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An Anime Among Us! Bart hits his head trying to get a Mr Sparkle Box and dreams he's in an anime! Homer finds a dish washer detergent mascot called Mr Sparkle resembles him and is concerned. But soon likes the publicity.


Bart is in a shop when he sees boxes of Mr Sparkle. He thinks of a prank that involves him dressing up as Homer and wearing the box to scare Flanders.

"Help! Flanders! The radiation at work mutated me!" said Bart dressed as Homer with a Mr Sparkle box for a head in Bart's imagination.

"Great googily moogily!" Ned screamed frightened of Homer's mutated form.

"Cool!" Bart tries to climb up to get the box, but falls and gets knocked out by it. He wakes up in an anime world as Blast Ketchup, a poke goblin master. With his dog Santachoo (Pikachu) he goes on an adventure.

“And I Blast Ketchup will become the Pokegoblin Master!”

“Santa! Santachoo!” said Santachoo happily.

However Nelson and Jessica Lovejoy are members of team sprocket. (A Team Rocket parody) along with Martin as Cat-Scratcheth (Meowth) they vow to take his Santachoo. “We’re gonna take your Santachoo!”

”No you ain’t! Santachoo! I choose you!” said Bart as Blast Ketchup.

”Santa! Santachoooooo!” said Santachoo.

Duh! Duh! Dana duh! Duh! (Pokemon generation 1 battle theme.)

“Cat Scratch-eth! Use fever swipes!” Jessica ordered Martin as Meowth to attack. He leapt into the air and unsheathed his claws with anime action lines.

”Santachoo use super slobber attack!” Blast replied, giving Santachoo a command.

”Santa! Santachoo!” said Santachoo drooling.

However Bart tells Santachoo to use his super slobber attack. Cat-Scratcheth doesn't want to be slobbered on and hides in a tree.

“Egad! A maw of dog germs!” Martin as Catscratch-eth groaned. He went off and hid in a tree. “I’m not being drooled on today! It’s too undignified!”

Accepting defeat, Nelson and Jessica explain their dilemma. The Queen has been kidnapped by the villainous overlord Burns.

“Santa?” Santachoo asked like a Pokemon where they say parts of their name....

Bart as Blast vows to save the queen. As it is a quest worthy of a hero and the Pokemon master.

However Lisa as a Japanese school girl wearing sailor fuku bothers him in wanting to join his quest.

”Can I go on this quest with you?” Lisa wearing Sailor Fuku asked.

"Girls can't go on adventures! Now go away!" said Blast pushing her away.

”Okay! Okay! Don’t push.” Lisa said annoyed as he pushed her off screen.


Blast then encountered Homer as a villager with his samurai baby. (Maggie) Blast asks if they would like to help him on his quest to save the Queen. (Homer weirds him out by drooling and moaning in pleasure about the Queen...)

“Mmmmmmmmm! Beautiful Queen...” Homer drooled.

“Um okay... he’s weird....” Bart as Blast commented to his Santachoo.

However Lisa explains a flaw in Blast not letting her join for being a girl when Homer's baby is a girl. Homer is horrified that no one will protect him anymore.

"She'll do fine! Let's go!" Blast explains Maggie is a capable fighter and just wants to get on with the quest.

They soon find a fortress. There are a few wimpy guards outside. Blast is over confident and sends everyone out to attack.

”Attack!!’ Blast yelled.

However the guards are just decorative lawn guards.

The Skinner guard rings the bell for the real guards who are far more dangerous.

”Good Lord! Intruders! Well we’re just the lawn guards! I’ll call for the actual guards!” said Seymour Skinner as a guard.

Guards in samurai armour rush out.

”It’s just some kid and his dog and a fat guy!” said Eddie as a guard.

”Hey! I am not fat! It’s glandular!” Homer whined.

However Santachoo knocks them out with his stinky breath gas attack.

”Santachoo! Dog breath attack!” Blast yelled.

”Choo Choo!” Santachoo barked and breathed poisonous stinky green clouds at the guards.

”Egad! That stinks!” the guards groan and faint.

Maggie tries to kill the Grampa guard.

“Banzai!!” Homer cries unable to look at the bloodshed. However Maggie instead cuts up a plant into a bonsai tree, which the Abe guard then admires.

”What a lovely bonsai tree! Its shape fills me with tranquility!” said Abe.

Blast and his team then storm the palace.

"Unhand the Queen you! You booger!" yells Blast.

"I'll handle these intruders sir..." said Smithers.

"Well hurry up! That child just called me a booger!" said Burns.

Maggie fights off all the samurai guards. However Smithers pulls out a magic staff and turns into a magic girl hero.

Blast laughs at his ridiculous appearance. However he is dangerous as his ultraviolet blast attack hurts Blast.

”Laugh at me if you must brat but you won’t be laughing at my ultraviolet blast!” said Smithers as a magic girl hero.

Blast is sent flying by the attack and the ultraviolet attack also sets fire to Homer’s butt.

“Ow! My gluteus!” Homer villager cried with his butt on fire.

Blast orders Santachoo to attack but he is too busy chewing his leg. Homer is too busy wooing the Queen and Maggie has a diaper rash.

”Guys um help...” Blast groaned.

”So how do you feel about us shogun types...” said Homer to Queen Marge.

Blast decides he'll have to fight alone.

”Thousand fists! (Kenshiro sounds.)”

However his thousand fists attack misses.

Blast is exhausted.

”And my fists hurt...”

Smithers is about to destroy him with his atomic green energy blast attack when Lisa appears to rescue everyone.

"I'll save you Blast Ketchup!" said Lisa.

"Oh great, not only am I about to die, I have to be humiliated first..." Blast groans.

"Transform!" Lisa turns into a super sentai hero. (A bit like a power ranger) by combining with her bicycle.

“Cooooool!” said Blast.

She then blasts Smithers with a power energy attack. However the recoil energy knocks Blast out.

Bart then wakes up from his strange dream outside the store with Barney trying to wake him. Barney explains he's not allowed to sleep in the store.

”Bart wake up!” said Barney. “You can’t sleep now! And you can’t sleep here! If the manager won’t let me, then you can’t either.”

"There was a six cent sale?! Cool!" Bart cooes.

"99 cents! Is my costume upside down again?" Barney corrected him. "There's another nine around here somewhere..."

Larry the barfly was drunk and singing in his nine mascot costume.

"Anyway I should get home. See ya!" said Bart as he skateboarded home. Meanwhile we see Lisa riding her bike and Homer shopping with Maggie in a trolley.


Bart tells Oscar of his weird dream.

"Cooool! I love anime! An anime hero would be awesome!" said Oscar.

"When do I get to be a hero..." Hugo sulked.


One afternoon after church during the events of In Marge We Trust Homer was going to the dump to get rid of the old Christmas tree as it had died and had turned brown. The kids wanted to come so he took them.

At the dump he throws away the dead tree.

"Ok, let's look for some treasure!" Homer suggested.

Homer found a basketball half.

Lisa found a Malibu Stacy doll with no head. However a rat was inside and it squeaked at her. Lisa screamed and dropped the doll.

Homer laughed at her until a raccoon came out of his basketball half and mauled him.

"Hey look!" Bart called them over. They looked at a box of Mr Sparkle he found.

"What is it?" Homer asked.

"Looks Japanese!" said Lisa.

"Maybe its a box from the future..." Bart remarked. This one was too dirty and smelly to use for his prank.

Homer looked at the mascot on the box. It looked exactly like him. He was horrified.


They go to the Happy Sumo restaurant to speak to Akira.

”Aaaaagh! Please don’t sue! I warned you that fugu was dangerous Simpson San!” said Akira.

Homer explained why he was here.

Akira explains it's a box of dishwasher soap crystals. A very good brand from a whimsical Japanese commercial. He gives the phone number of the factory.

Homer takes the kids to the library. He asks the clerk for a phone book of Hokkaido, Japan. The man gives him one. He then asks to use the phone.

"Is it a global call?" asks the clerk.

"Um no." said Homer.

"Ok." said the clerk. Homer made the phone call while wearing his glasses. However the clerk obviously realised Homer was making an expensive call to another country and called security.

The guards tried to grab Homer but Oscar shot them and the clerk.

Homer got a reply from a factory worker at the Mr Sparkle factory. However the man only spoke Japanese. Once he realised Homer was speaking English he passed the phone to an English speaking worker. The worker greeted Homer.

Homer asked why he looked like Mr Sparkle.

"You like Mr Sparkle?" said the worker.

"Well, I am Mr Sparkle." said Homer.

"It's an honour to speak with you Mr Sparkle! I send you premium!" said the worker.

Homer liked the sound of that. Whatever it was.


At home one afternoon, a package arrived. Lisa gave it to Homer. Homer opened it and a tape fell out onto his head. He yelled D'oh!

"It's a tape!" said Lisa.

"Oh! Put it in! Put it in!" said Homer.

The tape came on. There was a fat man in a hot tub smoking a cigar.

Bart and Lisa screamed.

"Shhh! He's saying something!" Homer hushed them. The man was owner of the Mr Sparkle franchise. He showed a commercial of the product. It was very surreal starting with a house wife whistling for Mr Sparkle. He appeared and cleaned her dishes. Then he played with the baby's xylophone and made him giggle.

Then crazy stuff happened involving a two headed cow and Mr Sparkle turning women into sumo wrestlers.

"This doesn't make any sense! It's just randomness!" Lisa was shocked by how crazy the commercial was.

"Look!" said Bart. After the commercial was an announcement of two supporting companies. Matsumura fish works. (A fish gutting company with a cartoon fish logo) and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern. (A company with a lightbulb for its logo.) the two logos combine into Mr Sparkle.

"Well there's your answer fish bulb!" said Bart.

Homer was even more confused.


At Dinner Homer has the box at the table.

”Homer don’t bring that filthy thing to the dining table!” Marge said sharply.

”But Marge Mr Sparkle looks just like me! It’s sick! Who would do such a thing?!” Homer whined.

”Maybe someone is watching us... They could be watching us right now...” said Bart.

”Don’t be ridiculous!” Marge scolded him. “No one is watching us! Now eat your dinner!”

Everyone eats and looks about nervously.

At Oscar’s house.

”Moooooom....? The TV is acting weird...” Oscar asked his mom, concerned.

Plot 2[]

That night.

”Night sweetie.” Marge puts a Bart to bed and sings the tuck in time song...

”Night Mom.” Bart sighed mortified.

He dreamt he was Blast Ketchup again.

”Time for another adventure Santachoo!”

”Santa! Santachoo!” said Santachoo.

”Can I join you on your adventure?” Lisa as a Japanese school girl riding a bike asked.

”No! Girl can’t go on adventures!” said Blast rudely.

”Blast! Don’t be so sexist!” Lisa yelled.

”Yeah Blast. Girls can go on adventures. But mostly they get molested by hentai tentacle monsters!” said Anime world Oscar.

Purple tentacles appeared from off screen slithering about.

”What the?!” Blast yelled.

”Eeeeeeek! Help!” Lisa as a Japanese school girl cried as purple rubbery tentacles with suction cups coil round her wrists, legs and waist as they seized her and um violated her...

”Oz no! It’s not that kind of anime!” Blast yelled.

Lisa as a Japanese school girl screamed but her screams were muffled as the tentacles wrapped her up from head to toe.

Oscar drooled aroused.

”Oz! Get rid of the tentacles now!” Blast yelled.

Oscar sighed and snapped his fingers. The purple hentai tentacles vanished.

Lisa panted exhausted and horrified. She was catatonic. Also her hair was messed up and her clothes torn by the horny tentacles.

”Oz what is wrong with you?!” Blast yelled.


One day the family went to the zoo. They were stopped by a Japanese couple who thought Homer was Mr Sparkle. They asked for pictures.

"Komichuwa!" said Homer bowing to them.

They then encountered Ned and his boys also visiting the zoo.

"Do'h! Stupid Flanders!" said Homer.

The Flanderses wanted a family photo near the baboon area. However Bart and Oscar were pulling faces again. Ned trying to pacify an angry Homer who was trying to strangle Bart was accidentally knocked into the baboon enclosure. They turned on him.

"Do something!" Marge asked the zoo keeper.

"I'd love to ma'am but if they don't kill the intruder it can be really bad for their society!" said the zoo keeper.

"What will they do to him?" Homer asked.

"Well first they'll eat his skin." said the zoo keeper.

"Eeeeew!" said Homer.

Ned cried for help as a baboon started using a rock to break the rope on the tire swing Ned was clinging to.

"Mr Flanders needs our help!" said Bart. He then transformed into Blast Ketchup. "Cool!" He also had Santachoo with him.

"Santachoo! Quick attack!" said Blast.

Santachoo knocked all the baboons over. The angry baboons turned their attention to the yellow dog creature.

"Now Thunder attack!" Blast yelled.

"Santa-chooooooooooo!" Yelled Santachoo as bolts of lightning rained down on the baboons electrocuting them.

"Cooooool!" Oscar cooed with excitement.

Ned was eventually rescued from the enclosure.

"Where did that devil creature of yours go Bart?" He asked.

"Um..." Bart didn't know how to explain his powers.

"Oh no! This is terrible!" said the Zoo keeper.

"Why?" Lisa asked.

"I told you! If the baboons don't kill the intruder it's really bad for their society! Now they're killing each other!" said the zookeeper. The baboons were killing each other.

"Eh so what." said Bart as the Simpsons and the Flanderses went home singing a sappy song that the Flanders started singing. Probably Bingo.

In anime land.

”Gee this forest is spooky,” said Lisa the Japanese school girl.

”That’s because it’s home to bug type Pokegoblins. If you don’t like it go home, girly...” Blast said rudely.

Cue Lisa running round the spooky forest screaming because of all the bug Pokegoblins

(Lisa screaming)

”Shhhhhh! You’re scaring away the bug Pokegoblins!” said Blast.

Suddenly a bush rustled.

”A Pokegoblin?” Blast asked.

But it wasn’t....

”Zip zop! Boopity boop! Ah ah ah!” said Bill Cosby.

”Oh it’s just that crazy coot Bill Cosby...” said Blast.

”Pokemon?! With the guy comes out the thing and the thing and he makes a fire on the sidewalk! Ah ah ah!” said Bill Cosby.

”Mr Cosby please let us pass...” Blast sighed.

”Not until you get me some jello puddin’!” said Bill Cosby. “Zip Zop Frazzle Snazzle!” He spoke in gibberish.

”Tch! A fetch quest...” Blast sighed. “Looks like we’re heading back to town to buy some jello pudding for Mr Cosby...” Blast sighed.

And so they went back to town which had a colourful name like Saffron City or Violet Town etc.

Bill Cosby chuckled and played the jazz music because the Hipping and the hopping causes brain damage!

Then his wife asked him to make the children breakfast but he made them chocolate cake.

”You gave our children chocolate cake for breakfast?!” Mrs Cosby gasped.

”Goo koo kacharoo! Zip zop! Ghost Dad! Frazzle Snazzle!” said Bill.


In the real world.

”Okay Bart’s dreaming about anime...” said Homer.

”Well Pokemon is really popular right now.” said Oscar.

Bart was playing Pokemon or Peekimon on his Gameboy.

”Come on Psychic Tapier...” Bart wanted a certain Peekimon.

(Bloops and bleeps.)

Meanwhile Homer drank a Duff while staring at the box of Mr Sparkle.

in a Mr Sparkle commercial.

A housewife sees her dishes are dirty.

She whistles and Mr Sparkle appears.

He yells stuff in Japanese but I’m not even sure it’s actual Japanese. Probably just Dan Castellaneta yelling gibberish.

Then Mr Sparkle cleans the dishes.

The lady is impressed.

Her baby boy is playing with a xylophone.

Mr Sparkle makes it ring with his magic powers.

The baby giggles and coos.

Mr Sparkle then fells off three women under the sea to stop loafing around and join forces with him or die.

”Awesome Oh Power.” said one.

Mr Sparkle turns them into sumo wrestlers. They giggle.

Then a guy interviews a two headed cow. It is frightened of Mr Sparkle and shatters to pieces.


In um Magenta town... Blast goes to the Pokegoblin store to buy jello.

”Yeah you do that while I go and try to win the Pebble badge from the local gym. Which isn’t a gym but a legal dog fighting arena for Pokegoblins because apparently our entire economy and sports entertainment is only thriving because of legally sanctioned animal fights/beast baiting...” said Oscar going to the gym.

”That’s barbaric!” Lisa as a Japanese school girl yelled.

Blast sighed and did a She’s Crazy gesture at the fourth wall.

Anyway you don’t want to be waiting with Blast while he buys jello.

There’s a dumb narrator like there usually is in kids animes.

Elsewhere Milhouse in anime land is Trunks. For some reason. Because someone drew fan art of Bart as Goten and Milhouse as Trunks. That means in that universe Bart has to have an older brother as Gohan.

”Kamehameha!” Milhouse as Trunks fired a Kamehameha and blasted a tree in half. It fell over.

Elsewhere nearby Bill Cosby jabbered in gibberish. “Zip zop boopity bop!” While following his on screen son Theo Huxtable who was the main character a Pokegoblin trainer. But Bill called them Jellomon.

Following Bill and Theo were, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z wearing a dress.

”Why the Hell am I wearing a dress?!” Vegeta yelled. Um blame this nerd on Uncyclopaedia.

Then there was that creepy staring Luigi from Mario is Missing! Whom nerds on the Internet have dubbed Weegee. He can turn others into clones of him by looking at them via something called the Weegee virus.

And there was Minerva Mink from Animaniacs. But the nerd who put Vegeta in a dress decided she had a habit of stripping off and exposing herself to others.

There was also Mewthree. The evolved form of Mewtwo with three tails. Also the nerd who put Vegeta in a dress decided the Newthree was the result of a Pokegoblin fused with an angry African American. Because they’re racist somehow...

Anyway they go on lots of zany adventures and Bill Cosby uses his magic jazz powers to turn people into Japanese school girls and eats them. Yes he eats them.....


Meanwhile Blast got his jello and returned to the spooky forest with Lisa the Japanese school girl and Oscar. However Bill Cosby wasn’t there.

”Well that’s annoying...” said Blast.

What was even more annoying was that now blocking the way was the Knights of Ni!

”Ni! Ni!”

”We are the knights of Ni!” said the largest knight.

”No Oz you stupid Limey! No Monty Python!” Blast yelled.

”Yank!” Oscar yelled.

”Tea drinking pansy...” Blast retorted.

”Frog...” said Oscar.

”Enough!” Lisa separated them. “Knights of Ni, what is it that you want?”

”We demand.... A shrubbery!” said the Knights of Ni. A scare chord happened.

”No! Absolutely not!” Blast yelled.

”Ni! Ni! Niiiii!” said the knights of Ni.

”Thst uh doesn’t affect me... now stop it’s annoying...”

”Aaaaaagh! Aaaaagh! You said the word!” The Knights screamed in pain.

Blast sighed, “Come on Oz. Let’s go.”


Meanwhile Homer was pestered by Japanese tourists who thought he was Mr Sparkle.

”Mr Sparkle! Mr Sparkle!” said a Japanese tourist.

”Konichiwa!” said Homer bowing to them.

Elsewhere Marge lines up squirrels in a neat row to take photos of them or something. Then she cleaned the house while dealing with Hugo who was out of the attic.

Hugo was sniffing and walking on all fours like a dog.

Marge sighed.

”I don’t have any scenes this episode do I...” Marge sighed.

No. You don’t...

And Barney found Ernie or whoever that barfly who is always drunk is called who was the other 9 mascot for the 99 cents store.

”Oh show me the way to go home...” the barfly sang drunk.

Plot 3[]

The end!