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Camilla U. Simpson-Ostin - Abraham Simpson's sister, Homer Simpson's aunt and Bart, Lisa and Maggie's great-aunt.

Camilla Simpson
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Hair Light-gray
Age 75
Relatives Parents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Simpson

Siblings: Abraham Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Chet Simpson, Bill Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Hubert Simpson and Hortense Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell
Niece: Abbie Simpson
Great-nephew: Bart Simpson
Great-nieces: Maggie Simpson and Lisa Simpson
Great-great-nephews: Kirk Simpson and Picard Simpson
Great-great-nieces: Zia Simpson and Maggie Simpson, Jr.
Husband: Aaron Ostin
Children: Timothy Ostin and Betty Ostin
Grandson: Ron Ostin