Simpsons Fanon

Babyface Bart is made to go to a summer club because no one will be around to look after him during one summer's day after he used his psychic powers to turn the babysitter's head into a fish head. However Jimbo is at that summer club and threatens him. So Bart wishes on the Gorilla paw to be a baby again.


The Simpsons are going to the science museum. However Bart doesn't want to go.

”Come on kids!” said Homer. “We’ll be late to the bea- I mean science museum.” He is clearly packing towels and a parasol.

Bart was making it plainly obvious he thought the science museum sucked.

”Boooooorriiing! So we have to stare at some dumb planets all day...” Bart yawned.

Lisa was annoyed by him insulting her hobby.

Marge and Homer have an idea of where to put Bart where he could be supervised for the day.

“You thinking what I’m thinking, Marge?” Homer said to Marge.

"Well, since you gave the babysitter a fish head you'll have to stay at a day care centre for the day." Marge explained. "It'll be fun though, they do arts and craft. There is a flashback of Ms Botz bullying the Simpsons kids. She decides to burn Bart’s comics and laughs evilly.

Bart uses his psychic powers and turns her head into a fish head. She cries and runs home.

“Okay...” Lisa isn’t sure how to feel about this.

”Mmmmmmm.... fish head...” said a voice from the air vent.

Bart winced wondering who’s said that.

The flashback ended.

"Can't I just stay at home?" Bart whined.

"Certainly not!" Marge scolded him. They all got in the car. Bart was dropped off at the day care centre. He was guided into the age appropriate area for him. A play ground with other kids his age.

“Where are you guys going?” Bart asked them.

“To the beach- Eh science museum.” Homer stuttered. “It’s boring you wouldn’t like it it’s boring.”

The President’s armoured limo pulled up. “Hop in Mr and Mars Simpson!” said the president.

“Yes Mr President!” said Homer.

Bart could see they were holding towels and inflatable pool floaty rings. He rolled his eyes as they drove off.

Bart went outside in the yard of the day centre where kids were making license plates for cars with a license plate machine.

Milhouse was there.

“Hi Milhouse.” said Bart.

”Hi Bart.” said Milhouse.

After some friendly natter, Milhouse explained when Bart tried to climb the wall that there was no escape.

“Bart don’t you think we’ve all tried to climb out... it’s hopeless. We’re stuck here until our parents pick us up...” said Milhouse. “Although that guy over there, he’s been left here by his parents for ten years and they still haven’t picked him up....”

In fact a man who was there had been left here as a boy and the staff didn’t notice him growing older, they still think he is a little boy waiting for his parents and won’t let him go.

Bart winced.

However Jimbo and his gang were there.

"What are you doing here, Simpson?" Jimbo asked.

"My folks made me come.. Did yours do as well?"

"No. We work here!" Dolph explained. "Now I think it's time we gave you an atomic wedgie!"

"I'll pass!" Bart ran off inside.

"After him!" Jimbo yelled.

Bart came to a dead end, the door to the nursery. There were babies everywhere. "Oh what the heck..." Bart decided to hide in the nursery. He went in there.

The babies stared at him. Bart could hear Jimbo in the corridor. "He must be in here with the babies!"

"Oh nuts!" Bart groaned. Then he realised he had borrowed the gorilla paw for the day. "I can't believe I'm contemplating this but... I wish I was a baby!" The gorilla paw took effect and turned him into a baby.

"Cool!" thought Bart in his head. However the bullies came in. Jimbo grabbed him while saying, "there you are twerp!"

Jimbo squeezed baby Bart too hard so he barfed vomit all over him. "Yeeeuck! You dirty brat! Don't ever do that again!" Jimbo yelled while prodding Bart's nose. Bart bit his finger. "Ow! Why you little!" Jimbo was about to hit him but a nursery worker grabbed Bart from him.

"What are you boys doing in here?! And how dare you even think of hurting one of the babies! You're all fired!" said the nursery worker.

Jimbo and his friends went home. Now he was safe, Bart figured he should return to normal, but he decided to stay as a baby for a bit.

However much to his horror the nursery workers were Gary and Betty from Fairly Odd Parents. They were singing annoying rhymes while they put Nelson in the fun box.

“Fun box! Fun box! Small square and dark!” they sung.

Bart tried to run away only to bump into Flappy Bob. A cartoon clown with a big red shiny nose. Bart gurgled as he picked him up and carried him.

OkY this clown is a bit creepy... he thought. Sure has a big red shiny nose though. Why am I so interested in his clown nose? Shinyyyyyyy.....

Meanwhile Bart’s family, his parents and his sisters Lisa and Maggie, and their friend Oscar were sunbathing and relaxing on a beach.

”Hehehe! Telling Bart we were going to a science museum worked like a charm...” Homer chuckled.


Bart was drinking a bottle of milk and watching Happy Little Elves and the curious bear cub when he decided he'd better change back before Mom and Dad arrived. However he suddenly realised he couldn't talk to wish himself back! He only could babble.

He tried to sort out the letter blocks to spell out his wish to the paw but he suddenly messed his diaper.

One of the workers must have smelt him because the picked him up and took him to be changed.

Once he was changed it was singing time.

Bart found the nursery workers and their obnoxious singing to daft babyish songs annoying so he banished them to the cornfield of no return.

His new friends the babies seemed quiet relieved and thanked him by shaking his hand.

Meanwhile a baby with one cartoony hair on his head was staring at Cosmo and Wanda.

“Oh no! The babies! They can see us!” said Cosmo.

Wanda explains that babies can’t remember things and no one remembers being a baby so they won’t even remember seeing fairies.

Eventually the nursery workers somehow returned from the cornfield of no return. They brought back a hungry crocodile that was pulling on their clothes like a dog.

They were angry and badly injured. They decided in anger to make all the babies have a nap. Now.

They took Bart’s blocks.

“So you won’t e distracted wacted?! Help, I’m running out of rhymey whymeys!” said a nursery worker.

“That’s one!” said her colleague.

Bart wanted the blocks so he could complete his wish, but the workers confiscated his blocks and tucked him in tightly.

However Bart escaped from his crib and tried to get the blocks by climbing the shelf, however one of the workers caught him and admonished him for being naughty and not going to sleep. They put him in a sound proof container guarded by lasers.

Bart cried loudly even though no one could hear him.


However the other babies freed him with mirrors to reflect the lasers at Bart's glass prison breaking it. Bart soon learned they had subdued all the workers.

Bart spoke in baby gibberish to a baby wearing a bonnet. The baby spoke back in gibberish.

The babies worked together to quickly build a giant robot. They admired their work before Bart and his new friend put pacifiers in their mouths to celebrate.

The giant robot smashed out into the playground where the older kids were.

"Look! A really big kid!" said the kids in awe of the robot.

"He's not so tough!" said Nelson. He punched the mechs but hurt his hand.

The mecha opened and babies came out. Including baby Bart.

"It's baby bites-a-lot!" said Jimbo. "Get him!" However the babies leapt on the bullies together as a tidal wave.

Nelson tossed the babies aside. A baby who was knocked roughly retaliated by tearing off his diaper and throwing it at Nelson. It landed in his face. Nelson screamed and fell crashing into a wall.

Baby Bart giggled and used the distraction to spell out his wish for the gorilla paw. The blocks in the license plate maker spelt I wish I was 10! The gorilla paw returned him to his usual age just in time as Marge and Homer and his sisters pulled up at the summer club centre.

Bart was picked up and told the good news that the family babysitter was back to normal.


One evening the kids are being babysat. Bart was misbehaving so the babysitter put him in the fun box and sung the fun box song.

“Lis, do something about her singing! Where’s Oscar?”

“Oh he volunteered to stay over at Flappy Bob’s nursery.” said Lisa ties up and watching Happy Little Elves.

Oscar as a baby was at the lame nursery while Gary and Betty sung annoying songs.

Then Kearney grabbed him and squeezed him too hard that he vomited over him.

“Yeeeeuck! You dirty brat!” Kearney yelled poking Oscar on his cute nose. Oscar bit his finger. Kearney screamed. Then he tried to hit Oscar but Gary and Betty took him from Kearney. They admonished Kearney for being violent and then locked him in the fun box while singing the fun box song.

While they were singing Oscar made his escape only to bump into Flappy Bob the cartoon clown with a big red shiny nose.

Most babies would be freaked out by the clown. Especially an overly friendly one. But Oscar liked his big red shiny nose.

“Hi there kiddo!” said Flappy Bob. Oscar gurgled and squeezed his big red shiny nose. It squeaked like a toy. Oscar giggled.

“Ow! Well you’re just a baby. How hard can one baby be?” Flappy asked holding Oscar by his diaper.

Oscar’s stomach gurgled and something came back up as his face turned green and he had big shiny cheeks. He vomited on Flappy.


Then Oscar messed his diaper with a visible sagging from the mushy poop inside.

“Well at least his empty now.” said Flappy.

Oscar cried.

Flappy quickly took him to the changing table and quickly changed his diaper.


Homer was trying to get money out of a cash machine but was putting his card in wrong.

“D’oh! Take my card! Stupid machine!” Homer whined.

Meanwhile Bart and Lisa and Maggie were tied up again watching Happy Little Elves. This was torture for Bart who had sticky tape over his mouth so he couldn’t yell. However Lisa and Maggie enjoyed the show.

Elsewhere at the nursery. After having his diaper changed Oscar was given to Bear from Bear in the big blue house. The cartoon bear sniffed his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Oscar grimaced and wriggled.

“Slimy nose bear! Slimy nose bear!” Gary and Betty sung annoyingly. Oscar dropped a piano on them.

The bear continued sniffing his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Oscar wet his diaper.

“Why is Oscar’s part of the episode just random crap?” Bart asked the fourth wall. The Simpson kids had got free and had subdued Ms Botz and tied her up.

“Because it’s funny.” said the narrator dressing Bart up as a baby. Lisa giggled.

“Oh that’s real mature Lisa...” Bart sighed.

Meanwhile Homer was a t a door but was transfixed by the pretty, shiny golden door knob and was admiring it. It was just beautiful, such craftsmanship... such a gorgeous shade of gold. He bit his lip and beads of sweat ran down his forehead, he needed to go in the shop but the door knob was so pretty. He could just stare at it for hours.

“Will you just go in there already?!” The husband from Honeymooners yelled at him.

Then Bear from Bear in the big blue house was sniffing Oscar’s diaper again.

“That’s a weird bear...” said Bart. The Curious bear cub, a cartoon green bear cub sniffed his crotch. “Get off! Don’t sniff me there!” He scolded the bear cub.

Oscar was then playing with Teddy, his living teddy bear. By pulling his boogers because he had shrunk himself and stuffed his hands up his nose.

“Eeeeeeew!” Bart groaned.

Meanwhile Homer was at a taco and Mexican food van demanding his burrito.

“Where’s my burrito? Where’s my burrito?” He yelled while thumping the counter until the door for the hatch fell on him. “Ow!” He cried in pain.

“I’ll get a giant burrito too!” said GIR. There was the sound of a rocket going off. “Buuuuuurrrrriiiitooooo!” GIR yelled loudly.

“Why do you like GIR so much?” Bart groaned.

“Because he is the best character ever. That’s why.” said the narrator.

Meanwhile Hugo got out of the attic and chased Bart about.

Bart ran about screaming.

Lisa winced.

”Leave me alone!” Bart screamed.