Simpsons Fanon

One morning Bart woke up in a crib. His diaper noisily crinkled as he moved about.

An orange and yellow teddy bear cub creature was sniffing his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Bart winced and sweated. The teddy bear creature sniffed with his nose buried deep in Bart’s crotch until he wet himself.

Then a cartoon orange bear with yellow fur on his face and stomach picked him up and sniffed him with his big wet shiny black nose. Then he sniffed Bart's diaper.

Bart grimaced and wriggled. The wet slimy nose tickled him until he wet his diaper.

However the bear continues to sniff him. Bart wriggles about helplessly. The cartoon bear grins and pulls Bart towards him and smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into his face. Their noses pressed against each other. Bart groaned as the bear's nose felt slimy. The bear rubbed their noses together like Eskimos. Then he sniffed Bart’s diaper again. Bart grimaced.

The bear hugs Bart. Bart blushed mortified a big cartoon bear was hugging him. Then the bear held him aloft and sniffed his diaper again until he wet himself. Then smooshed his nose into Bart’s nose. It felt slimy so Bart grimaced in disgust. The bear then sniffed his diaper again. Bart grunted and grimaced as he peed himself. The bear ginned and continued sniffing him.

Bart winced as the bear sniffed him. His stomach gurgled and he grimaced as he shat his diaper. Splat! The slimy mess filled his diaper.

”Yeeeeuck!” said the bear.

The bear then shrank down into a small bear cub. Bart stood on the carpet still in his stinky soiled diaper as the bear cub sniffed his diaper. Bart blushed and backed away but the bear cub kept sniffing him until he stumbled and fell on his butt. His diaper cushioned his fall, Yeeeeuck! He thought as the mess inside smooshed against his butt.

The bear cub tried to sniff him again so he squeezed the bear cub's nose. It squeaked like a toy. Bart giggled and squeezed the bear cub's nose again.

The bear cub rubbed his sore nose and grinned. He sniffed Bart again, getting his nose honked again.

The bear cub that sort of looked more like a living teddy bear creature tackled Bart and held him down and sniffed him. Then he smooshed his wet shiny black nose into Bart's face. Bart groaned as his nose felt slimy.

He then sniffed Bart's diaper again, Bart squirmed so he held down his short legs and continued sniffing. Bart winced and peed.

The teddy bear then shrank him.

Bart looked up at the giant teddy bear creature. It grabbed him and bought him close to its face. It sniffed him. The bear's inhaling and exhaling was like a hurricane to Bart, a stale smelling hurricane that messed up his hair.

Bart gurgled and stuffed his hands up the teddy bear's nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy... his boogers!

Bart tried to pull his hands out but they were stuck in a green slimy gooey gunk. Bart groaned and tugged at the gooey boogers.

The teddy bear groaned in disgust and watched Bart struggle before yanking him free of the gooey snot. He glared at Bart while holding him up and away from his nose.

Bart gurgled and wriggled.


The teddy bear restored Bart to his usual size and also returned to its fully grown form from earlier to take Bart downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. Bart was sat in a high chair and given a bib. The orange and yellow cartoon bear gave him a bowl of porridge. Thick stodgy porridge. He fed Bart.

Bart took the first spoonful but was then reluctant and got porridge splattered on his nose. The next mouthful some dribbled down his lips and chin so the teddy fed the. porridge on his lips and chin to him while commenting that he was a messy eater.

By the end of the meal somehow Bart ended up with porridge splattered across his mouth and cheeks, on his bib and on his hands somehow.

During the breakfast Bart grimaced as he had messed his diaper. It felt slimy inside and unpleasant.

The bear smelt him and took him to be washed up before taking him to the changing table and changing his diaper.

Bart watched as his diaper was removed and his furry babysitter wiped his butt clean. Then the bear squeezed a dollop of diaper rash cream on his batt and rubbed it in. Then poured talcum powder on his crotch before taping up his diaper.

Then he sniffed Bart's diaper again. Bart winced as the bear sniffed him. Bart squeezed his big wet shiny black nose. It squeaked like a toy.

The bear grinned and shrunk down to a bear cub. The cub sniffed Bart's diaper again and got his nose honked.

He the shrunk Bart. The tiny Bart stuffed his hands up the teddy bear's nose. Splat! He got stuck in his boogers! Bart struggled and squirmed to get free of the gooey snot.

"Yeeeuck!" said the teddy bear. Bart tugged at his snot until he tore free of the goo.

Bart noticed his hands were covered in thick oozing slime. He groaned in disgust and clapped them together. With a splat he glued his hands together. He tugged at the goo like he was playing an accordion.

The teddy bear then picked him up by his diaper.

"You're gonna get really stuck if you keep doing that..."

Bart wriggled about.

Teddy gave the tiny Bart to Screwy Squirrel.

Screwy Squirrel sniffed his diaper until he honked his nose. Screwy then grew bigger and picked Bart up. Bart stuffed his hands up Screwy’s big wet shiny black nose! Splat! His hands sunk into his slimy boogers.

Bart gurgled as he tugged at the resulting goo.

“Yeeuck!” Screwy groaned. He watched as Bart struggled and squirmed.

Bart tire free of the gooey snot. But two slime wads oozed out of Screwy’s nose and grabbed his feet. Bart whined as he struggled and tugged at the goo pulling him towards Screwy.

Then two more Slime wads grabbed his hands. Bart continues to struggle frantically. Then a big slimy hand oozed out. Bart grimaced. Suddenly the hand splattered onto his diaper. He groaned in disgust as the slime engulfed his diaper.

“Ugh! Let go you muck monster!” Bart whined.

Bart sweated as a pool of bubbling slime formed on Screwy’s nose and it opened like a slimy maw. He was pulled in and the slimy maw shut on him. He was stuck up to his shoulders in slime. He grunted as struggled.

“Eeeeugh!” Screwy groaned. He needed to sneeze really hard. “Aaaaachooo!”

Bart was sneezed out covered in oozing snot.

“Eeeeew! I’m mucky!” He groaned.