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Bart's shirt one day Bart finds Marge has been unable to do the washing after the inside out fog struck again so he has to wear a blue shirt. Meanwhile Homer does some father daughter bonding with Lisa after missing her recital.


One morning Bart is getting dressed only to find no shirts to wear.

"Mooooom! You didn't do my washing..." Bart whined.

"Ooooh! Bart in case you don't remember it was rather difficult doing the laundry yesterday because of that fog that turns people inside out struck again!" said Marge. "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to wear an old blue shirt for the day."

"Hold on, I think I have one-" Bart spies an orange shirt but suddenly a swarm of moths fly in and devour it like piranhas with cartoon eating sounds. Bart gasps.

He goes outside wearing a blue shirt annoyed as Oscar is laughing at him.

"Oscar why is my blue shirt funny?" Bart asked.

"Because it just is! You always wear orange! The only time you wore blue is in comics and as merchandise like Bart dolls!" said Oscar.

Bart sighed.

Meanwhile Homer went to Moe's.

An imaginary Lisa head was reminding him to buy her some new reeds for her saxophone.

At the talent show a boy stood chairs on each other as a chair pyramid and carried them.

“Excellent make sure those chairs go back where you got them from! I mean it!” said Skinner.

Then Martin played a flute wearing green medieval robes.

Then Bart was on as the boy with a thousand voices. However they were just him making fun of the teachers.

“Duuuuuuh! I’m Principal Skinner!” He said in a goofy voice pulling a face and sticking his finger up his own nose.

Kids laughed.

“That boy has just earned himself a thousand days detention...” said Skinner angry.

“Now my impression of Lunch lady Doris!” said Bart. “Today’s special is dog poo.”

Bleeding Gums Murphy as a judge loved his performance. This was set before he died.

However Homer drank until the word reed cane up in conversation.

"(Homer screams) Reeeeeds!" He ran off next door to King Toots but Mr Toot was closing for the day.

"Please you've got to open back up!" Homer begged.

But Mr Toot refused.

At school a blue haired boy sung my dingaling by Chuck Berry. “I want you to play with my dingaling!”

Skinner thinking they song was rude angrily shoved the boy off stage and hastily announced the next performance Lisa. Lisa silently protested she couldn’t play with a broken reed.

Somehow Homer got Lisa's reeds but was very late to her recital doing so.

She wasn't able to delay her recital as the audience booed Ralph's flute up his nose performance, Skinner took offence to a boy singing Chuck Berry's My Dingaling and Martin got punched in the stomach by Nelson for playing a flute while dressed in green medieval clothes playing green sleeves.

Homer arrives just as Lisa is playing her saxophone off key because her reed had worn out. Homer gasped and Lisa was embarrassed by her performance.


Lisa was extremely upset with Homer and crying.

"There, there... I'll make it upto you sweetie..." Homer tried comforting her.

"How? You embarrassed me in front of the whole school! Dad, I asked you for one simple thing! Buy me some new reeds for my saxophone!" Lisa ranted.

"And I got them!" said Homer.

Lisa growled and held her head annoyed with him.


Homer took Lisa to an ice cream parlour. Possibly the same one Bart went to on his birthday.

Homer ordered Lisa a huge ice cream sundae banana split monstrosity. She only ate one spoonful.

"Finished..." said Lisa still mad at him.

Homer cried. "That cost me eighty eight dollars!"

"Well I'm sorry." said Lisa dryly and sarcastically.

"Look I'm sorry I let you down! I know that doesn't mean much but please find it in your heart to forgive me!" Homer cried.

"I forgive you." Lisa said sarcastically.

"D'oh! You didn't mean that!" Homer yelled in his classic angry Homer voice. Lisa flinched. "Oh sorry sweetie! I didn't mean to use my 'Angry at Bart' voice!"

"Look Dad I not really that hungry right now! And this ice cream is dairy! You know I'm vegetarian now! I can't eat this!" said Lisa.

Homer groaned and cried into his arms laying across the table of the booth. "I'm a terrible father!"

Lisa felt bad for him.


Meanwhile while Bart was out with Oscar.

"Ah, Skinner doing his laundry... the perfect foil..." Bart said evilly. "Oscar pass me a paint filled water balloon."

"Uh... I left them at home..." Oscar gulped twiddling his fingers.

"You left what at home...?" Bart glared at him while dressed as a hobo with a beard.

"The splashy painty balloony thingies?" said Oscar pretended to be stupid.

"D'oh! Why would you do that?!" Bart yelled.

"To make room for the cupcakes!" said Oscar taking out a cupcake from his backpack and eating it.

Bart face palmed.


At Home Homer was trying to cheer Lisa up with novelty stamps. "Bugs Bunny. Fat Elvis. Autumn in New England! Bats of the south west!" Homer listed the novelty stamps.

"Do you want to see Elvis kiss a bat?" asked Homer. Before Lisa could say no he started making stupid Elvis impressions and bat squeaks while pressing the bat and Elvis stamps together. "Are you lonesome tonight baby? Here, gimme a kiss! Squeak squeak! No baby don't talk let's make love... (Kissing sounds and bat squeaks)"

"Dad... that's just grotesque..." Lisa said grimacing.

"Yeah that works better with these Ozzie Osborne stamps and the bat ones!" said Hugo taking the bat stamps and some Ozzie Osborne ones. Suddenly he made demented noises like Oscar would sometimes make when explaining a gory scene from a movie "Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyychkkkkkk! Bllllllaaaaghhhh! Sharon! This bat tastes funny!" Then he screwed up the stamps.

"Thanks Hugo... that was an amazing performance... Not!" Lisa replied still grumpy.

"Hey Oscar's out with Bart so someone had to be stupid in this scene!" said Hugo.


At dinner Homer was still trying to get Lisa to talk to him.

"Look if you really want to make her happy, get her a pony..." said Bart.

"Bart!" Marge told him off. "We're not just buying Lisa a new pet to make her happy. She obviously has deep feelings of resentment that your dad needs to resolve."

"But she likes ponies and it's easier than sorting out her problems..." said Bart.

"Yeah but then I'd have to get a second job working for Apu... Can you imagine!?" said Homer.

We cut to the episode where Homer worked for Apu. He falls asleep in the automatic doors so they slam on his head, gets told off for drinking the squishees and told off for donating peanuts to Ganesh.

"Mr Simpson stop offering my God peanuts!!" Apu shouted at him.

Things cut back to the Simpsons.

"Anyway how was your day Boy?" Homer asked.

"Nelson kept laughing at my shirt..." said Bart.

"Haw haw!" Nelson laughed at the kitchen windows. Bart got up and shut the curtains on him. "I'm still imagining your shirt in my head!" said Nelson.

"Hmmmmm! Well I managed to get all your shirts cleaned today Sweetie." said Marge.


Homer decided to go with Bart's idea but considered that of course he couldn't afford a real pony...

He came to Lisa with a gift one day.

"Look Lisa! Flutter Pie! (For the same of parody Fluttershy is Flutter Pie)" said Homer. Holding a small pony figurine from My Dumb Little Pony.

"Dad! I already have her!" said Lisa explaining she already had that figurine.

"D'oh!" said Homer. "How about a new dress for Malibu Stacy?" said Homer holding a tiny dress on a tiny hanger.

"Yoink!" said a girl stealing the tiny dress.

"D'oh!" said Homer.

"Okay... Wanda how did you get in..." Lisa asked.

"Your mom invited us!" said Wanda.

That night Homer did something very stupid to make Lisa happy. She woke to find a horse's head in her bed again and screamed. However she found it was a live pony who licked her. She cuddled it.

Marge and Homer woke up to find Lisa riding the pony down the upstairs hall.

"Weeeeee! I love you Dad!" said Lisa.

"You had to buy her a pony..." Marge said annoyed.

"Hey. At least she loves me again!" said Homer.


The next morning. Everyone was having breakfast with the pony. It was eating a bowl of granola.

"Oh great... Lisa gets another Pony..." Oscar sighed.

"Yeah but this ones not stolen. Is it Dad?" said Bart.

"No! I bought it with my own money! Which was a fortune!"

"Homer! For once I'd prefer if you had stolen it!" Marge yelled. "We can't afford this animal!"

"Well it's making Lisa happy! And I've already asked Apu for a second job at the Kwik e mart!" said Homer. "Oh and Sweetie Daddy also spent all his money on riding school at really posh riding school with Snooty lady teacher!"

"Thanks Dad!" Lisa hugged him.

Marge grumbled.

That afternoon she was doing the finances.

"Hmmmm! Homer, while you were trying to nurture our daughter's happiness we've had to cancel our son's guitar lessons!" said Marge. "And we can't support four children anymore! I think we'll have to give Hugo up for adoption!"

"Why me?!" Hugo cried.

"Because we didn't want you!" Homer replied.

"Homer!" Marge yelled.

"Look that's way too expensive and who's gonna want a kid that bites and eats fish heads... let's just lock him up in the attic again." said Homer.

"No!" Oscar yelled glared at him.

"Homer you got us into this mess! Why don't you start making cutbacks! Like giving up drinking!" Marge scolded Homer.

"D'oh!" Homer groaned.


Homer then took Lisa to her snooty horse riding school to learn how to look after and ride her pony. Plus it couldn't stay with the Simpsons so Homer also bought a stable for it there.

"Lisa I am your riding teacher Millicent Gelding. You will address me as Ms Gelding at all times!" said a snooty horse and pony riding teacher that looked like Audrey Hepburn.

"Yes Ms Gelding." said Lisa.

Millicent made a pleased sound of approval but never smiled. "Excellent. Mr Simpson shall we begin?"

Homer then asked dumb questions.

"Are you married?"

"I was once, but my husband was such a gargoyle! Oh dear he's here now..." said Millicent.

Mr Burns was waving and holding flowers.

"Aaaaagh! Mr Burns?!" Homer screamed.

"Yes that creature you call Mr Burns was my Monty..." said Millicent.

"Um, this is rather awkward. My ex wife and one of my employees..." said Mr Burns before running off.

"Anymore questions Mr Simpson..." Millicent asked.

"Yeah, where do I get one of those riding crops... My wife really wants one of those for the bedroom..." said Homer whispering loudly.

"Daaaaaad! Yeeeeeeuck!" Lisa groaned.

Plot 2[]

Meanwhile Oscar turned up at the riding school with a plasma rifle.

"Oscar why do you have a plasma rifle?" Bart asked him.

"I'm hunting that weird intelligent Ralph clone. He's supposed to be here somewhere. I can sense it." said Oscar.

"Oz, Ralph's not going to be here. He's probably at home playing in his sand box. The only remotely Pony like thing he likes is wearing an ice cream cone on his head running round saying he's a unitard." Bart explained.

"Sssh! There he is! I think." said Oscar.

Smart Ralph was with his friend, a boy wearing glasses again watching Lisa riding her pony.

"She sure tamed that pony!" said boy with glasses.

"Yeah but what man could tame her heart?" said Ralph poetically in a deep voice.

"Right that's it you shape shifting green freak! Stop copying Ralph before I blast ya!" said Oscar pointing his plasma rifle at the false Ralph.

Ralph turned into a green xenomrph like monster and roared before scuttling off.

"This is indeed a disturbing universe." said Darth Vader Maggie.


Lisa was grooming her pony in the stable when it was time to go home.

"Daddy has to start his shift at the kwik E mart." said Homer.

Lisa sighed feeling bad for Dad.

After dropping Lisa Home Homer went to work at the kwik e mart.

He got up to various hijinks such as falling asleep in the automatic door so it slammed his head repeatedly. Got told off for helping himself to Squishee. Tried offering Ganesh peanuts and witnessed Hummingbird Apu.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Apu sung like a hummingbird while flying across the store as he had been working 96 hours straight.

"Um... Okay... I just need to take a whiz..." said Homer before running off.

However Homer was soon exhausted from working two jobs to pay for Lisa's pony.

Marge saw how tired he was and spoke with Lisa.

"Lisa I know how much you love that pony, but you need to see how much your father has sacrificed to pay for it..." she showed Lisa a very tired Homer driving to the kwik e mart each night.

Lisa was horrified.

"Dad there was only a pony because you had to take a second job?!" Lisa asked Homer one day.

"We're all out of blue flavoured squishees..." said Homer.

"Then I can't accept your gift Dad..." Lisa sobbed.

"Awwwwww..." Homer groaned.

"It wouldn't be right watching you exhaust yourself like this! I'm giving her away..." said Lisa.

At the school Lisa tearfully said goodbye to her pony and said all the things her pony liked to Millicent. Then she tried to get her pony to lick her salt lick.

"Lisa. I like to think I have an iron will as a teacher and heart hardened by my various failed marriages. But you have melted my heart. As well as reimbursing all of the money your father spent. I'm letting you keep the pony." said Millicent.


The next day the Simpsons had to deal with Bart's horse Furious D and Lisa's pony eating their back lawn.

Marge sighed.

"Thanks Dad for trying! I forgive you!" said Lisa and this time she meant it.

"How about a piggy- I mean veggie back ride?" Homer gave her a piggyback ride.

"What animal would you like next sweetie..." said Homer.

"A hippo!" said Lisa.

"Let's not push it sweetie... Daddy can't get a hippo..." said Homer.

The end!