Brad at 16

Brad Simpson is bart's son in the year 2051. He is 40 years younger than Bart. He goes to Springfield Elementary when he is 10 and starts at the 1st grade because he starts off really dumb so they had to but him to sleep when he was 6 for 2 years and then when he finally woke up they realized what was wrong with him...he had no brain so they but an electric computer in his head which turned him into a robot (kind of) but it made him really smart like one so they made him quit elementary when he was 11. When he was 16 he started to make his own rap band called Bra-bra-bra-brad. 50 Cent even decided to join in with his band. At 30 years old he quit because Bart died so he told 50 Cent he was quitting and he took over.

Brad at 30

Brad Simpson at 10

Brad as a Baby

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