an R rated movie...” said the boy.

“We can glitch onto the roof!” Milhouse smirked.

“No! I want to live but I don’t want to live as scummy cheater!” said Bart.

“Suit yourselves.” said Milhouse. He glitched onto the roof.

“Ha!” Milhouse taunted Jason.

Jason growled and shook his arm in a fist in anger.


Oscar escaped the perverted bear who wouldn’t stop sniffing him. The next obstacle was the big mud bog Lisa fell in. Oscar stumbled into the mud.

“Ugh! Quicksand?!” He tried not to struggle too much.

“Oz try not to struggle.” said Lisa.

“Get me out of this gunk!” Oscar grunted.

Lisa threw a vine lasso around him and pulled him out of the mud.

“Okay I just need to change out of this muddy diaper and we can get going...” said Oscar.


Oscar wandered off while everyone rested and found one of rumours about Thaddeus being an awful slime creature now were sort of true. Except the slime creature wasn’t Thaddeus the crazy teacher, they were a cartoon snot puppy. Or mucky puppy as baby Oscar called him.

A cartoon puppy with a big wet shiny black nose grinned at Oscar and oozed slime everywhere. Oscar gulped and wet his diaper.

The slime monster puppy oozed as amorphous slime at him and splattered on his diaper. Oscar groaned as it engulfed his diaper.

Oscar gurgled and toddled about the forest in a slime diaper. His slimy diaper oozed slime. Suddenly tree branches grabbed him and restrained him. Oscar wriggled his stubby little legs only to grimace as the slime from his diaper engulfed them slowly. Then slime oozed and dribbled under him and suddenly his feet stuck as the slime went gooey.

Then his hands were held up at knotholes of the tree. Green slimy sap oozed out and engulfed his hands. He struggled and squirmed but was stuck fast.

Meanwhile Bart, Homer and the rest of their group fled from Jason as he systematically hunted down and violently killed them all one by one.

Then a Michael Jackson look a like who looked like Michael during his Thriller video needed the bathroom and went in a outdoor toilet cubical. Jason promptly killed him by stabbing his machete through the walls of the cubical.

“We are screwed...” said Bart.


Meanwhile Oscar was still stuck to a tree. The slime monster puppy appeared and sniffed him with his big wet shiny black nose and then stuck two tendrils of slime up Oscar’s nose and absorbed his mucus and boogers getting bigger and bigger.

Then the even bigger slime monster cartoon puppy oozed and engulfed Oscar. Oscar squirmed as the slime monster cocooned him. Then the cocoon sprouted slimy tentacles that writhed and slithered for some reason.

Then Lisa and the others in his group arrived.

“No! Stay back! The blob’s got me! Don’t touch me! He’ll get you too!” Oscar warned them.

Hugo grinned and pulled out a laser pen he modified with science to emit a laser strong enough and hot enough to cut through metal. He intended to cut open the slime cocoon to rescue Oscar.

But two big slimy cartoon hands oozed out of Oscar’s slime cocoon and splattered onto the ground forming a big slime puddle that now acted like some sort of tar pit as it bubbled and Oscar was slowly pulled in.

“Ugh! Sinky slime!” Oscar whined.