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Arthur Milhouse Bouvier was the uncle of Marge Simpson, Selma, and Patty, and Clancy Bouvier's older

Arthur Bouvier
Arthur Bouvier.png
Gender Male.png
Status Deceased.png
Hair Gray, formerly brown
Age 60 (at death)
Relatives Parents: Pépé Bouvier and Bambi Bouvier

Wife: Liane Bouvier
Siblings: Clancy Bouvier, JoJo Bouvier, Chester Bouvier and Charlene Bouvier
Nieces: Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier
Nephew: James Bouvier
Great-nephew: Bart Simpson
Great-nieces: Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Ling Bouvier
Great-great-nephews: Kirk Simpson and Picard Simpson
Great-great-nieces: Zia Simpson and Maggie Simpson, Jr.

First Mentioned The Boy Who Knew Too Much


Marge mentioned him to Bart in The Boy Who Knew Too Much. He was involved in a gun massacre when he decided to “Shoot them all and let God sort them out.”


Arthur married Liane Bouvier on July 24, 1943 in Chattanooga, TN at age 18.


Arthur died in 1986 from Pancreatic Cancer at age 60 and when Marge Simpson was graduating high school.