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Bart's Loud Tantrum is a fake Simpsons episode. It takes place at a bake sale.


At a Springfield bake sale, Bart asks Marge if he can buy a cupcake, but Marge says no to him. Bart gets very mad, and starts his tantrum, like starts crying out loud, throws cookies on the floor, and donuts on the floor all over the entire bake sale, and kicks and screams, and Marge returns and gets mad at Bart. She takes him home with her out of the bake sale. The owner of the bake sale comes in and notices his bake sale is a mess. He gets very angry of it, because Bart had a tantrum.


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  • Bart’s "tantrum" cries are the same pitch as Krusty's cries.
  • Ned Flanders makes a cameo along with Rod and Tod.
  • Chief Wiggum and Ralph appear behind the Flanders family.