Simpsons Fanon

Brother from Another Series Sideshow Bob is released from prison yet again, this time into his brother Cecil's care. Bart strongly suspects his arch nemesis is up to no good again especially when Cecil employs him to work on the new dam. However perhaps Bob has turned over a new leaf...


On a special live episode of the Krusty the Clown show, Krusty is at Springfield Penitentiary interviewing Sideshow Bob under armed guard. Bob catches up with Krusty on all the schemes he got involved him including trying to kill Bart.

Meanwhile Bart is watching the Krusty the Clown show on TV and gasps as the interview with Sideshow Bob starts and turns up the TV. Sideshow Bob announces all the failed schemes he's committed including trying to kill Bart Simpson. Bart screams and runs upstairs to his room, slamming his door shut.

"He said, tried..." Homer yelled up to him as if annoyed by Bart's panicked response.

"Hrrrrm... Some one should go up there and see to him." Marge suggests. No one moves. Not even Hugo.

Lisa sighs and goes up there.

"Phew!" said Homer.

"Homer!" Marge yelled. They all go up to see to Bart.


Bart is curled up on his bed shivering and traumatized.

"Don't worry, sweetie, Sideshow Bob's locked a way, for life, where he can't get out, ever!" Marge explained but Homer kept countering her.

"Yeah, in a minimum security prison, ran by incompetent police officers, who let him out ever so often." Homer said after each of Marge's points he countered with his own.

"Nice try, but Sideshow Bob is an unstoppable killing machine!" Bart said melancholically as he huddled up into a ball.


Sideshow Bob is then singing in the prison chapel with Reverend Lovejoy who is pleased with his progress.

"Now Reverend, you're going to get me beaten up..." Sideshow Bob joked around.

"(Snicker) True, but you've progressed so well, Bob! I think you might get an early release for your good behavior..." Lovejoy responded.

"Yes..." Sideshow Bob said quietly and ominously to himself.


Reverend Lovejoy recommends him for a work release program.

"But who would employ a five time loser like myself..." Sideshow Bob replied.

"I've already found someone..." Lovejoy took him to the visiting room.

"Cecil?!" Cecil, Bob's brother was waiting for him.

"Yes, Bob I want you to work for me, starting as soon as you're ready!"

"But what about our, you know..." Sideshow Bob explained.

"Oh water under the bridge... Let's never fight again..." Cecil replied. Bob was released.

However there was an angry crowd waiting for him.

"You should be ashamed releasing a dangerous monster like Bob!" Marge yelled.

"He tried to murder my formerly conjoined twin brother!" Hugo exclaimed.

"Now erm, Sideshow Bob is a changed man! He had very good reasons for killing us all!" Mayor Quimby replied.

"Thanks Quimby... That means so much, despite me trying to end your career..." Sideshow Bob said joyfully to Quimby before his voice took a sinister tone.

"This is an outrage! Sideshow Bob hasn't changed at all! This is all a ruse! He's a monster!" Lisa yelled. Bart was cowering behind Marge.

"Face it folks..." Everyone grew quiet as Oscar took the stage. "You can't trust Quimby with justice after releasing a convicted mass murderer like myself after a week in prison."

The crowd grew angry.

"Errerr Ah! Very well! Master Tamaki, you're err to be returned to custody immediately until you're no longer a danger to society!" The Mayor stuttered as he had the police re arrest Oscar pending his murder of the Try and Save security guard and several social workers.

"I meant Sideshow Bob, numbskull!" Oscar said as he was returned to juvenile hall.

"Eeereeer... Where did that walking palm tree go?" Quimby asked.

"Cecil drove him home while you were distracted sir..." said a prison guard.

The crowd riot.


As Sideshow Bob was being driven home by his brother, he was thinking about whether they still sold his favorite shampoo.


That night Bart is praying to god. "God bless mom and dad, and God bless Hugo, and Oscar, and Lisa and Maggie. Oh and please, please kill Sideshow Bob!" Marge tried to stop him finishing his prayer. However she got shocked by something, Oscar's joy buzzer.

"Amen!" said Bart. Completing his prayer. "Oscar, how did you get out again?" He asked.

"Duh, broke out, it's that easy..." Oscar replied. Marge was laying on the floor groaning.

Suddenly a lightning strike announced an angry storm.

Meanwhile, outside Cecil's apartment. Sideshow Bob was struck by lightning. Bob makes a funny noise as he's being electrocuted. He is burnt to a singe.

"Bob? Are you alright?!" Cecil asked.

"Yes, let's go inside before I test any further deities..." Sideshow Bob and Cecil went inside. God grumbled furiously.


Kent Brockman announced the weather.

"Tonight. A freak lightning strike out of nowhere was focused entirely on one spot this evening, we're currently unsure if anyone was injured by the strike." Kent explained. "Reverend, is this the work of God?"

"Um, probably..." Reverend coughed.

"Coool! I hope it fried Sideshow Bob!" Bart grinned.

"Bart! You can't pray to God to kill people!" Marge scolded him.

"Why not? He deserves it!" Bart replied.

"Yeah!" Homer added. "You do your own dirty work!"


At Cecil's apartment they are deciding what wine to drink to celebrate.

"Not that orange flavored garbage that tastes like it was left by the radiator..." Sideshow Bob didn't want a particular wine.

"The claret it is then." Cecil replied as he poured them each a glass of red wine.

They then had dinner.

"So what will I be doing working with you?" Sideshow Bob asked.

"For me. For me, Bob," Cecil corrected him. "I will be the foreman of Springfield's first hydroelectric and hydrodynamic dam!"

"Hydroelectric and hydrodynamic..." Bob remarked at his boastful comment. "Do you know how hackneyed you sound?"

"You'll get more respect as a civil servant then a hardened criminal... Or a clown's sideshow..." Cecil replied.

"Ah ha! I knew it! You're still mad at me for taking your job as Krusty's sidekick!" Sideshow Bob accused him.

"Perhaps I am a little still bitter..." Cecil replied.


There was a flashback. Cecil was applying to be Krusty’s sideshow and making the effort to be funny.

Krusty didn’t find him funny though and was bored.

Suddenly Bob who was waiting until Cecil had finished humiliating himself to take him home was stood wearing a trench coat. He got pied in the face and his dreadlocks sprung up in a comical fashion.

Krusty laughed hysterically. “Gahahaha! Oh god you’re hilarious! You’ve got the job!” He gave Bob the job as his slideshow. Young Cecil was upset.


"After all those buffoon lessons, the years at clown college!"

"I resent you referring to Princeton that way!" Cecil cried.

"The point is you always wanted to be a clown! Ever since you were five!" Sideshow Bob yelled.


There was a flashback.

Five year old Cecil was wearing his dad's shoes and his mother's makeup.

"Look! I'm a clown!" Cecil declared.

"Oh please... Cecil you'll never amount to anything, not even embarrassing the family name as a common harlequin-" young Bob replied, however he stepped on a colorful ball vacuum/mower toy and the handle smacked him in the face and knocked him out. A laugh track plays.

"Noooooo! Look at me! Laugh at me!" Cecil cries at the invisible audience as Bob lies unconscious on the floor.

The flashback ends.


"Well, now that's under the bridge. Besides getting rejected allowed me to answer my true calling!" Cecil explained.

"You do know no big towns have ever accepted clean energy." Sideshow Bob explained.

Cecil coughed and swirled his wine.

"Well, except in Mexico..." Sideshow Bob murmured.


Some time later Sideshow Bob and Cecil are at a river, Cecil is showing where the dam is to be built.

"So what will I be doing on this grand scheme of yours, dear brother..." Sideshow Bob asked.

"Why you will be in charge of the construction workers, keeping them motivated!" Cecil replied.

"Oh great... I suppose if a woman walks by I'll have to be the one who starts the obnoxious hooting! Oh yeah! Shake it, madam! Capital knockers!" Sideshow Bob sighed before doing a very bad impression of his best attempt at catcalling. Cecil rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Come on, Bob! This is your chance to show the world you can hold down an honest job..." said Cecil.

However they were being watched with binoculars. The person watching them was Bart, with his friend Milhouse and Oscar.

"They're up to something..." Bart said in a serious manner.

Oscar snickered. "Capital knockers!" He bursted out laughing.

"Shhh! This is serious, Oscar!" Bart hushed him.

"Maybe he's planning to pee in the river!" Milhouse suggested.

"Nah, that's not his style..." Bart replied. He looked up at Sideshow Bob and Cecil again.


Meanwhile, Sideshow Bob could see someone on the other side of the river in the bushes. "Why helloooo... That looks like... Why it's Bart Simpson!" Sideshow Bob explained.

"Hello Bart!" He waved at Bart.

However Bart quickly hid in the bushes. "He's just shy because I tried to kill him so many times."

"Uh huh..." Cecil murmured.


That evening Sideshow Bob took Edna Krabappel out for dinner. However Bart was spying on them while reading a menu.

"No don't Mrs Krabappel! That's Sideshow Bob!" Bart suddenly interrupts them when they're about to kiss...

"Well! That's the last time I announce my dinner plans in class! Hmmph!" Mrs Krabappel said as she stormed off.

"That was Edna Krabappel... You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel... Are you happy now?!" Sideshow Bob sighed.

"I'll never be happy until the whole world sees you for who you really are! Wherever you go, I'll be there watching you! I still don't trust a monster like you!" Bart said as he went back to his table.

"You're supposed to say "Why yes! I'm very happy now!" Oscar remarked.

"Won't that rile Sideshow Bob into killing me? Wouldn't you be mad if I ruined your date and you asked me that and I just made a smart remark like that..." Bart groaned.

Meanwhile, After Bart left for his table.

"Don't worry, he'll give up sooner or later..." Chief Wiggum said as he sat in the next booth eating.


The next day, Sideshow Bob was at the site of the dam getting frustrated by the workers' stupid antics.

“How’s thing’s brother?” Cecil asked.

“Terrible! The workers you’ve hired don’t know their asses from the holes they accidentally blew into the dam yesterday!” Sideshow Bob ranted.

“Now now brother, you make it seem like I’ve hired a bunch of slack jawed yokels...” said Cecil.

Cleatus came in alarmed by something. “Sir there’s been a mishap with the cement mixer! Come quick!”

One of them had managed get his dog encased in cement.

“We were playing fetch with Geech when...” said Cleatus.

“Geech is gone to heaven now!” Cousin Merle cried over the cement incased dog.

Sideshow Bob made his trademark grumble.

“Now really Cousin Merle!” He snapped.

“Now Bob don’t take it out on Cousin Merle...” said Cecil. “You know Cousin Merle ain’t been quite right lately.”

“Cecil this whole thing has been a nightmare since we started working! The workers are idiots! They’ve turned the toilet cubicles into a smokehouse!” In a toilet cubicle is some meat hanging to be smoked. “Those backwater hick pant buttock flaps that don’t cover all...” Cousin Merle’s butt flap on his pants fell open exposing his butt. “And a certain psychotic little ten year old boy keeps harassing me!” said Bob swinging a concrete pipe section dangling from a crane around. Bart is inside the concrete pipe section for some reason.

“Sometimes I just wish this accursed dam would just blow up and bury this accursed town...” Bob ranted.

Bart gasped horrified Bob would say that. Now he had reason to believe Bob was planning something...


Bart continued to pester Sideshow Bob trying to find out whether or not if he was doing something illegal. One afternoon Lisa finds Bart going through Bob's dumpster.

"Bart what are you doing in a bin?" Lisa asked.

"Trying to find evidence that Sideshow Bob is up to no good! Come on! Get in here!" Bart replied. "Oscar, Hugo, you guys stand guard!"

"Eeeeew! No!" Lisa groaned.

"I promise I'll take you to the water slide this summer." Bart offered.

"Okay." Lisa agreed as she climed in while Hugo and Oscar stood guard in case Bob showed up.

However as soon as Lisa climbed in the dumpster to help Bart find incriminating evidence Oscar smirked and nodded a short nod. A rabid Clownja popped up startling Lisa.


Clownja growling.

”Oz get your stupid clown monsters out of here!” Bart snapped.

”They’re not stupid! You’re stupid!” Oscar snapped taking the rabid Clownja.

"Bart! Lisa!" Hugo alerted them when they saw Bob coming.

"Get outta there!" Oscar warned. "Bob is coming!"

It was too late, a shadow was cast over them.

"Aaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!" They yelled.

"Oh, crap!" Oscar exclaimed.

"You!" Sideshow Bob was extremely angry. "That's it! I'm going to do something I should have done a long time ago!


That evening at the Simpsons house there was a knock at the door. Marge answered it and Sideshow Bob was on the porch standing in the pouring rain.

"Madam, your children are no more... than a pair of ill-bred troublemakers!" Sideshow Bob put a large pause after no more for dramatic effect before revealing Bart and Lisa who he was holding by the scruff off their clothes (Bart's shirt and Lisa's dress). Hugo was repeatedly biting Bob's arm.

"Even Lisa?" Homer asked.

"I insist you keep them away from me and my place of work or there will be severe consequences!" He dumped them on the front door mat and left.

Marge shut the door behind them.

"Well, I hope Bob fed ya because I'm not cooking dinner at this time of night!" Homer remarked.

"Homer!" Marge nagged. "Bart, I know your wary of Sideshow Bob, and most of the time you're right, but you heard him! Don't bother him anymore."

"Mom, that just means he's up to something, I know it!" Bart replied.


The next evening Bart and Lisa snuck onto the building site and into Sideshow Bob's office. Bart went through Bob's drawers.

"Bart look!" said Lisa. She pointed to a briefcase full of money.

"Oh my god! There must be millions in there!" Bart gasped.

Suddenly Lisa alerted him that someone was coming to the office. They turned out the lights and hid under the table.

The familiar looking silhouette was fighting with the locked door before they smashed open the glass on the door and opened it from the inside. Sideshow Bob stormed into his office and turned on the lights. He found Bart and Lisa hiding.

They gasped.

"You two! Now I will make you pay!" Sideshow Bob yelled. Bart and Lisa screamed and ran off with an angry Sideshow Bob chasing them. They led him into the dam and into the turbine room. However there was nowhere to go.

"There's no escape!" Sideshow Bob yelled.

"What were you doing with a briefcase full of dollars?!" Bart asked.

"Yeah!" Lisa demanded an answer.

"Why I don't know what you're talking about!" Sideshow Bob replied confused about this money.

"Don't play dumb! It was on the table of your office!" Bart didn't believe him and Hugo pounced on Bob and began biting him like a rabid dog.

"No honestly, I have know idea what you're talking about! This is the first I've heard about it!" Sideshow Bob replied. Suddenly they heard a gun being cocked. They turned round to find Cecil holding a briefcase and a gun.

"Well, well, looks like my secret is out!" Cecil remarked.

"Cecil?!" Sideshow Bob gasped. Everyone put up their hands.

"Yes, I was embezzling money from the project funds by cutting corners and now I'm going to blow up the dam and do a better job framing you for it, dear brother, than you ever could!" Cecil replied as he backed out of the room.

"This is about me taking your dream job as Krusty's sidekick, isn't it..." Sideshow Bob remarked.

"Mostly, but also the money." Cecil replied as he left and slammed the door. He opened it again. "Oh and by the way, I'm planning on blowing up the dam, with you three inside." He then shut the door again and left them.

"Well, duh!" Sideshow Bob remarked.


"We've got to do something!" Lisa yelled.

"No! I must do something! Starting with getting us out of here!" Sideshow Bob declared. He blocked the gears to the water pipes and instructed Bart and Lisa to go first. Bart was reluctant to.

"Bart! Come on!" Lisa yelled.

"Bart... For once I'm not trying to kill you..." Sideshow Bob begged him. They went down the pipe.

They then came out and grabbed onto a pipe for dear life. However Sideshow Bob landed on his groin and was comically frozen in pain. Bart and Lisa used him to help them up onto a platform.

"We have to stop Cecil!" Lisa yelled. They split up.

Bart found Cecil about to push the detonator.

"Nooooo!" He landed on Cecil's head and covered his eyes. "Guess who?" Bart said with a grin.

"Maris?" Cecil replied. Bart gave a confused look as if to say "what the heck?" and then clonked Cecil on the head with his hard hat. Cecil tried to get him off by wildly waving the briefcase about. Suddenly it flew open and the money fell out in a swarm of green that fell into the river...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaghh!" Cecil screamed. "Oh shoot..."

Bart laughed.

However an angry Cecil grabbed him and held him aloft. "Now to do what my brother never could! Kill Bart Simpson!"

"Nooooo!" Bart cried. However Sideshow Bob knocked Cecil out with a shovel and rescued Bart.

"Not in your wildest dreams!" Sideshow Bob remarked. "Don't give me that look, Bart, we've got a dam to save and that's it..." He puts Bart down and they run to the dynamite.

Sideshow Bob has tweezers to cut the fuse.

"Do we have to..." Bart whined.

"Bart! Millions of people will drown!" Lisa replied. Sideshow Bob cut the fuse, rendering the dynamite useless. However the dam crumbled and shook.

"The dam! It's collapsing! Run!" Lisa yelled. They got off the dam just in time as it collapsed and the river washed through Springfield.

"My brother wasn't kidding when he said he cut corners." Bob remarked.


Homer went outside to get the morning paper, (they've been out all night?!) he sees the massive wave of flood water and screams and goes inside and slams the door shut. There's a tremor as it washes by. He goes to look outside to find Evergreen Terrace flooded and Ralph on the other side of the road in his bed.

"I wet my bed..." said Ralph.


The police arrived and arrested Cecil and Bob.

"No wait! Sideshow Bob is innocent this time! He saved us!" Lisa protested.

"One minute he's guilty, one minute he's innocent... Make up you mind Simpsons..." Wiggum sighed as Sideshow Bob and Cecil were taken away.

"I'm telling you I'm innocent! I saved the children!" Bob protested.

"Say they'll pay for this." Cecil instructed.

"You'll pay for this! Every last one of you!" Bob yelled from the patrol car. "Oh great! Now I look like a maniac!" The police drove off.

"Oh great they left us in the middle of nowhere and we were out all night!" Lisa remarked in a sour tone.

"Let's get home before we get in trouble..." Bart explained.


In Springfield Penitentiary, Sideshow Bob and Cecil were processed and given their prison uniforms. However once in their cell they fought over the bunk beds.

"I'm the oldest!" said Bob as he got the top bunk.

"So, what do you think is on the menu..." Cecil asks from the bottom bunk.