Bartman: the Brave and the Bold is an upcoming fanfiction series on It will be a spoof of the new TV series, Batman: the Brave and the Bold.

Plot Edit

Each episode features Bartman teaming up with a different superhero against a common threat, be it normal supervillains, alien invaders, mystic threats, or anything of the like.

Heroes Edit

Bartman: The main character. While possesing no superpowers of his own, the Masked Maverick makes up for it in mastry of hand to hand combat and the martial arts, as well as his hi-tech weaponry, and his all purpose Bartmoble. Parody of: Batman

Captain Flamingo: A fellow vigilante crimefighter, Captain Flamingo uses his arsenal of toy themed weapons against the criminal underworld...and never misses an opprotunity to try and show up his old pal, Bartman.Parody of: Green Arrow

Ocean Sokka: Crown prince of the undersea contenient of Northica, Ocean Sokka's larger than life personality prevents him from turning down a chance for an adventure, much to the chargin of his sister, Princess Katara. Parody of: Aquaman

Sapphire Scorpion III: Weilder of a powerful alien armor that grants her super strength and durability, the power of flight, and the ability to turn his hands into weapons, Laura Haruna is one of Bartman's biggest fans...and his biggest headache. Parody of: Blue Beetle III

Elastic Lass: A former criminal reformed by Bartman, Ty Lee has the power to stretch herself to incredible lengths and mold herself into an infinite number of shapes and forms. Parody of : Plastic Man

Kikader: A powerful andriod with super strength and super speed, Kikader seeks to gain a better understanding of humanity by interacting with it. Parody of: Red Tornado

the Microbe: Armed with technology that enables her to shrink to impossible sizes, Kat Cassidy battles the forces of the underworld, proving that size doesn't matter when it comes to justice. Parody of : the Atom

Yusuke Urameshi: The ghost of a dead teenager, Yusuke travels the world looking for his killer, his only clue being that the killer wore an eyepatch. His greatest power is the ability to posses the body of a living person. Parody of: Deadman