Simpsons Fanon

Another Simpsons Clipshow Another clip show. This time hosted by Troy McClure in a set resembling the Simpsons house.


Troy McClure introduces the episode and shows the history of the Simpsons dating back to the crudely drawn animated shorts on the Tracy Ullman show. Then he tries to have a camera crew interview with Matt Groening who for some reason they depict as a bald Texan with an eyepatch who yells at them to get out of his office and shoots them.

”Get out of my office!” Shoots the camera.

Troy then shows other irrelevant pictures that are supposed to depict the staff who worked on the Simpsons. One of them is Sam Simon as an old bearded man with overgrown hair and nails lying in bed typing on a typewriter.

”Freemasons run the country!” said Squeaky Voiced Germans on his assistant’s face.

Another is James L Brooks as the Monopoly Guy surrounded by sacks of money and smiling.

And Professor John Frink in his laboratory mixing chemicals.

“... Wrong John Frink... Glavin...” said Professor Frink.

Then Troy McClure answers viewer questions such as Smithers sexuality. “You know what I’m talking about...” read the letter.

“We’ll let you viewers work that out with this montage of Smithers...” said Troy McClure.

There was a montage of Smithers and his gay moments.

From the episode where Marge works in the power plant.

“I dreamt about her again last night Smithers... you know where they fly in through the window...” Mr Burns sighed romantically.

Smithers groans aroused and has a similar dream where he is in bed and Mr Burns flies through the window.

From Rosebud.

“We never get what we truly want, Smithers...” Mr Burns sighed.

Smithers dreamt of a naked Mr Burns bursting out of a birthday cake.

“Happy birthday, Mr Smithers!” sung naked Mr Burns.

Smithers groaned aroused.

From the episode where Lisa makes a new Malibu Stacy Doll that’s a positive role model for young girls.

Smithers turns on his computer. The AI is a naked Mr Burns.

“Smithers, you are quite good at turning me on.” said the AI.

“Um... you should probably ignore that...” said Smithers embarrassed.

From The Dog of Death.

“People like dogs sir.”

“Nonsense! Dogs are idiots! Smithers if I came to your house and sniffed you and slobbered on your crotch, what would you say?” Mr Burns ranted.

“If you did it sir?” Smithers asked.

Then a letter about Homer’s hygiene.

Homer belches.

Homer scratching his butt before going to bed.

”Homer did you spend all day lying in Maggie’s kiddie pool drinking beer and eating hotdogs instead of going to work again?” Marge asked.

”Um no....” Homer lied. We cut to him lying naked in Maggie’s kiddy pool when his hotdog he is eating falls in the water. “Whoops! Thought you could get away eh?” He said to the hotdog.

Then is the commercial break where the narrator asks questions about which characters are due to die. The characters predicted are Dr Marvin Monroe and Bleeding Gums Murphy.

“If you said Dr Marvin Monroe or Bleeding Gums Murphy you’d be wrong! They were never popular!” said the announcer.


After the commercials were more questions.

“I think Homer gets stupider every year!” said a letter.

“That’s not a question but we’ll let you viewers decide after this montage.

There is a montage of Homer suffering injuries like falling into the Springfield gorge, getting his head slammed in the Kwik w mart doors etc.

The next question was “I’ve seen all the episodes. You can’t show me anything new.”

“You’ve got some nerve mister!” said Troy McClure angrily to the camera.

The next question was about Bart’s prank phone calls to Moe. There was a montage of clips of Bart’s prank phone calls.

“Jacque Strap.”

“Ivanna Tinkle.”

“Amanda Hugandkiss.”

“Hugh Jass.”

“Seymour Butts.”

“Homer Sexual.”

“I am big fat stupid moron with an ugly face and I like to kiss my own butt.”

There was another commercial break as Troy needed a smoke. He sighed exhausted and went slightly off set to smoke.

The announcer asked us what we thought the cash register in the titles reads when it scans Maggie. After the commercials the answer is that it reads “NRA4EVER” someone on the team loves guns...

After the break Troy shows some deleted scenes from episodes up to this one. First up some deleted scenes from Treehouse of Horror IV (four) in The devil and Homer Simpson story.

A door to Hell's Kitchen is shown in the fiery caverns of hell. Inside the kitchen, the chef devil is being shouted at by Gordon Ramsay.

"You (long stream of censor bleeps)! This donut is blacker than Satan's heart! Do it (bleep)ing again!" Gordon Ramsay swears at him.

Next the devils are going bowling. This scene was supposed to take place presumably when Homer was temporarily imprisoned in hell until his trial. A devil picks up Homer's head and bowls him into the pins. His head shatters revealing an IOU note from God. It says, "Dear Homer, I owe you one brain. Signed God."

Next at the kitchen table Bart declares he would sell his soul for a racing car. Devil Ned appears.

"Well that can be arranged." Ned already has a demonic racing car waiting and a contract.

"Nah, changed my mind." Bart shoos him away. He leaves annoyed.

"Bart! Stop pestering Satan!" Marge scolds Bart,

Finally there is a scena after the trial where Lionel Hutz returns with a pizza box.

"Sorry folks, but since you lost the trial Dominoes promised you a free pizza in condolence." Hutz explained.

"But we won!" The Simpsons say in joy.

"Oh good! Because the box is empty!" Lionel Hutz shows the box is empty.

Then are some alternate transitions between stories involving Bart and Maggie. We're shown her silencing Bart by shoving her pacifier in his mouth again.

"Here are a few gags that didn't make the final cut." said Troy.

Bart is about to introduce the next story but sniffs Maggie because he can smell something. "Eeeew! Maggie! Did you just mess your diaper?!" Bart groaned.

In a later scene implied to originally take place after the school bus story. Bart has Maggie lying down in front of him as he finishes changing her diaper. It's implied the task was especially difficult because Maggie was making things difficult for him.


Next are miscellaneous deleted or alternate scenes. For example in Mr Burns's Heir instead of simply shutting the door on Homer when he says do your worst to Mr Burns...

"Do my worst aye? Smithers, release the robotic Richard Simmons!" Smithers pulls a lever and a secret panel opens under the entrance steps. A robot Richard Simmons marches out and sees Homer.

"Come on, come on girls! Better get the butter off those buns! And shake shake shake!" says the robot. A speaker comes out of his head and plays Shake ya booty. "Come on fat boy! Shake shake shake!" He starts dancing.

Homer screams and runs away in terror.

However the robot then turns on Smithers and Mr Burns.

"Come on, come on, girls!" The robot is still dancing.

"Smithers! It's gone rogue!" Mr Burns warns.

"I'll take it out sir!" Smithers pulls out a shotgun and shoots the robot in the head. However it regenerates like the liquid metal T1000 Terminator from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The robot continues dancing but is malfunctioning.

"It's ass is gonna blow!" Smithers yells as they run screaming inside. The robot then blows up and it's head falls onto the path near the foreground.

Then in the episode $pringfield, or how I learned to love Legalised Gambling, A deleted scene of Homer running a poker game with James Bont and his enemies playing. They're Blofeld, Jaws, Oddjob and Goldfinger.

However Homer forgot to remove the jokers and the rule card from the deck and accidentally gives James Bont a joker.

Blofeld counts this as a loss and has James Bont taken away.

"At least tell me your plans for world domination!" James Bond demands.

"Oh hohoho! I'm not falling for that one again..." Blofeld replies.


Next various alternate couch gags including a family of Sideshow Bobs.

Finally Troy McClure closes the episode with a montage of hardcore nudity. Actually just funny scenes of Simpsons characters accidentally caught in the nude to the Shake Ya Booty song.