Simpsons Fanon

One day it was Friday at lunch Bart and Jessica were planning a 24 hour challenge at Springfield Middle School. When It was Monday he grabbed Homer's suitcase and put his pillow blanket and sleeping bag and night and mourning routines supplies.

When it was Monday at lunch Bart and Jessica was so exited. When it was 3:00 Bart and Jessica had fun at the libary they were waiting to sit on the coach for two hours. At 5:00 they seen a teacher walking. Jessica said quick bart. They Were next to the teachers lounge and hide behind the couch. They need to call there parents. Bart said im having a sleepover with Jessica bye bye. Jessica said im having a sleepover bart bye bye. Then they needed lock up the teachers lounge so no will notice. when it was 6:00 jaintors was going home.

At 6:15 they had lots of fun for dinner they went in the kitchen and stealed all the todays pizza. Then they ate it. Then they had a chocolate pudding fight. Then had vanilla pudding with gummi worms and oreos for desert. They went in the princables office and they had found records of the worst students made a copy and will bring it home. Then went on the computer made half of the 8th graders go to kindergarten then 7th graders go to 1st grade and 6th graders go to 2nd grade. They found a record Springfield big mac record was 11 big macs.

then they went to the jaintors storage room and had fun fight and made a mess.

Then went into the girls locker room then took a shower then went to bed.