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Bart and Frink's Almost Excellent Adventures: Sashimi Bart While having a water fight when he was supposed to be running errands for the professor, Bart goes in the DNA splicer and becomes a fish hybrid creature.


Bart was helping wash Frink's pogo-mobile. A vehicle with violent suspension like riding a pogo stick. I don't know why he is. Probably making up for breaking something.

”I broke an invention while trying out his turbo shoes...” said Bart.

"Bart, I'd like to thank you for helping wash and suds my pogo-mobile. The only vehicle to harness the awesome power of the pogo stick!" said Frink.

"I call it the Upchuck truck." said Bart joking about how such a vehicle would make anyone riding in it very, very queasy!

"Nigh-hey! And I really wish you wouldn't!" Frink replied.

Bart decided to cause mischief. He squirted the professor with a hose. "Think fast Professor!"

"Glub! Well unfortunately for you Bart I predicted such mischief from you! So I built some splashbots for the purpose of revenge! (Frink sounds)"

Some robots carrying water pistols arrived and started squirting Bart.

"Douse the humanoid!"

"Soaking the human infant is our prime directive." said the robots as they squirted Bart.

"Must get inside! I'll be safe there!" said Bart as he was being soaked in a water fight. He headed into Frink's house.

“Return for additional splashing human!” said the water pistol droid.

”Yes, core programming demands the continued immersion with fluids upon the human child!” said the other water pistol robot.

"Ha! Never get into a water fight with a scientist!" said Frink. "Hmmmm, he went indoors. Oh well he'll be perfectly safe just as long as he doesn't-"

"Turn on the Amphibian transmutator?!" Frink gasped as Bart got turned into a sort of amphibious fish like person. "Oh for the love of limpet!"

”Oops!” said Bart green with webbed hands, feet and ears and green scaly skin.

Frink was cross with him for getting turned into something weird. His robots were in the background laughing. "Bart your mother is still mad at me for the time I accidentally turned you into a paramecium! You are deliberately getting me into trouble with the lawyers and the insults and the lawsuits!"

"I'm sorry Professor!" Fish person Bart apologised.

Suddenly the robots turned on Frink and squirted him as they didn't recognise Bart as human anymore.

"Splash the humanoid!"

"Glub! Not now you idiots!" Frink yelled.

Bart giggled.


Frink went to the Simpsons to explain the situation to them. Marge had fainted.

"So you're telling me that my son's a fish now..." said Homer.

"Yes I'm afraid so. Say is your wife alright? What with the falling on the floor unconscious." said Frink.

"I'll get her a pillow later." said Homer.

"Why is this just a copy of that time I got turned into a lizard mutant?!" asked Lisa.

"You got turned into a lizard person?! That's awesome!" said Hugo.

”Shut up! Freak!” Homer yelled.

”No you shut up! Fat ass!” Oscar stood up for Hugo.

Maggie was feeding Bart fish food as he swam in his tank.

"Maggie don't feed him too much or he'll die!" Homer stopped Maggie.

"Coooool! Let me help with that! Eat up Bart! Mwuhahahahaha!" Hugo laughed evilly as he fed Bart so he could usurp his position as Homer and Marge's son.

"Why you little! I'll teach you to try to murder your own brother!" Homer strangled Hugo and tried drowning him in Bart's tank.

”Leave him alone!” Oscar throttled Homer trying time make him let go of Hugo.

Hugo spluttering and gasping.

Eventually Marge regained consciousness.

"What a horrible dream! It's not like me to suddenly fall asleep in the middle of the lounge lying on the floor! Oh well, the house won't clean itself! Except for that time it was taken over by a robot Pierce Brosnan..." said Marge as she got up to do the housework. However when she went to her en suite bathroom she got a shock.

"Hi Mom! Dad says this is my new bedroom now!" said Bart.

"Oh my god!" Marge gasped.

"Sweet! That means I get your room now Bart!" said Hugo.

"No you don't!" Bart replied.

”Bart you’re an amphibious fish person thingy and you need to be in or near water all the time! Why can’t Hugo have your bed until you return to normal?” Oscar asked.

”Because Oz... I don’t want him touching my things!” said Bart.

Hugo made a face at Bart.


At dinner the Simpsons were in mid conversation about something.

"No Homer! Bart can't join the circus!" Marge nagged.

"Your right Marge! Why let those sleazy ringmasters hog all the glory? We'll just charge some rubes five bucks a head to look at him in the bathroom! And Lisa can quit school to sell corn dogs!" said Homer.

”Plus those ringmasters are evil....!” said Oscar glaring. “Especially after what they did to Dumbo’s mother!” Upon hearing Homer say corn dogs. “Mmmmmmmmmmm! Corn dogs! (Gargling and drooling)”

"Dad! I'm not quitting school! And we need to use the bathroom! Some of us more than others..." Lisa explained.

"Well I certainly can't quit school! I don't even go to school!" said Homer.

"Awwww! Can't I just become a crime fighting freak?!" Bart groaned with a fishbowl full of water on his head so he could breath. Wait a minute! The machine was a amphibious transmutation device! Amphibious means you can breath outside of water! Like a frog!

"There'll be no crime fighting or freaking in this household young man!" said Marge.

”Awwwww! But Mom!” Bart whined.

”No buts!” said Marge.

Maggie kissed Bart's fish bowl.

"Awwwww! How adorable! Maggie's kissing Bart's fish bowl! Good baby!" Lisa commented. Bart was making a disgusted face.

”True but so is Webby kissing that cartoon shark on his snout in the Ducktales title sequence or me as a baby kissing Dino on his big shiny bulbous cartoon dino snout in my title sequence.” said Oscar.

"I'm sorry Bart but you'll have to attend school just like any other normal kid..." said Marge.

"I'm sorry but I beg to differ Marge. I'm the narrator and I think a super hero story featuring Bart would be awesome!" said Oscar. "In fact that's exactly what's gonna happen so there..."

Marge sighed. "Hmmmmm! Oscar do you have to undermine me..."

"Noooo... do you have to be such a killjoy...?" Oscar replied.

"Hold up. Doesn't Bart already have an aquatic super hero form? Sharkboy?" said Hugo. "That's so unfair! He has two aquatic hero personalities!"

"Fine... you can be Sharkboy until I return to normal. If I ever do..." said Bart.

"Of course you will Bart. Now how about I make your favourite, pancakes!" said Marge.

Bart was sad.

"Okay you can have worms on yours..." Marge sighed.

"Yum!" said Bart.


At school.

”Bart? Bart? Bart!” Mrs Krabappel yelled.

”Uh?” Bart asked reading and glaring at someone or something at the window.

"Bart will you pay attention!" Mrs Krabapple told Bart off for being distracted. “I asked you a question!”

"Hey nice fishbowl, fishbowl head!" said Nelson.

"I would Mrs Krabappel but the Sea Captain keeps looking at me!" said Bart. Sea Captain was at the window.

Things got worse. At recess Sherri and Terri kept calling Bart Flounderface.

“Flounderface! Flounderface!”

"I'm sorry Bart but my mom says I shouldn't play with fish. I might get fin rot..." said Milhouse.

At lunch his friends complained that he was stinking out the cafeteria with his fish smell. And Hugo was wearing a napkin and holding a knife and folk looking very hungry...

"Ay carumba! No you're not eating me!" Bart yelled.

Things were bad for Oscar too that night when the family were camping.

Oscar was sleeping when he was woken up by his teddy bear Teddy dream talking about seeing a delicious fish. "Mmmm! What a lovely smelling plate of salmon!" said Teddy sleep talking.

"Teddy you're sleep talking again.” said Oscar.

"Now I've never heard such a talkative meal before!" said Teddy sniffing him. "Yes that should hit the spot!" Teddy was licking and smacking his lips thinking about food.

Marge was quite annoyed to be woken up by Oscar standing outside her tent in his pyjamas shining a torch in her face.

"No Oscar your pyjamas don't smell of fish! Now go to sleep!" Marge yelled.

The next day Young Link annoyed Bart by asking him if had any quests.

"Look for the last time Elf boy, I am not a Zora!" Bart yelled. Young Link stood there. "Okay you can get me a cola..."

"A Zora Cola?" Young Link asked.

"No!" Bart yelled.

At dinner which was TV Dinner.

”I’m sorry Mrs Simpson but I’m still working on a cure.” said Professor Frink. “Fortunely I have some good news that I can reverse Bart’s condition. Because the same exact thing, more or less... happened last week when Tombi was exploring my lab and went in my Amphibious transmutation device... His Grampa has been informed.”

Oscar flicked through some old drawings, particularly the ones where I kept drawing Tombi as an amphibious frog like swamp creature.

”So that’s why you were a green swamp thing with webbed hands, feet and ears and dinosaur spots on your skin....” Oscar asked Tombi.

”That doesn’t explain why he is wearing a diaper...” Bart asked.

Oscar laughed. “Diapee...”


Luckily one recess Bart had some luck. Professor Frink turned up in the pogo-mobile. "Bart it's a life or death situation. Some sailors are trapped in a capsized ship! With the freezing cold water and the drowning! Brrrrrr!" said Frink. "You're the only one who can help! Hop in!"

"Awesome! I get to skip school!" said Bart. Frink drove him in the bouncy vehicle elsewhere.

Frink explained his mission.

"Only you can breath underwater so take these breathing masks for the men to breath when you save them!" said Professor Frink.

"Errrr... can I just go back to school..." Bart was having second thoughts.

"Er no." Frink threw him out at the docks.

"Stupid professor, throwing me out of the pogo-mobile..." Bart grumbled. "Luckily I can breath underwater." Bart spotted the ship, along with Hugo swimming around dressed as Sharkboy, his persona when pranking people pretended to be a shark.

They both tried to get in the ship to rescue the men inside but couldn't find a way in...


Meanwhile Kent Brockman was live at the beach broadcasting. "This is Kent Brockman live with the brave rescue of several trapped sailors. Local boy and fish person Bart Simpson is currently rescuing them!" said Frink. However there was a commotion on the beach as Bart arrived at the surface with Hugo and the rescued men.

"Who would have known! A boat with a trap door!" said Bart.

Marge came to thank him.

"Oh Bart! I'm so proud of you! And I'm sorry for not letting you be a superhero!"

"Crime fighting freak. But thanks Mom! And look what else I found! Pirate treasure!" said Bart pulling up a treasure chest of gold coins and jewels.

The family had dinner to celebrate at a fancy restaurant paid with some of the treasure.

"I'm just glad none of this pirate treasure has changed who we are!" said Lisa.

Frink arrived.

"Good news everyone! I have the antidote to return Bart back to normal!" said Frink.

"Lalalala! We can't hear you!" said Homer.

The end!