Appoline Isis Dawn Twilight Powell (or just appoline) is the daughter of Herbert Powell and Mrs.Dawn.She was born while Herb was exploring an island.She is so beaultiful that homer wished she was grown up and that he could break up with marge,but he wanted that so much to the point that Marge read his thoughts and punched him.The natives claim she is the reincarnation of the egyptian godess offense to chrystians.She has a name so long that homer faints while talking it.Professor Frink says that she has spider-pheromones that lure men to her,but that is so scientific that homer faints again.She has a pet wolf,Fenris, that was a gift from the norse god Odin.He said that if she made him calmer and gooder,she could own him.Frink says that he is a gigantic melanistic wolf,but when he says the words ''gigantic'' and ''melanistic'',homer faints again.

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