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Be careful what you wish for Bart gets ahold of Lisa's monkey paw and gets himself into trouble trying to impress Nelson and Jimbo's gang.


Nelson and Jimbo's gang are playing basketball when Bart arrives.

"Hey guys." Bart greets them.

"Buzz off, loser." Jimbo orders him to leave.

"Aw, can't I play?" Bart asks.

"No, you're too short, shrimp!" Kerne said while giving Bart a noogie. Bart winces and struggles to escape while being given a noogie.

The bullies laugh and continue their basketball game without him. However Bart has something. The monkey's paw. It got supercharged after they last used it up so now it has infinite wishes.

"I wish for Jimbo to fall head first into a cart of ice cream!" Bart mutters. The wish comes true and Jimbo falls head first into a cart of ice cream. The cart goes rolling down the street so the bullies chase after it with Jimbo sticking out of it. Bart follows them from a safe distance.

The cart crashes and Jimbo flies out covered in ice cream and very cold.

"Ace! Free ice cream! Shame about poor Jimbo. Let's get him home." Nelson remarks as they take some ice creams and lick them as they take Jimbo home.

"Cool!" Bart whispered to himself as the bullies left.


The next day Bart encounters the bullies in an alley way.

"What's up?" Bart asks.

"None of your business shrimp!" Jimbo replies.

"We're out of money so we can't go to the movie theatre today." Kerne explained.

Bart takes out the monkey's paw and asks for some money. It rains some money.

"Cool! How did you do that?" Jimbo asks as he collects the money.

"Uh-" Bart is about to explain.

"It's that moldy old paw he's holding! Gimme that!" Kerne snatches the monkey's paw from Bart.

"Hey! Guys! Gimme that back!" Bart whines. However they run off, forcing him to chase after them.

"Keep away!"

"Keep away!" The bullies repeat, playing keep away with the paw.

Various towns folk catch the paw and make stupid wishes that back fire horribly on them.

“I wish I was young again...” said Abe, Bart’s grandpa. The paw turned him into a baby. Baby Abe cried and bawled.

“I wish I was made of money...” Old Gil sighed. He was turned into green dollar bills that blew away in the wind.

“I wish I was beautiful forever and admired by everyone!” said Jessica Lovejoy. The paw turned her to stone and everyone commented about the beautiful statue of a girl that they assumed was always there where Jessica once stood.

However the bullies stop at a Bonestorm arena poster. It's a new spinoff of Bonestorm and Bloodstorm featuring monsters taking part in gladiatorial games with a deadly twist.

"Cool! Bonestorm Arena is out!" Jimbo says joyfully.

"Wow, the graphics are so realistic it's like you're in the game!" Kerne explained admiring the game's graphics.

Nelson, who has the paw and his holding just out of Bart's reach has an idea. "I wish we were taking part in Bonestorm Arena!"

"Nelson no!" Bart yells but the wish was granted and they found themselves in the game wearing pink helmets and protective armour.

An Orange six armed monster, Bart's favourite character from Bonestorm is the referee and explains to them they're in the next game. There isn't really any rules except survive!

"Uh, guys, maybe we should wish ourselves back..." Bart asks. He gulps as he watches the monsters taking part in games. One of the games involves rolling around in see through balls. Another was like paint ball but with some kind of greenish yellow goo instead of paint. Some monsters that had been hit were glued to the floor on their backs and struggling.

"Don't be such a diaper baby!" Jimbo teases him. The bullies all repeat diaper baby at Bart.

"Hey, monkey's paw, show Bart how much of a diaper baby he is!" Nelson asks the paw. It turns Bart into a baby. He's only wearing a diaper.

Bart yelps in shock at what just happened and tries to communicate with the bullies to change him back, but could only babble in gibberish. The bullies laugh at him.

Baby Bart’s stomach then gurgled and he winced as he messed himself with a cartoony splat! He filled his diaper.

“Eeeeeeeew!” The bullies groaned.


Eventually it's time for them to battle. They're given goo guns. Jimbo and Kerne just about manage to avoid being squashed by a swampy monster running about in a see through ball.

"Yipes! That was close!" Jimbo realises the game isn't so fun to be in after all.

Baby Bart groaned as his stinky messy diaper stank.

”Oh quit whining...” said Nelson.

Meanwhile Baby Bart and Nelson are being shot at by monsters with goo guns. Unfortunately they get hit and glued to the floor.

"Nnnnnngh! What is this gunk?! Can't get free!" Nelson grunts as he struggles. Bart struggles in the goo as well. Eventually they find away to tear themselves free by rolling over in one direction. Nelson goes first, followed by Bart.

The gang reunite but a grey warty monster with a long slobbering tongue licks Kerne's shirt, getting slobber on it. "Eeeew!" Kerne groans. They decide they want to get as far away as possible from this monster.

They climb up a ladder onto a platform with a waiting monster. It has a staff with two spiked clubs either end. Nelson is given a similar weapon. The rules are that one must shove the other off the platform. Bart gulps as he looks below and sees a squid like monster in a tank of goop making bubbles that entrap the monsters. That must be the balls they were running about in. However the tank was an extremely long way down.


"How am I supposed to fight this guy?! He's ten times bigger than me!" Nelson asks. Kerne and Dolph are fighting over the monkey's paw and make a stupid wish that causes them to grow leaves and branches. They turn into trees and fall off the platform.

"Kerne! Dolph!" Jimbo laments. He turns to Bart. "Ok, diaper boy, save us!" He gives Bart the paw.

Bart wishes for a banana and eats it. He throws the banana skin in front of the monster. Then he tears off his diaper and throws it at the monster as it is sliding about from the banana. His diaper lands in the monster's face obscuring his vision. He falls off the platform into the squid tank and gets put into a bubble.

The monkey's paw magic gives Bart a fresh diaper and sends him and the bullies home since they won the game.


Bart uses the time the bullies are bewildered by what just happened to wish himself back to normal and runs off home.


However at home the Bonestorm Arena monsters burst out of his closet demanding a rematch because they thought he was cheating. Bart wishes the monkey the monkey's paw belongs to was here.

However a very big ape like creature. Technically a monkey because it has a tail, arrives and smashes up the place and fights with the monsters. However it only has one hand. There is a stump where the other was removed.

Bart runs into the Bonestorm Arena world in his closet and gets turned back into a baby by the monkey's paw. The monsters and the one handed monkey surround him. They are cross with Bart. The monkey demands it's paw back by screeching and stomping. Bart quickly hands over the paw that revives and reattaches onto the Monkey's wrist. The Monkey is in a better mood, but still displeased with Bart. It picks him up and glares at him. Bart's stomach groans and he messes his diaper. It is quite full of mess that it sags slightly from the weight of the stinky muck inside. The monsters groan in disgust.

After getting his diaper changed Bart is put on one of the games. Even the second time round he doesn’t get a game as there are monsters trapped in bubbles rolling about almost squashing him as he tries to avoid being shot with goo guns.

Unfortunately he gets hit and glued to the ground on his back. He groans as he struggles and squirms before eventually tearing free of the goo.

Bart then comes across the grey warty slobbering monster. It licks him with its tongue getting drool on him. “Eeeeeugh!” Baby Bart groans. He runs away from the monster but it shoots out its tongue like a chameleon and grabs his ankles. Bart is pulled off his feet and slams face first into the floor as he is yanked towards the monster.

A stray laser bolt from one of the games hits the monster’s tongue causing him to release Bart. Bart runs off.

Bart stops by a tree that’s growing near the Duel game with the batons. He stops to rest under it only to hear Kerne and Dolph, who are now part of the tree with just their faces emerging from the bark cry out for him to help them. Bart figures giving the great ape back its paw would end the wishes made with it. But it didn’t.

“Help us...” Kerne groaned.

“Yeah help us dweeb!” said Dolph.

Bart screamed at the gruesome sight of their terrible fate and ran away.

The monster commentators said something about him heading into an area plagued by those whose wishes from the gorilla paw backfired horribly.

Bart passed a guy merged with the brick wall of the cave/ruins the game was set in. Then he was harassed by a half snake half man.

“Help usssss!” The snake man spoke snake like as he begged for help.

Bart horrified got away only to encounter a guy who had a bloody arm trying to tear its way out of his stomach. The man cried for mercy. Suddenly the bloody arm grabbed Baby Bart’s wrist and would not let go. Bart struggled fruitlessly. Eventually he got free as he was seen leaving that area traumatised.

Then a cartoon slime puddle oozes out in front of him and taking shape from the puddle is a slimy version of Oscar’s living teddy bear. The slime teddy grins and sniffs Bart’s diaper. He blushes and backs away. The slime teddy grins and melts back into amorphous goo and launches at Bsrt’s diaper with a horrid splat. He groans as the slime engulfs his diaper.

Bart waddles about until slime oozes out of his slime diaper and glues to the ground behind him. Bart struggles against the gooey slime until it yanks him backwards onto his butt.

Bart grunts and struggles to escape the goo as the slime teddy giggles.


Eventually Bart is taken to the duelling game the monsters accused him of cheating on.

He climbed up the ladder to the game. Morlax the mutilator was his opponent. Brandishing a large menacing spiked baton.

Morlax laughed at Bart for being so small and puny. Bart pouted.

He was given a small light baton he could hold. This made Morlax laugh even more.

The battle soon began. Bart had the advantage of being small and fast and nimble.

Out of frustration Morlax knocked him off his feet. Bart face planted. Annoyed Bart tore off his diaper and threw it at Morlax it landed straight in his face with a horrid splat. Bart grinned as he watched Morlax stumble about. Bart are a banana and threw the skin at Morlax. He slipped on it and fell to his doom.

Bart was taping up a fresh diaper onto himself when a tremor shook the arena and he stumbled off the platform. However the slime teddy that was annoying him earlier oozed out and webbed the back of his diaper holding him like a green gooey bungee by his diaper. Bart grimaced as the slime slowly engulfed his diaper as he was pulled upwards towards the slime teddy bear.

The muck monster teddy bear engulfed him slowly as it oozed its slime all over him to plaster him to the bottom of the platform. Bart groaned and struggled helplessly as the gooey slime held him in place. It just got more and more gooey.

As Bart was suspended by the goo to the platform slimy tendrils oozed out of the slime holding him and slithered up his nose! He groaned as the slime teddy was absorbing his boogers to get bigger and bigger...

Bart eventually was so bunged up he had a big red shiny clown like nose. He found he was now sunk partially in a giant slime teddy’s tummy as he was climbing down the platform to the ground.

The slime teddy grinned and stuck his slimy paws in the ground. Bart grimaced in disgust as the slime monster teddy made a sinking slime bog puddle.

The slime teddy stuck Bart in the bog. Bart grimaces as he sinks in the slime. Bart struggles not realising this is making him sink faster.

Then it was all revealed to be a story Oscar was telling as Bart interrupted him.

“Oz can you stop making weird cartoons of me as a baby being tormented by shiny nosed bears from the Happy Little Elves or slime monsters?!” Bart yelled.

“But I like shiny nosed cute bear cubs and slime monsters...” said Oscar.

Bart groans frustrated and storms off.

Oscar continues telling the story.

“Then Bart sunk deeper and deeper into the slime...” he narrated as the story started up again.

“No! I’m not sinking in a slime bog just to suit your perverted obsession with quicksand/sinking slime!” Bart yelled.

Oscar sighed.

Then he heard Bart’s family call him because they were going out swimming at the local swimming pool.

“Come on Bart! We’re going to the pool.” said Marge.

“Okay but I hope we’re not going to that one Milhouse threw up in.” said Lisa.

“Okay... how about that one in Shelbyville?” said Marge.

“Hell no! No freakin’ way!” Homer refused because Shelbyville were arch enemies with Springfield.

“Ugh! You always say no if it involves Shelbyville...” Marge sighed.

While this mundane conversation continued downstairs Oscar found one of his slime monster and Teddy sniffing things fetish comics. He read it, looking at the panels of himself being tortured by cartoon slime monsters and moaned aroused as he masturbated at Bart’s desk.

“Okay then it’s settled, we’ll go to the pool with the slides.” said Marge. The Simpsons left. Yes they left Oscar home alone...

“Now I can continue the story...” said Oscar day dreaming.

In the main story Baby Bart sunk deeper and deeper into the sinking slime as the slime monster teddy watched him. Baby Bart wondered how this had anything with him learning about being wary of what to wish for.


  • Bart loses the monkey paw having to give it back to its owner, a magical large great ape like monkey. (Like the great apes from Dragon Ball).
  • This episode is based on an episode of Creepy tales from the crypt keeper cartoon about the monkey’s paw.