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"Listen, darlin', we're just as much a part of Springfield as the church, the library or the crazy house. So I think I'll say right here... baby."
―Belle, to Marge Simpson
Belle Tapped Out.png
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Hair Gray
Age 52
Occupation Owner of La Maison Derrière, formerly stripper
Location Springfield
First Appearance Bart After Dark
Voiced By Tress MacNeille

Belle is an entrepreneuse and the proprietoress of a burlesque house in Springfield called "La Maison Derrière".


Many children thought she was a witch. She is 52 years old, and her family has been in Springfield for six generations. When she was a young woman, she started out as a dancer/singer and stripper at the burlesque. She eventually inherited the house after the previous proprietoress, whom Belle had a familial relationship with, passed away.

Bart found himself working there as a punishment for damaging her property, and it soon transpired that the place was a frequent haunt of many of Springfield's men and women (including Patty). Homer rescued it when an angry mob led by Marge, the Flanders and the Lovejoys threatened to raze it to the ground.

She forced Marge to work for her in order to pay for the damage, by opening for Belle's dancing girls.



  • This version of Belle is a lesbian.
  • This version also runs a brothel.
  • She is attracted to Marge, whom she has a love-hate relationship with.
  • She loves to call other women by pet names "honey", "sugar", "darling", and "baby".