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Bart to the Future This time Bart sees his future!


The Simpsons (and Oscar) are driving in Marge's car to a camping ground because they're going camping.

"How much further to Lake Flora?" Lisa asked.

"Judging by the bugs getting smooshed against the window we're almost there." Homer replied. Lots of mosquitoes were splattering against the windshield.

"Hmmmmmm! I don't think it was a good idea to go during mosquito season..." Marge sighed.

However the road up ahead was closed and a park ranger was signalling to them.

"I'd turn back folks. The mosquitoes have completely taken over the park!" said the ranger.

"But-" Homer replied.

"Just go before they devour us all!" The park keeper yelled.

“They’ve taken the visitors centre! Oh god they’re eating the comment book!” Another park attendant screamed.

"Ok sheesh!" said Homer. They drove off.

The man was then devoured by mosquitoes stripping him to bare bones.

“Yaaaaaagh! My class ring!” A park attendant screamed as the mosquitoes ate his flesh from his arm. And his class ring it seems,


The Simpsons pass a Indian Native American casino.

"Oh look! An Indian casino! We can stay there!" Homer declared upon seeing the casino.

"Dad!" Lisa yelled. "They're called Native Americans!"

"Lisa it clearly says Indian!" Homer replied.

"Not on my watch!" Oscar in a blur rushed out of the car, painted over the sign so it said Native American instead of Indian casino, then was back inside and strapped in before anyone noticed.

"D'oh!" Homer groaned. "Fine. You win this round!" He grumbled at Lisa.


They went to the reception to book in.

"Hmmmm! Homer I don't think this is a good idea..l I have a gambling problem! Why last week while we were playing monopoly when I lost I threw whiskey in Maggie's face!" said Marge.

Oscar laughed.

Hugo went to go in. But the staff of the casino stopped him.

“No minors.” said a native Americans working at the Native themed casino.

“But!” said Hugo.

“Now sweetie, we must listen to the rules people set at their establishments.” said Marge. “We’ll just have to go elsewhere.”

“Or you can wait outside while I spin some slots on the fruit machines.” said Homer going inside. “Oh hi Gamblor!” Homer obviously saw Gamblor in there.

“Hi Homer.” said Gamblor.

Suddenly the ghosts of Oscar’s parents arrived.

“Oh shoooot...” Oscar groaned.

“How dare you! We promised our children we’d show them what a casino looks like! Look at their poor faces!” Oscar’s parents yelled as ghosts.

Oscar was mortified by his dead parents as ghosts yelling at people.

“Uh ma’am. It is illegal to let minors gamble...” said the Native dude.

“I don’t care! It is also highly immoral and sickening to advertise a burlesque show as family friendly! I’d rather take my children in your casino!” Oscar’s Mom yelled.

“Actually I liked the burlesque show... and you’re causing a scene...” said Oscar.

Marge sighed.

Meanwhile Bart snuck in round the back.

However he encountered Arthur Crandall and Gabbo.

“The Great Gabbo demands a free night in the presidential suite while performing.” said Arthur to a casino Indian.

”Yeah, Big Chief Buffalo!” said Gabbo.

“We'll give you a free pass to the pasta bar.” said the Indian.

Mmmmmmmmm... pasta...

”The Great Gabbo accepts your terms.“ said Arthur.

"You guys?!" Bart asked. "I thought your show flopped after Krusty's big comeback special."

Arthur got an intense seething anger at the mention of Krusty but held his nerve. "Yes, quite so, little boy. Now run along now. We're on if fifteen minutes!"

"Yeah, beat it Kid!" Gabbo said rudely.

Bart pulled a face as Arthur and Gabbo went inside. Suddenly he found an air vent. "Ah ha!" Bart pulled off the vent cover and crawled inside. Eventually he dropped into an office.

"Underage gambling here I come!" said Bart with a smirk. He ran off only to bump into a native who worked at the casino.

"What are you doing here?!" The native asked.

"Um I came with my family and ran off to sneak into the casino." said Bart.

"That's crazy talk!" said the native.

"I'm telling the truth!" said Bart.

"I know. I was warning you not to lean on my mummified ancestor Crazy Talk."

Bart realised and stopped leaning on the mummified corpse. "Oops Sorry."

"I am Caesar Pow Wow. I own this casino. And your family are looking for you." said Caesar.

"Aw gee, I guess you better take me back to them." Bart sighed.

"Oh, not to worry. How about we look deep into your future with my mystical fire." asked Caesar.

"Why would I want to do that?" Bart asked.

"Because the fire says terrible things await you Bart Simpson." said the manager.

"How do you know my name?!" Bart asked.

"The fire tells me everything!" said Caesar.

"Cool!" said Bart.

"Now you may ask it a question, once you have thrown in a handful of dust." said Caesar.

Bart threw in on of his fire crackers and it made a small fireworks display.

"Hey cut that out!" said Caesar.

"Sorry..." Bart apologised and threw in some dust. He asked to see his future.


Sometime in the far future. Bart has dropped out of university and is living with Ralph Wiggum as part of a rock duo. However Ralph is fed up with Bart not looking for work and lazing about.

“Bart we have no clean towels!” said future Ralph.

“Use a curtain.” said Bart.

“How about you do some laundry once in a while?!” Ralph frowned.

“How about you do some laundry once in a while. I’m busy working to make ends meet.” said Bart.

“How is that lawsuit against Disney World for your spider bite going?” asked Ralph sarcastically.

“Not good. Although I do have spider related super powers now and my Uncle Ben told me “With great power comes great responsibility.” Shortly before he was gunned down by bank robbers.” said Bart.

“Really?!” Ralph asked.

“No! I was being stupid and referencing stuff! Are you that thick Ralph?!” Bart groaned.

A hologram of Nelson appeared.

“Hey dinguses. You’re welcome to play at my club tonight.” said a holographic Nelson.

The two try to play a gig at Nelson's club which has a laser wall to protect performers on stage from thrown objects from angry crowds. It gets put to use because all the patrons found Bart and Ralph's music awful.

At Home, Ralph explained they needed to find more money.

Bart had an idea. He drove to his old family home.

Inside the Simpsons house Marge and Homer are eating virtual fudge.

“Bleeeugh! This virtual fudge tastes terrible!” said Homer.

“Hmmmmm! Not as good as cyber fudge...” said Marge.

“Would you say it’s packed with fudge...” Hugo asked making a gay joke to trigger his father’s homophobia.

“Shut up boy.” said Homer.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

“Oh!” Marge went up to answer it.

"Moochy moochy!" said Bart holding an empty sack when Homer and Marge answered the door.

“That’s your catchphrase now? Moochy Moochy?” Kid Oscar asked.

“Yes...” Adult Bart sighed.

“That is so lame...” said Oscar.

"No, I'm not giving you anymore money." Homer refused to give him money. "You're always spending it on beer and screwing up!"

"What happened? You used to be cool!" Bart groaned.

"I still am!" Homer retorted.

"No you've changed man!" Bart replied.

“Well I have a robot prostate, but you can’t see it though!” said Homer.

“Are there any drunk robots with metal asses in the future yet?” Oscar asked.

“Oscar language! And no!” Marge told him off for swearing.

“Fine... I’m returning to the present. Or your past...” said Oscar transporting himself with the time toaster.

Bart then went to Flanders. However Flanders was blind now.

"Ok Bart, how much will it be this time?" Ned sighed. He went through his wallet.

"No man, you've got it all wrong!" Bart feigned innocence.

"Bart, are you holding your large money sack?" Ned asked.

Bart sighed. "Yes sir..."

"Now Bart, I can't keep bailing you out!" Ned explained.

"Then help me help myself!" said Bart.

"Look I'll pay you just this once. After all I sort of owe you for not outing Rod and Todd yet." Ned replied.

A gay Rod and Todd in hot pants and vests were cleaning or waxing an antique office desk and waving.

"Mr Flanders your blinded!" Ralph explained.

"Yes I'm afraid so. Laser eye therapy seemed so promising, but they don't tell you your eyes fall out a year later!" Ned sighed. He paid Bart a small loan that he'd probably not pay back.


Meanwhile Lisa was president of the United States. And the first woman president. She was addressing her cabinet on how to sort out a bankruptcy.

“My first order of business is sort out all the mess left behind by President Trump. Yes viewers Matt just predicted the future.” said Lisa.

“You mean how he brought unemployment Amongst Americans down to zero And introduced the death penalty for illegal immigration so illegal immigration is also now zero,” said a cabinet member.

“Shaddup... he’s evil and destructive and you know it...” Lisa soapboxed. “Plus he allowed half of America to die from the coronavirus because he didn’t believe in it!”

“Okay that’s pretty evil and moronic...” said a congressman.

”And he and his mad supporters still are holding themselves in the Capitol Hill building and won’t leave!” Lisa ranted.

“Secretary of health Van Houten?” Lisa asked Milhouse who was Secretary of Health in this time line.

“Our balanced breakfast program is a disaster! It just turned our kids into a new generation of ultra strong super criminals!” said Milhouse.

Somewhere in town there is carnage as incredibly strong hulk like criminals are fighting with the cybernetic Robocops Robo Wiggum and Robo Eddie and Lou. In particular the Hulk like criminals are Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney with super strong muscular bodies.

In the cabinet meeting.

“Hey didn’t I have a hat?!” Helen asked.

“Yes Helen, you did...” said Lisa.

”Lalalala!” Kid Oscar took the hat and danced bout wearing it and singing.

”Give that back!” Helen demanded.

”If you want it, come and get it!” Oscar teased.

Plot 2[]

Back in the present.

The Indian casino owner stopped talking to Bart to argue with his father over laundry service.

“Your linen service has broken many promises to us. Laundry bill soar like eagle. Jerk.” Homer snapped.

”Sir our laundry service is very reliable! Stop causing trouble in my casino!” The Indian guy replied.

”Bart why are you in that guy’s office! I told you all to wait outside while I’ll have a few games on the slots and the poker table. Using your sister’s college fund as wager money...” said Homer.

”He’s in good hands Mr Simpson.” said the Indian.

“So. you like to sneak into casinos.” The Indian told off Bart.

“I wasn't gonna gamble. I just wanted a Bloody Mary.” Bart whined.

”Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.” Oscar recited repeatedly. suddenly Bloody Mary appeared and killed him by stabbing him to death violently.

”Listen to me. Unless you change your deceitful ways... I foresee a life of bitterness and failure for you. Bart Simpson.“ said the Indian.

Bart gulped.


The Future. The Oval Office in the White House.

Bart breaks into the meeting and is dragged outside by security and beaten. However he manages to convince Lisa into letting him help with the deficit if in return she legalises pot.

However Bart spends the time lounging around in eye searing Hawaiian shirts and sandals. And playing paddle ball.

"Are you sure Ned didn't just go blind from looking at your shirts..." Oscar sighed.

"Hey! Stop dissing my shirts!" Bart yelled.

Quiffy glared at Oscar. He was wearing one of his tacky Hawaiian shirts.

Eventually with some nagging, Bart saves a crucial board meeting with the UN by stalling for time. In return Lisa let’s him use one of the suites.

”Miss President, do you think that’s wise?” A bodyguard asked.

”It’s just to shut him up.” Lisa replied.


“Bart how are you unemployed? Trump made unemployment illegal... and besides with no illegal immigrants as part of Trumps no American unemployed act there are hundreds of empty jobs needing to be filled desperately.” said President Lisa.

“Lisa, I dropped out of Devrly. Who in their right mind would employ me even if they can’t illegally employ a Mexican or refugee with better grades anymore...” said Bart.

“Our country is pretty screwed where they let Cleatus be a Doctor and not a genius from Pakistan just because he came here illegally...” Lisa sighed.

Cleatus seriously messed up delicate surgery on a patient and killed them! “Hey look! I pulled out his love organ! Oh... he dead...” said Cleatus.

“Eh... at least he’s one of us and not a filthy foreigner...” said the consultants/shift managers.

”Bart you must get a job to pay the rent!” Lisa said sharply.

Bart groaned.

“Dude. you know I'm good for it. I'll have plenty of money when my lawsuit pays off.” Bart whined.

”You mean the spider bite at Disneyland? Or the incident with the over salted fries.” Lisa asked.

Bart was at Krusty Burger or Gulp N Blow in a cutaway. “Eeeeeeeugh! These fries are too salty! Are you trying to kill me?!”

”Hey those fries only contain half the lethal dose of salt!” A Squeaky Voiced Teen retorted.

”Uh oh! Shouldn’t have had seconds...” Bart groaned holding his stomach.

He asked Nelson for a job.

“But I can only pay you in popcorn shrimp. Smell ya later!” said Nelson.

”Nelson I’m allergic to shrimp...” said Bart.

Meanwhile at the White House Milhouse as the secretary of health went on about the ultra strong super criminals again.

”The Balanced Breakfast Program just created a generation of ultra-strong super criminals. And Midnight Basketball taught them to function without sleep.“ said Milhouse.

”Midnight Naked Basketball.” Oscar corrected him.

Milhouse who now looks and sounds like Kirk chuckled. “Good one kid!” He high fives Oscar.

Bart seethed and growled. “Stop going on about freaking naked basketball!!”

“Well you stop going Moochy Moochy!” Oscar snapped.

”Never!” Bart replied.

“I'd like to introduce you to my little wooden friend.” The house speaker threatened while stroking his gavel. He was annoyed Bart and Oscar, who shouldn’t even be in the white House were bickering.

”Say hello, to my little friend!” Oscar quoted Scarface.

”Oz no! No movie quotes...” Bart groaned.


Meanwhile Future Homer and Future Marge are on a treasure hunt looking for Lincoln's gold. They are digging up the Whitehouse lawn until they find something.

”Lincoln’s gold.” Homer explained.

”Homer there’s no Lincoln’s gold...” Marge sighed.

”Then what is his ghost trying to protect?!” Homer asked.

However in the chest was a note from Abraham Lincoln explaining the gold was a metaphor for the love in the hearts of every American. Marge thinks it's sweet, but Homer is angry there was no gold.

Later he time travels back to when Abraham Lincoln was alive and beats him up for not burying any treasure and instead burying a stupid note.

“Stupid Lincoln and stupid metaphors!” Homer yelled. He was beating up Abraham Lincoln.


Bart is then annoying Lisa at the Whitehouse by interrupting cabinet meetings to promote his band and throwing frisbees at her. Eventually she has him kicked out.

Bart then rings his parent to live and mooch off of them. However they say no. They then get a video postcard from Maggie's daughter on holiday at the beach. A dying polar bear drags itself towards her. Apparently based on the address the post card came from. The North Pole is now a pleasant sunny holiday resort! With daily temperatures in the late twenties of centigrade!

“Stupid animals, getting in the way of mankind...” said Homer.

“Anyway I’m getting dinner. Want anything in particular?” Marge asked.

“Soylent Green.” said Homer.

“Isn’t that made of people?!” Marge asked offended.

“Here we go again...” Homer sighed.

“Mmmmmm... people...” Oscar drooled.

“You maniacs!” Charlton Heston’s head in a jar yelled.

Bart then goes to his brother's laboratory. Hugo laughs evilly and lets him in. It is revealed the laboratory was once Frink's. However now he is just a head in a jar, it was sold to the highest bidder. That being Hugo.

However it soon dawns upon Bart that Hugo is only letting him stay to try to sow themselves together again. Bart packs his stuff and leaves.

He then shoots him self with a laser gun. However it's not a laser gun but an amnesia gun for erasing embarrassing memories.

The Simpsons have dinner. Soylent Green... Mmmmm people...

They except Marge are eating.

”Shouldn’t we wait for Lisa?” Marge asked.

”She knows when Dinner is.” said Homer eating Soylent Green.

”Sorry I’m late but, I had budgets to work out as our president.” said Lisa.

”Aho wants to bet Lisa’s presidency will be marred by a scandal. Or... Lisa gets assassinated?” Oscar suggested.

Lisa glared at him.

”Scandal.” Homer wagered.

”Assassination...” Bart wagered.

“Definitely assassination...” said Hugo.

Lisa rolled her eyes.


Lisa is having problems with angry UN members who want their money. Bart breaks into the meeting and saves the day by fobbing the members off that they will get paid.

They believe him and go home.

"Wow thanks Bart!" said Lisa hugging him. "But how can I ever repay you?"

"Legalise it." said Bart. He meant pot...

"Bart... I'm a democrat but even I think legalising pot is going too-"

Bart rolled his eyes and was whispering something embarrassing to one of Lisa's aides.

"Okay! I'll legalise it! Sheesh!" Lisa yelled.

Sometime after pot was legalised Adult Bart was at home smoking a joint.

"I had no idea you were a pot head..." Oscar sighed.

Bart sighed.

“You're a good kid. Here's a coupon for some crab claws.” Bart gave him a coupon.

”Mmmmmmm.... crab claws...” Oscar drooled and moaned with hunger. “Hey. this is expired!“

Bailiffs come in.

”And so has your grace period to pay your debt Simpson! Get out!” said the bailiffs.

”Wait! I have half a beer and Bewitched is on!” Bart whined.

”Cooool!” said Oscar. “Awwwww... it’s not the Will Ferrell movie...”


Back in the present.

Bart is disappointed in his future.

"Well, see ya Chief." said Bart.

Bart soon ran into Lisa.

"Bart where have you been? Come on we have have to go! Dad picked a fight with the blackjack dealer and Mom has got addicted to gambling again!" Lisa explained dragging him along. "Oh, and Gamblor is back, again..." she sighed.

"Well, I saw my future." Bart declared.

"Wow! What did you see?" Lisa asked.

"I had my own rock band!" Bart said joyfully.

"And what about me?" Lisa asked.

"Dunno, some government job." Bart replied.

Then Crazy Talk turned out to be big Chief Indian casino owner guy’s brother and not his ancestor.

”We’re all very worried about him.” said the casino owner.

Then and Indian casino owner had a habit of startling people by jumping in threw windows to deliver leaflets.

”Gah!” Lisa yelped as he defenestrated himself threw a window.

”Sorry little lady. I forgot my hat.” said the Indian.

Then the Simpsons drove home to find mosquitos had taken over.

”Stupid bug! You go squish now!” Homer squashed a mosquito.

They went inside.

Bart used a ritual with a pool of water and incense burner sticks to see the future.

In the future He was helping with foreign diplomats and funny accents.

”What’s the difference between a pancake and Pakistan?” Future Bart asked.

The diplomats sat silently and unamused.

”When was the last time a pancake bombed India? Eh! Eh?!” Bart told the punchline.

”Bart Simpson! That is not funny!” Apu scolded him.

”Honhonhonhon! Le roast beef thinks he is amusementé!” The French sighed.

”Ve germans are not a war like race, but even we have our limits!” said a German diplomat.

”Yeah sure Fritz...” said Oscar.

”You pay now! Diddy mao!” A Chinese man yelled.

”Oh bother...” the president of China, Winnie the Pooh, groaned.

Plot 3[]

“Booooooring! I wanna see a future about me. Not Lisa or anyone else....” Bart sighed. He seered or scried into the future. Divination class at Springwarts wasn’t his favourite.

Oscar was doing Small, Medium or large Mediums puns again. A medium Medium...

Bart saw another future. In this one he was a demolition wrecking ball driver again, like in Lisa's Wedding. However this was a dire future to him. Bart found out he was sick and dying in hospital from eating too many fish logs. He needed a stomach transplant.

By his bedside were Lisa in a suit, Marge, Homer and Maggie was married to Gerald the evil monobrow baby. However Gerald was very chatty and wouldn’t let Maggie get a word in.

”And then I drank so much at at Moe’s and hey hows things Homer and...” Gerald was going on. “And a new digestive tract is real expensive! There’s no way we can afford that right Mom?”

”Hmmmm! Gerald I told you don’t call me mom! And let Maggie speak!” Marge sighed.

Maggie sulked.

”Oh giving me the cold shoulder babe?! Fine...” Gerald sighed. Obviously the marriage wasn’t easygoing or a good idea, considering they dislike each other in main canon.

Homer was being loving and sorrowful as he heals Bart’s hand has he lied deathly ill in the hospital bed. However to my joy, and Oscar’s. Bart was covered in tattoos including the mother one. Woooooo! I’m canon!

”D’oooooooh! What a horrible future we live in! You little! If I wasn’t in bits right now and you weren’t in a coma!” Honer ranted.

Oscar blew a raspberry sound with his tongue.

Hugo was also there. Because I say so. He was mixing chemicals.

”Hugo, do you have to do that here?!” Marge sighed.

Then Dr Nick arrived.

”Hi everybody!”

”Hi Dr Nick!”

Dr Nick had great news. A mysterious donor donated a digestive tract. Yes their digestive tract somehow.

”That’s wonderful news!” said Marge.

Lisa bitched about Bart being moronic and wasting his life being an underachiever.

”Lis enough! Leave your brother alone! So what if he flunked out at school?!” Oscar snapped.

Gerald talked over a Maggie again and she stormed off.

”Thank Archimedes I never married...” Hugo sighed.

Bart woke up weak and murmured “Fish Logs.”

”Fish logs?! They could be his last words and he said fish logs?!” Lisa ranted.

Anyway in this future, the future is the hub and the present or past is the time hop.

”Woooooo! Inception...” said present Bart.

The story causing this bad future was that Quimby strangely insisted only fish sticks be allowed in Springfield. Any other fish related foods like fish cakes and fish logs weren’t allowed.

As such Fat Tony had to smuggle Fish logs in.

He got shot in the arm along the way.

Bart and Milhouse were nearby.

He asked for their help to hide his illegal cargo. (Fish logs).

Bart quickly agreed to. Being dodgy and in trouble a lot.

Milhouse being a dirty rat tried to squeal but Bart silenced him.


Quimby was some sort of super villain mastermind as he was very insistent about holding a monopoly on fish related frozen food products. It’s like with Birdseye, they are diabolical!

Joe Quimby berated his son over fish stick sales. Fred needs to stick to writing Screwy squirrel shorts...

”Not that Fred Quimby...” Screwy squirrel sighed.


At school. Kids discussed the stupid fish product monopoly.

”I like fish sticks...” Ace shrugged. “I like putting them in my mouth. Because I’m a gay fish...”

This lead to an entire plot about the gay fish joke from South Park.

”Well I think it’s stupid! There’s no reason for it! People eat all sorts of fish ready made products! Fish sticks... fish cakes... Never heard of fish logs though...” said Oscar.

In the base present outside this story inception Bart was by his scrying pool eating fish logs with catsup.

”Bart! Don’t eat those illegal fish products Quimby banned to finance his fish stick monopoly!” Homer yelled.

”Dad. There’s something really suspect about Quimby barring fish products! It’s like that time the Joker wanted to sell poisonous smiling fish...” Bart argued. I ought to call Bartman to investigate...”

”Would you say it’s fishy?!” Oscar asked and cracked up laughing.

”Oz that’s not funny!” Bart groaned.


In the fish log future, Lisa investigated and interviewed future Milhouse who worked at the power plant. Future Wiggum who was a full time carer for poor Ralph in that future. On the plus side he had online friends.

She also interviewed Fat Tony. He had a cybernetic MODOK chair with guns to help him move about. He also wore orange segment teeth. Um.... okay Moe stop please...

In the future Skinner and Edna got married. Agnes was a head in a jar still bothering them.

Anyway the mysterious donor of the digestive system was Uter. Yes Uter.

”Guten tag!” said Uter in lederhosen visiting the Simpsons.

Then Bart had one of his goof up the timeline with nonsensical things, probably because this comic was wrote before Alone Again, Natura-Diddily.

For example. According to Bart, Maude died in a freak accident at Needlepoint Camp.

She was killed by Homer’s incompetence at a NASCAR racetrack. After ladies shot a t shirt cannon at her.

And that Uter slimmed down and became the new McBain.

And Oscar um fancied him.

Hugo face palmed as future Oscar had a nosebleed and swooned when he saw slimmed down muscular Uter.

And In the future because of Maude dying from needles or sharp buildings instead of Homer, Rod and Todd became cross dressing performers.

”Hey Lisa.” said Rod wearing a dress and wig.

”Ay carumba!” Grownup Bart yelled.


Bart winced.

Maggie was crawling about.

”Let’s see your future Mags.” said Bart. He put incense in the pool or something.

Oscar liked using the scrying fire method because he likes fire...

”Burn! Buuuuurn!” He said demented.

In Maggie’s future, Maggie worked for NASA as an astronaut. She also had a daughter in this future. Possibly Maggie Jr.

Maggie got in the rocket.

”Okay Simpson you will be taking the millionth voyage to the moon along side Matt Ishida from Digimon.” said the operators contacting the crew inside the rocket.

Maggie Winced as Matt from Digimon was also an astronaut in his future. From original canon. I haven’t seen Tri or the reboot. He brought Gabumon with him. I mean that could be useful for fighting evil aliens but I don’t think anything lives on the moon.

”Apart from Clangers...” Oscar insisted.

Astronaut Maggie rolled her eyes.

Bart was probably unfortunate in this future too. I bet it’s the one where he’s a stripper. Or a drugged out rock star or the drifter or the lab Guinea Pig testing transmutation fizzy drinks.

”Ugh... well knowing my luck it’s either of those bad futures man...” Bart sighed.

Meanwhile in President Lisa’s time line. Mooch Bart trespassed on the White House again.

”Moochy moo-Ow! Ugh! Ow! Watch the ponytail!” Bart was accosted by guards. One of them must have yanked his ponytail.

”Guys let him go.” Lisa sighed.

Bart kept his sister with annoying company, smoked pot and annoyed Oscar with his dumb new mannerisms and Hawaiian shirts.

”Moochy Moochy!” Bart said his new catchphrase...

”Stop! Or Mochi from Monster Rancher will sue!” Oscar snapped.

Genki winced.

Bart also annoyed by adding the made up suffix -ski to words. Ie Loan became Loan -ski.

”Sis I need a little Loan-ski.” said Bart.

”Stop! Or diiiiieeeee!” Oscar snapped.

”Okay... don’t have a cow man...” Mooch Bart sighed.