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Angry Dad Bart makes a cartoon about his dad after a seminar of animation at school, Homer becomes the Incredible Bulk and Stan Lee comes to town.


Springfield Elementary is holding a seminar in animation and career day as a special assembly.

“And in a gutless act of political correctness, Pizza Day will now be known as Italian-American Sauce Bread Day.”

”Hell no! Come on boys!” said Oscar as several far right anarchists rioted.

”Okay! It’s pizza day!” Skinner sighed.

”Mamma Mia!” Italian kids cried.

“Reeeeeeeee!” SJWs screamed angrily and fled to their safe spaces.

Skinner sighed. “And now for our guest speaker.”

The cartoonist shows them a cartoon about a super hero dog. And cartoon dogs vomiting because the main antagonist made them all sick. Even Danger Dog’s boss vomited.

Bart is engrossed in the cartoon and wants to be a cartoonist after the guest politely encourages them all to pursue cartoonist as a career.

Skinner tries to ruin it.

"But perhaps you should explain to all the kids how you spent years studying at college and grafting in your job?" asked Skinner.

"Oh no. I dropped out of school and I'm my own boss because I'm freelance so I just eat pizza all day and goof off!" said the cartoonist.

Skinner gasped in horror. "Don't listen to him children!" But the kids drowned him out with their cheering.

However after the assembly Oscar wasn't pleased with the competition.

"Hey! Cartoonist is my dream job! Yours was being a cop!" said Oscar annoyed.

"No that was unexpected. I like the idea of being a cop but my dream job is either being a drifter, a washed up rockstar or a male stripper." said Bart. "My mom wants me to be a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court though..."

Bart had a flashback of one of his parents evenings.

"Bart could be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court if he stopped mucking about in class and focused. However Mrs Simpson." said Mrs Krabappel. "The way he's heading he's lucky to find a job as a male stripper."

Marge gasped. "Oh lord!"

Then there was a flash forward! Mmmmm! Inception!

A future Bart was a male stripper performing in a seedy dark club until someone threw a bottle at him knocking him out.

Future Bart was then laying in his dressing room with a broken TV flickering and beer bottles and drugs everywhere.

Future Milhouse was cross with him because they were supposed to be performing but Bart was just lying around intoxicated.

"I said (Censor bleep) off!" Future Bart yelled throwing a bottle at him.

The dream ended with Marge disappointed in Bart.

Then Bart's dream ended.

Fourth grade class (And Ralph somehow...) were given a lesson off to draw cartoons.

"What are you drawing Nelson?" Milhouse asked Nelson.

"A robot dinosaur made of guns puking guns at a plane made of guns." said Nelson.

Everyone else was drawing super hero dog characters. Bart was particularly proud of his comic even though it was just the same as everyone else's.


Later after school Milhouse had something that needed Bart's immediate attention. The Android's dungeon.

"This better be worth it Milhouse..." said Bart as Milhouse had a habit of ringing up for stupid reasons.

However anything to get out of homework was a blessing.

"You'll never guess who's at the comic book store!" Milhouse rushed eagerly ahead.

"How about you just tell us Mil-" Bart replied chasing after him into the Android's Dungeon. However Bart was speechless as signing autographs (and annoying Comic Book Guy) was Stan Lee!

"Oh my god!" Bart gasped.

"Everyone stay in line! One autograph per customer!" Comic book guy ordered everyone about.

"Now that's enough of that Comic Book Guy! If that's your real name! You got three autographs off of me! One signed on some cringeworthy fanart you drew of me kissing Spider-Man!" Stan Lee scolded Comic Book Guy.

Then it was Bart's turn he wanted to show off his comic.

"Oh please! I'm sure Stan Lee has better things to than read juvenile scribbles!" Comic Book Guy rudely commented.

"Hey aren't you the guy stalking Linda Carter?" Stan Lee asked.

"I believe the word is dating!" said comic book guy. "The court order says no, but her hair says oh yeah!" Comic Book Guy was stroking a Wonderwoman Doll.

"Well, what'd ya think?" Bart asked.

"My spidey sense is tingling!" said Stan Lee.

"It's good?!" Bart was hopeful.

"I mean my stinky sense is tingling! This is awful!" said Stan Lee.

Bart sighed.

"There now perhaps you'll give up such pointless dreams and stop bothering comic book writers!" said Comic Book Guy.

"Now hold on. This boy is just finding his feet still." said Stan Lee.

"You're saying I should keep trying?!" Bart was eager.

"Sure! Keep drawing son! And perhaps one day you'll open a comic book store!" said Stan Lee.

"Stan Lee just insulted me!" said Comic Book Guy. "But in Bizarro World that means he likes me!"

Bart left happy as Stan Lee took out all the DC comics and threw them on the floor and replaced them with Marvel Comics while humming the Spider-Man tune.


Bart was at home thinking of ideas for his comic.

"Okay brain, give me an idea." said Bart.

A bat flew into the lounge and roosted upside down in the corner.

"I got it! Batman!" said Bart. "Naaaaah... that's not original That's been done!"

Then he saw a green lantern hanging up. Why Mom had installed a green lantern indoors he hadn't the foggiest. "Green Lantern!" He gasped. "No! Think! Think!"

Marge came in. "Oh! What a cute little lantern!" She admired the green lantern. "Whattya doing sweetie?"

"Trying to come up with an original idea for a comic Mom." said Bart.

"How about a girl that likes dots! You could call her Dottie!" said Marge.

"Mom I think someone took that idea already..." said Bart.

"Oh I don't think they'll mind if you used it!" said Marge.

"I would! It wouldn't be my own imagination!" Bart whined.

"Oh suit yourself! Ha! That girl sure loved dots!" said Marge leaving Bart to think.

Before Bart could get back to work Ace came running in.

"What do you want?" Bart was annoyed by the intrusion.

"I'm looking for one of my pet bats. One flew into your house." said Ace.

"Well there's a bat in the corner making love to an Elvis figurine." said Bart. The bat from earlier was passionately kissing an Elvis Presley collectible figurine and stroking its head.

"Squeaky what are you doing?!" Ace asked the Bat as he commanded it to land on his Falcon glove before heading home.

Bart then sighed as he got back to designing his comic. "I still need a character..."

Outside, Homer was fighting with a deckchair. Bart smirked at the spectacle.

Homer was outside screaming and yelling obscenities.

Bart suddenly had an idea. He drew his father fighting a deck chair and called the comic Angry Dad.

Then Homer tried to set the chair on fire with something that resulted in him setting fire to himself and running around screaming.

Bart laughed and added something to his drawing.

Then he flashed back to the past 12 seasons of Homer's previous angry outbursts and temper tantrums.

Bart went through Homer's photos of him and his rageaholic moments. That was when the comic strip work began.


Homer was driving Bart somewhere. Um...

"Baseball pitching? Friend's birthday party? Dentist? Come on invisible narrator guy..." Homer yelled up at the sky.

"Okay, baseball pitching park." said Oscar's disembodied voice. They were going to hit a few baseball pitches from and automatic baseball shooting machine. Hugo was in the back sleeping.

Bart was drawing Homer.

"Drawing your old man, boy? You must think I'm cool." said Homer.

However he suddenly had to stop as they hit a traffic jam. "Awwwww! A traffic jam..." Homer groaned.

Bart was scribbling something.

"I know! I'll put on the radio! That'll make time pass!" said Homer putting on the car radio. However the commercials were on.

"Do you hate paying extra for carpets with no carpet underlay?" The commercial asked.

"Grrrrrrr! I hate them so much!!" Homer snarled.

Bart eagerly finished his Angry Dad comic of Angry Dad screaming "I hate them so much!"


Sometime later Homer was at home watching TV with Oscar.

"Tonight on When Dinosaurs get drunk!" The TV announced.

A drunk stegosaurus stumbled while guffawing into a tar pit and started sinking.

Homer and Oscar laughed hysterically.

However. "Has been cancelled for a boring evening with Niels Bohr!" said the TV announcement.

Homer screamed and tried to change the channel with an ice cream sandwich. It splattered ice cream across the TV screen.

Homer screamed and the dog licked the ice cream off the screen.

"Then where the Hell's the remote?!" Homer bellowed angrily as they both got up to look for it. This resulted in Homer tearing apart the couch and attempting to eat it.

Bart was sneakily watching them and drawing Angry Dad biting a couch.

"Uh Homer, maybe you accidentally ate the remote instead of your ice cream sandwich?" Oscar suggested.

"Don't be stupid! Why would I do that?!" Homer replied.


At School Bart was selling his Angry Dad Comic.

"Wow! Angry Dad Rocks" said Kerney making guitar sounds.

"Argh! I'm angry! That's something my dads would say." said Dolph. Yes he said dads.

"Ha! Your parents are gay!" Oscar laughed at him.

Dolph punched Oscar knocking him out.

"You've created a masterpiece, Simpson!" said Jimbo.

"Will you sign Martin's cast?" Nelson asked.

"What?! I don't have a cast!" said Martin. Nelson punched his arm really hard. "Ow! I guess I won't be going swimming this summer!" Martin groaned. Nelson had broke his arm.

Lisa appeared reading Bart's comic. She was appalled and offended.

"Baaaart! This is just Dad..." Lisa explained.

"It's more of a composite character... My dad, your dad, Hugo's dad, Maggie's dad..." said Bart.

"No it's just Dad." said Lisa showing him the cover. She was upset because her brother was making fun of their father's anger management issues.

"Maybe Angry Dad needs a sidekick! Know-it-all Sister!" Bart ranted.

Lisa actually wanted to be part of the comic. "Can she have a pony? And the last line of the scene?"

Bart stopped to ponder. Then he nodded and smiled as if he was actually caring about Lisa. Awwww! Cute!


Bart was at Android's Dungeon. Comic book guy was reading his comic.

"Hmmmm. Your art style is early Ziggy. Your character is off model! However! I deem this shelf worthy!" said Comic Book Guy.

"Wow! I made it!" said Bart.

Database was buying a Batman figure.

"Now hold on son. Wouldn't you like a cool toy?" said Stan Lee.

"Ah but Batman is the only one who can fit into my Batmobile!" said Database.

"Nonsense! The Thing fits in there just fine!" said Stan Lee picking up a Thing doll and trying to stuff it in the Batmobile toy. Breaking it in the process. "There he's fitting right now.

"Stan Lee's still here?!" Bart asked.

"Stan Lee never left." said Comic Book Guy. Implying he had been there since the last scene he was in. "I'm starting to think his mind is no longer in mint condition..."

Database was crying. "You broke my Batmobile!"

"Broke? Or made it better?" Stan quipped.

Mayor West came in and saw what Stan Lee had done to Database's Batmobile toy.

"Ye Gods! What have you done you mad man?!" Mayor West was horrified.

"Oh fly off back to Gothman! The kids don't even like your Batman! You were around before any of these tykes were even born!" Stan Lee ranted.

"You take that back you charlatan!" Mayor West yelled.

"Has Bean!" Stan Lee retorted.

Bart sighed as they bickered.

Plot 2[]

At School Bart was signing autographs. He signed Ralph's comic.

"Awwww! Now I can't wait in line anymore..." Ralph groaned sadly.

Then an internet geek wanted to put Bart's comic on the internet and make him famous.

However Nelson got pissed off with the internet geek and punched him in the groin for cutting in line.

”Hey! Back of the line, line cutter!” Nelson yelled and punched the internet geek. He groaned winded.


Lisa took Bart to the website headquarters the geek worked at.

Bart was overjoyed to find the internet geeks having fun goofing off.

"Wow! This is work?" said Bart.

"Ha! Look! That guy is photocopying his butt!" Oscar laughed hysterically.

Bart smirked.

The internet geek guy from earlier offered them tiny cappuccinos.

"This is Lisa, my manager/sister." said Bart.

They greeted each other.

"So... what exactly do you want to do with Angry Dad?" Bart asked the geek.

"Bart, as a man I can't have babies. But I can bring life to cartoons. I want to put Angry Dad online." said the internet geek.

"That's not true! With gender identity and reassignment Men can have-" Lisa was being a liberal again.

"Eeeeew! Too much info Lisa!" Oscar interrupted her.

Lisa grumbled.

"Here's just one of the many animations we broadcast. Bin Laden in a blender." said the internet geek.

He plays an animation of Bin Laden being blended into blood while screaming.

"Well it makes its point..." Lisa sighed.

"Woohoo! Kill that son of a bitch!" Oscar cheered.

"Oz... language..." Bart groaned.

"Let's watch more cartoons!" said the geek.

They watched the black detective from Casablanca in a room with spiked walls closing in on him while he was singing.


Then the internet Geek took Bart to a recording studio where Angry Dad would be given a voice, Dan Castellaneta was chosen to do the voice.

"I was thinking something along the lines of 'Hi I'm a big fat idiot!'" said Dan in a Homer like voice.

"Oh my god! That's perfect! He's hired!" said Bart.

"Woohoo!" said Dan. "When do I get paid?"

"Not till the end of the month." said the Internet geek.

"D'oh!" said Dan.

Then Internet Geek added colour to the animation and sound.

Bart was impressed with it.

"In five minutes this will be online for everyone to watch!" said the geek.

"Five minutes? But I want it now!" Bart whined.

"Um, why don't you help yourself to some more stock to pass the time." said the geek.

Bart took some stock from a stock dispenser paper thing.


At Krustylu Studios Krusty was watching Bart's cartoon Angry Dad.

"Whoooooaa! That's funny!" said Krusty. "And that means competition with my show! (Krusty rings someone) Lois get me that animal that always chomps on my groin! What? No not Susan Anton! The lemur!"

Susan Anton you have some serious problems...


Meanwhile at the power plant Homer finds Lenny, Carl, Mr Burns and Mr Smithers laughing at a computer.

They're watching Angry Dad.

"Phew! What a day! I think I'll read the news!" said Angry Dad. The newspaper read "Angry Dad You Suck!" Angry Dad growled. "That's not news! That's opinion! Raaaaaaagh!" His head inflated and exploded! XD

"Hehehehe! I like his white shirt and blue pants! And how his head explodes!" said Homer. "Wait a minute! I'm Angry Dad!"

"Yeah, you're famous on the internet now! Even more popular than porn!" said Lenny.

”Nothing is more popular than porn!” said Oscar.

"Yeah you're getting a trillion hits!" said Carl.

"What sort of monster would make this?!" Homer was horrified.

The credits came up. A crudely drawn Bart spray painted the logo on Angry Dad's shirt.

"This has been a Bart Toon Production. In association with Ay Carumba entertainment!" said the crudely drawn Bart.

Angry Dad growled at him.

Homer growled and stormed off. "Why that little! Aaaaagh!"

He drove home angry.

"Stupid Bart Toon! Hehehehe! Bart Toon! That's clever! I'm gonna kill him!!" said Homer. Suddenly he got stuck behind a red light.

"Hey look! It's internet buffoon, Angry Dad! Let's send him into one of his fits!" said Moe.

"I wanna make his eyeballs explode!" said someone in the crowd.

They started rocking Homer's car.

"No don't! Stop it! The more you mock, the angrier I get!" said Homer.

"You heard the freak, gang!" said Moe. They rocked Homer's car even more.

"Leave me alone!" Homer cried.

Homer tried to get out but shut his hand in the car door. "Oooooow!" He screamed.

The crowd laughed as he ran off home. Then Moe hijacked his car. "Look at me! I'm Angry Dad!" Moe then drove Homer's car into a lamppost crashing it. The car set on fire with him inside. "Ow! Ow! Oooow! Ooooh that hurts!"

Then Homer's car magically appeared on his drive next to Marge's intact.

"Oh like that make sense! Stupid Matt!" Homer yelled.


Indoors Bart and Milhouse were watching Angry Dad.

Angry Dad was working in the Power Plant.

"This job sure is easy! Now to press this button!" said Angry Dad. The world blew up. "Raaaaaaaghhh! Not again!!! I'm mad!"

A poorly drawn and poorly voiced Mr Burns appeared. "Angry Dad you're fired!"

Angry Dad screamed angrily.

Bart and Milhouse laughed at the cartoon.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh! Why you little!!! I'll teach you to mock me!" Homer screamed and grabbed Bart by his throat and strangled him.

Everyone came in to find him strangling Bart.

"Homer what are you doing?!" Marge asked.

"Um uh... just rehearsing for Angry Dad the live action production!" said Homer releasing Bart who frowned at him.

"How would you like to be played by John Goodman?" Bart suggested.

“Raaaaaaagh! That’s so obvious! It should be Gary Coleman!” Homer yelled and strangled Bart.

"No I meant what are you doing home from work?!" Marge asked.

Homer screamed. "Agh! I ran out during lunch to kill the boy! Agh!" Homer ran off back to work.

"Okay that was weird..." said Lisa.


Later they had a talk with Homer.

"Homer I think you have a serious anger problem!" said Marge.

"I do not!" said Homer. "I'm just passionate like all Greeks are!"

"Homer you're not Greek..." Marge sighed. "You have a seriously bad temper!"

"Dad you're punching the cat right now!" Lisa pointed out.

Homer was punching Snowball II. "Oh my god!" He let Snowball II go and began breaking down. "It's true! I'm a rageaholic!"

"There there... That's the first step to admitting you have an anger problem." said Lisa.

"Is it the last?" Homer asked.

"No! That's quitting!" said Lisa.

"But I need rage!! Aaaaagh! Stupid boy!" Homer strangled Bart again.

"Look we'll help you Dad. But that can't be good for your heart being angry all the time." said Lisa. "Now let Bart go."

"Okay I'll give up anger." said Homer.

"Hmmmmm! I wish you'd give up fast food." said Marge.

"I'm giving up Anger!!" Homer yelled.


And Homer decided just that. Marge found him taking a romantic bath with candles and drowsy from horse tranquilizers. She saved him from drowning but he rubbed bubble bath suds in her face.

Next he went outside for some fresh air. After getting dressed of course!

"Ah! Nothing can make me mad out here!" he said.

However a paper boy yelled "Paper!" And threw a newspaper at his crotch.

Then a milk man threw a milk bottle at his head.

Then the piano lady threw a piano. Homer screamed as it crushed his foot.

"Must hold anger..." Homer grunted trying to contain his anger. A bump appeared on his neck. He pushed it in.

"Hi diddly ho neighborino!" said Ned. "Marge told me about you giving up anger so I'm singing your praises! She invited us over to yours for some choir practice!"

Homer growled trying to contain his anger and two lumps appeared on his neck.

"Let's have a sneak peak! God said to Noah..." he sung that annoying song from Homer the Heretic.

Homer growled and thre lumps appeared on his neck.

Bart was watching all this while holding a note pad. "Come on Angry Dad! Get angry! Don't make me do a clip show!" Bart groaned.

"Don't worry, my Genie trap rubber cube will work like a charm!" said Oscar.

Homer was caught in a see through rubbery cube. He struggled and pushed against it. It made rubbery cartoon sounds.

"Often contaaaaaaiiinnned! Nnnnnngh!" grunted Genie Homer as he struggled to break out of the cube.

Oscar got aroused and fapped with his hand down his shorts.


Bart had his own trap. Milhouse helped him set up a booby trap involving the treehouse.

"Now lets go see the Internet geeks! You can come along too Milhouse!" said Bart.

"Alright!" said Milhouse.

"You can speak nerd to them!" said Bart smirking.

"I'm not a nerd! I'm not clever enough..." said Milhouse.

They went to the internet place but were horrified to find it empty and the geeks bankrupt.

"They've gone bankrupt!" said Bart.

"The bubble burst!" said Milhouse.

"Bubbles can burst?" Bart asked. He always thought you could trap Sebastian the crab in them.

"Aye, they went belly up! But this is great business for repo men! And that bubble will never burst!" said a repo man.

Bart went to see the geek that got his cartoon started.

"Bart we're bankrupt. The stocks are zero..." said the geek.

"But I bought 2 hundred million shares!" said Bart. "What's 2 hundred million times zero? And don't say zero!" Bart yelled.

"Bart, stock isn't important... it's how much copper wiring you can steal!!" said the geek stealing copper wire from the walls.

Plot 3[]

Bart and Milhouse walked home disappointed.

"Well with your fame over you don't need to make your dad angry anymore!" said Milhouse.

"Oh, crap! Dad!" Bart gasped remembering the trap they set up.

Homer was walking home singing "they call me mellow yellow!" However on the front door was a sign telling him "Free donuts in treehouse!"

"Mmmm! Donuts!" said Homer. He went up to Bart's treehouse. Perched on a box on the other side of Bart's rug was a box of donuts. It was an obvious trap. Homer went to get the donuts but fell through a hidden hole under the rug.

He found himself suspended by his ankle and sliding towards some cacti.

"Agh! Cacti!" He screamed. He got prickled by the cacti. Lumps appeared on him as he tried not to be angry.

Then he headed upside down towards some dirty diapers on strings dangling about.

"Eeeeeew! Dirty diapers on strings!" Homer whined. He groaned in disgust as he bumped against them. More lumps grew on him.

He then stopped near some scissors. "Ah! Now to get free." Homer cut himself free but fell into something that had green paint in it. The kids paddling pool. Homer finding he was covered in green paint growled, got more lumps and then screamed furiously and tore off his shirt as he became the Incredible Hulk!

Raaaaaagh! Homer mad!" Homer as the Hulk went on a rampage.

"Thank goodness his pants stayed on..." said Bart.

The Incredible Hulk Homer smashed up town.

"He can't be the hulk! I'm the hulk! Raaaaaagh!" Stan Lee tried to to turn into the Incredible Hulk. "I really did it once! Nnnnnngh!"

"Yes sure you did..." said Comic Book Guy, sarcastically.

Oscar sighed and used his magic wand to turn Stan Lee into Incredible Hulk Stan Lee.

"Raaaaaaagh! Stan smash! Stan sell the best comics not puny DC!" Hulk Stan Lee roared.

"Oscar..." Bart sighed.

"Homer smash! Get revenge on world!!!"