Simpsons Fanon

Bart Star Bart gets famous for singing and does various music videos such as do the Bartman with Michael Jackson and Deep, Deep Trouble.


Bart is outside one day dressed like Dennis the Menace. (Blond American Dennis) He is incinerating ants with a magnifying glass. After getting bored of that he goes skateboarding but does something that bothers the Winfields.

"Hey watch where you're skating boy!" Mr Winfield yells.

Bart stuck his tongue out at them.

Sylvia is offended.

”The nerve of that boy!”

Homer hears them. "Hey! Leave my son alone! He can skate where he wants!" Bart pulls a face at them before skating off.

"Why that ill mannered little!" said Sylvia Winfield.

”Get a hair cut you hippy!” said Mr Winfield.

”What does Marcelles Wallace look like?!” Jules Winfield played by Samuel L Jackson, yelled.

Ned then got involved. "Why hi diddly ho neighborinos! What seems to be the problem?" said Ned.

"Shut up Ned!" said Homer and the Winfields.

"Okily dokily!" said Ned.

Bart is skating while humming the Dennis the menace theme. (Dic/ Cookie Jar) he passes a neighbor who are obviously expies of the Wilsons.

"Watch where your pointing that slingshot boy!" George Wilson expy yells.

"Oh George... he's just playing!" said Mrs Wilson.

"Dear, I'd like a divorce." said George Wilson.

"Oh George! You've made me the happiest woman alive!" said Mrs Wilson.

"Okay Narrator. Enough of the the Dennis the menace references..." Bart sighed.

”Yeah well your Dennis didn’t exactly have rememberable friends like Pieface...” said Oscar. Oscar’s British.

Bart pulled a face at him and skated off somewhere.


Bart goes indoors Marge is talking with Homer.

"Homer, are you arguing with the neighbors again?" Marge asked.

"No, just the grouchy old bats in the brown house." said Homer. "They keep telling me how to raise our son..." said Homer.

"Hmmmmm! Homer they're our only neighbors apart from the Flanders! Try to get along with them..." Marge sighed. "And you'll have to anyway because the whole street is having a garage sale."

Bart is whistling the Simpsons theme tune.

"Bart stop whistling that annoying song..." Marge sighed.


Sometime before the big day. Homer is in the attic. Marge comes up. He is nervous until he finds it's just her.

"Phew! It's you honey! Eh don't let the kids up here, The Thing is awake..." said Homer as Hugo was going through the junk. "Hey don't make me get the hose!"

"Homer! He's well- she speaks under her breath into Homer's ear.) He's our son! Don't be so harsh on him!"

"Yeah Dad." said Hugo.

Marge and Homer hushed him. "Ssssh! We don't want your brother and Sisters to hear you yet!" Marge explained. "Oh geez, this is gonna cause all sorts when the brown stuff hits the fan..."

"No one has to know Marge. As far as anyone's concerned there's nothing in the attic except all of these boxes." said Homer.

From then on Homer chained Hugo up so he couldn't wander the attic. This made Hugo even crazier as he became nonverbal and would just groan and growl.


It was then the big day. Homer was on the couch eating snacks and being bored.

“Marge I’m bored...” said Homer.

“Then why don’t you read a book?” Marge asked.

“Because I’m trying to get rid of my boredom not increase it...” said Homer.

“Why don’t you hand out these flyers for the garage sale. And take Bart.” said Marge.

Bart walked past but Homer grabbed him by his shorts that yanked him back in a cartoony fashion as he yelped. “Come along boy!” said Homer. He took Bart out.

“Hmmmmm!” said Marge as he had left his snacks.

Oscar walked in, saw the snacks and greedily stuffed his face with potato chips. Nachos, some of which he dipped in the dips and pork rinds.

“Oscar stop that! You won’t want lunch later...” said Marge.

Meanwhile Homer took Bart about the neighbourhood handing out leaflets.

“Ah... good old Evergreen terrace...” said Homer.

“If you like living here so much why do you litter?” Bart asked.

“It’s easier, duh...” said Homer throwing a duff beer can on the floor. Bart tip toed around it.

They went to Apu’s house. Apu was singing while washing his snazzy sports car.

“Hi Apu!” said Homer.

“Hey Homer! Can I squirt you with my hose in a light hearted fashion?” said Apu.

“Uh... squirt the boy...” said Homer. Apu soaked Bart with a torrent of water from his hose.

“So... going to the big garage sale Apu?” Homer asked.

“Oh yes! I have nothing better to do until the malfunctioning squishee machine is fixed!” said Apu.

The Kwik e mart is sealed shut and full to the brim or should I say flooded with green flavour Squishee. Two Scuba divers are inside welding the machine with Acetylene torches. Suddenly Jimbo swims down from somewhere and steals a six pack of duffs and swims away. The scuba divers are baffled by this.

“Yes we know Apu. That’s our favourite shop inaccessible. And I get grouchy with out my daily squishee...” said Bart.

“And I just hope my supply snacks lasts me till you can reopen your store Apu.” said Homer. His mobile rang.

“Hi Honey! Ah you put my uneaten snacks back in the fridge? Good... What?! Oscar tried to eat them?! How much of them? Uh huh... Okay almost done.” said Homer down the phone to Marge. “Stupid greedy kid...”

There was some competition between Homer and Ned to get their cameras out. Ned got his but the tapes ran out of the cassettes.

Homer laughed as he went indoors to get his camera. It was a large thing with a scope and two side parts. However as he was polishing it, it broke. He whined.

Bart laughed at his misfortune.

"Shut up boy." Homer growled.

Everyone had got down to selling and buying stuff. Ned was interested in Mrs Glick's glass bowl.

"Why this is lovely Mrs Glick, what is it?" Ned asked.

"It's a candy dish Ned, 90 dollars!" said Mrs Glick into his microphone.

"Well now this does look lovely with just about anything in it!" said Ned.

"No Ned! It's for candy! 90 dollars!" Mrs Glick said harshly into his microphone.

"That Mrs Glick is so argumentative..." Oscar sighed to Bart as they helped decorate the Simpsons' table.

"Yeah, she's the creepy lady who lives down the street in that old house." said Bart.

"Well I'm gonna teach her a lesson. I'm gonna buy that bowl and then I'll put what I like in it!" said Oscar holding some green dollar notes.

"Oscar, how can you afford that much money?!" said Bart.

"Uh inheritance..." said Oscar.

Oscar went upto Mrs Glick's table. "Yes I'd like to buy that candy dish for 90 dollars." said Oscar.

"Sure, young man. Here you go!" Mrs Glick gave him the glass dish.

"Coool! Now I'm going to put everything except candy in it!" Oscar smirked.

"Noooooooo!" cried Mrs Glick.

Oscar laughed evilly. "Mwuhahahahaha!"

"Oscar stop tormenting people!" Marge told him off.


Marge was then at the family table annoyed with Homer over a shirt of Ayatollah Khomeini on it.

"Homer, Khomeini isn't the ayatollah anymore, he died years ago. And no one wants a shirt of such a horrible man!" said Marge.

"But Marge, it works for any Ayatollah! Ayatollah Nakhbadeh, Ayatollah Zahedi... Even as we speak Ayatollah Razmara and his cult of fanatics are consolidating their power!" said Homer.

“I don’t care who’s consolidating their power... and what is this?” Marge asked.

“That’s for fastening rhinestones to my rhinestone jacket!” said Homer holding up a Disco Stu Jacket.

"Who's Disco Stu?" Marge asked.

"It's supposed to say Disco Stud but I ran out of space." said Homer. "Not that Disco Stu didn't get any action!"

A man is talking to Disco Stu.

"Hey Disco Stu you should totally buy that rhinestone jacket!" said the man.

"Certainly not! Disco Stu doesn't advertise!" said Disco Stu.

Then Skinner was admiring a tie rack.

"It's motorised so the ties rotate!" said Marge as she demonstrated the device. The ties went around with a whirling sound.

"But it's too noisy!" said Principal Skinner.

"Then you can just rip out the motor and keep it as a regular tie rack." said Marge ripping out the motor.

"But now the ties at the back are inaccessible!" Skinner replied.

Marge sighed.

Ned was advertising Homer's Disco Stu jacket.

"Hey everybody, who thinks Ned Flanders should shut up!" Homer spoke into Neds megaphone after snatching it.

Everyone cheered.

Ned sighed.

"Homer! Don't be so rude to Ned!" Marge scolded Homer.

"Marge the people have spoken." said Homer.

Marge grumbled.

'Now are we gonna let the Ayatollah frighten us Americans?" Homer asked.

"No!" said the townspeople.

"Then you can sock it to him in style with this t shirt!" said Homer. Then he started singing hey big spender while Chief Wiggum played on an electric keyboard.

"Hey big spender!"

"Have a blender!" Homer kicks a blender to someone.

"Hey big spender!"

"We surrender!" The crowd sing.

"Speeeeend it all at Table 3." said Homer.

Everyone cheered.


"And now for a little encouragement for table 5... Ah ah ah! Table 5, table 5! Ah ah ah! Table fiiiiiive iiiiiiiiiive aaaaaaaiiiiii..." Homer starts singing stayin alive by the bee gees and Disco Stu starts dancing.

Suddenly the crowd turn around to hear Bart singing the theme to Shaft on his karaoke machine he got for his birthday before pranking everyone with it by dropping it down a well.

Everyone ran off to listen including Ned, because Homer was singing into his microphone it was yanked from him and clonked about as Ned ran off.

Homer was sad that his crowd had left.

The crowd were now cheering as Bart sang. After he finished they cheered.

"Thank you! Thank you everyone!" Bart bowed. "Aw shucks! I didn't know I was that good!"

"Oh my special little guy!" Marge cheered.

"Sing us something a little more traditional Sonny!" said Grandma Jacqueline.

"Okay for grandma I'm gonna sing a little old French song because my mom's family are all French." said Bart before singing Alouette. Some people sighed in disappointment.

"Sing something cool!" said Lenny.

"Hey! Quit bugging him! His family are French!" Carl told Lenny off. "Viva la France!"

"Viva La- Uh where are you from Mr Carlson...?" Bart asked.

Lisa gagged in disgust. She hated Bart's singing.

"Iceland!" said Carl.

"Wow, I didn't know that..." Bart commented before continuing to sing in French.

Plot 2[]

After the garage sale Marge hugged Bart.

"Oh my special little talented guy!" Marge said praising him. "We have a singer in the family."

"And a jazz player..." Lisa sighed.

"Lisa, you'll have to wait your turn. We're nurturing Bart's talent right now!" said Marge.


“Lisa don’t shout at people!” Marge told Lisa off.

"Cooool! Can I leave school to pursue a career as a rock star?!" Bart asked.

"No! You're completing your education just like everyone else!" Homer scolded him and prodded his cute little nose.

"Hmmmm, you can improve your singing in the school choir Bart. I know it's a little-" Marge explained.

"Geeky?" Bart replied.

"Uh yes, but it will train your talent in a positive outlet." said Marge.

"Fine..." Bart sighed.


However choir with Mr Largo was boring. It was even worse than instrument lessons with him. They were just doing hymns...

Bart was bored that night.

"Bart I know you don't like that sort of music, but that's what you have to sing. Just try to enjoy it..." Marge explained.

"I can't. It's boring! I wanna sing rock music..." Bart whined.

Before his next class he was singing Beans beans the magical fruit until Mr Largo told him off.

"Sing Teddy bears picnic!" Nelson asked.

"No!" Bart whined. "Whoever spread that video around I'll never forgive you!"

Oscar gulped.


Soon it was the big choir in front of the whole school and everyone's parents. However Bart was bored with the choice of song and was in a naughty mood.

He pranks everyone when they arrive by sticking his head, then his arm and then a leg out from the curtain and suddenly magically climbs up it. It's revealed Richard, Milhouse and Lewis are on each others shoulders like a totem pole with Bart on top. Mrs Krabappel grabs Bart.

"Bart, Richard, Milhouse and Lewis! Stop fooling around and get to the back row!"

"Yes Mrs Krabappel..." they sighed.

The song unfortunately couldn't be adapted with rude lyrics but when he was given an opportunity for a solo he started a ruckus dance and started singing Do the Bartman!

Everyone was shocked by his rebellious song and Skinner and Mr Largo were cross with him. Homer and Marge were embarrassed.

Bart then takes off his jacket and throws it in Skinner's face. A vaudeville hook tries to pull him off stage but he duck to avoid it while dancing.

"I never liked those stupid hooks. I'm glad Bart subverted that cliche." said Oscar.

(Vaudeville Hooks trope: When an unwanted performance needs to be escorted off stage such as a bad comic a hook will pull them off stage.)

Then other fourth years joined in Bart's rebellious dance such as Martin, Lewis and Milhouse.

Skinner furiously looked for Bart's permanent record to confirm it was him. Well duh, who else would it be...

Then Bart and the fourth graders are seen leaving the school while dancing. Skinner drinks from a flask, angry at Bart's antics.

Bart's troupe dance out of the school to Do the Bartman! while sixth graders are hanging about grooving to Bart's lyrics. Then crazy stuff happens. Bart is in a white void while his family are eating dinner, then he's in jail having his photos processed, then he's being sent down a grey corridor.

Bart is in his room one night having been sent there as a punishment. However this is still part of the music video as the lights come on and he starts singing Do the Bartman and dancing. Lisa joins in and they dance on Bart's bed before he leaps out the window and climbs down the tree.

Bart joins everyone in a dance off and Michael Jackson joins in.

Homer pops out of the sewer. "Damnit! Bart get back inside and go to sleep!" Homer yells.

"Do the Bartman!" The people yell at him.

Lisa then annoys Bart with her saxophone playing so he releases dogs from a pound truck and they run away. Then he encounters the grooving sixth graders who are mad at him for some reason so they continue dancing.

Then we pan over to various minor characters introduced so far such as Karl, Jacque, Francine etc.

"Krusty is Cooking!" Is a line from the song as Krusty is cooking a barbecue on set. He is being watched in prison by Sideshow Bob.

Then Bart sings a line about putting moth balls in the stew...

The sixth graders sing as there a montage of Bart as his persona Bartman swinging through town at night and fighting badguys before coming to finishing pose but he is grabbed and the music stops as it's revealed to just be Bart's imagination as Krabappel sends him to the back row ready for the choir.


Bart is in trouble the next day.

"Bart! You embarrassed everyone including your teachers with that annoying singing! Now you're staying at home while we go to the boat show!" Homer yelled.

"No fair!" Bart whined lying on his bed.

"Punishments aren't fair! Now make yourself useful and go downstairs and mow the lawn!" Homer yelled.

Bart got to mowing the lawn while Homer and the others went to the boat show.

Bart started singing again. This time he sung a song called Deep, Deep trouble which was about him constantly getting into trouble and being told off by Homer. During the song he is on trial but the jury are all Homers who immediately deem him guilty and he is sent to prison. A reflection of his feelings about Homer always telling him off. Then he's back in the yard and has accidentally set off a sprinkler. The round gets wet and muddy and he starts sinking up to his ankles...

"Ay carumba! Bart you're standing in quicksand!" Oscar warns him.

Bart yelps and starts struggling but pushes himself deeper. Oscar pulls him out but they fall in a puddle where for some acid trip reason they're now underwater. Bart sings while underwater.

Then crazy acid trip stuff happens as Bart changes colours and sings in different countries like Egypt and China etc.

Bart's enemies/people strict towards him such as Homer, Edna Krabappel, Skinner and Sideshow Bob sentence him to an electric chair.

However the song is interrupted by Homer suddenly home from the boat show.

"Bart! What have I told you about singing?!" Homer yells.


As punishment for singing and causing surreal music videos Homer takes Bart with him to hand out leaflets for another garage sale.

“Dad you’re gonna hear a lot about a smashed up greenhouse but I swear it wasn’t me!” said Bart.

They went to house that turned out to be Lenny’s.

“Hi Lenny! Gonna be a big rummage sale?” Homer asked.

“Sure! Are you gonna be there? Ah what am I saying! Of course you will! You’re Mr Rummage Sale!” said Lenny. Then he glared at Bart. “Hey you’re that little jackass that smashed up my greenhouse!” Lenny yelled.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t grow such dumb looking flowers sir!” Bart replied rudely.

“Why you little! Apologize to Lenny!” yelled Homer strangling Bart.

“Ack! I won’t! Eck!” Bart groaned as he choked.

Meanwhile Marge was pruning her petunias in the garden and singing.

“Mrs Simpson!” Mrs Winfield the old bag snapped.

“Yes?” Marge asked politely.

“My nephew Jules is visiting and he dislikes singing! Please be quiet while pruning your flowers!” Ms Winfield demanded.

“Okay, fine...” said Marge. Old bat... her brain told her

In the Winfield’s garden Samuel L Jackson as Jules Winfield arrived.

“Aunt Sylvia! What does Marcelles Wallace look like?” Jules, a black man in a suit with a moustache and a fierce glare asked.

“Um what?” Sylvia Winfield asked flabbergasted by his question.

Jules violently knocked over the garden table. “What country are you from?!”


“That ain’t no country I ever heard of! They speak English in what?”


“English motherfucker! Do you speak it!” Jules yelled.

“Ooooh! Look what you’ve done! You’ve upset him!” Ms Winfield scolded Marge.

Meanwhile as Bart and Homer delivered news of another garage sale around town, because this was an episode about Bart singing. Bart was singing the theme to Shaft while following Homer around as he visits Skinner, Barney, Dr Hibbert etc. An old enemy was incensed by Bart’s singing and newfound talent.

Bart felt like he was being followed as an ominous shadow of a man wearing a top hat covered him.

Bart froze as he heard maniacal high pitched laughter.

“You have rhythm, you have style! But I’ll kill ya boy, if you don’t run a mile! Gahahahaha!”

Bart gasped as behind him and Homer stood his arch nemesis Dr Demento!

Dr Demento laughed a crazy laugh.

“Yaaaaaaaagh! Dr Demento!” Bart screamed.

”Dun dun duuuuuuuun!” Oscar yelled dramatically.

Bart slapped him for being annoying.

“Ow!” Oscar groaned.

His insane arch nemesis the good Doctor got out a banjo and started singing fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads! While high pitched voices sang along too.

“Fish heads, fish heads! Roly poly fish heads! Fish heads, fish heads! Eat them up! Yum!”

“Oh! That reminds me! I have to suddenly get home and take some fish heads to the attic!” Homer yelled dragging Bart home.

“Hey wait up! It’s time to get demented with Dr Dementooooo! Hehehehe!” Dr Demento went after them.


Marge was startled to find Homer and Bart rush in quickly.

“Did you hand out all the leaflets like I-“ Marge asked.

“Can’t talk now Marge I have to feed well you know... their lunch or they get grouchy...” said Homer rushing off to the kitchen.

Lisa wondered who’s he was talking about.

Bart was traumatised by seeing his arch nemesis Dr Demento.

“What’s got you unnerved?” Lisa asked Bart.

“Dr Demento is back!” Bart cried horrified.

The Simpsons except Homer gasped.

“Oh no!” said Marge.

”Oh no!” said Lisa.

”Oh no!” said Oscar.

Suddenly the Kool Aid Guy bursted in through a wall.

”Oh yeah!” said Kool Aid Guy.

Homer fetched from the refrigerator a metal bucket full of stinky smelly fish heads.

“Eeeeeew! Dad! Why are you keeping a bucket of expired fish heads in the refrigerator?” Lisa groaned holding her nose.

“Stop asking questions!” Homer yelled sharply before leaving.

“Homer!” Marge scolded him for yelling at Lisa.

“Sorry sweetie. I meant, don’t ask Daddy questions about keeping buckets of fish heads or going to the attic...” said Homer popping his head round the door to apologise to Lisa.

Lisa wondered why Dad wouldn’t answer her questions.

Homer went upstairs. He pulled down the attic ladder and went up there while singing Fish heads, fish heads.

Homer put something down. The bucket presumably.

There was suddenly a monster growling and chewing something violently as Homer laughed.

Lisa’s wonderments about Dad didn’t last as talk turned to Bart’s arch nemesis Dr Demento being on the scene again.

Bart was in a sad and gloomy mood frightened. This would become a thing later on during times featuring a former Sideshow of Krusty’s that Bart helped incarcerate.

“That’s not a thing yet though narrator.” Bart said to the fourth wall. “Before those facts about me that I’m frightened by that Sideshow Bob Guy who framed Krusty and that I like to prank call Moe I was frightened of Dr Demento and I liked to prank call Linda Lavin.”

“Bart we don’t want anymore restraining orders...” Marge sighed.

“I’m sorry Mom... but that loathsome harpy deserves it sometimes...” said Bart.

“Most of the time.” Lisa corrected him.

Plot 3[]

Lisa was still annoyed people such as her mom and Dad were nurturing Bart’s newfound talent for singing and not her talents such as her saxophone playing and intellect.

“Well anyway, I’m not letting anyone. Not Lisa’s tantrums (Lisa scowled) and not some fruitcake radio show host stop me from singing!” said Bart.

“Even Dad got fed up with your surreal music videos Bart...” said Lisa.

“Okay... I’ll try not to be so surreal and wild with my music videos.” said Bart. “Here’s a little song I call Sibling rivalry...”

Bart sung his song Sibling Rivalry from the same album as Do the Bart, man! and Deep, deep Trouble.

In a void Bart and Lisa sung rap style.

“Lisa and our life is so confusing!”

“Bart: No reason, no rhyme.”

“We’ve got this funny feeling.”

“Getting old before our time!”

The rest of the song is about sibling rivalry. Lisa being the studying well behaved of the two, Bart being jealous but refusing to admit it and saying its just because he finds studious and intellectual people annoying. He pranks her throughout the song.

Bart throws a banana peel on the sidewalk causing Lisa to slip on it and hurt herself.

Bart pours mothballs into a stew Marge is cooking just as she leaves it unattended to go upstairs and change Maggie’s diaper. Lisa sees Bart do this and gags in disgust.

Bart Then raps about pranking Lisa with a fake toy spider. She didn’t know it was fake and screamed.

“In Britain we would have pranked with a real spider.” said Oscar as British spiders are harmless.

“Can’t do that here Oz.” said Bart rapping. Because American spiders are venomous to humans.

“I’m not blameless I feel bad for Bart.”

“Mom and Dad yell at him, but he has a good heart.”

Bart is being told off and sufferers misfortunes such as being scolded.

Being strangled by Homer.

Being ran over by Mr Burns.

Failing his exam in Bart Gets an F and crying.

Gagging in disgust as Marge asks him to dispose of one of Maggie’s soiled diapers by handing him a stinky diaper. He makes a disgusted face and holds his nose.


Later Bart had a purple sweatband on and a black vest as he played his red guitar from the last episode. He had improved since then and played rock.

”Can I jam with you?” Lisa asked.

”I’d rather you didn’t. Our music styles are different and I can’t focus on my playing with other instruments playing.” said Bart playing his guitar. “I call this piece, The End.” He said dramatically.

”Dun dun duuuuuuun!” said Oscar being annoying. Bart slapped him again. “Ow!”

The radio in the background was playing the news suddenly it was interrupted.

”Hehehehe! It’s time to get demented with Dr Demento! And here is a message to my arch nemesis Bart Simpson! Get ready to die asshole! Nyahahahaha!” Also Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive should be his voice. Or Clownja's.

Bart screamed.

”Bart we have to stop him! Or whatever he is planning.” said Lisa.

Bart composed himself. “Your right Lis. Come with me.”

”He loves yooooooouuuuuuu!” said Oscar in a rasping voice.

Bart winced at Oscar for talking like Belt the sloth.

They arrived at Dr Demento’s evil lair. His radio station. By Oscar violently smashing the door in with an axe. "That's it Demento!" He yelled.

“Why did you have to break down the door? It wasn’t locked, and I just had it painted!” Dr Demento whined.

"Yeah um why Oz?" Bart asked wincing.

"GET THEM!" Dr Demento yelled to his henchmen. Um henchmen ran for the three kids who took up karate stances and there was a huge fight.

Dr Demento wearing a top hat laughed hysterically in madness.

Bart was scared at him for some reason Matt never explained.

Dr Demento had some deranged evil plan. Like um burning his name on the moon with a high powered laser.

”I shall write my name on the moon!” said Dr Demento.

Bart as Bartman grimaced. “Okay... I have no idea why you want to do that but I think I’m supposed to be stopping you...”

"Silence!" Snapped Napoleon XIV, a crazy man who thinks he is Napoleon reincarnated or something.

Weird Al Yankovich was also in cahoots with Dr Demento.

"Oh Alfred why?!" Lisa lamented.

"Dr Demento made me the star I am today." said Weird Al.

"Making silly parodies of other artists songs... sure... I could do that...." said Oscar.

The Simpsons realised Weird Al being in cahoots with a villain harassing them put things in a different light.

Ie Weurd Al making a silly parody of Homer's Angry album when he was in Sadgasm.

When the Simpsons asked for his help to get Marge and Homer back together when Homer moved in with two gay men.

Oscar foiled Dr Demento’s evil plot to write his name on the moon!

"Noooooo!" Dr Demento cried.

"I shall destroy you Oscar Tamaki!...AND YOUR LITTLE TEDDY BEAR, TOO!" Dr Demento shouted. Furious his plan had been foiled.

Teddy, Oscar’s living teddy bear creature gave a worried look.

”No one! And I mean no one! harms even a hair on Teddy!” Oscar yelled.

Bart winced.

"Know this. You cross me, there will be deadly consequences." Oscar rasped as Dark Oscar spoke through him in his raspy serpentine voice.

"We’ll see." said Dr Demento.

Bart was worried. Like I just said, he is scared of Dr Demento for some reason that was never explained.

”Lis what are we gonna do?”

”I dunno.” said Lisa.

”I know!” said Oscar.

”Oz if you say “Put on a musical cabaret act in three piece dinner suits and top hats like Fred Astaire” I will slap you!” Bart snapped furiously.

Oscar pouted.

They did the three piece suit and top hat cabaret act. Because I said so.

Everyone is in dinner suits and top hats dancing. Even Teddy the living teddy bear.

“Oh, we’re the superheroes

Of evil we must fight”

(Cut to close up of Bart and Oscar.)

“I have short spiky hair!” Bart sang,

“I wet the bed at night.“ Oscar sang. Um eeeeewwwww!

Dr Demento clapped sarcastically. “Well that was something Oscar Tamaki. But you’ve become a thorn in my side! Today I will have my revenge Bart Simpson!”

”Sorry Doctor Demento but there will be no encooooore! My teddy bear’s giving you the hook go pummelling paaaaaaw!” Oscar sang as Teddy attacked.

Dr Demento wet flying and grunted as he impacted with a wall.

Trout Fishing In America gasped.

However Dr Demento laughed a hysterical mad laugh. “Gahahahaha! Ohohohoho! You’re in for it now boy!”

Bart hissed. “I'm not going to let your sick, twisted dream be realized!"

“I will not allow your dreams to be realised. Bart Simpson!” Dr Demento spat.