Simpsons Fanon

Angry Dad: The Movie Bart becomes famous for his cartoon Angry Dad from I Am Furious Yellow. However Homer keeps upstaging him at award ceremonies so he misdirects Homer to a fake awards ceremony to be able to get the credit for his cartoon without Homer butting in. Meanwhile Lisa angers Pixar and they send an army of murderous cartoons after her! Cooool!


The title gag is Santa’s little Helper jumping up to catch a frisbee.

The couch gag is the Simpsons dressed in hockey gear fighting because Bart and Lisa as sworn rivals on opposing teams started it.

The episode starts with Bart at home in the living room with a pillow watching Itchy and Scratchy. An episode called Great Brawl of China.

The episode is about cats such as Scratchy as poor villagers picking rice from paddy fields While mice such as Itchy are cruel tyrants torturing and executing them for the slightest problem. In Scratchy’s case, A tyrannical guard wanted his China man hat because he was feeling hot from the weather and needed shade. However Scratchy needed it ore because he was working. So Itchy chopped off his head and took his hat riding away laughing.

A Scratchy has enough and goes to an old wise dojo master to learn self defence. After a while he is a martial arts expert and fights Itchy into submission. However the dojo master tells Scratchy getting revenge by killing Itchy is not the way of Kung fu. But then the Dojo Master reveals he is another Itchy clone in disguise and laughs and the mice chop up Scratchy. And eat his chopped up parts like sushi.

Bart laughs at the violent cartoon.

“Hmmmm, so the family’s still gone... hmmmm, wonder what I do now?” Bart asked himself. He looked up at the ceiling fan. As it spun around he imagined it as a clown! Cloooooowns!

“Let’s get this party started!” said the clown as circus music played.

Bart shrugged and went off to do something naughty and destructive as usual. “I have got to stop having clown hallucinations...” said Bart to himself. He went off and came back with a small orange chair he put directly under the ceiling fan.

Meanwhile next to the Frying Dutchman was a frozen yogurt parlour called Pink beardy frozen yogurt.

Inside Bart’s family and Oscar were having frozen yogurt without Bart for some reason. Poor Bart.

At the Simpsons table where they ate their frozen yogurt they had brought Grampa with them that day.

“And to be really annoying I included non canon characters such as myself, Hugo and Eric!” said Oscar’s voice.

“That’s very expensive! We might as well brought Bart!” said Marge. “Come to think of it why didn’t we?!”

“Um... Homer grounded him for something?” said Oscar.

“Okay we’ll go with that but only because you think it’s mean that I won’t take Hugo with us for doing nothing wrong except being born, so now I am apparently grounding Bart for doing something bad. Which actually makes a lot of sense.” said Homer picking out a topping of candy to mix in with his frozen yogurt sundae.

Marge checked her watch. “Oh my! Bart’s been home alone for twenty five minutes!” said Marge. “Let’s get this yo on the road people!”

“Hey! I haven’t chosen my mix in yet!” Homer whined. “Hmmmmmm.... I’ll choose some of... that.” said Homer pointing to Squeaky voiced Teen’s tip jar.

“But that’s my Tip Jar!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

“Mix it in...” said Homer sharply. Squeaky voiced Teen sighed and gave Homer his tips in his frozen yogurt to eat... Eeeeeugh!

“And I haven’t got my frozen yogurt yet because the creepy Asian shopkeeper of the House of Evil from Treehouse of Horror III’s Clown without Pity keeps saying the frogurts are all cursed...” said Oscar whining.

The creepy Asian guy as an intern was working at the counter with Squeaky Voiced Teen.

“Oooooh! Chocolate!” Oscar wanted chocolate.

“Ah yes, grasshopper. Excellent choice! Made with the finest cocoa beans!” said the House of Evil shopkeeper in Engrish.

“That’s good!” said Oscar.

“However the frozen yogurt is cursed...” said the shopkeeper.

“Oh! That’s bad...” Oscar was worried.

“But you get to choose your own toppings and mix ins!” said the creepy Asian guy shopkeeper.

“That’s good!” said Oscar.

“The toppings are also cursed.” said the shopkeeper.

“Oh! That’s bad...” said Oscar.

“But you get sprinkles!” said the shopkeeper.

“That’s good!” said Oscar.

“The sprinkles contain potassium benzoate...” said the shopkeeper. Oscar looked confused. “That’s bad...” the shopkeeper explained.

“Uh... I’ll wait until Squeaky Voiced Teen is free to serve me...” said Oscar.


“That dialogue wasn’t necessary Oz, and was cutting into my scene!“ Bart whined at the fourth wall. He was now stood on the little orange chair tying a rope round himself and the other end going about the house, and into Flanders before arriving back in the lounge and tied to the ceiling fan. Bart had his skateboard with him. He turned on the ceiling fan to full power. The rope pulled him away. He knocked things over like the TV. “Whoa! Momma!” Bart yelled as he W’s yanked into the kitchen.

The Peter Shepherd from the Jumanji movie walked in to see Bart’s carnage only for a tendril of some man eating plant to coil round his ankles and yank him off somewhere with a yelp.

Bart caused carnage in the kitchen knocking over the microwave and leaving scuff marks on the wall.

Meanwhile Peter was yelling while being dragged under rugs and coffee tables in the front room, the living room and the rear lounge. Then he was pulled into the library. The Simpsons inexplicably have a library now.

Meanwhile Nart was pulled across the kitchen sides knocking stuff over and breaking it. Then he was pulled into the dining room, that he rode across on his skateboard and then into the entrance hall and up stairs and out a window and into a tree, all while the Simpsons theme tune played as a leitmotif.

Peter was yelling while being dragged in and out many rooms by a tendril coiled round his ankles.

Bart spun around the treehouse tree and was pulled into the Flanders dining room. They were eating sandwiches. For the sake of cartoon physics and to be mean to Rod. Bart stopped and offered to freshen up Rod’s sandwich. “Let me freshen up that sandwich for ya.” He burped in Rod’s sandwich.

Bart was then pulled off somewhere again buy his rope as he skated on his skateboard to wherever the rope took him. Apparently looping across the roof and last the garage where he knocked over the post box and went in through the front windows and caused more carnage. He knocked over couches passed Peter as he was being dragged by the Jumanji vine from a plant still.

“Hey there!” said Bart high fiving him.

“Ciao!” said Peter as he was dragged away.

Bart ended up back in the lounge with very little rope left. “I love Saturdays!” He cheered as he knocked things over and scratched up the walls.

However he ran out of rope and was pulled towards the deadly fan... Eep!

It turned into a clown again. “I’m gonna kill ya boy!” said the clown laughing evilly. Bart screamed and turned off the fan. His rope dropped him with a bump and an Oof! He sighed with relief vowing never to do that stunt again. “I’m bored...” said Bart untying the rope from his waist.

“That’s it Boy!!” Homer yelled angrily. Bart gulped that he was in trouble. He was really in for it now... “I’m eating your yogurt!”

“You already ate his yogurt in the car!” said Marge.

“How could you?! Meany!” Oscar gasped.

“He doesn’t know that...” said Homer.

Peter was yanked screaming into a room with a fireplace and screamed in anguish as a yellow flower of a man eating plant emerged from the fire place with a hole in the centre where the tendril holding his ankles emerged from. However Oscar and Hugo quickly grabbed Peter.

“Aghhhhh! It’s gonna eat me!” Peter screamed.

Suddenly Robin Williams came in with a civil war era cutlass. “Sorry Angus. It’s harvest time!!” He slices through the tendril. The man eating plant slurps up its tendril and slinks away deep into the fireplace whining.


The Simpsons were surveying Bart’s mess and Lisa was clearing up shattered pieces of a lamp.

“Stupid kid! Costing me money I could be wasting!” Homer grumbled angry at Bart. But the door bell rang. Homer felt compelled to answer it.

“Phew! Saved by the bell!” Bart sighed. That programme sucked...

Marge answered the door. There was a very smart guy in a suit there. “Is Bart Simpson here?” The man asked.

“What did you do now Boy?!” Homer yelled angrily.

“Oh this is good news Mr Simpson! Young Bart is about to make you all very wealthy!” said the man.

Homer gasped with joy. “Wealthy!? Hey Bart remember that guy who drove you to school that one time...” Homer whispered to Bart just loud enough that the business guy heard him and chuckled.

“I should introduce myself. My name is Herman Millwood. And my company makes the Aero Chair!” said Herman.

“The most ergonomically comfortable chair there is?!” said Lisa.

“What?! Even more comfortable than that vibrating massage chair my brother Herbert got me that causes me to have 2001: A Space Odyssey style hallucinations?!” Homer asked.

“Probably.” said Lisa.

“So What brings you here Mr Chair?” said Homer.

“Bart, do you remember this?” Herman asked Bart showing him a tablet device playing Angry Dad. Bart’s cartoon. The cartoon was about Angry Dad being poked in the eye by the crescent moon. He then threw the moon but it came back like a boomerang and stabbed him in the eye.

“Yeah! That’s Angry Dad! The semi autobiographical web cartoon I made!” said Bart.

“I legally forced him to say semi.” said Homer.

The multi billion dollar internet start up company that put Angry Dad on the web ordered a lot of my company’s chairs.” said Herman. The Internet geeks were all relaxing in comfy chairs. Backstreet Boys was playing in the background.

“I made the narrator say comfy chairs.” said the Eleventh Doctor. No you didn’t.

“But when the tech bubble popped...” said Herman over the geeks rioting and burning down their office. “The chairs were never paid for. So we repossessed the only thing they had left. The cartoons.” He then showed some hilarious cartoons the Internet start up company hosted. “Space Penis. Geena Davis Internet Project 1999. (Where she is a flying super hero and not possessed by demons and Pazuzu.) John Stankworth Fart Detective. (Bart laughed hysterically) The Adventures of Parody man. (A man that was a hybrid of Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider man, Wolverine, Darth Vader, he had Vader’s mask, and Thor. He had Thor’s hammer.) and most importantly Angry Dad. Because now I want to make it into a movie!”

“My stupid cartoon into a movie?!” Bart gasped with joy. “Thank you!”

Herman chuckled. “Oh don’t thank me. Thank Hollywood for being completely out of good ideas!” said Herman. Well... if Homer the Whopper is anything to go by...

Homer tousled Bart’s hair playfully because he was proud of him for becoming famous for a crude cartoon about him. You’re proud your son made a crude cartoon about you as an idiot... “Awwwwww! My own little Roman Polanski!” Oh my god! No!

“Homer!” Marge yanked Homer aside.

“What? What’s wrong with Bart being Roman Polanski?” Homer asked.

Marge and Oscar whispered to him.

“What?! You child molesting monster!!” Homer strangled Bart. Bart gasped and choked.


The Simpsons were now at a cartoon studio called Nickel and Dimes. They made the bad Popeyes apparently.

“Why not Krustylu Studios? Or someone big like Warner bros?” Bart asked.


At Warner Bros Studios...

The Animaniacs escaped from the water tower again and were reeking havoc causing chaos and mucking about and throwing paper work everywhere and dropping anvils on people.

“Sir! The Animaniacs have escaped again! And Harry Potter can’t find his broom!” said a stage gaffer.

“Wheeeeeee! I’m Elizabeth Montgomery!” Wakko cheered as he flew about on Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broom. Elizabeth Montgomery is the actress who plays Susan the witch in Bewitched.

Bart sweat dropped and grimaced.

Bart and Homer are now inside a cartoon studio passing by posters of parody movies of famous kids films. They were: Monsters LTD. with Green Sully and Blue Mike. Presumably as a small office rather than a huge scream powered corporation. The Lying King. Oh my God! Mufasa is eating Simba! Kung Fu Koala! Cooooool! (A Kung Fu Panda parody.) and finally the Noncredibles... (The Incredibles).

“I’ve always loved Cartoons Mr Millwood! Dating back to the really early SpongeBobs!” said Bart.

“The only good ones basically.” said Oscar.

“Well I think your movie has real potential!” said Herman. “Everyone has an angry dad! Even me!” Herman dreamed in a thought cloud of himself building a chair as a boy. His dad yelled at him.

“What the hell are you making chairs for?! In this family we sit on the floor!” Dad yelled. Herman’s family were all having a picnic on the floor because of Dad’s adversity towards chairs...

Herman’s dream ended with him wiping away a tear. “In here is the most important room. Where all our animators work!” said Herman taking them into a huge room full of cubicles of animators working.

“Oh my god! It’s Bart Simpson and Angry Dad himself!” said a man animator.

“It’s like meeting Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at the same time!” said a lady animator.

Homer laughed like Mickey Mouse. Bart grimaced at him, freaked out by his impersonations.

Homer was then speaking with the animators.

“Homer, we’re the animators responsible for animating your ass.” said the animators.

“Bite my fat yellow ass!” said Homer.

“Um yes quite so...” said the animators.

Meanwhile Bart was talking with staff in charge of picking voice actors. “Bart there’s been some terrible news! The original voice actor blew out his voice yelling about not getting paid!” said a lady. Which is true. It’s a reference to an argument involving Dan Castellaneta taking a pay cut, he wouldn’t accept a pay cut and threatened to leave.

“I know! My Dad can do the voice!” said Bart.

“Can he get angry on cue?” The lady asked.

“Oh sure! Watch!” said Bart.

Homer got stuck in the cubicle maze. He got so angry he knocked the cubicle walls over like dominoes.

“Hey Dad! Wanna be the voice of Angry Dad?” Bart asked.

“It would be an Honooooooour!” Homer screamed angrily.

Plot 2[]

Homer was then doing stunts with his butt and a deck of cards. He grunted as his butt shuffled some cards. The animators cheered as a hand of cards appeared. Then he used his butt to take the lid off of a bottle of Buzz Cola. “Cola?” He offered the animators the cola that had been up his butt.

“Err... no thanks...” said an animator.

“Oh well... more for me...” said Homer sticking the opened cola bottle up his bum. He somehow drank the cola via his bum.

Meanwhile Bart and Lisa were guided around the Studio.

“Oh! Isn’t this exciting Bart!” Lisa cooed excited.

“Not really. We’ve been round Roger Myer Jr’s studio in Episode nineteen of Season four, The Front when Grampa helped us publish our Itchy and Scratchy episode.” said Bart.

“Oh yeah...” said Lisa.

“Why are you tagging along anyway Lisa?” Bart asked.

“It’s fun to see how a cartoon or film is made.” said Lisa. “And I’m here to submit Equalia to publishing with Juliet.” Juliet had also tagged along.

“And I’m here to submit my cartoons about Teddy and Quiffy.” said Oscar.

“Oz, nobody wants to see a show about a perverted teddy bear that sniffs people’s crotch’s with his big wet shiny black nose!” said Bart.

“Feh! You’ll see...” said Oscar.


There was then a table read. “Thanks for coming.” said Lisa. “One announcement. The voice of Angry Dad is only available over speaker phone.” said Lisa. They had those desk speaker phone/ Poisonous gas dispensers the Master as Mr Saxon uses to assassinate his cabinet with on Doctor Who on the desk.

“Unfortunately something at the plant came up that’s a little more important than your table reading.” said Homer. It was taco Tuesday at the plant. Homer was in the cafeteria getting tacos. Mmmmm! Tacos...

“Dad... It’s Taco Tuesday... isn’t it...” Bart sighed.

“Yes but...” said Homer.

Lisa gave Homer stage directions. “Look, I’ll read you your stage directions, Dad. Listen up.” said Lisa reading a script. “Angry Dad is at the top of the stairs and yells “Everyone! I have an Announcement!”

“Everyone! I have an announcement! I’ve graduated from anger management!” said Homer.

“Angry Dad then falls down the stairs.” said Lisa.

“Pained noises.” said Homer.

“No Dad. You don’t say Pained noise. You make them.” said Lisa.

“Okay. Lenny hit me with that chair.” Homer is hit with something and grunts. He falls unconscious. The table reading members sigh.


Bart then shows a premier of his movie to a test audience.

“I had to miss a lot of school. And some other hardships.” said Bart.

“He cut school just to work on a cartoon!” Marge gasped.

“Hey this is Bart’s well-being now! And nothing is holding that back! Not school! Not nothing!” said Homer.

“Homer! Bart can’t cut school! It is illegal! And besides his education is far more important!” said Marge.

“Ugh here we go again Bart can’t become famous, he has to go to School... Gohan can’t go off and save the world from powerful alien monsters... he has to go to school...” Homer ranted.

“Fine! Let him throw away his education on career that may not be guaranteed!” Marge sighed angry as Bart showed his movie.

“Fine! If our son dies to Cell I’ll never forgive you!” Chi chi yells at Goku.

“Hey at least he’ll go down fighting and not as a coward with the rest of the planet every time an omnicidal maniac attacks!“ Goku replied annoyed by his wife’s stubbornness.


The Simpsons were then in a waiting room awaiting what the test audience thought about Bart’s film.

“Here’s a tape of the test audience’s reaction!” said Herman putting on a tape.

The audience were cheering.

“And here is when Bart’s movie starts...” said Herman.

The audience chat disappointed.

“For God’s sake! Turn it off! Turn it off!” Yelled George C Scott.

“They hated it!” Bart said crestfallen.

“There, there son. Everyone makes mistakes. Yours was just public and very expensive...” said Homer.

“If you cut out the stuff that didn’t work, it would make a great short film!” said Lisa.

“Now don’t encourage him! I’m shocked he’s missed so much school already!” said Marge.

The Simpsons glared at her.

“Fine! Why am I always the bad guy...” Marge sighed.

“A short film?” Bart asked.

“Yes. Lots of famous directors got famous working on short films! Like Tim Burton!” said Lisa among other directors I have never heard off.

“Name one more. But not Roman Polanski...” said Bart.

“The guy who made Jeepers Creepers?” Lisa asked.

“Or him...” said Bart.

“Eeeeeeeew! Now I can’t enjoy that film!” Oscar whined.

“Okay, Taylor Hackford.” said Lisa.

“I have no idea who that is but let’s start cutting!” Bart cut up the film reels.


At the Simpsons Bart had another visitor.

That visitor was Luigi the Italian restaurant owner.

“Is the Bart Simpson here?” said Luigi.

“Here’s a Bart Simpson!” said Bart coming to the door to speak with Luigi. “Why the visit Luigi? No one ordered any Italian food.”

Luigi explains he is not here as a chef and restaurant owner but as a film director p. He wants to take on Bart’s film Angry Dad. “Or as we say in the pizza English, Papa Arabbiato!” said Luigi. “Now if you excuse me, I have some bad news for Sir Anthony Hopkins!” Luigi calls out across the street, “Sir Anthony! Your pizza, she’ll be late!”

“Damn you! Damn you to Hell!” Sir Anthony Hopkins yelled while living in a house across from the Simpsons.

Bart grimaced at this cameo. Plus he was sort of worried about living opposite Hannibal Lecter.

“What pizza did he order? Human liver with Fava beans and a nice Chianti?” Oscar asked.

Bart face palmed.

The Simpsons were at a premiere gala. Looks like Bart might be famous after all. Celebrities were cheered at and got photographs taken. However strangely no one liked the Simpsons.

“Hey look! Pixar!” said Lisa. She went to speak with Pixar who were all fat men in Hawaiian shirts riding scooters.

“I really have to get myself a scooter.” said Quiffy.

“And put on a hundred pounds in weight...” said Oscar being cheeky. Quiffy clobbered him with his mallet.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Oscar groaned with a cartoon bump on his head and little birdies circling his head.

Lisa was speaking to Pixar. “I’ve seen all your movies. Except Cars. And may I say it is an honour that my brother is competing with you in the same film category!”

“Oh is that so! Then that makes you the competition!” said A cartoonist working for Pixar menacingly. “Randy Newman, play a song about what we do to our enemies...”

Randy Newman was at a piano.

“You got an enemy! You got an enemy...” said Randy Newman singing with a blocked nose. “Hope you have nine lives because we’ve got eight knives! You got an enemy!”

Lisa was horrified as she was threatened by Mr Potato Head as a carrot patting a truncheon or tonfa in a menacing manner and Wall-E pulled a gun on her. Aghhhh! Evil Wall-E!

Oscar pulled out a big ass Turok gun, like the fusion cannon or the plasma rifle. “Leave her alone!”


Inside Ricky Gervais made a cameo. Cue witty put downs mocking poor Karl Pilkington for being a misery guts or sending poor Karl Pilkington on exotic holidays doing dangerous things or eating gross food. He boasted about how rich he was compared to the bartender, asked for a drink and then gave him a tip of ten dollars. Homer looked at the tip jar longingly.

“No Dad you can’t have a tip Jar Mojito...” Bart sighed as Homer liked to eat money from tip jars now.

Homer whined.

“How did we survive Pixar?” Lisa asked.

“I don’t know! Blame Matt.” said Oscar.

The Simpsons were now sat at a table. I uh have never been that famous so I don’t know if there’s food at these things. Maybe just drinks.

“And now the host of tonight’s animation awards.... Russel Brand!” said a booming voice. Yes the Russel Brand...

Russel Brand was on stage. “So Jonathan Ross, who can’t say his Rs right and I, prank called Manuel the stupid Spanish waiter from Fawlty Towers. And it went something like this.” said Russel Brand.

A phone at Fawlty Towers rang. Basil and Sybil were strangely unable to get at it so Manuel answered.

“Si?” Manuel asked.

“Hey Manuel! We just fucked your satanic granddaughter!” said Russel Brand with Jonathan Ross laughing in the background.

“Qué?” Manuel was confused as his English was poor.

The entire audience and Nominees at the award show booed and jeered and even threw things at Russel Brand.

“You suck Russel Brand!” Oscar yelled angrily.

Marge was mortified.

“Oh look! It’s all my friends from rehab!” said Russel Brand over the jeers. “Nah just kidding. None of you are my friends.” The nominees booed and jeered even more. “And here are the nominees for best animated film.”

A slideshow showed various cartoons nominated.

“Brothers of Bohville!”

A racist cartoon about French men with big noses inhaling cheese to sneeze out cheese cubes and inhaling grapes to sneeze out wine.

“Eeeeew!” Oscar groaned.

“That cartoon is extremely offensive!” said Lisa. “Who would write that?!”

“Someone who hates French people.” said Hugo.

Bart was unnerved by the old French wine makers and cheese makers. He shivered.

“What’s wrong sweetie.

“Those big nosed French stereotypes probably remind him of Cesar and Ugoline. His mortal enemies from France.” said Oscar.

“I hitchhiked instead of going to my hotel and this is what I have to live with...” Bart shivered depressed.

Russel announced the next cartoon it had a long Swedish name or something. Actually Russian.

The Russian cartoon was about a terrible war with black tanks. A little girl has found a dead flower. A tank arrives but instead of blowing her to smithereens or bloody chunks it looks at the dead flower and has a sad face. Then it shoots a water tower. Water flows out, down a hill and onto the dead flower. The flower is revived as a big sunflower. The girl picks the sunflower and stuffs it in the tank’s cannon. The tank sneezes.

“Aaaachooo!” And the flower shatters a butterfly. The bits of butterfly and petals fall in a colourful display. The little girl catches a piece of butterfly or a petal on her tongue and swallows it and dies!

The girl falls over dead!

The tank cries.

The Simpsons and Oscar cry and sob buckets of tears.

“(Lisa sobbing) Oh That’s so sad...!” She said tearfully.

Bart cried and hugged Homer who was also crying.

Then several years later the war ended and the tank remained left behind as a School was built around it and children played innocently until the tank exploded! Killing all of them! The end!

Oscar laughed when the tank blew up. The Simpsons with runny makeup from crying glared at him for finding that funny.

“Condiments by Pixar.” said Russel Brand.

Strangely Pixar no longer seemed hell bent on wanting to kill Lisa. Not on my watch!

A Pixar animator with a grotesquely swollen head opened a can of canned tuna or fruit in syrup with a can opener. Mmmmmmm! Canned fruit in syrup.... (drools)

“And Angry Dad!” said Russel Brand. The Simpsons cheer. “But we won’t find out the winner until Part three!”

Plot 3[]

After the nail biting cliffhanger we find out who won.

“And the winner is... Angry Dad!” said Russel Brand. Everyone cheered. Except Pixar who were plotting some insidious plot to kill the Simpsons in revenge.

Bart got up on stage but Homer upstaged him and took the stage.

“And my voice for Angry Dad is part Walter Matthau. Hey Felix! Part Little Richard, Whoo!”

“Hey shut up!” said Little Richard.

“Michael Jackson just told me to shut up!” Homer fangasmed thinking Little Richard was Michael Jackson. “And part Snoopy when I cry. (Snoopy crying)”

The audience go awwwwww!

“This is unbelievable! I created this film! This guy never turned up to any table readings and bad mouthed the movie on The Jimmy Fallon show!” Bart ranted.

“Why you ungrateful little! This film is slander against me! You’re lucky I don’t sue!” Homer yelled strangling Bart.

Russel Brand called for security. Heavy guards dragged Homer off stage.

“Hey! Why are you taking me! I’m the main star!” Homer whined. The security heavies put him in a cage with Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Gollum.

“Did you upstage your creator too?” Mickey asked Angry Dad/Homer.

“No I upstaged my son who made a slanderous movie about me...” Homer sighed.

“Dobby’s my friend!” said the Sméagol side of Gollum.

“Dobby?! Dobby is a (long string of censor bleeps)!” said Gollum side of Gollum.

Bart was on stage making a big speech with his golden globe award and thanking everyone including his family. “And my Dad for inspiring me to create Angry Dad, even though his behaviour tonight shows he is too obsessed with the spotlight to deserve praise...” said Bart.

“Don’t worry sweetie. There will be plenty of shows to say things.” said Marge. “And you’re not the first star to be upstaged at their awards gig...”

We cut to the MOBO awards. Taylor Swift won but as she went to speak into the microphone Kanye West ran on stage and took the mic.

“Taylor Imma let you finish but Beyoncé had the best single this year!” said Kanye West. “We love you Beyoncé! Wooooo!”

The audience booed and jeered him.


There was then a montage of Homer upstaging Bart at award ceremonies such as Nickelodeon Kids choice awards. Bart got covered in gunge. Bart put his hands in the cement to leave handprints and his name but he was sucked into the cement and Homer arrived with a bag of quicksand from Treehouse of Horror XIX How to get a head in deadvertising. Homer then out his hands in the cement to leave hand prints and then wrote his name.

Then at the Kennedy awards Bart got slimed with gunge again.

All the while during this montage Jurassic park III theme played! Cooooool.

At a party at the Playboy mansion.

“Cooooool!” said Bart eager.

“Homer! Bart can’t be here! He’s just a child!” Marge yelled.

“Marge what have we said about standing in the way of our son’s fame?” said Homer.

“You keep upstaging him at awards ceremonies!” Marge yelled.

“Yeah Dad.” said Bart. In the background Hugo was staring at the play bunnies and drooling aroused.

“Fine! I’ll shut up and let you hog all the glory over mocking me with a slanderous cartoon! Good day!” Homer stormed off. “I’m married to my lovely wife, this place doesn’t interest me Hugh.” Homer added as he left.

“Oooooh Homie!” Marge sighed lovingly despite being annoyed at him for taking Bart to an after party at the playboy mansion and arguing with her.

At the party Bart unpacked from hammer space, or a magic satchel his dressing gown to wear as an evening gown and took out his toy bubble pipe and put bubble formula in it to blow bubbles.

Bart was talking with Hugh in front of Oscar about him being a male role model of a gentleman.

“Bart he is a middle aged virgin who lives in a mansion with sexy ladies wearing skimpy bunny rabbit outfits!” Oscar argued. “He’s Leisure Suit Larry if he was a real person and not a cartoon...”

“Oz he was married. Twice. He’s probably had some action in the sack...” said Bart.

“That’s it! You boys are coming home right now!” Marge nagged.

“Well no! We still have montages to do with Jurassic park music!” said Oscar pulling free of Marge’s grasp.

“Fine! But stop talking with Hugh Hefner! You know how I feel about you seeing him as a role model Bart!” Marge nagged.

Bart sighed as she left to have one hand roll and one nigiri. She is a real party girl...

“Nah nah naaaaaah! Nanana nah naaaah! Nah nah nah!” Oscar sung the Jurassic park III theme while it suddenly started playing over the party. And whilst he was playing with his toy dinosaurs. He was making a small plastic Tyrannosaurus rex fight a Stegosaurus.

Bart sighed and rolled his eyes at Oscar’s childishness. Meanwhile Hugo was being attacked by peacocks!


Five am in a hotel room, Bart was asleep in his tighty whites underwear on the the blankets and not under them because he was too hot. He got up because the phone rang. Lisa deaf as a door knob slept soundly wearing an eye mask.

“Immma weawing mah wetainer!” said Bart. He took out his retainer. And listened to the caller. “Angry Dad got an Oscar nomination?!”

“Oh my God! It got nominated a ‘Me’?!” said Oscar in his pyjamas pointing to himself.

“Yeah sure. You’re an inanimate golden statue...” said Bart.

Bart sung about awards and not being a seat filler.

“Hey! Don’t you know it’s award season?! Who is calling you at this hour?!” said Homer carrying Bart’s trophies and awards in his dressing gown.

“Uh no one, must have been a wrong number.” A said Bart.

“It better not be a right number... now go to bed!” said Homer. He left for the master bedroom of the hotel suite. Bart grinned deviously.


He went alone with Lisa and Oscar to the Oscar’s.

They walked down the red carpet.

“Bart Simpson, creator of Angry Dad! And who are you with?” said a lady on the red carpet.

“My lame-oh sister Lisa.” said Bart.

Lisa glared at him.

“And who are you with Lisa.” The lady asked.

“Our friend Oscar Tamaki.” said Lisa. Oscar cleared his throat with a short cough. “The inventor of the Oscars along with other famous Oscars such as Oscar Wilde, Oscar’s Orchestra, Oscar and Friends and... Oscar Pierce, whoever that is.”

Bart face palmed at Oscar’s stupidity.

“And where is Angry Dad?” The lady asked.

“Oh he couldn’t Bee here.” said Bart making a bad pun.

Somewhere Homer and Marge were at a beekeeper farm with loads of bees.

“This was a very strange all day activity Bart booked for us. I get the feeling he’s keeping you from something...” said Marge as bees flew around.

Bart and Lisa sat at the Oscar’s. Oscar somehow got an Oscar award for something. “Why did I make these out of solid gold?! I should have made them out of chocolate and wrapped them in gold foil...”

“Oz you did not invent the Oscars! Now stop it!” Bart whined.

There were many boring awards like sound engineers...

Meanwhile Marge and Homer were at the Watts sculpture. Homer plunked it and it wriggled. “Uh oh!” Homer saw a sign telling people not to plink the sculpture.

Some rappers in a car got annoyed with for doing that.

“Yo stop that AD!” said a rapper.

“Yo! It’s Angry Dad! Hey AD why are you not at the Oscars?!” said another rapper.

“The Oscars are tonight?!” Homer asked.

“Of course G! Why are you here?!” said a rapper.

“Bart sent me on lots of places to sight see.” said Homer giving a list to the rappers.

“Yo G! Sounds like someone doesn’t want you at the Oscars!” said a rapper.

“You’ve been Oscar blocked!” said the other rapper.

“Ooooooh! Why is that annoying little nut a place I have to get to and an annoying little weirdo...” said Homer.

“Homer!” Marge yelled.

The rappers offered Homer a ride to the Oscars.

Meanwhile at the Oscars Bart was bored because Iron Man and the Hulk were having a lightsaber fight! Cooooool!

“And that’s what happens when you let Disney buy everything...” said Lisa sighing. Soon Disney will own everything!

“For God’s sake! Turn it off! Turn it off!” George C Scott did not like the Marvel lightsaber battle.

“And now please welcome academy awards winner Halle Berry!” said a voice. Unfortunately Halle went nuts, just like Bart said she would in Treehouse of Horror XIV’s Frinkenstein when Frink Sr was taking everyone’s brains.

Halle Berry was like a viscous animal and was biting and tearing and eating everyone like a ferocious lioness.

“Um...?” Bart winced. Making a confused face.

Oscar held up a sign saying “Treehouse of Horror XIV.”

“You took that one line I said and ran with it...” Bart sighed.


Once Halle Berry was subdued with tranquillisers. An emergency host ran the proceedings.

“First up, Pixar with Condiments.” said the host doing Halle Berry’s part had she not tried to eat people. Pixar were still plotting to kill Bart and Lisa. They should have had way more screen time as the antagonists... And no I am not calling them Mixar. It’s Pixar.

Condiments was a rip off of Sausage Party, but for kids because Pixar made it.

The condiments and salt and pepper made stupid jokes. Matt spent the entire season budget on the CGI!

“Oh great the entire budget...” Bart sighed wondering if there would be anymore episodes.

“Cards by Dreamworks!” said the host.

Dreamworks animators brandished weapons menacingly while glaring at Pixar.

Bart and Lisa sighed with relief that hopefully the two CGI animation companies would kill each other instead of them.

There were playing cards with faces. Walking down a CGI street was a card as a man and a three of diamonds card as a little boy voiced by Tress MacNeille.

“But Daddy, I don’t wanna be a three! I wanna be a seven! said the little boy.

“Shut up kid. Your as crazy as an Ace!” said the five of diamonds.

Ace the vampire boy frowned and made “He’s crazy” charades gestures.

“And guest starring Eddie Murphy as the Jack of Clubs!”

“Guys! I’m innocent! I swear I thought that king was a queen!” said the Jack of Clubs being arrested.

“And Jack Nicholson as the Jack of hearts.”

“Hey Jack, got any twos?” A card playing er cards asked.

“You can’t handle the twos!” Jack yelled.

The next short was a parody of Wallace and Gromit by an animator we assume is Nick Park.

Basically Wallace and Gromit were painting garden gnomes and er for some reason in this parody Wallace liked Marmite.

“Good luck Mr Park. There will be no shame in losing to you.” said Lisa to Nick Park.

“Oh that’s very sweet of you. Thanks for saying so.” said Nick Park shaking hands with Lisa. But she accidentally pulled his fingers off and gasped.

“Oh that’s alright. Happens all the time! I’ll just stick em back on!” Nick Park stuck his fingers back on. “There. I’m more clay than man now...” said Nick Park.

“And Angry Dad.” said the host.

Angry Dad was drinking in a restaurant and getting refills.

“No free refills!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

Angry Dad screamed angrily and caused more carnage as usual.

Plot 4[]

“Damn that’s good!” said Angry Dad after drinking a river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

“And the award goes to... insert teeth joke here because of David Hyde Pierce if he ever hosts... Angry Dad!” said the host.

“Yes!” Bart cheered and hugged Lisa and accepted his award. Unfortunately for Homer he saw it on TV while the rapper dudes stopped for dim sums.

“Grrrrrr! He really thinks I’m a spotlight hogger!” Homer sighed.

“There there...” Marge comforted Homer.

“I just wish my Dad was here instead of on a wild goose chase in LA because I was fed up with him upstaging me.” said Bart accepting his Oscar.

“And I wish these trophies actually looked like me!” said Oscar complaining about the Oscar statues.

Bart face palmed.


After the show Bart, Lisa and Oscar went back to their limo when they encountered angry Pixar animators and characters.

“Oh shazbot!” Bart gulped.

They attacked but Oscar thought back with a plasma rifle. And then Dreamworks attacked Pixar and then several smaller CGI animation companies like Blue Sky animation studios, who made Ice Age and whoever made Reef whined about not being noticed.

“Why does no one remember us?!” Blue Sky Animation Studios and others whine.

“Probably because you haven’t made anything extremely popular.” said Bart.

“Hey Ice Age was popular. With kids...” said Oscar.

“Oz it has live action Luigi from that awful Super Mario Film in it as Sid the Sloth...” said Bart the three kids made their escape and headed back to the hotel to call their parents.

When they got back Homer and Marge were there. As the rappers detour for dim sums took too long so they decided to head back to the hotel and raid the mini bar.

Homer was not happy to see Bart.

“Look who got his Oscar that he alone thinks he deserves...” Homer said with a poopy attitude.

“I do alone deserve this! I made this film! Not you. Me!” said Bart. “I’d be happy to credit you Dad but you kept hogging the lime light.” Bart said frowning.

“Fine I won’t join you on stage anymore! I suppose you’ll be wanting your awards too..” said Homer.

“Yep...” said Bart taking his awards.

“You know it doesn’t feel the same when you’re not receiving them at the ceremony...” said Homer.

“And who’s fault was that Dad...” said Bart.

“D’oh...” Homer sighed.

Marge sighed. Bart had a grudge and Homer couldn’t resist hogging the spot light at Bart’s award ceremonies.

“And Pixar wants to kill us... for some reason.” said Oscar.

“They’re sore losers...” said Lisa.

“Oh dear.” said Marge,