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Brother Simpson Mr Burns's Casino is shut down and demolished. Bart jealous of Lisa and Maggie's bond as sisters wants a brother but Marge and Homer don't want anymore kids. And the Simpsons consider the hypothetical idea of having another family member when a teenager called Roy comes to stay. Set during The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show


The entire town turn up to watch Mr Burns's casino get torn down.

"This is Kent Brockman live at Mr Burns's casino where it will be demolished to make way for a casino themed hotel." said Kent Brockman.

"This must be very heartbreaking sir." said Smithers.

"I'm just worried about what's going to happen to all my workers... the cardsharps... the bartenders..." said Mr Burns.

"They're all working at your chain of care homes sir." Smithers explained.

"Excellent..." said Mr Burns.

"I can't believe it. This place gives me so many memories." said Marge.

"Such as your gambling addiction." said Homer.

"Yes dear..." Marge sighed.

"And Gamblor..." said Oscar as Gamblor was standing in the crowd holding a bunch of flowers in his neon claws.

Everyone started counting down to zero.

"I can't wait for the implosion!" said Bart.

"Implosion?!" said the chief detonator. The casino exploded violently sending debris and dust everywhere. Everyone screamed and ran away.

The Simpsons drove away through the dust. They ran over Mr Potato head.

"Omg! Dad you ran over Don Rickles!" said Lisa.

"I'm fine but that Puerto Rican guy is stealing your hubcaps." said Don Rickles. Aka Mr Potato Head.

A Puerto Rican guy was doing just that. "Nah I'm just kidding. I'm a nice guy really." He said before stopping from attempting to unscrew a hubcap from Homer's car.


At Home Lisa and Maggie were having a pretend tea party with Lisa's tea set. Bart saw them and rolled his eyes. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Earlier that day he had a falling out with Oscar.

Oscar was sat on his bed.

"Oz it was just the last Twinkie..." Bart sighed.

"Well I've decided to... rip the head off Mr Honey Bunny!" Oscar was holding a bunny rabbit toy wearing a tuxedo and had ripped its head off.

"Noooooo! Mr Honey Bunny!" Bart took his broken toy and kissed it with little kisses while deeply upset it got broken.

Oscar smirked at Bart kissing a plushie.

Later Bart saw Lisa and Maggie playing still. He got slightly envious. He didn't have a brother of his own. It just didn't feel the same playing with his friends and they weren't always around like a brother would be.

Bart then went out the back to see Rod and Todd skipping gayly in their backyard.

"We're skipping!" They mentioned loudly what they were doing. Bart rolled his eyes.

"Even they're having fun..." said Bart.

Bart decided to ask his parents that he wanted a new brother.

"No way! Threes enough!" said Homer.

Bart asked Marge.

"Hmmmm... I'm sorry Sweetie but your father and I don't want anymore kids..." said Marge. "And besides the next baby could be a girl..."

Bart gasped. Mom was right! He imagined he was in Sex and the City helping Lisa, Maggie and the new sister with their shopping.

"Come on Bart! We want to go to Tiffany's!" said adult Lisa in the day dream.


The dream ended and Bart shuddered.

"Marge, don't we keep a you-know-what in the attic that looks like Mutant Bart?" Homer pointed out.


However that night, he dreamed of famous brothers such as the Wright brothers, the Blues Brothers and the Marx Brothers. Bart was all alone.


That evening after Bart had gone to bed Marge was pondering his request while feeding Hugo his fish heads.

"But I'm his brother! Why won't you let him play with me?" asked Hugo.

"Hmmmm! Because we're not ready for him to know about you yet Sweetie." said Marge, as the thought of Bart finding out he had a twin brother that was kept locked up in the attic troubled Marge. It could cause all sorts of drama.

Marge then told Homer what Bart asked for.

"You want to try for a baby?!" Homer asked.

"No. But I do want you to spend some more father and son time with Bart." said Marge.

Homer groaned. "Fine..."

The next day, Homer was in the backyard with Bart and Stitchface the football. They were playing catch.

"Sorry Homer, but I just don't feel like playing catch..." said Bart.

Homer had an idea.

He was in the garage with Oscar constructing another of his effigies...

"Homer are you sure you want to do this? No offence but you never finish projects..." said Oscar.

A half finished badly constructed robot boy crawled out from the shadows. "Father! Give me legs!" said the robot.

Homer threw the robot away.

"Father..." said the robot.

Homer shook his head and sent it away.


The robot with a bucket for a head and a broom and a tennis racket for arms crawled away slowly.

Oscar had a dumbfounded look on his face at this weirdness.

They continued working on the effigy. It had Stitchface the football as a head and Oscar added a wacky hey Arnold hair do made of straw. He smirked as he glued on the straw and drew a silly face on the football.

Homer had a surprise for Bart...

"Bart, let me introduce your.... new brother!" He showed Bart the Hey Arnold-esque effigy.

Bart had a baffled look. "Uh thanks..."

Later he threw it outside.

Helga from Hey Arnold appeared. "Move it, Football head!" she yelled at the effigy.

Bart gave the fourth wall a confused look.


"Mom why don't you just adopt a boy..." said Bart getting a drink in the kitchen.

"Hmmmmm! Because it wouldn't be fair not to pick someone because of their gender..." said Marge. "And besides we don't have room for anyone else right now that Roy is staying over."

A teenage kid wearing a back to front red baseball cap, sunglasses and a long t shirt was sat at the kitchen table chilling.

"That's right, Mrs S." said Roy.

Bart rolled his eyes at the fourth wall.

Meanwhile Oscar was in the living room lying on his stomach watching Aladdin: The Return of Jafar. He was watching the part where Genie returns from his holiday to Disney World via the Palace garden fountain.

"Hey you guuuuuys!" Genie shouted in Homer's voices. (Mmmm Dan Castellaneta Genie...)

"Ay Carumba!" Oscar yelled.

Bart came in. "Okay, show's over dude, time for Itchy and Scratchy." Bart switched the TV over to his favorite cartoon.

Krusty was laughing his trademark laugh and was covered in pies.

"Wasn't that a great one hundred pie fight kids?!" said Krusty. "Now for another exciting episode of Itchy and Scratchy!"

The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon came on. However it was a terrible episode.

"That was terrible! They didn't even kill each other!" Bart groaned.

They both went off somewhere.

Marge came in surprised the kids didn't want to watch their violent cartoon.

She found them in the kitchen. Bart was drinking milk and Lisa was reading a box of Krusty Os for some reason...

"Kids you're not watching your cartoon? Don't you like Itchy Scratchy anymore?" Marge asked.

"We Do! It's just such a nice day today!" said Lisa. It was raining...

"Yeah we see you and Dad all day but we don't have to." said Bart.

"A hug is all I ask..." said Marge hugging him.

"Mooooom! You can hug me when I'm asleep..." Bart groaned trying to get out of her vice like hug as it was embarrassing.

"I do!" said Marge.

Bart screamed frightened by the thought of her doing that...


Later Marge took the kids shopping for some reason. They looked extremely bored.

"You three wait here. I need to buy a brassiere." said Marge.

"Mmmmmm! Bra...." said Oscar moaning pervertedly.

"Eeeeeew! Oscar...!" Lisa groaned in disgust.

"Can't we just run around and meet you back here later?" Bart asked.

"Okay, but don't go to far." said Marge going off to buy a bra.

Bart, Lisa and Oscar had barely got a few steps when a man jumped out at them.

"Kids would you like to come with me?" The man in a green jacket asked.

Oscar gave the most sensible if a little over the top response. "Nyaaaaaaaagh! Stranger danger!!" He then ran off screaming.

Bart and Lisa rolled their eyes. Despite Oscar being the most sensible...

Marge was in the lingerie section when Oscar ran in frightened and clutched her green dress.

"Oscar what's wrong? I thought I told you kids to wait for me!" said Marge.

Oscar told her what happened.

"Oh my god!" Marge gasped.


Marge found Bart and Lisa safe and unharmed. But was disappointed with them.

"Bart I'm very disappointed in you! You too Lisa! I thought you two would at least remember not to go off with strangers!" Marge scolded them.

"Mom, he was animator for Roger Myers animation studios holding a surprise survey for five lucky kids..." said Bart. "We watched Itchy and Scratchy with Ralph, Milhouse and Nelson in a room with a two way mirror and judged them like American Idol."

"He could have been a creepy man with a truck offering us candy..." Oscar whimpered.

"Oh come on, Oz..." Bart sighed.

"Oscar, you did the right thing." said Marge stroking his hair.

Oscar got a Twinkie as a reward for doing the right thing. Bart and Lisa got nothing.


At lunch Homer is reading the newspaper. There is an article that a new character has been introduced to Itchy and Scratchy.

"Wow! There's a new character in Itchy and Scratchy!" said Bart. "Poochie the dog?!"

"Cartoons always try to ad new characters to stay popular when they grow stagnant." said Lisa. "This'll blow over soon and we won't remember the name Poochie."

"Yeah they should have never changed the colour of Tomatopotomus's legs..." said Oscar playing on his Gameboy.

Roy joined them for lunch. Bart rolled his eyes.

"Hey! Dad you should apply for the voice of Poochie! You'll be famous!" said Bart.

"Yeah you're always doing funny voices Dad!" said Lisa.

"I do not have a funny voice!" said Homer offended.

"Sure you do! Say something into this tape recorder." said Bart holding a tape recorder.

"This is Homer J on the nine o'clock breakfast show now for some smooth jazz!" said Homer trying to put on his most seductive voice.

Bart played his voice back to him. Homer screamed.

"Agh?! I don't really sound like that do I?!" Homer cried. "Aawwwww... I do sound ridiculous..."

"Cheer up Homer. To me you sound like the Genie from Aladdin!" Oscar comforted him.

"Hehehehe! I do!" Homer giggled. "Hey nice going Al..." He put on his Genie voice.

The Simpsons rolled their eyes.

Plot 2[]

Homer considered going for the role. several others went to including Otto who just did terribly.

“My name is Otto! I love to blotto!” said Otto!

“Next!” said Roger Myers Jr.

“Hi, I’m Poochie the dog! You may remember me from such-“ said Troy McClure.

“Next!” Roger Myers Jr didn’t like his performance.

“Ruff ruff! I’m Poochie the talking dog.,” Homer did a really silky voice for Poochie.

“Now that’s terrible! You’re not even trying!” Roger Myers ranted.

“Ooooh! So I’m not trying...” said Homer sarcastically.

“Yhats it! That’s the voice we’re looking for!” Roger Myers was overjoyed. “Do it again!”

“Do what?” Homer asked.

“Never mind...” Roger sighed.

“Oooooh... never mind! Don’t mind if I do!” said Homer sarcastically.

“That’s it! You’ve got the job!” said Roger Myers Jr.

“Woohoo!” Homer cheered.

“Now your fired...” said Roger Myers Jr.

“Oh I’m fired am I? Oh, boo hoo!” Homer said sarcastically.

“Nah just kidding! Welcome aboard pal!” said Roger Myers.


Elsewhere Bart was adding to his stamp collection when Oscar was being stupid like Mr Bean and sticking the stamps on his eyelids and tongue and making a face that involved blinking and wagging his tongue to show off the stamps.

Bart was not impressed. "Oz! some of those stamps are extremely rare! don't muck about with them!"

Then Oscar played with his desk lamp by turning it on and off.

“Oscar stop that! Geez your being even more annoying then that time we invited the Noid over...”

We cut to the Noid making high pitched cartoony laughter while ruining dinner by jumping on it and running about the dining room.

Then Adam West ran in growling and grabbed the Noid and killed him by slamming his head against the table repeatedly, then swinging him against a wall until blood splattered across it and then he broke the Noid’s neck.

“Perhaps it was the Noid that should’ve avoided me...” said Adam West leaving as the Simpsons were horrified by what he had done.


At Roger Myers Animation Studios Homer is introduced to his co star. A lady that does the voice of Itchy and Scratchy.

“Hi Homer. I do the voice of Itchy!” said the blond lady with the voice of an ex smoker.

“What?! But you’re a lady! How do they get voice out of your pretty mouth?” said Homer.

“Why thank you Homer! It’s me Itchy!” said The lady voice actor putting on Itchy’s voice.

Homer laughed. “That’s fantastic!”

“Thanks Homer. I’m also Road Runner! Meep!” said the lady.

“You mean meep! Meep!?” Homer asked eagerly.

“No they only pay me to say Meep once, then they repeat it post edit. Lousy cheapskates...” said the lady voice actor.

“Okay people! Places please...” said Roger Myers.


Very soon it was the premiere of the very first episode of Itchy and Scratchy to feature Poochie, Homer’s character.

The Simpsons decided for whatever reason to host a showing for everyone in town to watch it.

Homer eagerly took his seat to watch the premiere. Bart grimaced as Roy joined everyone to watch the premiere.

Jasper then took a seat.

“Is this seat taken little girl?” Jasper thought Bart was a girl.

“I’m not a girl! Are you blind?!” Bart yelled.

“Yes...” Jasper sighed.

“Of course he’s blind! And you blinded him by playing about with those stupid lasers!” Oscar ranted making reference to Homer the vigilante where Bart finds a house is defended by laser guns. And throws rocks at the house to see the lasers.