Simpsons Fanon

Bart the Genius is the sixth episode of my fanon. Bart gets the opportunity to go to a school for the gifted when he swaps tests results with Martin. Meanwhile Marge gets a job to pay the bills.

  • Dan Castellana as Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson

Also Starring

  • Hank Azaria
  • Harry Shearer
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Eileen Stevens as Oscar Tamaki


The chalkboard gag is is “I did not see Elvis.”

The morning after There's No Disgrace Like Home, Marge is worried about how they'll pay the bills. She suggests she gets a job. Homer asks her what job is she looking for. She explains she's gonna ask her sisters for a job at the DMV.

Grandpa then comes to visit.

"Didn't we put him in a home?"

"Yes bu-"

"Let's put him in a home where he can't get out,"

"Dad!" yells Lisa, "Old people deserve our respect!"

Grandpa finds out Homer lost his job at the plant. He explains Homer's mom hated Mr Burns and was very much like Lisa, always protesting about the environment and having a rebellious streak.

Lisa asks what happened to Grandma. Grandpa replies that he doesn't know she just walked out one night and never came back.

That evening they play Scrabble.

Maggie is playing with her blocks and makes a tower before smacking them across the room. Lisa dropped a letter from the Scrabble and picks it up.

”Come on mom...” said Bart.

”Yeah! Hurry up mom!” said Lisa.

”Hmmmmmm. Ok, He.” She puts down He. “Two points. Your turn dear,”

Homer, despite having an instant win with "Oxidize" decides to just put I. Lisa puts Id, Homer doesn't think it's a word, “No initials Lisa or acronyms...”

”No Dad, not ID. Id!” said Lisa.

”As in Stupid.” said Bart bored.

Oscar laughed.

”Shut up boy.” Homer said to Bart.

”Bart you’re supposed to be expanding your vocabulary! You have a big aptitude test tomorrow!” Marge said sharply.

”Dad if you don’t believe me, check the dictionary...” said Lisa.

”I think there’s one under the short leg of the couch.” said Marge.

Homer lifts up the couch and retrieves a book. It’s a dictionary. He hands it to Lisa.

Lisa quickly flicks through it. “Ah here we are. Id. The Id, Ego and Super Ego are the terms for the character in a story and his or her tiny shoulder angel and devil. The character is the ego. The tiny shoulder angel or good conscience is the Id.” said Lisa as tiny angel and devil Lisas appear.

”Hey where’s my tiny shoulder angel?” Bart asked as he got two shoulder devils.

”You don’t have one.” said one of his shoulder devils.

“Oh.” said Bart.

”Then that’s (Mumbling) points to Lisa...”

Bart cheats by putting Kwijibo, a made up word. Homer demands he explains what it means before he can leave the table. Homer is eating a banana. Bart does so by using Homer as an example it means a North American dumb, balding ape with no chin.

"And a short temper." Marge adds. This is early season weirdness again with her encouraging Bart...

Homer chases Bart out of the dining room in anger.


The next day at school Bart is graffiting a message of Skinner saying "I'm a wiener!" However Martin rats on Bart and his friends. Despite Bart tossing the paint can away Skinner demands the students present their hands. They're all clean except Bart's which are bright red with paint.

"Looks like you caught him red handed Sir!" said Martin.

"Bart, I would like us to have a little talk..." Skinner said dangerously calm.

"Same time, same place?" Bart gulped.

"Yes, my office after school." said Skinner.

Bart gulped and his friends made handbag noises. (They went Oooooooh!)

However Oscar is suspicious. He can’t shake the feeling that Skinner somehow was pre warned that Bart was graffiting. He catches sight of Martin ratting on his friends. Oscar growls angrily and goes off to tell Nelson and Jimbo what happened.

“A rat?! Man, rats and squealers are not welcome here! Thanks dweeb!” said Jimbo.

“My name’s Oscar but whatever.” said Oscar.


Fourth grade class.

Martin is apologising to Bart while he scrubs his hands clean with a cloth.

”I’m sorry I betrayed you Bart, but you were defacing school property! I hope you’ll understand...” said Martin.

”Eat my shorts!” Bart said rudely.

”Pardon?” Martin asked confused.

”Consume his lower garments!” Oscar yelled.

Bart face palmed.

”Bart I am not eating your clothes...” Martin sighed.

There's an intelligence test for Ms Krabbappel's class. Before the test Martin tries to rat on Bart that he's supposed to sit facing the wall to avoid cheating, but Oscar punches him so hard he's concussed. The test begins as Oscar is sent to the principal's office.

"It was worth it!" said Oscar as he was sent to the Principal.


Bart reads a maths question out loud.

"Shhhh! Visualize, Bart!" Mrs Krabappel reminds him not to talk but read the question quietly instead.

Bart struggles with the test and cheats off other students. Sherri gets annoyed at him for this and yanks her paper away from him. Her sister Terri saw Bart was snooping so she wrote a stupid answer. Bart rolled his eyes knowing that "booger" wasn't the answer to question five.

Bart then has a nightmare he is on the train with grey passengers. He gets knocked over, accidentally swallows a pink number he was summoning to count the passengers.

"Whoa! This is like that Donald Duck cartoon where he's hunting numbers!" thought Bart.

However the ticket inspector asks for his ticket.

"I don't have one sir!" Bart realised he never brought a ticket.

"Come with me sir." The ticket inspector drags him off by his shirt collar.

Bart is taken to the driver's cabin where the ticket inspector explains they have a stowaway. That stowaway being Bart.

However the driver is an insane Martin! He is driving the train at incredible speed to cause a catastrophic crash and laughs madly.

Bart screams and tries to derail the train but fails as his nightmare ends in a catastrophic crash and him falling off his chair in reality.

"Bart! How many times must I tell you not to distract the other students!"

Martin eventually regains consciousness and aces the test. He's allowed outside.

“He’s not distracting me Mrs Krabappel! I’ve finished!” said Martin.

“Oh good! You can go outside and play Martin!” said Mrs Krabappel taking his test.

Outside Martin pulls faces at Bart.

Martin and Bart start pulling faces at each other until Ms Krabappel shuts the blinds.

"Bart, is that those naughty dogs again? I'll just shut these." said Krabappel.

While she's distracted (she goes to get coffee) Bart swaps his paper with Martins. He then randomly dots his own paper that he signed Martin Prince and resigned Martin’s with his own name.


Later on Bart is called to the principal's office. Marge and Homer are there so he thinks he's in trouble.

“What did you do now boy...” Homer snapped.

”Ah, Mr and Mrs Simpson. Your son, Bart, was caught defacing school property today.” said Skinner.

Homer was furious Bart would do such a thing.

”Blah, Blah, Blah to obvious childish forgeries...” Skinner showed a false sick note Bart wrote. It read. “Sorry Skinner. Bart was sick. Homer J Simpson.” However he did a double take because a check Lisa handed in to go on a field trip had the same signature from Homer on it. It was Homer’s real signature. “Um my apologies Bart. It seems you really were sick last month.”

”Well it’s a bit late for that now Sir... You already wasted five afternoons keeping me in detention....” said Bart.

”Quiet you little!” Homer snapped.

However the school psychiatrist comes in and explains Bart's test scores were exceptional and suggests Bart be promoted to a gifted school.

Skinner believes that something's fishy about Bart's sudden high test score and suggests Bart be retested, but the psychiatrist convinces him, Bart will be out of his hair after all and no longer causing trouble.

Bart is happy to go to the new school.

The psychiatrist spends some moments with Bart asking him questions and examining the shape of his head with Phrenology tools like a calliper.

"Now tell me Bart. Do you ever feel bored?"

"Do I!" said Bart.

"Do you feel perhaps the subject matter is too easy for you?" asked the psychiatrist.

"Amen sir!" Bart agreed.

"Oh for Christ sake! This charade ends now Simpson! You got an F on last week's history exam!" Skinner yelled.


As Marge and Homer leave they see Bart's graffiti of Skinner.

"I am a wiener!" Homer reads it and laughs.

Marge sighs. "Such appalling spelling..." Bart had spelt it Ei instead of Ie.

At lunch Oscar is spying for Jimbo and his gang to spy for Martin ratting on other students. Oscar catches Martin and with a whistle, the bullies grab Martin and take him somewhere to beat him up and beat him into no longer squealing or tattle telling on people. Martin takes their warnings very seriously...

Oscar then gets in queue for his lunch as he is having cafeteria food today. “Please not be Sludge surprise...”

Today was pasta with red sauce.

“I thought it was pasta with white sauce today Lunch Lady Doris?” Milhouse asked Lunch Lady Doris.

“It was, but we had to quickly change the menu after my son had an accident with the meat slicing machine...” said Lunch Lady Doris.

“Eeeeeew!” Lisa groaned.

Milhouse and Oscar some time after eating their pasta. They are putting their lunch trays on the disposal area to be collected and cleaned.

“Did that pasta sauce taste metallic to you?” Milhouse asked Oscar.

“Yeah but Ace the vampire kid seemed to really enjoy it for some reason...” said Oscar.

Ace was consumed by his vampirism blood thirst and was drinking up the pasta sauce gluttonously.


Anyway despite Skinner’s protests, Bart was transferred to a gifted school.

”Mr and Mrs Prince. Let me explain Martin’s sudden, abnormal test score...” said Skinner.

”A student swapped tests over and wrote their names on our Martin’s and visa versa...” Mr Prince sighed.

”Ahem... yes. Unfortunately the school psychiatrist is uh having a mood and decided it be a wonderful idea to fall for the little hellion’s lies hook, line and sinker and ship him off to a gifted school...”

”Well that can’t be right! You’ve never recommended our Martin for a gifted school or an academy!” said Mrs Prince.

”Um no. I haven’t...” said Skinner.


The next morning Bart is taken to his new school.

Marge is talking about how proud she is and brushing his hair into a geeky style.

Oscar laughed.

Once Marge left to attend to Oscar, he needed his diaper changed or something. Bart shook himself about. Messing up his hair. He then smoothed it into his usual style.

Homer took Bart to his new school. He doesn't have a tie and sees everyone in class is wearing one, so Homer gives him a spare one and kisses him.

Bart finds this unusual and um possibly gay.

Bart goes to class to find it less structured. Students do their own thing. Some are reading, some are sleeping and some are performing science experiments.

Bart finds a comic in the books. The teacher wonders how that got in there. She explains they must have been debating low brow media last week and forgot about it. Bart manages to get the comic back and keeps it while the teacher guides him around the class room.

O memsahib, Bart. Rabbi has memo.” said an Arabic student.

”Uh?” Bart asked.

”Oh Ethan is just talking in palindromes. O memsahib is how you say hello in his country.” said the teacher.

”Oh that’s okay. I think we’ll like each other very much Ethan...” said Bart.

”I don’t like Ethan at all!” said Oscar frowning. Oz it’s 1989, we don’t hate the Arabs yet...

Bart is introduced to a boy called Sidney Swift. Dumb name...

”Trabing norm doog!” said Sidney.

”Ok what is wrong with him...” Bart sighed.

”Oh Sidney is just talking in backwards phonetics.” said Mrs Melon.

She then introduced a girl called Cecile Shapiro. Not related to Conservative in name only Ben Shapiro.

”Hi Bart.” said Cecile.

Mrs Melon coughed for encourage her to greet Bart in a weird gibberish manner.

”Oh sorry Mrs Melon I can’t think up a cryptic code way of speaking today.” said Cecile.

Plot 2[]

There are some students experimenting with two hamsters. One has a disease and the other is a control hamster, due to be dissected.

“Hi little control hamster!” said Bart to the little purple cartoon hamsters.

“I wouldn’t get too attached. We’re dissecting him next week.” said The teacher, Ms Melon.

Bart gasped. He was horrified.

Despite that the gifted school promises to let him do what he wants, with in reason. They have to gather at their desks which are chairs around tables so your peer group is who you are sat with. Ie British primary schools.

”It also makes it easier for teaching assistants to attend class.” said Oscar at Springfield Elementary.

”All the desks are taken. And if a student is struggling because of a mental disorder we just send them to Remedial class...” said Mrs Krabappel to a teaching assistant assigned to Oscar.

”Okay, Susan, where did we leave off?” Mrs Melon asked.

”Where we left off yesterday, Calvin and Tanya were arguing over whether or not Free Will was just an illusion.” said Susan.

”I thought Calvin and Hobbes were arguing about what goes into a sloppy joe...” Oscar added.

Bart sweat dropped.

Meanwhile at Springfield Elementary. Martin takes Jimbo’s warnings not to tattle tell too seriously and everyone gets away with bad behavior as Skinner is a wiener graffiti turns up everywhere and other bad behaviour Skinner only just gets the aftermath of an incident when he finds a student got pushed in the mud.

“Earwigs! Eyelids! Where is my brightest student and guard dog Martin? Why wasn’t I warned about these bouts of bad behavior?!” Skinner asked aloud.

Everyone whistles innocently.


That night, Bart is reading his comic in his room and drinking a squishee. Homer asks how was school,

“Os os.” said Bart. (Oz Oz)

”Eh?” Homer asked.

”Someone call me?” Oscar asked.

”That’s backwards for So-so. That’s what we learned today.” said Bart.

”Oh.” Homer was pleased he was learning and tousled his spiky hair boisterously.

Bart is content so far.

At breakfast Marge is combing Bart’s hair.

”Mom!” Bart whined as Oscar laughed at his geeky hair style he has when he is going to church or court.

”Bart don’t you think you should have something more nutritious for breakfast?” Marge asked as he poured himself some Krusty Ohs.

”Nonsense Marge! If this is what’s making Bart a genius then maybe Lisa should have some! You know, in case Bart blows his brains out or something. Can’t help having two geniuses in the family...” said Homer.

”Homer! Lisa is very smart! And she works hard and studies to maintain her intellect!” said Marge sharply.

”And I don’t care what that test says, you’re a dimwit, Bart...” said Lisa.

”Lisa! Don’t talk to your brother that way!” Marge scolded her.

”What strangely rude Lisa meant is, I don’t care what that test says, I think it’s suspicious... Bart suddenly being a genius... I say he cheated on that aptitude test...” said Oscar.

”Yeah but I don’t like Bart right now for some reason. You are an insufferable moron and a pig, you know that?!” Lisa rudely insulted Bart.

”Lisa stop that once!” Marge said sharply.

The kitchen phone rang. Homer answered.

It was one of his friends from when he goes to Moe’s. Larry or something.

”Oh hi Larry.” As aid Homer suddenly making up a friend called Larry.

Larry explained his marriage to um... Susan was in the rocks.

Homer gasped because he liked Susan. She ran a cookie store at the mall or something and sometimes gave him freebies. On the other hand he enjoyed Larry’s company at Moe’s.


That evening Marge takes the family to the opera because she thinks Bart might like high brow things now that he's a genius. She is combing Bart's spikes down into his smart hairdo. Oscar laughs at him. Bart sighs and messes up his spikes back into his usual style.

“Oh but that’s boring... How about I take us all out for frosty chocolate milkshakes?” Homer asked.

”No dear...” said Marge.

”Homer that’s becoming a tired hackneyed catchphrase like D’oh! Or Mmmmmmmmmm! Something! Or Eat my shorts!” Oscar sighed.

”Lay off my catchphrase, man!” Bart said sharply to Oscar.

Bart finds the opera boring and mucks about with Homer.

"Lisa, look out for the guy with the peanuts!" said Bart.

"There's no guy with peanuts!" Marge explained.

Homer groans.

Bart sings a silly version of Carmen. "Toraedor don't spit on the floor. Use the cuspidor, that's what it's for."

Homer chuckles.

"Ssssh!" Marge scolds them.

"Marge we're supposed to encourage him!" Homer replied.

Someone shushed them.

Then they started snoring and snorting, Marge glared at them.

Then Homer made a rude remark about one of the singers smelling.

Then Bart made armpit fart sounds. Then putting his hands over his mouth be blew into them making a very rude sound.

”Bart!” Marge scolded him.

Then a bullfighter character started singing.

"Who's the the bullfighter guy with the enormous butt?" Bart asked.

"That's Toraedor." Lisa explained.

"No way is a bull gonna miss a target that big!" Bart smirks.

"Bart! Ssssh! I thought you'd take an interest in this now you're our little genius!" Marge told him to be quiet.

"When does this finish..." Bart groaned.

"It ain't over to the fat lady sings, boy." Homer explained.

A fat lady in a green dress starts singing loudly.

"Fat enough for you Dad?" Bart smirks. They burst out laughing. Marge is humiliated.

Martin's dad is annoyed at the family talking and laughing from the stalls. "Who are those people?! Such impudence!"


At Springfield Elementary Lisa and Martin are jealous Bart of all people got sent to a gifted school.

”You’d think the teachers would have noticed our intellect and nurtured it...” said Martin as Lisa rescued him from a flagpole wedgie as he was dangling from the flagpole by his underwear.

”Well I smell a rat, Martin. I know my brother cheated on that test...” said Lisa.

”The thought occurred to me he switched tests because Mrs Krabappel said she was disappointed in me and I got back Neanderthalish answers I wouldn’t put! And then my parents were cross with me! It just isn’t fair!” Martin explained.

”We need to make Bart suffer his comeuppance! What goes around, comes around. That sort of thing.” said Lisa.

”Yes. It’s simply not fair Bart gets to go to a gifted school and we don’t! Plus everyone here simply doesn’t understand the need for rules and harmony! Look Lisa!” said Martin. The playground was utter chaos with kids fighting and kids with painted faces wearing loincloths pretending to be primitive tribesmen.

Lisa winced. “Anyhoo. You’d think the top girl in second grade and pride of the school test scores would interact with a fellow intellectual a lot more...” said Lisa.

Martin giggled. “I’m charmed Lisa. You shall be my Marie Curie to my Pierre!”

Lisa giggled charmed.

Oscar gagged in disgust and imagined a giant radioactive Marie and Pierre Curie destroying Tokyo with gamma vision.


Meanwhile Homer got stuck in a messy divorce between a man he befriended in Moe’s one night of hard drinking and the man’s wife who runs the muffin or cookie store in the mall and is nice to him.

”Oooooooh! Moe two people I like are a married couple but they are fighting like cats and dogs! Oh why can’t Larry and Susan make up and love each other...” Homer whined.

”Well Homer, you’ll have to play Cupid!” said Moe cleaning his glasses.

At home.

“Prank call!” Oscar demanded.

”No, chum. That activity is too low brow for a genius such as moi...” said Bart putting on the facade of a genius.

”Bart you tried to put Kwijibo as an answer for Scrabble again....” Oscar sighed.


Bart soon struggles at school however. He struggles in a debate class. And at lunch some boys trick him out of his lunch using scientific measurements for very small amounts of matter like a picolitre.

Meanwhile Tanya, a blue haired girl. Was eating sushi! Mmmmmmm! Sushi.... (Drools over keyboard.)

And funny scenarios of an item of lunch equivalent to the weight of a bowling ball on Jupiter to an apple weighing the same as a feather on Neptune.

”You can’t eat a bowling ball in weight in food... that’s greedy...” said Oscar.

”Shhhhh! I’m giving Bart the run around! He doesn’t know basic physics... hehehe!” said the black nerd hushing him.

Bart's cupcake is swapped for a cherry and his orange juice for a tiny drop of milk. He groans and goes off somewhere with the kids pitying him.

After school the next day, Bart goes to see his old friends. They don't want to speak to him and call him a nerd.

“Buzz off poindexter!” Richard yells.

”Yeah go and build a rocket or something, nerd!” said Milhouse.

”Guys... you know as much as I do, that I cheated on that test... I am not a know it all like Martin...” said Bart.

”Oh yeah, well Martin’s been acting peculiar ever since he failed that aptitude test...” said Lewis.

Martin was wearing a Nelson jacket with the sleeves ripped off beating everyone up, or trying to.

”Give me all your lunch money!” Martin yelled.

Bart sweat dropped.

”He didn’t fail, I swapped mine with his. He passed with flying colours as usual. I just dotted random answers.” said Bart.

”Well Bart you seem to be enjoying this new school...” said Milhouse.

”I’m only attending because I’m fed up with Skin-rash and his little toad, Martin. I’m using it as way of getting onto easy street and getting a good high paid job I’m not qualified to do that they’d normally give to an immigrant from somewhere...” said Bart.


In genius school.

In maths he can’t solve the formula which is RDRR ie Ha Dee ha ha.

”Ha de ha ha? Geddit?” Mrs Melon asks.

”Oh I get it! Ha de ha de ha! Do you remember? Ha de ha! Dancing in September! Ha de ha de ha!” said Oscar singing September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Bart groaned at Oscar’s silliness.

in debate club the girl who debated American history as a cake recipe in Mr Lisa Goes to Washington came up with her inspiring quote, “You can’t have peace without war.”

“Uh you can. It’s a utopia...” said Oscar.

“Any one else can think of a paradox? Oscar?” Mrs Melon asked.

”Oh yeah, like when you travel back in time and kill your own grandfather.” said Oscar.

”Paradoxical statements Oscar, not time travel paradoxes...” Mrs Melon sighed.

Bart can’t come up with an inspiring quote in debate class, just replying with “you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.”

”Um... I suppose so Bart.” said Mrs Melon.

That night Marge has another boring activity, but Homer manages to get himself and Bart out of it, probably because of their behaviour at the opera.

“Oh it’s just some Swedish meatball guff...” said Homer.

“Dad it’s called The Seventh Seal...” said Lisa.

”It’s got Death in it! The Death!” said Oscar.

”Death?! We don’t want it....” Homer groaned.

Homer and Bart spend the evening playing baseball pitching. Bart wants to come clean that he cheated but is afraid of Homer's response so they just enjoy the night pitching.

Plot 3[]


Homer was in a dilemma over Larry and Susan’s rocky marriage. They were on the final step before divorce.

They were shouting at each other when he came to visit last night. “This is it. I’m no friend if I can’t save my friend’s marriage.”

He sighed going into the lounge. There was a door in a doorframe standing there. “Hmmmmmm?” He looked around it. There was nothing behind it. He wondered who left this door here.

Someone was knocking on it.

Homer answered it.

Oscar was on the other side and cheered enthusiastically. “Guess who’s coming to dinner!”

”Oz! What have I told you about making comical entrances?!” Homer yelled.

”Sorry...” Oscar sighed. “But you never said anything about comical exits!”

He lifted up a vanishing sheet and vanished into thin air.

”D’oh!” said Homer.

Then he had to resolve his story arc. Helping his friends Larry and Susan fall back in love again by playing Cupid.


Elsewhere in the TV room Bart was watching How I Met Your Father. Um yes Father...

“We now return to How I Met Your Father.” said an announcer. According to Family Guy, it’s a parody where Ted Mosby is gay with Barney...

However here it is from the Mom’s point of view. I assume that’s Future Ted’s girlfriend or Barney’s...

“And Now that’s how I met your father...” said Ted/Barney’s girlfriend now his wife to their children.

”And Now Neil Patrick Harris the voice actor will reference popular culture ie movies.” said Ted.

Bart groaned as they made a reference to Star Wars or something..


The following Monday in science.

“Bart what is your experiment?” asked Mrs Melon.

“Well... I’m mixing these two chemicals together to see what happens. That’s part of science right? Finding things out...” said Bart.

“Okay. But you do know what happens when you mix acids and bases right?” Mrs Melon asked.

“Sure.” Bart replied and added a drop from one tube to another.

We pan outside the school where there’s a massive explosion and green slime splattered against the windows. A glob falls out of an open window with a splat.

Inside the science lab, everyone and everything is covered in green slime.

“Oops!” said Bart.

The hamsters had escaped in their hamster balls and ran away.

Bart goes to see the psychiatrist. He is green and slimy...

“Now Bart, no one’s angry... We just want to know what’s wrong...” asked the psychiatrist. “Although you are dripping...”

Bart winced and held up his green slimy arm that was dripping slime.

Bart asked if he could write it down. The psychiatrist left him to write then came back to read it. Bart had written a request admitting he cheated on the test and wanted to go back to Springfield Elementary.

“Uh you misspelled confession...” the psychiatrist pointed out.

"You see, the real genius is my sister Lisa." Bart confessed.


At home Oscar mistakes Bart for a slime monster and runs off screaming.

”Oh I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colours before he invented the light bulb.” said Homer.

Lisa face palmed at her dad’s stupidity.

”Dad Einstein did not invent the lightbulb! That was Edison!” Lisa ranted.

”I’ll make you a turpentine bath boy,” said Homer as Bart dripped slime every where.

”Uh Dad... We’re a cartoon, Turpentine would kill us...” said Bart. Turps are the main ingredient of DIP.

Homer gives him a chemical bath to clean off the slime. (Due to the realism of the Simpsons, things like slime monsters don't exist so Bart can't become a slime creature by being slimed.) Bart admits he cheated and is chased naked through the house by an angry Homer who gets slime and bath water splashed on him. Bart locks himself in his room and refuses to come out.

The next day at breakfast.

“How long did Dr Hibbert say Bart would be green for?” Lisa asked.

“Three weeks...” Marge sighed.

A green Bart was eating his cereal.


  • Bart turns green from a failed science experiment.
  • Mona Simpson is briefly mentioned.