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Blockoland, Wins-ah! The Simpsons go to Blockoland! (Legoland) and Homer learns it’s nice to stand up for people and help them out. The episode title is a reference to LEGO land Windsor.


There is no chalkboard gag but the couch gag is the Simpsons wearing karate robes and black belts karate chopping up the couch and going “hiiiiya! Ayayayay!” while doing so. Homer then goes “hoooooo!” while doing the crane pose and turns on the TV with the remote.

The episode starts one morning with Homer in the hall brushing his teeth when he steps on something with a crunch! and cries out in pain. “Oooooow! Huh?” He finds LEGO, or as it is called in the Simpsons, Blocko. “Bart!! Stop leaving your blocko all over the floor!”

“My Blocko?! Daaad... Blocko is for babies! Why would I own any Blocko?” Bart replied peeping his head round his bedroom door.

“Well it’s someone’s!” said Homer. “And I stepped in it!”

“It’s not mine! I don’t find interest in childish playthings... only science...” said Hugo peeking out of the attic trapdoor.

“It’s not mine! Blocko’s a boy’s thing!” said Lisa.

“And it’s far too small for Maggie to play with because she’s eating it...” said Bart. Maggie was devouring the Blockos...

Marge gasped in horror. “No! No Maggie! No!” she grabbed Maggie. “Spit those out this instant sweetie!” Maggie did so and frowned because she wanted to eat them.

“Well who’s are they?” Homer asked. They heard Oscar playing and making aeroplane noises from the illegally built flower box/bedroom.

Inside Oscar had his Blocko spilt all over the floor and was playing with a rocket ship he built.

“Oooooooh...” the Simpsons realised who the Blocko belonged to.

“Oscar!!” Homer yelled.

“What?!” Oscar whined sitting in his pyjamas playing with Blockos.

“Clean up your Blocko! I stepped in it and Maggie tried to eat some of it!” Homer told him off and pointed to the Blocko in the hall leading to his room.

“Eeeeew!” said Oscar as went out to clear up the Blocko.

Bart shrugged his shoulders.


Later on after breakfast there was a commercial.

“Are you tired of going to regular shaped theme parks?!” The narrator of the commercial asked.

“Do I ever!” said Homer with his hands around Bart’s throat about to strangle him for something.

“Then let’s go to Blockoland! The theme park based on the fun, but painful to tread on kid friendly building blocks!” said the voiceover.

“Blockoland is not affiliated with LEGO. We’ve never heard of LEGO.” said the small print rapidly.

“Little boy, how did you find Blockoland?” said the voiceover.

“My dad followed a map to get us here...” said the boy snarking.

The commercial ended.

“Kids... how would you like to go to... Blockoland!!” Homer said excitedly.

“Meh....” said Bart, Lisa and Hugo.

“Yaaaaayyyy! Blockoland! Blockoland!” Oscar cheered.

“Huh? But the commercial said!” Homer was surprised for some reason that they weren’t interested.

“We said Meh...” said Bart.

“M E H. Meh.” said Lisa.

“Take Oscar. He seems interested in stupid plastic blocks...” said Hugo bored.

“They’re not stupid! You’re stupid!” Oscar yelled at him.

Hugo burst into tears. “Oh Oscar!! Why do you have to be like that?!” He cried and Lisa comforted him.

“Well I think Maggie would like to go too!” said Narge.

Maggie was touching the TV and gurgling and nodding happily. She strapped herself in her car seat and hopped off in it somewhere.

“Aaaaaawww!” said everyone thinking it was cute.

“She doesn’t realise Blocko is too small for her...” Oscar sighed with a grin.

Suddenly the car started.

“No Maggie! No!” Homer yelled as they ran off to stop Maggie driving the car by herself.


They drove to Blockoland and when they got there they took a Blocko cart with carriages and square wheels... of course that meant a painful bumpy ride. “Ow!Ow!Ow!” they whined repeatedly until the ride stopped.

“We’re here!” said Homer as they got off. They went to where the exhibits and rides were.

A cowboy Blocko mascot was greeting guests when Abraham Lincoln as a Blocko block cane up behind him and accidentally slotted themselves together... mmmmmm... kinky! They cried out until a park attendant separated them.

“Mmmmm! Kinky...” said Oscar aroused.

“Oscar! Stop that! Or we’ll go straight home!” Marge told him off for being filthy minded.

“I’ll be good!” Oscar flinched.

A girl rides on a bumpy Blocko slide. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” When she got to the bottom she cheered and wanted to go again...

The Simpsons found a map of the park.

“Let’s see we have Rectangle land, oblong Island, cube world or Squaresville...” Lisa sighed.

“Oh! Squaresville sounds fun!” said Marge.

They went off to some funhouse mirrors that made them look like they were made up of tiny squares.

Homer found this hilarious.

“Hehehehe! I am a robot! Do what I say!” said Homer giggling at his reflection. Then he went to another mirror that made him shorter. “Hehehe! I am a washing machine! Do what I say!”

The Simpsons rolled their eyes at him.

Homer then stopped at Bender. The alcohol drinking robot from Futurama.

“Bite my shiny metal ass!” said Bender.


They sat down on a Lego/Blocko bench because Homer wanted to sit down.

“Moooooom! Can we just go and do our own thing and meet back later?” Bart whined.

“Okay, but be back for lunch!” sId Marge. The kids ran off to where they wanted to go. “And Oscar! Take your panic alarm in case you get lost!”

Homer was snoring.

“Hmmmmm....” Marge sighed.

Bart went to the arcade where he met Nelson from school.

“I’ll have a game with rock em sock em Blocko bots with ya!” said Nelson.

“You’re on!” said Bart. They played with the Rock em Sovk em robots. However Nelson was losing so he started playing aggressively.

“Grrr! Take that!” He made his robot punch Bart’s robot’s head off.

Bender screamed with anguish.

“Bender...” Bart sighed.

“You knocked his block off!” said an arcade attendant.

Nelson stood smugly until security guards dragged him out of the arcade.


Lisa went to look at the Blocko built miniature city of London. It’s like the mini Lego built replica of London in Lego Land Windsor.

However Hugo dressed in his dinosaur onesie was roaring and stomping on the Lego buildings and smashing them up. Lisa sighed.

Eventually security dragged him away to the detention area.

Oscar went in the Blocko mazes themed round the medieval castle sets.

“No Oscar!” Lisa warned. “You get lost in mazes easily!”

“I’ll be fine...” said Oscar going in. Moments later... “I’m lost and can’t get out!” Oscar whined tearfully.

Lisa rolled her eyes and sighed as she went in to collect him.

Meanwhile Marge mortified went to collect Hugo from the detention area.

“I am so embarrassed I wish I could just crawl into a hole and die!” said Marge angry at Hugo.

“Okay put her in ze hole.” sId the scary German guards trying to restrain her.

“Ngh! It’s just a figure of speech!” Marge yelled.

Back at the tiny Blocko town Oscar was admiring tiny New York when Bashir, who the Simpsons haven’t met yet, was giggling and ramming a tiny little toy plane into the miniature Blocko twin towers. Oscar lost it and angrily punched Bashir in the face really hard!

“Oscar!” Lisa yelled.


It was lunchtime. Everyone met back at the restaurant. There was a build your own food station nearby. The Simpsons were noisily eating their food.

“Look! I’ve made a healthy apple!” said Homer.

“I- Aaaaagh!” Blue haired lawyer was about to be annoying but Oscar shot a rock at him with his slingshot knocking him out.

“But Dad! You’ve just made it out of ham cubes!” said Lisa.

“Yes... a shiny new apple...” said Homer rubbing the ham apple on his shirt, getting grease on it. Then he took a bite of the apple made of ham.

Lisa sighed.

“Well at least he’s not using the Blocko utensils to steal our Doodlemoonch...” said Oscar.

“Quiet boy.” said Homer and he used his Lego fork to steal a Doodlemoonch meatball from Oscar’s plate.

“Heeeeey!” Oscar whined.

Maggie didn’t like her baby food so she got out some bread and a Tupperware box of Monopoly tiny green plastic houses and made a plastic house sandwich and ate it.

“Hmmmmmm...” Marge sighed and face palmed.


Then Homer went on the river boat ride with Lisa.

“Oh! I get it now!” said Homer. “Everything’s made of blocks! Even the water!” He started scooping up blue Blocko blocks that acted as the water and threw them at Lisa.

“Ow! Hey! Dad! Cut it out!” Lisa whined.

“Guy in boat 28, stop splashing!” The guard in charge of the ride told Homer off.

“What are you gonna do about it?!” Homer continued tossing Blocko at Lisa.

The guard got out of his booth and walked across the river. Pulling up his sleeves menacingly.

“Agggggggh! He’s Jesus!” Homer screamed.

Jesus was sat at the cafe reading a newspaper. He shook his head and sighed.

Homer jumped out of the boat to run along the Blocko but sank into it. He struggled to swim. When he surfaced he choked and coughed up Lego. Then he got back in the boat.

“Aaaaaagh! Leeches!” He screamed lifting up his shirt to find tiny black Lego blocks stuck to his belly. He yelped in disgust and swiped them off.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons were driving home once it was time to go.

Bart was wearing a very uncomfortable Lego/Blocko shirt. “Nnnnngh! Oh why did I buy this Lego shirt?!” said Bart wearing a shirt made of Lego bricks. So it was solid and hard.

“Don’t you mean Blocko shirt?” Marge asked.

“Yeah sure... Blocko...” said Bart. Maggie was sleeping in her car seat next to him. Aaaaaaaw! Cute!

“Lisa how’s your Eiffel Tower kit?” Marge asked.

“It’s okay. But it’s missing a piece!” said Lisa. One of the feet the tower stood on was missing.

“Welcome to the real world sweetie...” said Homer. “You can’t fight City Hall! I.e. Blockoland...”

“But Dad! You did fight City Hall! And you became the garbage commissioner! Then you flooded the town with garbage trying to bury it under ground and we had to move the town down the road...” said Lisa.

“You remembered all that?! Geek!” said Homer,

“Homer! That’s a terrible lesson to tell your children!” said Marge cross with him for telling Lisa to just give up.

“That’s what I tell all our children!” said Homer. “Even the potato one that lives in the garden shed...”

There was a potato character with a face and arms and legs chained up in a shed.

“I told them that yesterday! And I told them again as they went to sleep!” said Homer.

Marge tutted annoyed. “I’m sure the gift shop will replace the missing piece!”

“You’re right Honey.” said Homer. “Kids, the Simpsons are going to Blockoland! Again!”

“Yaaaaaaaaay!” The kids cheer.

Homer abruptly makes a u turn into the opposite lane causing an accident doing so.

“Oops! Coming through!” said Homer driving back to Blockoland.

They arrive as Blockoland is being dismantled into blocks and put away for tomorrow... hehehe... Lego...

Homer marched up to the souvenir kiosk carrying Lisa’s shoddy Eiffel Tower with a missing piece.

“You sir sold my daughter a shoddy Eiffel Tower!” said Homer.

“Well tough luck pal, you can’t fight the souvenir industry. We’re too powerful!” said the kiosk worker.

“Oh okay...” Homer whined and went back to Lisa but her sad face made him want to stand up for her. He marched right up to the kiosk guy again.

“But before I go, I’m gonna give you a souvenir of my own!!” said Homer angrily. Coooool! Punch him! Punch him! Homer grunted and opened his hand, inside was snow globe with his head inside and it was labelled Homer. It made cute twinkle music.

“Aaaaaaw! What the heck! Here you go little girl...” said the kiosk worker touched. He gave Lisa her missing piece.

Lisa added the missing piece, a foot of the Eiffel Tower to her model. “Wow! Thanks Dad!” said Lisa.

“Hey, any friend of Marge is a friend of mine...” said Homer stroking her hair boisterously.


They drove home again.

“So... how’s that block I got you?” Homer asked Lisa.

“Great!” said Lisa.

Homer sighed content that he did a good deed.

“It feels great standing up for the little guy... I should do it more often!” said Homer. Suddenly the Simpsons gasped and stopped the car because they saw Chief Wiggum and Eddie and Lou violently beating a suspect with their truncheons.

Homer growled angrily and drove at them to run them over! Coooool!

“Agh! Let’s get outta here!” Wiggum yelled as the cops dived for cover. Homer pulled up at the suspect they were beating. Snake Jailbird.

“There they can’t hurt you no more...” said Homer.

“You idiot! They were helping to beat out my shirt fire! Aaaaagh!” said Snake as his shirt was on fire.

“My heart was in the right place! Jerk!” said Homer annoyed. He got in the car and drove off skidding gravel in Snake’s face.

“Woohoo!” The kids cheered.

“Wait! We left Oscar at Blockoland!” said Lisa.

At Blockoland, Oscar was driving the Blocko/Lego cars on the driving course. “Weeeeee! I’m learning to drive!” He cheered.

“Little boy! We’re closing!” said one of the workers.


At home.

Lisa put a tiny French flag on her tower. “Thanks again Dad!”

“Hey I love helping schmoes and their problems!” said Homer. “What’s wrong Boy?” Homer asked Bart who was sad about something.

“A girl won’t go to the dance with me!” said Bart.

“Ha! Bart’s got a girlfriend!” Lisa laughed.

“No I don’t! That’s the problem!” said Bart.

“Ha! Bart’s got a problem!” Lisa laughed.

Teddy the living teddy bear sniffed Bart with his big wet shiny black nose and grimaced in disgust. “A B.O problem!” he said. Bart blushed embarrassed.

“I’ll help you boy with my good friend Sean Connery...“ said Homer.

Sean Connery as James Bond was at school pestering a fourth grader girl that presumably Bart wanted to go to the dance with.

“Now for some unfinished business(sh).” said James Bond.

“No!” said the girl.

“Yesh! You are going to the dance with Bart Shimpson!”

“No! I don’t want to!” said the girl.

“Yesh you do!” said James Bond.

“No I don’t!” said the girl more adamantly.

“Yesh you do!”

“No I don’t!”

“Yesh you do!” James held her arm in a threatening manner.

“Okay. I will.” said the girl.

“See Bart? Fifty no’s and a yesh, mean Yesh!” said James Bond.

Bart face palmed.


Homer decided to help Marge next. She came out of the hair salon.

“They wouldn’t honour my coupon for two free streaks...” said Narge.

“They wouldn’t! I’ll show that fruity excuse for a hairdresser!!” said Homer angrily marching into the hair salon.

He tossed the magazines on the floor.

“Excuse me monsieur but why are you doing zis?” A French guy working there asked as Homer dropped a hair net on the floor and took off the kids on the pots of cream.

“Either you-“ Homer was confused by the unfamiliar hairdresser. “Hey where’s Julio?!”

“Oh he’s having marriage counselling with his husband Grady...” said the French man.

We cut to Julio and Grady not speaking to each other at a marriage counselling session.

“Grady won’t dance to YMCA with me anymore!” Julio whined.

“I saw you making eyes at that construction worker in the Village People!” Grady snapped.

Homer pondered something. “Excuse me for a sec.”

“Of course Monsieur.” said the hairdresser.

“Marge?” Homer went outside.

“Yes dear?” Marge replied from inside his pink car.

“Are you sure this is your local hairdresser? I can’t find that fruit Julio anywhere!” said Homer.

“Homer don’t call him that!” Marge replied. “And yes it is my local! Gaspard would have told you that Julio is off from work today at marriage counselling with Grady!”

“Oh.” said Homer. He went back inside the hair salon.

“Okay Gaspard, either you honour my wife’s two free hair streaks coupon or a lot more lids will be taken off of things!” said Homer.

“But Monsieur! I can’t streak that much hair! I’ll be ruined!” said Gaspard.

“Oh really?” Homer asked not believing him.

Sometime Later Homer was in the back with him doing his accounting. “You’re right! Your profit margins are razor thin!”

“Zis is what I was trying to tell you!” said Gaspard.

“400 dollars a month for loafer lightener?!” said Homer gasping.

“But monsieur! We must! It is the lifeblood of the industry!” said Gaspard.

“You can get the same results with a mincing gel!” said Homer.

“But of course! I will save thousands! Thank you!” Gaspard kisses him.

“I love my new hair streaks! Ih thank you Homer!” said Marge with two hair streaks in her hair.

“Oh I just feel like helping people today. Standing up for the little guy!” said Homer.


At home Oscar was humming as he poured red Blockos across the porch doorstep of the Simpsons house.

“Oscar what are you doing?” Bart asked wondering why he was pouring his Blockos everywhere.

“Pouring molten lava on your doorstep so none may enter or leave.” said Oscar. “So stop stepping on the Blockos. Your ruining the RPG...“

“And what would that be?” Bart rolled his eyes.

“The stick of truth!” said Oscar. “Cartman’s in charge because he made the game up and he’s the wizard king.” Cartman as the wizard king nodded.

“Yeah so get out of the lava! Or you count as incinerated!” said Cartman.

“Oz I am not part of your childish game! And it’s not lava it’s red Blockos! Ugh!” Bart kicked the red Blockos off of the door step.

“Dude don’t ruin the immersion! Red Blockos means pools of molten lava!” said Stan as a fighter.

“Yeah you’re ruining the game!” said Elf King Kyle.

“Guys live RPGs are for geeks. If I want to role play I’ll play Final Fantasy on my games console!” said Bart going inside and slamming the door.

The costumed boys sighed.

“This neighbourhood sucks! Let’s go home...” said Cartman.

“Agreed!” said Stan, Kenny and Kyle. They went back home to South Park.


After Bart slammed the front door he went upstairs past Hugo.

“You had to ruin their RPG...” said Hugo. “You do realise Real life RPGs are a thing now amongst fourth graders...”

“No! Dressing up is for kindergarteners or nerds!” said Bart. “And I’m not finished screwing up their stupid game yet.”

Bart got a bucket of water and poured it over Oscar’s red Blockos. “There! Now I’ve cooled your lava to solid rock!”

“You’ve made Obsidian.” said Cartman. “And because you’ve chose to ignore the rules of our RPG and not be part of it we’re ignoring you! You don’t exist!”

“Yes I do!” said Bart.

Cartman ignored him and took his friends home.


Bart was in his room playing Bonestorm. After a few matches her heard a Nelson and Milhouse outside. He looked out the window. They were wearing Cardboard boxes as armour and fighting with cardboard tubes.

“What are you guys doing...” said Bart.

“Cardboard armour and live RPGs are a trend now Square eyes!” said Nelson.

“They are?!” said Bart.

“Yeah, so you’re the one not popular...” said Milhouse.

“I’ll show you!” said Bart.

He muttered as he found a cardboard box with an address to A.S.S American Shipping Services. Not affiliated with the human ass.

“Yes I’d like several hundred boxes please. For um...” He saw Santa’s Little helper sniffing and circling looking for somewhere to poop. “Dog Incorporated. Okay I’ll hold.”

Plot 3[]

Meanwhile Homer was still helping people out. His next problem involved Lenny and tickets to see the Springfield isotopes and an evil Baron Howard K Duff for some reason. He was trying to sell the Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque for some reason.

“Whaaaaat?” said Homer.

“Albuquerque? Isn’t that somewhere Bugs Bunny mentioned?” Oscar in his RPG costume asked.

“It’s just a funny place name Doc!” said Bugs Bunny chewing on a carrot.

Homer face palmed at Oscar’s stupid references.

“Yes. And now you know too much... I can’t allow you to leave this room alive...” said Evil Howard K Duff. “Duffman, drug them!”

“Oh yeah! Duffman is an evil henchman! Oh yah!”

Homer and Oscar screamed as Duffman menacingly approached them with an injection needle of chloroform or some other knock out drug. The scene blacked out as scary music played.


At Home Bart waited until a brown A.S.S truck arrived. (American Shipping service. Not Ass...) A Raphael clone delivered his boxes.

“And what will you be needing theses boxes for?” Raphael asked. “No wait, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know. I like surprises.

After the A.S.S truck left Lisa went to see Bart’s delivery of boxes. She gave him a list of ideas for the boxes.

“Build a fart?! Bwahahahaha! Build a fart!” Bart laughed hysterically.

“No! Fort! Build a fort!” said Lisa.

“That could work.” said Bart.

Lisa had made a huge castle made of cardboard.

“Lower the drawbridge!” said Bart in cardboard armour wanting to come in.

“What’s the password?” Lisa asked.

Bart grumbled annoyed because Lisa got to choose the password. An embarrassing one at that. “I love my sister...” he said with gritted teeth.

Lisa laughed and lowered the drawbridge for him.

However suddenly Raphael turned up.

“Hey! Those boxes are for shipping things! Not for creating a world of pure imagination!” said Raphael. “Give them back at once!”

“Never! Not u TIL we grow bored of them!” said Bart.

“Very well.” Raphael started talking in a poetic voice. “I shall return with a terrible army! And we will take back what is ours!”

“But what if we’re not in?” Lisa asked.

“We will return three times! Then you will have to come to our store!” said Raphael in his poetic role playing voice before suddenly talking normally again. “It’s the big hardware store on Main Street. You can’t miss it!”


Oscar and Homer were cornered by Duffman and Howard K Duff who were evil for some reason.

Suddenly Hugo as Bartman swung in through a window.

“Bartman?” Oscar asked.

“I am not Bartman! I am his sometimes evil brother Hugoman!” said Hugo as Bartman. “I’m here to rescue you!”

“Cease them!” Evil Howard K Duff demanded.

“Did someone call for a super hero?” said Mayor West.

“Adam West!” Homer gasped.

Batman music played as they beat up Duffman and Howard K Duff.

Batman sound text appears every time someone gets hit. “Bam! Oof! Zort! Etc.

Oscar and Hugo finished off Duffman.

“Now to flee and warn Springfield of these terrible events!” said Homer as they escaped.

“Noooooo!” Howard K Duff yelled lamenting.


At the Simpsons house, in their cardboard box fort, Bart and Lisa used toilet roll binoculars to see lots of brown A.S.S trucks approaching.

“Wow. Who knew guys in brown shirts could cause so much trouble!” said Bart.

“Uh oh...” said Lisa warning him that was not an appropriate joke. The game over tune from Bruce’s Price is Right played.

“I did Nazi that coming.” said Oscar.

“Anne Frankly I’m Fuhrerious!” said Milhouse.

“Milhouse that one wasn’t funny...” said Bart.

The trucks pulled up and lots of shipping workers in brown uniforms got out and lined up in formation.

“It begins!” said Lisa dramatically.

A man got out and cut open a box and poured polystyrene shipping peanuts on himself. “For the brown empire!” He yelled.

Then a terrible cardboard battle began! Bart and Lisa put on their cardboard box helmets to prepare for battle.

The shipping workers charged at the castle carrying cardboard tubes.

Bart released some cardboard tubes that rolled towards the shipping workers tripping them up.

Then Bart and Lisa threw cardboard tiles at the shipping workers.

This eliminated some of them. But then they grew wise to this assault and blocked the tiles with their clipboards.

Then they fired cardboard arrows at Bart and Lisa while a shipping worker rode a red Fell Beast from The Lord of the Rings!

“Oh for crying out loud Matt!” Bart rolled his eyes.

The arrows flew at Lisa but Nelson blocked them with his cardboard shield. He too was wearing cardboard armour.

“Nelson! You came!” said Lisa delighted.

“Haw! Haw!” said Nelson pulling out two cardboard tube swords and jumping into the crowd of shipping workers and fighting them.

Meanwhile shipping workers tried to climb a ladder to the castle but Lisa gaffa tapes them up and kicked the ladder away. They fell on their brethren.

Then a fell beast clawed at Bart and Lisa but they ducked. Nelson was decimating the brown army.

Bart got a cardboard tube and fired things at the shipping workers. Such as bricks, angry beehives of very angry bees! Boxes of eggs... Snowball II...

“How did you fire Snowball II out of a cardboard tube?” Lisa asked him.

“I dunno.” sId Bart.

Eventually the shipping workers retreated and left in their trucks in a hurry never to return.

“We won!” said Bart.

“Now the boxes are ours!” said Lisa. They paused.

“I think a bird pooped on one of the turrets...” said Bart.

“Wanna melt the castle with a hose?” Lisa asked.

“Sure.” said Bart.

They had melted their castle with a hose while a dead Fell Beast with a cardboard tube boner on its stomach laid twitching on the backyard lawn.

“I’m not even gonna ask...” Marge sighed having watched all the mayhem unfold.


Homer gathered the townsfolk at the town hall.

“People! Hear my dire warning!” Homer spoke into a megaphone. “Howard K Duff wants to sell the Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque!”

“Boooooooo!” The townsfolk boo and jeer.

“Oh boo yourselves!” Howard retorted. “You want your awful baseball team so much? You can keep it!” He stormed off “Duffman, tell the mayor of Albuquerque the bad news...”

In Albuquerque.

“Sir, that was Springfield. They no longer wish to sell us the Springfield Isotopes.” said an aide.

“Blast! Those no good people!” The Mayor thumped his desk angrily. “Get me the Atlanta Falcons!”

“But sir! That’s a football team!” said the aide.

“They’ll play what I tell them to play!” said the mayor furiously. He stood in front of the window. “For I am the mayor of Albuquerque!”

Dun dun dun!


Meanwhile on Evergreen terrace. Eventually everyone including Bart got into the spirit of real life RPGs by playing dress up in cardboard armour with cardboard swords and red Lego brick lava. And Bart followed the rules of the fantasy universe of Zaron.

The end!