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BlueKraid BlueKraid 21 May

Draft 3

Springfield Elementary.

“Come on, keep it moving, the sooner we get in, the sooner we get out.” said Carol a substitute hired to replace the now dead Mrs Krabappel because um she died.

Bart and Milhouse: “Bwah ha, ha, ha, ha!“ Bart and his sidekick laughed evilly having performed a prank.

“Man, shows the best pranks, this 1 got the highly coveted Platinum Raspberry Award last year!” said Milhouse eager about something.

”YouTube. They can’t sue us just for stating they exist.

“Outstanding stuff, for sure…….but I can do better.” said Bart.

”Even better than Andy Hamilton...” Milhouse said slyly.

”Now that’s a name I haven’t heard from in a while.” said Bart pondering.

Bart, Milhouse and the other students go into the auditorium for the assemb…

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 7 May

Anime dimensions episode

Ned is married again. To his new wife Gertrude. He has lost two previous wives, Maude and Edna (Bart’s teacher.) He doesn’t consider his marriage in Vegas to count.

Unfortunately Gertrude often cheats on him with a man called Henry.

Bart is watching Krusty vs the Space Mummy. His subplot is that he is smelly and not bathing,

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UnitedCrusader UnitedCrusader 20 January

Here is a logo for the Simpsons Fanon Wiki

Do you like it and will that be used for this wiki?

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 22 December 2021

Draft 2

TV: We now return to The Land before time 15: Yet another pointless sequel.

Oscar: Why am I even watching this?

Hugo: How about The Land Before Time 15: The Meteor.

Dino cries.

Oscar (Annoyed): Oh great now you’ve upset Dino.

Dino barks like a dog. Yes a cartoon dinosaur barking...


Night at the Simpsons House, and Bart is sleeping in his room with his dog Santa’s Little Helper. His walkie talkie comes on itself.

Static crackling.

Bart helps and leaps out of bed. He jumps on his bed in surprise


"Bartman! Come in! It's House Boy!"

Bart opens his box of toys and grabs his walkie talkie

"Bartman! Do you read me?"


"Sorry about the late hour, but I have the best news ever!"

"Lisa found the book of poems you wrote about her and realize…

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PopuriAO30 PopuriAO30 18 February 2021

The Simpsons Script Cover Template

Anyone who don't want have Template The Simpsons Script, i proudly present:

Judging about this script cover, I've eventually did this to use Paint.NET to make change color Hue/Saturation (such as Red, Blue, Yellow, anything).

Of these, if you want to use these script cover, it would be good thing on it. By the way, The Script Cover i did scanned in 2010s because of original Script of HABF14. You can put on the "PRODUCTION SCRIPT NO." following these: xABFxx or xFxx or xGxx.

Put the Title on the below at near "PRODUCTION SCRIPT NO.", For example: "Undercover Lisa"

I am not confirmed about this, but if anyone who fanon following with anime, i'd appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy use the template. I use program: Microsoft Paint and Paint.NET



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BlueKraid BlueKraid 19 December 2020

Holidays of Future past The Ancient Legend

Oscar briefly mentions as a gag he sent Rod and Todd Flanders to the W.I.T.C.H cartoon universe because there is a Rod and Todd there.

Maggie in one of the futures is killed in the Ural Mountains by pikachus.

Zia uses an invention of her mother’s to steal talents from others but becomes a caterpillar monster called the Switchapillar.

The other, possibly future characters go on a science fair trip to a jungle where they encounter fierce natives who mistake Zia as the Switchapillar for their god the Golden Dragon.

stuff involving Dr Caligarus because he’s cool!

A character gets told off for smacking the crows.

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Alvinluvr30 Alvinluvr30 3 October 2020

Hello! Check out my episode idea!

Lisa the Dancing Queen

Lisa the Dancing Queen - School is out for the summer and with nothing to do at hime, Marge enrolls Lisa in a summer dancing class.

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 29 April 2020


Treehouse of horror ideas.

One where the Simpsons celebrate in each story the different holidays celebrated on October 31. Firstly Bart’s story is Halloween, trick or treating and Halloween parties. Second story is Oscar’s and it is about the holiday of Mexican day of the Dead festival. Finally Lisa’s story is about the holiday of Samhain (And Samhain from the real ghostbusters cartoon). Then Ned wants to do a fourth story observing All Saints Day. The Simpsons refuse because the episode is always three stories. Oscar relents if Saint Bartholomew will be there.

One story of a trio about onryō, Japanese vengeful ghosts. Where the Simpsons are terrorised by Sadako from the Ring and try to hide in the Grudge house and encounter Kayako. Then Sad…

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 20 November 2019

Episode Scraps

Episode ideas that haven’t been finalised.

  • An Episode Where Bart gets in a lot of trouble. Only idea I have right now is Bart in his church clothes being told off outside somewhere. Looks like the school grounds. I also have a scene of he Simpsons and their friends stuck in a supermarket that they’ve emptied and barricaded themselves in.
  • An episode where the busy body old lady with her hair in a bun stays with the Simpsons and bores them by cancelling their Easter egg hunt. And they have to drive Mr Burns home for some reason.
  • An episode featuring Bart and Hugo in the attic where Homer is still being cruel to Hugo. Bart is naughty during the Christmas holidays and gets sent up there and bonds with Hugo. Hugo sleeps in a cage this episode.
  • Bart…
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Fallin' Fallin' 19 July 2014

2014 MTV Springfield Video Music Awards - Vote

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Fallin' Fallin' 3 December 2013

List of the Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards 2013 nominees

Applications for 2013 Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards were held for two months and a half. Now, it's time to announce the nominees to the different categories selected by the Wiki users. I've got to thank everyone who voted and who waited to learn who the nominees were. It was a really difficult work to choose from all the different great articles that had been posted to the Wiki throught the year, but I finally got to a conclusion of who the nominees should be. Without further ado, this are the nominees of all the categories of 2013.

Polls are closed.

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Fallin' Fallin' 29 June 2013

The Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards 2013 - Apply now

Hey guys. Fallin' here. As you may or not know, this year will be the third ceremony of the Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards. But this year there's a big twist, you can apply for it. You'll have to comment with a completed application I'll leave below and me and a group of judges will analize your article(s). If their are good enough, then it'll have the chance to win an award. To apply you have to complete this form:

  • Article nominated:
  • Name + Username:
  • Type of award:
  • Why do you think this article deserves winning the award?:

  • 1 Types of Award
    • 1.1 General
    • 1.2 Simpsons series
    • 1.3 Films
    • 1.4 Music

Every year, the articles compete in different categories. This year, the categories will also be divided in sections so it's easier to find the categories you really wan…

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Anniemoose98 Anniemoose98 9 October 2009


Hi! I am anniemoose98. I am the new bureaucrat and am a grammer freak.

--Anniemoose98, Wanna say Hi? 22:44, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

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