Blame It on Lisa A high phone bill with calls to Brazil makes Homer think Bart is pranking other countries again until Lisa admits she made the calls.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Homer goes through today's bills. He is shocked to find the phone bill is so high and there are numerous calls to Brazil...

"Boy!! Get in here now!!" Homer yells for Bart.

"What?" Bart asks.

"Have you been making international calls again!?" Homer remembers when they went to Australia because of Bart's prank.

"No! Honestly! It wasn't me!" Bart protested.

"Choke on you lies!!!" Homer throttles Bart.

"Homer!" Marge scolds Homer for strangling Bart.

Bart is making gasps as Homer strangles him.

"What's going on?" Lisa asked.

"Nothing angel. Your brother is making phone calls to Brazil and denying it! Tell the truth!" Homer squeezes Bart's neck tighter.

"Oh, those phone calls?" Lisa asked feeling guilty.

"Did you make those?!" Marge asked.

"Yes! But please don't be mad! I was doing them for a good cause!" Lisa explained.

Lisa explained everything. How she was donating money to help a Brazilian orphan. But they kept calling her.

"And you can't put the phone down on a nun!" Lisa explained.

"I know! They have powers!!" said Marge making spooky hand gestures.

"Well, I guess I owe you an apology boy..." said Homer sheepishly.

"You nearly killed me!" Bart tried to yell but his throat really hurts and it was difficult to talk.


They decided to visit Lisa's orphan in Brazil. He had sent a video chat. However he was, Pepe!

"Pepe?!" Homer asked.

"Dad?! You know him?!" Lisa asked.

"Of course! I temporarily adopted him under that bigger brother scheme to get back at Bart's stupid revenge scheme!" said Homer.

"You forgot to pick me up! I was mad at you! For a good reason!" Bart yelled.

"Okay, chill out! Let's see what's in the savings account, see if we can book a holiday to Brazil." said Marge.

"Oh Mom! Really?!" Lisa asked.

"If we can afford it, sweetie." said Marge.

They went to the kitchen and went through the savings and finances. However they were short and needed to make some sacrifices...

"Hmmmm!" Marge groaned. "We'll all have to make some sacrifices... Homer you'll have to give up beer for a while."

"Aaaaaaagh!" Homer screamed.

"I know it's tough dear." said Marge. "Bart, you'll have to give up your guitar lessons."

"No way man!" said Bart.

"Bart please..." Marge asked.


Eventually their scrimping and saving went a long way and they could afford to go to Brazil.

One the plane Lisa explained to Homer that the seasons were the other way round in the Southern Hemisphere.

"Oh! So it's opposite Land! Dogs walk people!" Homer suggested.

"No Dad it's not like that at all!" Lisa replied.

"Hot snow falls up?" Homer asked.

"Yes Dad..." Lisa sighed.

Meanwhile Bart was learning Spanish. "There, I'm fully fluent in Spanish!"

"That's nice dear. But in Brazil they speak Portuguese!" said Marge.

"Forget all that junk Boy!" said Homer.

"Homer no-" Marge protested.

However Bart was smacking himself on the head with the fold up tray. "There, all gone!"

Marge sighed.


They arrived in Brazil.

"It says you can get anywhere by conga line!" said Marge.

They joined a conga line.

"To the hotel!" Homer asked.

They conga lined to their hotel. Once they arrived they left the conga.

However all the staff were soccer mad. Probably because the finest football/soccer players were Brazilian. Like Pele. They were headering and kicking the suitcases and keys everywhere.

Homer tried to copy them. However his suitcase fell open and it had a book titled "How to loot Brazil." in it.


They went to their hotel room.

Homer found a beer hat and wore it.

"I will raid the snack fridge! And I will not pay!" Homer sung.

Bart found a fruit hat and started dancing. "I am Taquila... and I dance all day!" he sung until Oscar got fed up and summoned cartoon squirrels with big round wet shiny black noses to maul him. Bart cried out under the angry chatters and squeaks of the cartoon squirrels.

Later as everyone was getting ready to go out Bart was watching an inappropriate kid's show that was local.

"Bart what are you watching?" Marge asked as she saw a scantily clothed woman dancing around and making suggestive gestures with the letters.

"Teleboobies." Bart replied like it was normal. The puppets were being suggestive as well.

"Bart! Turn that off! I don't want Maggie watching that! Let alone you!" Marge yelled and turned off the TV.

"But it's Brazil's most popular kid's show!" Bart protested.

"Oh really? Well I'm going to see them to complain!" Marge replied.


They tried to find Pepe. First they tried his orphanage.

"You know where he is?" Homer asked.

"No I was just distracting you while the orphans rob you." said the lady running the orphanage. Orphans ripped Homer and Bart's trouser/short pockets and nicked their stuff.

They then got the coach into town.

"Oh! The houses are so colourful!" said Marge.

"Mom, those are just slums. The government has done that so as not to upset the tourists..." Lisa explained.

They then had dinner in a Brazilian restaurant.

Bart and Oscar saw that they served meat on swords.

"Cooooool! Sword meat!" said Bart and Oscar.

Homer booked a table with the manager.

"Yello?" Homer asked.

"Siiiii?" asked Brazilian yes guy.

"I'd like a table for 6 with one baby chair." said Homer.

"Siiiiiiii!" said the man and guided them to their table.

"What an odd fellow, he seems familiar..." said Homer.

They had dinner which to Bart and Oscar's joy involved meat on swords. Main course descended into them having a sword fight!

"En guard!" Bart yelled as he started a sword fight with Oscar. They caused mayhem across the restaurant until Marge confiscated their swords.

"Hmmm!" she took their swords off of them. They groaned and sat down.

After dinner Homer paid the bill.

"Bill please." Homer poked the yes guy waiter with a sword.

"Siiiiii?" he asked. and gave the bill.

"Does this include tip?" Homer asked.

"Siiiiiii!" said the yes guy.


The next day they went on separate activities. Marge and her daughters went to find Pepe, Homer and the boys (Bart, Oscar and Hugo) went to the beach.

On the beach.

Homer was stopped by a lifeguard asking him to wear speedos as his speedos had gone up his butt. Homer complied and put on another pair, but they too went up his butt like a thong.

On the beach all the ladies screamed and one put a jellyfish on her face and another screamed "No no no!" and put sand in her eyes at the sight of Homer's butt.

"Uh Dad, maybe you should stop wearing speedos..." Bart commented.


Meanwhile Marge and Lisa asked at a dance academy. However the teacher used very sexual language.

"We are teaching Samba! It makes sex look like a church!" said Teigo.

"Hmmmm! I don't think I want my daughters hearing that sort of talk!" Marge left with her daughters Lisa and Maggie in a hurry.

"You can't protect them forever! You stupid lady!" said Teigo.


Homer was thirsty. He went to a market stall that was serving juice.

"Make a drink from your sweetest fruits." Homer asked paying her. The lady mixed everything into a purple drink.

He tried it. "Hmmm, sweet... Sweet! SWEEEEEEET!" He gagged and dropped down and tried to lick the mud to get rid of the sweet taste.

"Hey! Mom! Lisa!" said Bart as they reunited in the market.

Marge was buying souvenirs.

"Wow! Those lemur bags look so life like!" said Marge. She went to touch one but it was actually a live lemur! It growled and tried to scratch her.

"Eep! I think I'll just buy a bracelet..." said Marge at the red, black and white striped bracelets. However one came alive and was actually a snake. It hissed at her.

"Everything is a thing here!" said Marge realising everything at the stall was alive.

Bart, Hugo, Oscar and Homer arrived.

"So how are you boys doing?" Marge asked.

"We're doing fine, gonna get a taxi back to the hotel. I think I'm getting a burn." said Homer.

"Hmmm! Just be careful!" said Marge. "There's false taxis driving around trying to kidnap people.


Homer found a cab and got in.

The driver turned round pointing a gun at him.

"I'm afraid sir that this is what you Americans call a kidnapping." said the driver.

"D'oh! Okay but let the boys go!" said Homer.

"They already left while you were talking." said the driver. Bart, Hugo and Oscar were running away back to the market.

"D'oh!" Homer groaned. The taxi drove away with him.


"Whaaaaat?!" Marge gasped.

"Dad's been kidnapped!" said Bart repeating himself.

"We better tell the authorities!" said Marge.

They navigated the market only to find a carnival float.

"Mom look! Teleboobies!" One of them was the rude programme Bart was watching on their first day.

"Bart!" March told him off.

"Mom! It's Pepe!" said Lisa. Pepe was on the Teleboobies float.

”And TV’s Xoxocaca... no Xocochoco... Oxohoto...Ah forget it...” said Oscar struggling to figure out the woman’s unpronounceable name.

Pepe helped them onto the float. After the carnival finished he discussed that thanks to Lisa's donation he took dance lessons and got a job on the Teleboobies programme.

The Simpsons then told him their plight. He agreed to pay the ransom to rescue Homer.

Meanwhile the kidnappers received their money.

"Our money is so gay looking..." said the taxi driver kidnapper as he commented on the purple and pink notes.

They were satisfied by the ransom and released Homer. However the cable cars broke and they all fell into the Amazon river.

However they swam to safety and arrived on dry land. The kidnappers lamented that their money was ruined and were about to take Homer hostage again but the police arrested them.

"Well that's that sorted, but where's Bart?" Marge asked.

Bart had been swallowed by a python.

"Relax Mom, it's conga time!" He started singing and dancing inside the python.


The Simpsons said goodbye bye to Pepe and flew back home. However Homer went to make a phone call only to find the phones weren't working.

"The phone bill! We didn't pay it!" Marge gasped.

"I ain't paying 400 dollars for a phone bill..." said Homer.

"Homer we need our phones. We'll have to see the phone company to negotiate." said Marge.

"Who are we with again?" Lisa asked.

"It was one of those ones with the weird name..." said Bart from inside the python.

"Kukamonga or something." said Homer.

"Can someone get me out of this snake?!" Bart asked. "I'm getting digested!"

Okay no more python...

The python vanished and Bart was back to normal except he was covered in python digestive tract fluids and mucus.


They went to the phone company they were with.

A man was on the phone to a customer. He was offering a deal. However they put the phone down.

"She put the phone down on me! What did I do?" The man started sobbing.

Lindsey Naegle greeted the Simpsons.

"Lindsey Naegle. How can I help you?" Lindsey sat them in her office.

"How comes your everywhere?! Weren't you a fundraiser for the church?" Marge asked.

"I'm a sexual predator." said Lindsey.

Homer and Marge screamed.

"Not that kind of sexual predator... I mean I'm quite the animal in bed! (Purrs seductively)" Lindsey corrected them.

"Eeeeeew!" said Homer.

"Look we've received this phone bill. We've got to the bottom of who made them. My er daughter was doing so good deed... But we're not paying that!" said Marge.

"Then I will cut off your phone line." said Lindsey.

"Then I'll cut off your ponytail!" said Homer grabbing some scissors.

"Homer!" Marge stopped him.

"Marge it's called negotiating..." Homer groaned.

"Oh..." said Marge.

Unfortunately they got nowhere with Lindsey and got thrown out because of Homer's outlandish behaviour and obsession with threatening to cut hair.


At home Homer decided on a crazy scheme...

"Oh! Crazy scheme! Crazy scheme!" Bart cheered.

Homer climbed the pylons on their street and tried to hijack into Flanders's phone line.

"Now was it red or green?" Homer asked. "I'll try red." He put the crocodile clips on the red wire, he was electrocuted and thrown off the ladder.

"Okay, the green one then..." he was electrocuted again.

"How about both?" He got electrocuted again.

"I'll try the red one again." He got electrocuted again.

Homer woke up inside on the couch.

"What happened?!" Homer asked.

"We brought you in while you were unconscious." said Bart. "Your heart briefly stopped and you were giving off smoke."

"No more crazy schemes! We'll just have to pay that bill..." Marge sighed.

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