Simpsons Fanon

Blue Sunday The Simpson’s and Oscar go to one of Donald Trump’s fancy hotels. But Oscar ruins the day by swearing in front of Donald Trump when he stubs his toe. Increasingly he has problems with his language to the point a swear jar doesn’t work and Maggie is swearing again. So Dr Payne prescribes an experimental V Chip. A computer chip inside Oscar that electrocutes him every time he swears. However Lisa dislikes it as inhumane and Oscar ends up using it to save the world from Saddam Hussein.


Quiffy, Oscar’s toon wakes up bright and early at 7am like Lisa in Fancy Livin' except he is happy and full of beans. His alarm clock is ringing as that was what woke him from his sleep. Quiffy smashes the alarm clock with a huge wooden cartoon mallet. Then he gets up but a toy squeaks as he steps on a toy. He sighs and picks up the toy he recognises the rabbit plush that squeaked as one of Oscar’s toys. “I really wish he wouldn’t leave his toys lying around...”

Quiffy goes to the bathroom only to hurt his foot on a lego. “Yeeeooowch!” Now he was a bit annoyed.

After cleaning his teeth he went downstairs only to find it a mess like in Homer's Bad Day and its sequel Homer's Very Bad Day as Quiffy finds Homer’s pants on the bannister. “Eeeeew!” Then he slips on a banana skin and falls screaming downstairs.

“Hey Quiff, did you brush your teeth with ketchup this morning?” Bart asked hoovering in his green pyjamas.

“No. Why?” Quiffy asked.

“Because you’re teeth are red...” said Bart.

Quiffy using the hall mirror noticed he had a black eye and his mouth was bleeding badly from falling down the stairs. Luckily he was a toon and had accelerated healing. He would be patched up by the next scene.

“Well if you did brush your teeth with ketchup, at least you didn’t brush them with mustard.” said Bart.

“So that’s why my mouth was burning! WHY YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!” Homer yelled and chased Bart to strangle him.

“Why is the house a mess again? Won’t Marge be annoyed?” Quiffy asked.

“Well I figured you being a dude would get this isn’t mess, it’s just how we guys live...” said Homer.

“Homer not every guy lives like a slob... the worst I do is watch Home and Away while eating pizza from the boxes in my loudest coloured Hawaiian shirt.” said Quiffy.

Marge came downstairs and saw the mess! “Homer! Bartholomew! Tidy this mess up right now! This instant!” she yelled.

“No fair! A third of this mess is Hugo’s...” said Bart.

“No it’s not!” Hugo replied.

“Fine... Hugo Victor Jeremiah Zachariah Simpson help your brother tidy up!” Marge full named Hugo. “Homer why did we pick that name? I like names that can be elongated so I can full name my kids when I’m cross with them! I can’t do anything with Hugo.”

“Marge you named him Hugo Victor after Victor Hugo, the author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” said Homer. “And your stipulation was that in return instead of using a long version of his Christian name, which there isn’t one. You gave him many dorky middle names.” said Homer.

“Hehehe! Jeremiah!” said Oscar before nodding off because it was far too early for him as he had a snot bubble to show he was sleeping.

“Now Homie! That may be true but his long list of fancy middle names are not as you say, dorky! I think they’re adorable!”

Hugo blushed. “Thanks Mom...”

Lisa came down sleepily and stepped on a Krusty doll. It laughed his trademark laugh.


“Let me guess... a mess again...” said Lisa.

“Oh good, Lisa can help!” said Bart.

“Certainly not! This is your mess boys! Now clean it up!” said Marge.


Homer was tidying up. He roshambo’ed (Rock, paper, scissors) with Bart over the worst chore and lost. That chore was taking out the garbage.

“You should have put that mustard somewhere else!” He yelled at Bart.

“Like where? Splattered under the piano? Because I get yelled at for doing that.” said Bart.

Homer growled. “Now you listen here you little! You know full well what I meant!” said Homer.

“Homer that garbage won’t deliver itself to the bins outside!” said Marge.

“Not unless it’s a Trubbish!” said Ash Ketchum as an actual diminutive little ten year old boy in the Simpsons universe instead of an ambiguous 13 to 14 year old that says he is only ten. He was in his pyjamas eating breakfast.

“Ash, it’s only 2002. Generation V or Unova doesn’t exist yet and stop making a cameo.” said Oscar.

Ash made a face at him.

“And stop saying you’re only ten years old! You’re twice as tall as me! And I’m ten years old!” said Bart.

“Bart you have serious jaundice and you have Grownth Hormone deficiency or Hunters Dysplasia...” said Ash. “You do realise fourth graders are not supposed to be that short...”

“Ash stop making excuses for your creators poor ignorance of proportions.” said Oscar as he banished Ash.

Homer sighed and left with the rubbish. He was outside muttering and ranting like in the episode Trash of the Titans. Suddenly he yelled in disgust. “Eeeeeeew! Garbage water!” he groaned as he squeezed out filthy water from his slippers. Eeeeew!

“Come on Homer! Don’t just dump the rubbish by the side of the house!” said Marge.

“Grrrrr! You’re really pushing it lady!” said Homer.


We cut To Marge humming as she is adjusting a bow tie on someone. Likely one of her twin sons. We pan out to Bart dressed his finest like at the start of I don’t wanna know why the caged bird sings. He is in one of his neatest blue church clothes and white shirts.

“Wow! Some ones looking sharp this morning!” said Oscar still in his pyjamas.

“I have to look sharp today.” said Bart.

“Oscar, don’t you know what today is?” Marge asked.

“Um....” come on Brain think! Nuh uh! You do it! But it’s your job! You’re the brain! But it’s you job (Mimicking in a rude condescending way) “Why you!” Oscar was squeezing and pulling at his overgrown wacky brown hair that makes him look like an Aloe Vera.

“Oz... it’s Sunday... I’m getting ready for church.” said Bart.

“Oh yeah, well enjoy ruining your weekend, I’m gonna go back to bed.”

Marge sighed. “Forgive Oscar for his Sloth, Mr Lord...”

“Mom I think my bow tie is as nice and tidy as it can be.” said Bart.

“Okay Wait downstairs with.. oh wait your sister is a Buddhist now. Uh watch cartoons until your father is ready...”


Bart went downstairs and made a rude face at Lisa as she left for temple.

“Enjoy church Bart...” said Lisa as she went to Richard Gere’s Buddhist temple.

After Bart went downstairs

“Hugo let me comb your hair.” said Marge as Hugo sat on the stool in front of Marge’s dressing table. He winced as Marge brushed and combed his hair. However small black creatures scuttled about in his hair. Lice! Marge shrieked. “Um, maybe you should stay at home today sweetie.”

“Nuh uh. He’s a minor he can’t.” said Oscar.

“But you demand we leave you alone!” Marge answered.

Oscar paused. “That’s actually a very good argument. I’ll get showered and dressed. Meanwhile you give Hugo a lice bath in the sink.”

Marge sighed as she frog marched Hugo to her en-suite and washed his hair under the sink taps and Quiffy emerging from the bath plug hole because he is a toon and very flexible. Handed over a bottle of head lice exterminator shampoo.

“Thanks.” said Marge holding a squirming Hugo as she applied the head lice killing shampoo to his scalp.


It was not long before Bart found a way to piss off his dad. Marge came down to Homer throwing plates at Bart for some reason.

“Whoa! Dad I’m just saying maybe you should wear suspenders!” said Bart avoiding a plate that would have hit his head.

“I’ll suspend you!” Homer yelled throwing plates.

“Homer stop that! Don’t throw my plates!” Marge scolded him.

Homer sighed and put the surviving plates away.

“Whoa! What happened in here?! Greek night?” Oscar asked.

“Um no...” said Homer.


The family and Oscar all got in Marge’s car. It for plot convenience had a middle row of seats behind the front by in front of the back ones so all the kids could fit comfortably inside. Lisa, Maggie and Hugo were in the back. Bart and Oscar were in the middle. Bart was scowling like was in The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.

However something about Marge’s navigation skills wasn’t right today. She went right past the church!

“Uh Mom. You went past the church...” said Bart.

“Oh, maybe we’re not going to church today. Marge said with a smile. She had a surprise for everyone.

“She’s up to something.” said Oscar.

“Well duh...” said Bart. “But what... come on brain... think!”

“Oh no! It’s the dentist!” Hugo was concerned.

Homer screamed.

“No it’s the Doctors for our booster shots!” said Bart horrified.

“No it’s worse! It’s to see... your Grandmother Jacqueline! Aaaaaagh!” Homer screamed.

“Calm down! Calm down!” Marge calmed everyone who were trying to disable the child locks and escape. “It’s nothing like that... it’s a nice surprise you’ll like...”

Everyone sighed with relief.

Then they were overjoyed to arrive at the airport.

“We’re going on vacation! To the Trump Plaza hotel in New York!” said Marge as they parked.

“The hotel in Home Alone 2.” Oscar explained.

“Yes but if we’re going on vacation Mom, why are we dressed up?” Bart asked.

“It’s a very fancy hotel! I want us all to look nice!” said Marge.

“And you better all be on your best behaviour! Understand?!” said Homer glaring at the kids. Especially Bart.

“Yes Dad...” the kids replied.

“Yes Homer...” Oscar replied.

Maggie sucked her pacifier.

“Speaking of Home Alone we could have saved on a room Marge if you just let me leave the freak home alone...” Homer sighed.

Oscar kicked him hard in the back for being mean to Hugo.

“Ow!” Homer whined.

“I was in on it! I was only pretending to go to Richard Gere’s temple!” said Lisa. “I was actually next door talking to Rod and Todd.”

“Lis, why did you say you were talking to Rod and Todd like it was a perfectly normal thing to do...?” asked Bart as he found the Flanderses to be geeks.

The Simpsons got on the plane to New York.

The flight was as usual. Homer tried to save on seats by stuffing Hugo in the overhead locker, Oscar attacked him for doing that and beat him soundly.

Meanwhile Marge’s fear of flying on planes acted up and she ran up an down the plane yelling “Lemme off! Lemme off! Lemme off!’ until Air Marshals restrained and tranquilliser her.

And Bart set off the oxygen masks.

Yellow oxygen masks dropped down.

“Oh my god! We’re all gonna die!” Homer screamed.

Everyone screamed as the plane flew about.

An hour or so later. America is really big to fly over. Oscar had the misfortune of an air stewardess sitting a sick boy flying on his own because America allows children to fly on their own as long as a complete stranger is sat with them!

Oscar was trying on the headphones and trying different radio stations like Mr Bean and silently miming what music he was hearing. When reggae was on he was head bopping like an old Rastafarian.

The air stewardess disturbed him from his music to sit the air sick boy next to him. Oscar sighed and complied.

Meanwhile Hugo was also trying out the radio stations. But the different kinds of music changed his hair style. Rock gave him long locks of hair like that dude from Slayer. Classical music gave him Mozart’s hair. (The actual Mozart, not Bart Mozart.) Motown gave him an Afro with a comb in it.

Suddenly an annoying brat took out his headphones and plugged them into the air conditioner causing Hugo’s head to inflate massively until it exploded. Hugo having inherited his father’s skill for regrowing his head after cranial explosions, simply regrew his head.

The annoying brat with buck teeth ran up and down the plane annoying everyone until Hugo stuck out his leg so the boy in mid sprint struck into it and was winded. Hugo then took the stunned boy and stuffed him in the over head compartments. Everyone cheered and applauded Hugo.

Meanwhile Oscar was entertaining the air sick boy by playing with his life jacket whistle until it went flying across the plane and had to be returned by an annoyed air stewardess.

Then Oscar cut out squares from his magazine and stuck the little bits of paper on his eyelids and tongue like Mr Bean and made faces at the air sick boy. The boy looked bemused and didn’t find Oscar funny.

Then Oscar sighed and got out a toy plane and flew it about and up and down. Then he made it have turbulence and maid puking sounds to mock the boy.

“Dude, not funny...!” said the sick boy.

Then the plane really was hit by turbulence. Everyone groaned and the air sick boy got out a paper sick bag and vomited. Meanwhile Oscar blew into a potato chip bag and bursted it but was disappointed it didn’t scare everyone with a Big Bang.

He saw the the sick boy offer him his sick filled sick bag. The boy looked horrified as Oscar took it, blew into it and bursted it.

We fade quickly to black.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons eventually arrived in New York. Homer had flashbacks of the time he took the family there to retrieve his clamped car. He muttered bitterly because he had a terrible time there.

Meanwhile the family nearly got trampled by Zilla/GINO (Godzilla in name only) as fish breath roared and stomped through New York like a giant mutant iguana would.

“Where are the other giant monsters? Like Mothra and Rodan?” Bart asked.

“Bart, that’s Zilla or GINO stomping about, not Godzilla. The writers of this particular monster didn’t apply for a license to use the other monsters.” said Oscar.

“Oh.” said Bart.

Then an airplane flew into a skyscraper and blew up killing thousands.

“No! You will not do that!” Oscar yelled at the fourth wall angrily.

“Yeah man! That’s in bad taste!” said Bart frowning.

The Simpsons decided to check into their hotel. The Trump Plaza hotel from Home Alone 2. Lisa’s liberalism was triggered and she felt unhappy staying at the hotel because it was owned by a rich republican tycoon. (Who would be President one day)

Trump was in his office chanting in a dead language “Quarum silaria oozo mahok!” While wearing cultist robes.

“Sir your wife’s here.” said a voice over intercom.

“Good send her in.” said the orange skinned tycoon who will one day be president.

Back at the Simpsons. “Lisa no politics or soapboxing!” Homer yelled at Lisa. “Oscar no predicting the future!” He snapped at Oscar.

Suddenly Tim Curry arrived as the maitre D.

He spoke like Nigel Thornberry crossed with Trader Slick.

“Thank you kindly sir, can you show us to the lobby?” Marge asked.

“Sure, it’s right this way Madame.” said Tim Curry.

Oscar winced as he saw Kevin McCallister from Home Alone wandering the hotel halls alone in winter clothes.

The Simpsons asked a tall orange man they didn’t realise was Donald Trump where the lobby was.

“Sure, it’s just left and down the hall.” said Trump.

“He was in Home Alone 2!” said Oscar.

“Yes I know Oz...” said Bart.

The Simpsons checked in. Oscar saw the desk had one of those desk bells you smack to make them ring for assistance. He grinned and got Hugo to give him a boost. On Hugo’s shoulders he rung the desk bell repeatedly.

The hotel desk manager snatched the bell from him and glared at him.

“Madame are these yours?” The desk manager asked Marge.

Marge sighed and nodded.

While Homer signed papers and wavers Oscar grimaced as he watched Kevin McCallister annoy poor Tim Curry by asking him to say pizza.

“Piff, a pith, no a piffzzar.” Tim curry failed to say pizza.

“Nice try...” Kevin sighed as he went off to his room to set up a recording of a black and white movie of a guy shooting some other guy and saying “Keep the change you filthy animal!” Simply to prank Tim Curry.


The Simpsons then were guided to their room and once the bellhop left, unpacked.

Meanwhile Oscar playing with a yo-yo in the hall watched Kevin being guided to his room.

“Did you know Herbert Hoover once stayed here?” The bellhop asked Kevin McCallister.

“The vacuum cleaner guy?” Kevin asked. Oscar snicker and clasped his hands trying hard not to laugh.

“No, the president...” said the bellhop letting him in his room. As soon as they were both inside Oscar bursted out laughing.

“(Wheezing with laughter) The vacuum cleaner guy! (In hysterics) I can’t! Ahahahahaha!” Oscar was in hysterics.

“Oscar, I’m not unpacking your stuff for you... come on...” Marge sighed for him to come back into the room and unpack.

Bart and Lisa bickered over the beds.

“I called it!”

“No it’s mine!”

“Nuh uh! It’s mine!”


“No mine!”

“Kids shut up or I’ll!” Homer yelled.

“Fine, you can have the bed then Lisa.” said Bart.

Lisa was suspicious he had given the bed up so easily. What had he done to it? “Bart what did you do to that bed...”

“Nothing...” said Bart.


“Nothing... I swear!”

“Baaaaaart!” Lisa screamed.

“Right that’s it!” Homer snapped as he throttled Bart and Lisa.

Meanwhile Oscar was wandering the hall the Simpsons’ room was in when Oscar saw Tim Curry the maitre D get revenge on Kevin McCallister by dressing up as a scary clown and offering him a balloon.

“Would you like a balloon? (Creepy laughter) We all float down here child... And soon so will you...” said Tim Curry as Pennywise

Kevin slapped his own cheeks and screamed his trademark scream and fled.

Oscar marched up to Pennywise.

“That trick won’t work on me. I’m not scared of clowns. In fact I love clowns!!” said Oscar. He liked their big shiny red noses.

“Boo!” Pennywise tried the simple boo trick.

“Try harder Pennywise...” said Oscar.

Pennywise mutated his head into a horrifying monster whose entire head peeled open at the mouth exposing the tooth lined innards as its head completely peeled back.

Oscar screamed and fled.


In Hugo, Oscar and Quiffy’s suite.

Hugo grimaced as he heard Dad shouting and throttling Bart again for something. He looked at everything in the suite. The opulent lounge with chandeliers, the fancy bedrooms with four poster king size beds, the fancy bathroom. Which he would not be using except to go to toilet. And a cupboard stocked with candy of all kinds. Hugo took from it a honeycomb crisp chocolate bar, called a candy bar in American slang, and ate it as he wandered the hotel suite.

“Cooooool! A cupboard full of candy!” He heard that Bart had also discovered the candy cupboard/mini bar.


Downstairs in the hotel kitchens. The fat head chef is being silly with a whole salmon by working it like a puppet and making it “speak” to his sous chef, Fiona.

“Help me! Fiona wants to eat me!” said the fat chef through the salmon by throwing his voice in a falsetto tone and opening and shutting the salmon’s mouth.

Fiona the black sous chef grimaced at her boss’s bizarre antics with the salmon for today’s lunch.

Oscar was on the balcony of the room the Simpsons were staying in. He was hanging out with Hugo.

“New York has really fallen in the gutter lately.” said Oscar observing the chaos outside of Zilla stomping around unopposed by rival kaiju, planes flying into buildings and khlav kalash sales men with little khlav kalash trollies.

“Yeah, even a cab driver can drink and drive whilst being assaulted by a horde of flesh eating zombies!” said Hugo.

We cut to outside.

A scruffy, odious cab driver is drinking a large bottle of whiskey while flesh eating zombies try to break into his car. The fiends are pressed up against the glass windows.

“Booooooooooze!” the undead groan.

Bart and Lisa were acting up again.

“Did so!” said Bart pushing Lisa roughly.

“Did not!” Lisa retorted as she pushed him back.

“Did so!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

“Did not!”

“Right that’s it!” Homer growled. He forced them to sit on the bed. “This holiday costed your mother and I thousands! So you are not gonna ruin it!” Homer sat down on Bart’s bed with Bart and Lisa choosing to sit between them to prevent further squabbles. “We are going to sit nice and quietly and play the waiting game...”

They sat in silence with only a clock ticking as the looked about awkwardly.

“Ugh... the waiting game sucks! Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!” said Homer bored and enthusiastic for Hungry Hungry Hippos...


Oscar and Hugo winced as they witnessed Homer bellowing at Bart and Lisa for arguing.

“Let’s get outta here.” said Oscar.

“Agreed.” said Hugo.

Oscar opened the door only to find Kevin McCallister standing there screaming his trademark scream.

“Or maybe not...” said Oscar shutting the main door of the hotel room he was staying in with the Simpsons. He went through the dividing doors that joined up the Simpsons hotel suite with Oscar, Quiffy and Hugo’s suite. To Oscar’s horror Quiffy was unpacking his very large collection of garish brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts.

“Oh God!” Oscar screamed like he saw Quiffy naked or something.

Quiffy “Hmmmmmmph!”ed Annoyed as he neatly laid his Hawaiian shirts on his bed.


Bart finding time to get away from his Dad and his annoying sister Lisa, went into Oscar, Hugo and Quiffy’s hotel suite.

“So dudes, how is everything?” Bart asked.

“Schweeeeet!” said Oscar looking around the lounge of the suite booked for him and Hugo and Quiffy.

However disaster would strike. No it wasn’t Bart and Kevin McCallister dive bombing into the pool or Kevin losing his swimming trunks.

“Yikes!” yelped Kevin grabbing his blue shorts as they floated in water after he dive bombed.

No it was while meeting the owner Trump for complimentary drinks and a friendly hello.

Donald Trump warmly welcomed all his guests. However in the lobby while he spoke Bart decided it would be funny to trip a waiter carrying a very hot pot of something.

The tripped waiter yelled and spilt boiling soup all over Oscar. He swore loudly in pain.


Everyone gasped at his language. Including Donald Trump.

“That’s it! I can’t have that sort of language in my hotel! You’ll have to leave!” Trump kicked them out.

“Awwwww!” The Simpsons groaned.

“Awwww! Geez! I didn’t even get to enjoy the casino... thanks Oz...” Bart sighed.

“Bart! Don’t blame him! You’re the one who tripped over that waiter!” Lisa yelled at Bart. “Oz are you alright? Do you need to go to hospital?”

“No I’m fine. That just hurt like em heck.” said Oscar.

Homer sighed. “Of all the things that could have got us kicked out, it was your swearing?!”

“Don’t blame him too much Dad. It was just a natural reaction to being scalded.” said Lisa.


At home.

Homer was strangling Bart for ruing things by causing the events that lead to Oscar swearing from being scalded with hot soup.

“Why you little! Ruin our vacation will you?!”

“Ecccccckkk! I (gasp) am not (wheezing) not responsible for Oscar’s cursing!” Bart gasped and wheezed as he was being strangled.

“Oscar you need to control your cursing just a tad. You do turn the air blue when you can help it for example when trying to get a reaction from us by cursing.” said Lisa.

“I call it using sentence enhancers...” said Oscar.

Plot 3[]

“Well, you’ll need to stop using sentence enhancers. Remember that trouble you got into at Bikini Bottom?” Lisa asked.

Oscar was cleaning the tables at the Krusty Krab.

“Have a (dolphin chirp) lovely day Squidward.” said Oscar. Mr Krabs heard him.

“Boy! I will not hear that sort of language in here! Now wash your mouth out with soap!” Mr Krabs scolded him.

“Okay but I can’t help cursing when someone pours boiling hot liquids on me...” said Oscar.

“Hmmmmmm... Oscar, when my father started cursing when he got back from the navy my mother got him a swear jar. Every time he swore, he put a quarter in it.”

“Did it work?” Oscar asked.

“Well he then took up smoking...” said Marge.

Well Mrs Simpson, self-improvement has always been a passion of mine. Bring on the swear jar. Do I have to pay if I hit my hand with a hammer?"

"Yes, Oscar." said Marge.

"If I catch fire?" Oscar asked. Coooool!

"No, Oscar.." said Marge.

"If I see something weird?"

"Yes, Oscar." Marge sighed,

"What about when I snuggle with my Teddy bear/pet/boyfriend?" Oscar asked hugging Teddy the living teddy bear creature.

"Hmm... That's okay.“ said Marge.

There is a montage of Oscar swearing.

He is playing a video game with Bart and loses. “Damn it! Fu-“

He puts a quarter in a swear jar.

Ned says something witty.

“You sonnuva...”

He puts a quarter in the swear jar.

He is putting rabid Clownjas in a dumpster. One snarls and bites him. He swears.

He puts a quarter in the swear jar.

He’s sleeping in Homer’s hammock in the backyard when a hornets nest falls on him. He screams as he’s stung.

Oscar’s badly stung arm puts a quarter in the swear jar.

“It’s hopeless! Oscar is spending more money on his swear jar than what he’d usually spend it on!” said Lisa.

“Well I don’t want to punish him but he needs a de incentive to put him off cursing...” said Marge.

“How about give his mouth a soaping next time he curses?” Bart suggests.

“Okay but I react violently to people trying to punish me because of what my late parents did to me. The only way I’ll take that punishment without hurting anyone is if Teddy inflicts it.” said Oscar.

“Okay champ. Next time you swear, I’ll give your mouth a soaping.” said Teddy, Oscar’s living teddy bear creature.

It was not long before Oscar swore because Hugo accidentally dropped a heavy box on his foot.


Teddy was already prepared to keep up his end of the bargain. “Oz...” he frowned growing to the size of a full grown male bear and resembling Bear from Bear in the big blue house.

Oscar sighed and lied across the cartoon bear’s lap with his shorts and underwear down, exposing his butt.

Teddy got out a shiny new bar of soap that had been only used a few times and had been lathered up and stuck it in Oscar’s mouth. While Oscar gagged at the nasty taste of the soap Teddy spanked him on the butt.

However this just made it that Oscar would only swear where Teddy could not be present, ie School.

Oscar had sworn so much at school Skinner thought he might have Tourette’s. He called for an assembly to administer a controversial and cruel deterrent. Frink installed a V Chip from South Park the Movie inside Oscar.

“Gah Oy! Now Oscar. To demonstrate the V Chip is working say something rude.” said Oscar.

“I can’t. I think I’ve cursed out all the swears.” said Oscar.

“Come on just try to swear.” said Frink.

“You’re not leaving this stage till you do.” said Skinner.

“Fine, you asshole!” said Oscar. When he said asshole, something zapped him with visible jolts of cartoon electricity. “Yiiiii!” He yelped when he was zapped.

“Try it again.” Frink asked.

“Poopy.” said Oscar. He got zapped.

“Chickenshit!” he got zapped again.

“And so every time you curse or say anything rude Oscar, that V Chip will zap you.” said Frink.

“Our other idea was suspension or getting the father from Angry Kid to hit you on the head with a newspaper.

Angry Kid the plasticine animation, Angry Kid swore in the car. His dad hit him on the head with a newspaper.


His Dad hit him with a rolled up newspaper again.

“How about bum?” Angry Kid asked flinching.

“Oh... okay...” said Dad.

“Bum! Bum! Bum buuuuuuuum! Bum! Poo!” said Angry Kid.

“Okay! That’s enough!” said Dad.

“Ass!” said Angry Kid and he got hit with the newspaper again.


However Lisa dislikes the V Chip because she thinks it’s cruel that it electrocutes Oscar every time he swears.

“It’s like a shock collar! It’s inhumane!” Lisa ranted.

“Can we get one for Lisa every time she nags and whines?” Bart asked.

“Bart! Shut up! You caused all this mess!” Lisa yelled.

“Well I couldn’t really stay in that hotel anyway with Kevin McCallister.” said Oscar.

“Why?” Bart asked.

“Because he kept insisting Michael Jackson is a pedophile and molested him!” said Oscar

“No Kevin! You were not molested by Michael Jackson! You’re just trying to get money out of a poor rich pop star who didn’t even want to be famous in the first place! Now leave Michael alone!” Oscar yelled at a Kevin in the lobby.

In the present Lisa winced.


Meanwhile Sheila Broflovski declared war on Canada because of Terrance and Phillip.

”Blame Canada! Blame Canada.” Her supporters sang.

Anyway this needs to balance up with the Simpsons somehow. Um... Marge’s crusade against cartoon violence.

Marge and some moms were protesting outside Roger Myers Studios. They were protesting against cartoon violence.

Basically Maggie hit Homer again...

Michaelango’s David appeared.

”Get your naked Italian butt out of here!” Helen Lovejoy yelled.

Elsewhere Cartman sang a rude song about Kyle’s Mom annoyed at her protesting against Terrance and Phillip.

”Well.....” Cartman sang.

”Don’t do it Cartman!” Kyle yelled.

”Well.....” Cartman sang.

”I’m warning you!” Kyle yelled.

”Well.... Kyle’s Mom is a big fat bitch! The bitchiest bitch in the whole damn world!” Cartman sang.

”Cartman shut the fuck up!” Kyle yelled.


Elsewhere Oscar bought a tub of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other.

”Mmmmmmm! Doubly delicious....” Homer moaned with joy.

”Better hurry up and buy one Homer.” said Oscar. “Because Sora Perse from Yugioh Arc V is buying all of them, to eat.”

Sora Perse from Yugioh giggled as he left the Ice cream parlour carrying tubs of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with nuts on top.

”I see. I’ll get some. But the freak can’t have any.” said Homer.

”Stop fucking calling him a freak!” Oscar swore angrily. “Yeeeowch!” But his V Chip zapped him.

Homer smirked.

Homer was sleeping, and snoring heavily when suddenly Lenny came in and said, "Hey Homer."

"Ahhhhhh leave me alone blue monkey aliens!” Homer cried in his sleep.

Lenny winced.

”You damn dirty-Aaaaaaaaagh!” Oscar was yelling Damn dirty apes but his V chip zapped him. “I can’t say that anymore?! Oh rats!”

”Homer wake up,” Lenny woke him.

”Oh. It's just you Lenny.“ said Homer. “I just had the most wonderful dream...”

”Yeah you can tell me later. You’re late for work! I came to pick you up! Oh Mr Burns is fuming!” said Lenny.


Meanwhile in Hell.

the Satan family, that was the prince of Darkness himself, Damien, Nemo and Saddam Hussein were plotting some sort of unholy evil against the Earth.

”Ey Bitch! Let’s fuck!” said Saddam Hussein in a squeaky voice.

”Ugh! Not now Saddam!” Satan groaned.

Damien sighed.

”Mr Saddam... when you’re a work you can’t behave that way.... it’s really INAPPROPRIATE!” Moxxie yelled.

”Ey bitch! Are you gonna let that bitch talk to me like that?” Saddam asked his husband Satan.


All the demons broke out of Hell and invaded with an evil army.

The Simpsons who were driving home witnessed the sky turn red and fissures erupt and demons flying out everywhere.

”Oh shazbot!” Bart gulped.

Satan laughed and boasted.

”Now begins an eternal reign of darkness and suffering!”

”Oh fuzzpickles...” Oscar gulped.

”All because you Shelia Broflovski have shed the blood of the innocent!”

”I was just trying to make the world a better place for the children!” Sheila stammered.

”Why are we referencing South Park’s movie?” Bart winced.

Saddam just swore at the Simpsons and insulted them.

”Ey bitch! What is with that hair?” He insulted Oscar. Bad idea...

”Don’t insult my hair! Buttfucker!” Oscar swore. This time the V chip overloaded and fried. Lightning blasted out of Oscar’s hands killing one the scary shadow demons from Ghost.

”Coooool!” said Hugo.

”Do it Oz!” Bart said to Oscar approving.

“Damn! Shit! Ass! Respect my fucking authoritaaaaaaaah!” Oscar zapped Saddam with force lightning.

Saddam screamed as he got fried.

”Coooool!” Oscar was in awe of his new power.

”Ey! You need to watch your mouth brat!” Saddam yelled.

“Dog shit tacooooo!” Oscar swore and zapped him again.

Marge sighed. “I can’t say I approve...”

Saddam swore and insulted everyone. “Damn you fucking retarded Americans!”

“Try this on for size! Blood shit! Hell! Fuck! Tampon popsicle!” Oscar zapped Saddam.

Saddam screamed.

”This is the coolest force lightning scene since Star Wars Return of the Jedi!” said Hugo in awe.

”Shut up freak!” Homer snapped.

Oscar napped as static stuck up his hair and lightning sparked from him. “Fuck! Shit! Ass! Cock! Bastard! Bitch! Butthole! Barbara Streisand!!” He fired a powerful final blast at Saddam.

Saddam screamed.

”Okay Oscar... maybe he’s suffered enough... Oz?” Lisa stammered.

Plot 4[]