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Anthony Marion Simpson-D'Amico
Gender Male.png
Status Alive.png
Hair Black
Age 8
Relatives Father: Michael D'Amico

Mother: Lisa Simpson
Brother:Jonathan Simpson-D'Amico
Sister: Emelia Simpson-D'Amico
Uncle: Bart Simpson
Aunt: Maggie Simpson
Grandfathers: Homer Simpson and Fat Tony D'Amico (deceased)
Grandmothers: Marge Simpson and Anne Maria D'Amico (deceased)
Great-uncle: Fat-Fit Tony D'Amico
Great-aunt: Angela D'Amico

Voiced By Elijah Wood


Anthony Jr. is the oldest child of Michael D'Amico and Lisa Simpson. He was named after his late grandfather, Fat Tony (I) and his great-uncle Fat Tony (II). Like his siblings, he was born in Sicily after his parents ran away from Springfield. According to Lisa, Anthony has his uncle's zest for comedy and mischief, but he also has his father's strong sense of leadership and fearlessness. He loves to make prank calls to the local tavern while his siblings watch in amusement, as well as reading to them at bedtime.